I’m a girl

When I first open my eyes upon the morning meadows and look out upon the beautiful world, I thank God. It’s a different morning. Why so it’s different? Every morning is the same right? What’s so special about it?
Yeahhhh….. It’s really a special day and a different day from the other for a girl named Emily. Of course it’s different from in the other normal day because today she goanna graduate. Finally she achieves what she’s dreaming for after a long struggle.
I’m Emily a girl which are be abandoned by my own parents once I born. Why so? I’m their child right….. yeahhhh…. I’m their child but the most unwanted child because I’m a girl which just will be a burden for them. A girl who will leave them one day once she married and raising me is just a waste because I can’t bring any advantage to them. In their mind set only a guy can take care of their parents on their last day. So they give me to their friend who hasn’t married. Thanks to them. They didn’t send me to any orphanage or aborted me. So, I’m thanking mine so called biological parents for this because of them I born and get a wonderful mother ever.
“Emily”!!!!! Get ready fast dear. We need to go to your graduation dear said my mom.
Yeahhhh…. She is the same mother who is god gifted to me once my parents don’t want me. Grace is her name. She is my mother. She is my best friend. My mentor and so on.
Emily: Yesss, mom….. I’m coming in a while….
After get ready in my formal outfit I enter kitchen. My mom was making breakfast I go hug her from back and kissed her while wishing good morning. “Good Morning mom”.
“Good Morning my dear”, she wished my with bright smile..….
After breakfast we went to my college. Wow…. I’m so excited finally the day I’m waiting come and I full filled my mother’s dream.
When my named been called in the stage, I went to the stage to receive my cert. From the stage, I saw her crying. I know it’s a tear of happiness…… a tear of victory…..
My mother saw my in her place where her parents abounded her because she is girl too. She lives her whole life at orphanage. After that she work and moved to a small apartment and became an independent woman even she didn’t get a proper education. But today she did it by giving another abounded girl a good education and good life. She becomes my pillar when I’m down. She told my background when I was matured enough to understands the situation. We never have any secrets.
I went and hug her with tear of happiness. Finally I did it… I became the top student and get the gold medal. A thank you can be enough to show my gratitude for mom who lives only for me. She sacrifices her life for me even she didn’t marry anyone because she afraid the guy cant loves me as his own child. She is women named grace but she indeed a god gifted grace in my life.

“Every child is the same to the parents…. No matter their boy or girl…..It’s only on how you nurture them….. How they became at the end of day. A girl not a burden to the parents but a gem that should be treasured.”

Credit to: Rina Sivaguru


  1. Bella

    Hey rina.. this was something out of the world. Sure a true, pious and a pure message, hats off. This was, indeed, a splendid message. According to me, everyone in this world should read this article and use their brain about the right and wrong. It hurts so much when I see people leaving their daughters or killing them just because of the fear what society or the world might say. Or maybe they are afraid about completely the requirements in their daughters marriage…it hurts seeing those girls out there who are not equally treated like boys..your message can only open the mind of those parents only if they have mind. Because God has bestowed them with the ability to think but still they don’t use it… and in a way I’m happy that today girls and women both are standing for their rights…To me, a girl/women is more powerful than a thousand men..I pity in those parents who doesn’t accept a daughter…
    I’m blessed that I have parents who dearly loves me..as seriously I can’t stop the tears…I’m personally a really emotional person, don’t mind my blabbering..and if somei reads my comment, just high your parents now and thank them. Because all of us know that sometimes we are very rude to them but still they forgive us.

    It takes someone really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love, someone more than herself.

    Thanks for the lovely and overwhelming article.
    Best wishes.❤❤❤

    • Rina Sivaguru

      Dear Bella, tq for u wishes….. This is my second ff…. I just started to write my first ff yesterday…. But I got a good responses on my first which motivate me to write more….. So I write this ff…. Even I have no idea what I wrote first but once I start I just to involve in nowadays issue when I read one article about child abounded by parents….. Its hurt deeply…. I really hope this article can bring a little bit changes in anyone’s perception about girl….. I’m blessed to have a best father who always supporting me in myvhood bad…..I’m really over whelmed for ur long msj… God bless u….. ???

      • Misha

        No problem dear ??
        If you don’t mind, can you tell me the name of your fan fiction.
        And in my next update of my fan fiction. I’ll ask everyone to read this article?❤

      • Bella

        Hey..it’s okay ?..can you tell me the name of your fan fiction.because I want to tell everyone to read this article and I want to give it as a message in my next update

    • Rina Sivaguru

      Bella thank u my dear friend…. so sweet of you… if you type Rina Sivaguru articles in google all my ff will come out…….

      • Rina Sivaguru

        Misha tq dear… If you type RIna Sivagur articles at google my ff will come out……

  2. Bisha

    Hey Rina! Your story was very beautiful and had a unique concept. i must say. U r talented and the message deliverrd is very relevant. Mothers are the strongest support of a child. And you showed a striking contrast between the two types of mothers- the one who refused to rear up her own child and the one who remained unmarried to rear up an adopted one. You are simply superb in your concapt and I give you a standing ovation and lots of applaudes gor it. Keep writing such beautiful stories.

    • Rina Sivaguru

      Dear bisha I don’t know whether I can take this much of praises or no….. But really tq…. Its my first time writing articles which I just started yesterday only….. Will try best…. Keep read the ff any give comments…. So I can improve my skills on writing….. And I do really hope this kind of articles can changes a little bit of guys and parents perception on girl even its can’t totally change them…..

  3. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous, very heart touching n mind blowing article. …Rina I’m very overwhelmed with this precious update. …seriously n unfortunately many girls have to bear this kind or some very worse than this in their life…it is really very true n embarrassing. …I’m totally agree with bella n bisha…hat’s off to you……this article is very motivating n encouraging. …keep it up honeyyy….plzzzz tell the name of your other article….I’d love to read it. …take care sweetheart. ..love you loads

    • Rina Sivaguru

      Dear Roma, tq dear…. As girl we faced a lot of problems in our life even we faced it in different form…. most of people treat like slave and humiliate us a lot….As girl education is the only thing that helped us to show world who is us……and show that as girl we can do a lot of thing and can success in life like man too…. we are not a burden to others…… If you type RIna Sivaguru articles in google my ff will come out…. recently i have write one shot story in the name of Forever sister and i’m a girl…. other than that i type a continues ff on the name of my life’s miracle….. do read and give comments so i can continue write and improve myself….. take care too and love you…..thank u for the encouragement darling….. 🙂

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