Illumination of souls -SWASAN ( chapter 6)

Sanskar’s “The Decision”

Love has no bounds if there are limitations then there is no love

Maheshwari’s Mansion

Sanskar stood near his balcony closing his eyes and enjoying the weather with a satisfied or say a content smile which is presently flashing his pure emotions of happiness …. His trance broke

when he heard his mother saying something ..he didn’t even have a slightest idea of his mother’s arriving as he was lost in his own thoughts ..

“Beta ,there is still time re-think about your decision” Annapurna asked Sankar

“No, maa I am very sure about this decision.”he said with sweet yet firm tone

“But beta , are you sure about it? See you know there is no pressure …she is no match to you beta ” she paused while sanskar tried to interrupt

“Maa” he just made a futle attempt to stop but all in vain …while annapurna showed her hand to stop him further..

“See beta, I am not against you marrying but beta she is mentally disabled .. I mean she is a child she doesn’t know the meaning of marriage and love …” While continuing further Annapurna kept her hand on his shoulder and stood beside him
Who was gazing outside …

“Maa , I know you are worried but believe me …I have thought a lot before taking this decision”Sankar said ..hoping that his mother would understand …he was unable understand his mother’s plea …

“Beta, I may sound rude and annoying for you ,your brother and you’re dad but there is a fact behind me objecting
But this is marriage not a game…
Marriage is a pious relation between a man and women. There are many responsibilities to be fulfilled by both respectively. Beta , swara is a kid herself how she will be able to adjust?”Annapurna questioned

Sanskar made Annapurna turn towards him and hold her by shoulders
“Maa, don’t worry I am there naa i would handle everything I know marriage has lots of importance and Maa , I am not marrying swara because of I pity her but because I genuinely have feeling on her and marry her and want to give her a proper guidance and take care of her and treasure her” he replied clamly..

Annapurna went ahead him…removing his hands on her shoulder ..
“Beta , this may hurt you but beta tell me …will you be able to control your desire …will she be able to give you the happiness no she can’t …I want you to be happy at every aspect of this marriage bacha”Annapurna said

“Maa, Believe me you taught me that never a relation are about our needs and necessity’s right …you’re right maa I may have those needs as man but I am not desperate to marry a girl for those needs and I know swara and I can never share those moments but I know one thing I would take care of like her mom and dad and keep her always happy .” Sanskar said with a smile

Annapurna was unable to say anything further ..she was upset with sons decision yet proud of him as a mother to see her son taking a sensible decision.
“Ok beta your wish , But still think about it!” She said giving it a last try and left from there…

“I hope maa, one day you would understand the reason behind my decision” he signed thinking and started gazing at the moon

And remembering how he informed his parent that he would marry swara

Flashback ….

Sanskar reached the park where he met swara for the first time …it’s been a month since the proposal happened no one ever spoke about it as they wanted to give the space to him ….but since ,few days some questions are bugging him ….
He now and then got flashes of how those cruel bastard took advantage of that little innocent soul….this are little queries

The day he met swara when she locked herself …he promised her to meet daily and play with her and he kept his promise ….

Sanskar’s pov…

I don’t know what are these feelings what should I name it …
I am just worried about that little doll who has that innocence that this cruel world can destroy …I have to treasure that innocence of her ….
“What should I do ..!”
Ohh god this is soo tuff …she is doll a precious one whom I wanna adore whole life time …
I just remember how we met here at same park and she made me a ice-cream friend .
I can’t let her get harmed by anyone …
This is it …
I want to protect her from this harmful society …I care for her and

I would get married to swara and this is only the way I have ..

End of pov…

He then later informed his family about his decision and then further Durga prasad informed to Shekar

End of flash back

khanna mansion

It was routine as sanskar would come to play with swara every evening …they would play hide and seek ,ludo,paint together …

Now currently they are watching her favourite cartoon show power puff girls and talking where sharmistha entered the room and gave sanskar a smile to which he smiled back ..and handed him tea …

Swara made aww face as she saw sharmistha holding a glass of milk in her hand …she just jumped from sofa
Hoping around all the room

“Mumma, I don’t want to drink milk” she shouted
” please save me from drinking milk ” she whispered as soon as she hid her self behind sanskar..
He smiled at her

“From today I’ll have milk with swara daily …aunty bring milk for me to” he said smiling at sharmistha and gave her tea back …sharmistha just smiled and left the room too bring milk

On the other hand swara glared at sanskar as he just ignored her plea and he is joining the league to have milk to make her drink …

“If you wanted to have milk with Horlicks flavour you would have asked me. I would have given my glass naa..why ask mumma to bring for you too”she cribbed

He just laughed at her innocence ….meanwhile sharmistha bought a milk and handed it to both …

Swara just gave sanskar a last glare ….and gulped the whole milk in few sips …

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