I’m a foodie

@@@@@@@@. I’m a foodie. @@@@@@@

Pizza center….

Ragini opened her mouth wide….. And kept the Pizza piece in her mouth.
“Ummm…. Yummy…. Tasty….”

Her friends stop eating and looks at her antiques. “Hello, miss. foodie… Have you never ate pizza??”

Ragini: food is always new to me…when ever i eat….
She is busy in eating…. After that she orders a burger.

They come out of it. She and her friends walk for a while and do little shopping. After that they comes out, Ragini looks at a panipuri stand.

Ragini: hey, i’m hungry… Let’s eat golgappa.. Gappa gappa gapppaaaa….

She is singing song…

Friend: arey bakasur sis..! Just now you ate…

Ragini: it was two hours back you know….
She drags her friends. She is busy in eating panipuries.

Ragini: bhayya, one more five ruppess… Five rupess more…

She eats 30rs. Panipuri.

Friend: i don’t know, you eat this much…! You are thin still…
Ragini: haha…that is my greatest boon… The one who eats everything is a lucky fellow….

Friend: i’m amazing where is the fellow who is waiting for her….


Scene shifts to mm….

Laksh is getting ready.

Ap: where r u gng beta?
Laks: maa, today the branch of our office has invited me for a program. I’m attending it…
He takes her blessings and leave.

Ragini and her friends are working in same office. Ragini is wearing red lehanga.

Ragini: ofo…why lehenga??

Friend: this is dress code for ladies. Even though, you are looking beautiful…why to worry?

Ragini: i’m feeling sad…if i eat more, my tummy will become fat.. Now i shd control my eating…how saddd…

Friend: offooo..

Just then, Laksh enters the place. All guests receive him with great pleasure.

Ragini closes her eyes and prays: god…plzzz… Lunch shd be first..meeting have to be next…

Laksh looks at everyone and his eyes suddenly fall on Ragini.
He likes her cute face… The way she is praying in childish way… He can’t listen her, but he can understand her lip reading. Ragini opens her eyes and she is at once shocked to see that Laksh is seeing her. She bends her head, Laksh turns away his face.

He says, “guys, it’s already 1…”

One man: yes sir. We shall begin with lunch…

Ragini jumps in happiness, her friends stop her. Laksh looks this with his eye corner and smiles.

Laksh tries to be around premises of Ragini… It is buffet lunch system. He stands just near the items, Ragini and her friends come. She is putting all varieties in plate.

Friend: what hurry yar..? You can eat one after one…

Ragini: hey..don’t control me near food…

Laksh laughs listening to her words.

Ragini and her friends sit near a table. Laksh comes and sits beside their table only. With Laksh the VIPs also sit.

Friend slowly: yar…. Boss is sitting next to us…we shall go to other table…
But Ragini is busy in eating…

Ragini: you know, you have to hold fork like this and gently make it ball dance on noodles, then… Keep in your mouth… Ummmmmmmmmm

Laksh looks at her.

Friend: ragini…slowly…! Boss is seeing us..

Ragini: and biryani… Haa throw this spoon aside, take your hand, dip in rice, and eat… How delicious how delicious…!!!

Laksh keeps looking at her..

Friend: ragini…!!!

Ragini: you know, i love panner…

Friend: what don’t you like?? You like everything…

Ragini: those stupid cute cubes… Make me go madddd…

She says and eats paneer pieces.

Laksh smiles and turns away his face. Ragini licks her fingers for remaining stuff. Her friend puts hand on her head.

Ragini: don’t you think the items are less…!!!

Her friend looks shocked.

The program is going to start… Ragini and her friends sit in second row.

Friend: why here yar?? We will sit at last..

Ragini: hey…we will get snacks first… So sit…

Laksh and Important people sit in front row. Laksh is just in front of Ragini.

Ragini in phone: what?? Maa, you are preparing mango pickle. I want to come right now, but we can’t move until this program is over…

Laksh keeps listening to her, without concentrating on program.

Ragini with her friends: you take curd in rice, then add milk cream to eat… Then eat one one bite of rice with a pinch of mango pickle….it’s heaven i say….

Laksh listens to her.


Night at mm,

Ap: beta, i have prepared chapti…aloo curry..

Laksh: maa..is rice is there?

Ap: yaa…but you like chapati…

Laksh: maa, i want to eat rice with curd. Do we have milk cream and mango pickle..??

Ap amazes to what he is asking. She gives him all. Laksh mixes rice with curd adds milkcream in it, mixes it. And eats that with mango pickle.

Laksh: true…it’s very tasty…

Ap: you never Like curd…but you are eating today…who is that person who said this taste??


At Ragini’s home, she comes out of wash room.

Sumi: this is 4th time. Did you eat all the grass?? That’s why you are getting motions.

Ragini falls on bed. Shekar comes.

Sumi: eating as you like and suffering like this… Come on drink this…

Ragini looks at it. It’s a medicine. “Yakk… I don’t drink it…”

Sumi: aha…do you want pineapple juice then??

Ragini nods her head… “Shut up and drink that medicine” scolds sumi and leaves. Ragini sadly looks at shekar… He smiles and takes out a icecream cone from bag… Ragini shouts “yay…”

Sumi comes what???

Shekar hides it. Ragini eats it as soon as sumi leaves.

Next day in office,

Ragini is sitting before computer and sleeping. She puts her head on her hand, she jerks and suddenly wakes, she sleeps and jerks again.

“Ofo…i have to drink a coffee,,,” she says.

Friend: just now you ate dairy milk chocolate full…!!!

Ragini: i’m going to drink coffee… You coming or not??

She says and walks back, she suddenly bumps into someone, she slips, but someone holds her. She closes her eyes and unknowingly puts her hands on his shoulders. She opens her eyes and shocked to see Laksh.

Laksh: are you ok miss?

Ragini stands and with trembling voice: ya..ya..sir..sorry…
She says and runs. He smiles.

In canteen, Ragini is eating 2nd chips packet. She is seemed to be tensed.

Friend: slowly yar…

Ragini: in tension i eat more… Do you think he felt anything…??

Laksh: I didn’t feel bad…

Ragini and her friend amazes and stands.

Laksh: i have to talk with Ragini…can you…

Her friend goes away saying ok… Ragini looks on confused. They both sit.

Ragini: i’m sorry sir… I didn’t do intentionally.

Laksh: I would like to marry you Ragini…
She shocks.

Laksh: i have already said about you to my parents… They said ok. If you say ok then….
He looks at her…

Ragini is rubbing her hands in tension. He keeps his hand on her’s. She shocks.

Laksh: no force…! If you don’t like…say no..

Ragini: i will ask my parents…
She says and runs…
Laksh looks on..

By the time Ragini went home, Laksh’s parents are there. She doesn’t know that they are his parents. Sumi takes Ragini inside. She is making her ready.

Sumi: they are your boss parents. He likes you itseems…

Ragini: Are you telling about Laksh??

Sumi: yaa…
Ragini remains silent. She is about to take a jalebi and eat. Sumi beats her hand. “You can eat later…”

But she holds one secretly. Sumi takes her out. She is amazed to see Laksh already there. Both look at each other.
Ragini pov: how to eat it now??

Dp: let’s leave children alone for sometime…they will talk.

All will go out. Ragini turns other side and eats it. Laksh keeps telling something about him. After eating she turns at him.

Ragini: oh… I see… Now, i will tell about me…

Laksh keeps looking at her.
Ragini pov: why he is looking at me??

Laksh moves towards her, she scares and moves back and struck to wall. He comes closer to her.
Ragini pov: what he is going to do…

Laksh raises his hand and puts her finger near her lips and takes the jalebi juice that is sliding down from her lips with his finger. She trembles with his touch. Laksh then tastes that jalebi juice.

Ragini bends her head.

Laksh: it’s tasty… Did you prepare it…

Ragini: i know only eating…

Laksh laughs. She too laughs looking at him.

The grand marriage of Raglak is done.

On the first day of Ragini’s life…

Ap prepares prasad to put for puja. Ragini as hungry, looks at it. It’s kheer. Why Ragini will stop? She eats it before anyone could speak. Now, Ap Sujatha start scolding her.

Ap: is this is your manners? What did your parents teach??

Sujatha: it is minimum commonsense that no one should eat before puja…

Ap: you have ate prasadam, we have to prepare it again…!!!!

Just then Laksh comes. Ragini leaves. She is not crying.

Laksh: what happened maa…??

They explains him everything.
Laksh: she is new know maa.. I will explain her…

He goes near her. Ragini isn’t crying but eating lollipop. He smiles and goes near her. He removes lollipop from her mouth and he puts in his mouth.

Laksh: are you sad??

Ragini: yes…but, next time I won’t do this mistake… I’m sorry…

Laksh hugs her. Next he goes to office. He returns at evening. He finds sujatha and ap are angry..

Laksh: what happened maa??

Ap: she is not suitable for our family. She always like to eat…just eat…

Sujatha: she ate before us. Does bahu eat without saas completing her lunch??

Laksh: ok maa.. I will tell her…

Laksh goes near Ragini, she is sleeping. He goes near her and wakes her. She wakes and looks at him. Her eyes are very tired, he understood that she cried a lot..

Laksh: what happened dear…

Ragini: nothing… I’m just sleeping…

Laksh: did maa scold you??

Ragini: no no…nothing like that…

Laksh holds her face, “tell me truth…”

Ragini: I don’t know that I shouldn’t eat before them. I was about to eat, maa and chachi scolded.

Laksh: did you eat??

Ragini says no…

He takes her down. They both sit in car. He takes her somewhere. She looks at the place and gets excited. It’s a food festival place.

Ragini: but… I don’t want to eat…

Laksh: ragini…you need not kill your hunger. You have to enjoy it today, bcz…this will be only today…
Ragini looks at him. He smiles, both go there… Ragini starts eating everything.

Ap calls to Laksh.

Ap: laksh beta, me and suja are feeling bad for ragu.. You know, we are preparing mysoor pak for her…she likes it right…

Laksh smiles.
Laksh: ragini, you are so lucky…

Ragini: why…??

His answer is just a kiss on her forehead.

…………. The end……….

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