Illumination of souls – Swasan (chapter 1)

Chapter 1

In a room a girl is sleeping peacefully hugging her teddy on the bed and the room decorated by pink and purple combination..Her sleep was disturbed by sunrays …she slowly got up and sat in sitting position..

She rubbed her face with her palm and saw towards the window..Due to which her sleep got disturbed she then hold teddy bear in one hand and moves towards window …
“Good morning sunny ji “she smiled by saying these she was seeing sun …
“You would have come little late naa…I wanted to sleep more” she pouted saying this she stretched her hands in air with a beautiful smile on her face..
She just remembered something and ran outside the room..She hurriedly reached near and slowed down near kitchen..She slowly peaked into to kitchen to take a glance if anyone is there or not seeing no one inside she signed in relief and moved inside and took ice-cream from refrigerator and started eating it ….
While she was eating someone had slightly catch hold of her ears and twisted while she yelped in pain
“Awwe mumma “ she cried ….
Listening to this one man age around 50 came in kitchen hurriedly and went towards the girl and said
“Leave swara , sharmishtha “ he said
While wrapping his hands around swara and trying to calm her down
And trying to find the reason

“calm down shona I am there na , please calm down and tell your buddy what happened?” he asked patting her head..
Swara parted away from her father shekar khanna and made a puppy face….
“Buddy you know what mishthi catch hold of my ear while eating my ice-cream”swara said and saw her mother sharmishtha khanna accusingly and even making cute pout while she was complaining
Shekar smiled at his princess …this was not new to him as both mother and daughter had this fight early in the morning …he saw his wife and was about to tell her to stop troubling his daughter but he was interrupted by his wife
“Don’t tell me shekar… ask your daughter to brush her teeth and freshen up first then have Ice-cream and she daily eating ice-cream as it is not good for health you know na doctor had said no more chocolate and ice-cream then y are you allowing her “ sharmistha stated the fact
Hearing this he turned towards swara and took icecream bowl from her
“go shone , freshen up and come down then we will have your favorite chesse partha ..ok” he said
While swara jumped like a kid in happiness and squealed like enthusiastically …
“yeayyyy…..then I will play with my favorite doll maira too yess…and will eat lot of chocolates too “ she showed her tongue to sharmistha and ran upstairs quickly…..


A man was jogging back to his mansion and in way all girls were ogling at him at the park but he never cared to glance at them ..he was focused .with that he reached the mansion
While he was going towards his room someone called him and he turned to face that person
“sanskar bhai , I missed u “ the another man said and hugged him
“laksh, thank god you’re back bro missed you too” sanskar said while hugging him…
There moment was disturbed woman came searching for him and
“sanskar beta(child) … your back from jog and laksh your also here both go get freshen up first and come fast to have breakfast and your pappa wanted to talk to you something important sanskar go meet him at study ” she said (mother of sanskar and laksh Mrs.Annapurna Maheswari )


Both sharmistha and shekar both were seeing their daughter who is 22 years old but behaves like 10 year old girl ..
Who lost her memory due to accident happened two years back..she lost her senses and behaves like a kid..
Who is currently playing toy house unaware of her disabilities happily leaving her life..
But her parents were deep worried about her future and present all asked them to take her to some specialist centers but they refused and decided to take care of their daughter on their own .. As shekar was richest businessman …
“shekar , do you think you took right decision by sending proposal to sanskar maheswari for our shona…do you think he will take care of shone like us you think maheswari family will accept swara with her disabilities ?” she asked shim
“mishthi ,I know you are worried about swara .But trust me The Maheswari family is only suitable for our shone and sanskar he is the one for her.. I know we can take care of our princess but how much time we need someone to be with her for lifelong..” he said and moved towards his daughter who wants only her welfare ..sharmistha prayed to god to make everything alright same as before two years…sharmistha didn’t knew shekar was hiding something…


In study durgaprasad was waiting for his son sanskar ..To discuss something important and pacing to and fro till the time sanksar reached him
“Pappa, you called me” sanskard asked
“Yes beta , I .. aa.. ac,…” dp hesitated a bit
“Say na pappa , what’s the matter?” sanskar asked
“Actually beta you remember the deal with khanna industries”dp said
“Yes pappa I know how much important is this deal for us as it’s Grandpaa’s dream project “ sanskar said
“so for that deal there is some problem beta”dp said hesitantly
“What is that problem?”sanskar asked unsurely as far as he remembers MR.Khanna was quite impressed and had no objection with the deal
“Actually beta ..he wants his daughter swara to get married to you and then the deal will get confirmed and I want you to get married to her and that’s final “ dp said it one go and took a relief….
Durga Prasad knew his son would not say no to him and he was firm to make him marry to swara ..he knew he was being mean to his son but he was helpless as it was his father’s dream project …he saw his son hopefully

Precap: how will sanskar react 😉

Heloo everyone how are you ?
Soo as promised I am back with another story of very own beloved swasan..:)
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