I’ll be waiting for you.. ( SwaSan Ts – Shot 5 ) By Swarmayi

Hey guys… m back with another shot of this TS. Hope u’ll like it.. n Forever readers.. itne din wait kiya.. Thoda aur wait karo plz.. ur epilogue 2 is on the way.. will post soon.. Ahm ahm..? enough of my bakbak.. lets start our episode.. ?

It was evening… Shekhar cm from his office.. soon Neil too cm.. Swara and sumi were serving them tea n snacks.. Aaravarjun were sitting on dining table eating n doing masstii.. suddenly,  Shekhar gets call.. Shekhar attend it..

Shekhar : Hello..

Sanskar : Namaste Uncle.. Sanskar speaking..

Shekhar : ( looked at swara n said smilingly ) Ha bolo Sanskar.. kaise ho?

Hearing Sanskar’s name swara gets straightened while Aaravarjun, Neil and sumi chuckled slightly seeing her expressions.

Sanskar : I’m absolutely fine Uncle.. what about you? Aur baki sab?

Shekhar : Ahm ahm.. SAB ka toh muze pata nai SANSKAR  ( said looking at swara while she looked down nervously ) But I’m toh all fit n fine.. ( said n winked at all.. all giggles )

Sanskar : ( got him n got embarassed ) Ohh.. ok.. Ahm… vo.. uncle.. I wanted to ask you something..

Shekhar : Arey y r u so hesitating? Ask na.. is there any problem?

Sanskar : No no uncle.. no problem at all.. Actually. .. I wanted to ask.. dat.. Can I take Swara out to our Green Hills…

( it’s hilly area guys.. Its quite famous place.. 1 garden is very famous there.. its couple’s place.. There are hotels n lodges too as it’s hillstation and all cms there to enjoy the beauty of nature )

Shekhar : Green Hills??? ( He looked at swara and then at others.. all shrugs )

Sanskar : Yeah uncle.. Green hills.. We’ll go in morning and will return by evening. Can we.. go?

Shekhar : ( thinks … all r looking curiously ) Ok.. u can take swara… ( Swara smiled brightly bt soon feeling everyone’s gaze she hide it. All giggles )

Sanskar was on cloud nine.. He jumped on his place bt keep hand on his mouth to stop his yell.. ( hehehe.. paagal )

Shekhar : But take SakNish with u too… ( nd here cm Bomb ) they’ll also enjoy and u both will also get company..

Sanskar : ( face fell n murmurs under his breath ) Lo satyanas…!

Shekhar : Kuch kaha tumne beta?

Sanskar : ( slapped himself mentally n composes n smiles fakely ) Haha.. no no Uncle.. nothing.. thanks.. I’ll inform Nish.

Shekhar : Haha.. Its alryt beta.. no need to thank.. its ur age of enjoyment.. wen u r going?

Sanskar : Tomorrow , uncle..

Shekhar : ( smiles ) Ok.. take care. And enjoy well.. Bye..

Sanskar : yeah uncle.. thanks.. Byee. ( cuts call n sat on bed being sad ) Enjoy! Huhh. N how? Vaise bhi meri wali bolti kum Sharmati zyada hai.. aur uparse ye 2 haddiya kabab mein.. how my choco chips will spk freely.. ( face palmed himself )

Night –

Swara was sleeping on bed.. her mobile beeped. Who else? Of course it’s our hero..

Sanskar : Hey choco chips! Slept?

Swara : Naa. . Just lying on bed..

Sanskar : ( naughtily ) Aahaan! Not bad.. thinking about me ha…

Swara : Excuse me… y u always give so much importance to urself.. huh.. get a reality check 1st.. I wasn’t thinking about u ok…

Sanskar : Wohaaa. . Calm down girl.. Don’t shower ur Volcano on me..

Swara : Ek min.. Did u just called me VOLCANO?

Sanskar : ( supressing his laughter ) Are u deaf..??

Swara : ? what the… ? m gng to sleep.. bye.

Sanskar : Arra.. Volcano… ? I mean choco chips!  Wait yarrr… I was just joking… Dil se nai kaha, dil pe mat lo yarr…

Swara : ?

Sanskar : Ok.. ok.. m sorry.. u r not volcano. U r my sweet choco chips! Happy???

Swara : ( smiles n smirks ) Better!

Sanskar : Ohh yeah.. frgt to tell.. be ready at 8 am. I’ll be cmng to pick up from green hills..

Swara : Okay.. bt Sakshi dii.. ( cuts her )

Sanskar : Ohh cmon choco chips! Let the love birds alone fr smtym.. They’ll get smtym alone to spend.. ( whispers ) and we too..

Swara : ( heard it ) What?

Sanskar : Aah.. nothing.. u be ready on time ok.. Now bye.. M gonna sleep.. ( yawns ) m sleepy..

Swara : ( smiles ) Okay.. bye.. good night..

Sanskar : Good nyt.. and.. — -.

Swara : — – means?

Sanskar : Its my Secret n personal language choco chips! Don’t stress ur small brain so much. Sleep. Bye..

Swara kept phone aside and thinks..

Swara : Weird boy! ( shrugged n slept hugging her Edu.. )

Next day morning –

Sanskar cm GM to pick swara n gave horn.. Swara cm running in her balcony.. He smiled at her and waved ” Hiii ” . She smiled back Saying hii.. He showed her watch n asked cm down fast.. She signed him sorry cutely n said cmng in 5 mins.. He smiled n laid on car saying ok.. She ran inside..

After 5 mins..

Swara cm outside running..

Swara : ( Breathing heavily n panting ) Sorry sorry.. actually na.. my.. alarm.. vo.. its.. ( cuts her )

Sanskar : Hey hey.. relax.. calm down.. n its ok.. Don’t need to give any explanation ok? N y were running like bullet train? Marathon jeetni hai??

Swara : ( smiles ) No. . Vo.. u were waiting na.. so..

Sanskar : Ha toh? Main kahi bhaagne wala tha kya? Kahi gir jati toh? U were literally skipping stairs while jumping.. huh.

Swara : uff.. m habituated of dat.. ok.. m sorry.. Happy?

Sanskar : Very much.. ( swara rolled her eyes ) Ok ok.. now don’t give these expressions. Let’s leave. Di n Nish already left.. cm..

Saying this he goes ahead while swara went behind him n sit in car while murmuring smthng. Sanskar looked at her n shook his head..

Sanskar : Ho gaya? Chalein?

Swara : Ha toh chalo na.. maine kaha roka hai?

Sanskar : ( chuckles ) unbelievable!

Swara looked at him angrily n turned her face towards window.. Sanskar smiled..

Sanskar : ( monologue ) Aahaan! Madam can get angry too.. bt looking damn cute in angry avtar.. haha.. chal beta sanskar.. do smthng to manaofy ur HOT CHOCOLATE!  ????

 ( hot = angry ( here ) Don’t take other meanings.. m very generous ? )

Sanskar : Ahm ahm.. vaise choco chips.. I heard u sing so well.. is it true?

Swara : I don’t knw.. ppl says that.. y r u asking?  U wanna join class?

Sanskar : ( laughed loudly ) Hahaha.. me n singing!  Nice joke! M only BATHROOM SINGER madam.. wanna hear.. listen ( started singing loudly in funny way )

Hmmm hmm.. hmm hmm..

Dehleez pe mere dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum
Haan seekha maine jeena jeena
kaise jeena
Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum..

Swara couldn’t control her laugh hearing his way of singing n burst out in laughing….

Swara : ( laughing ) Hahahahahahaha… San.. Sanskarrr. .. bas.. I.. I can’t laugh more… hahahaha… u r so funny… ???

Sanskar looked at her who was laughing whole heartedly n get lost in her.. He kept on staring her while swara felt his gaze n stopped laughing.. Sanskar was all lost in her.. bg music plays.. 

Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dhalne Do Zara..
Dheemi Si Dhadkan Ko Badne Do Zara..
Lamhon Ki Guzarish Hai Ye, Paas Aa Jayein..
Hum, Hum Tum, Tum,Hum Tum..

Both were lost in each other.. Having cute romantic eyelock. Swara was also lost in his chocolate brown eyes.

Aankhon Mein Humko Utarne Do Zara..
Baanhon Mein Humko Pighalne Do Zara..
Lamhon Ki Guzarish Hai Ye, Paas Aa Jayein..
Hum, Hum Tum, Tum,Hum Tum..

Suddenly their eyelock broke due to horns of other cars.. as their car was in middle n signal also went.. Both got embarassed. Sanskar started car immediate n they headed towards Green Hills..

Soon they reached there.. They get out of car while SakNish were already waiting for them…

Swara : ( hugged Sakshi ) Hii diiiii….

Sakshi : ( smiles ) Hii darling..

Nishad : hmmmm… sm1 is frgttng mee… ( saying this he looked here n there )

Sakshi : huh. Dramebaaz..

Swara : aww.. jij.. hw cn I frgt u? U r my one and only sweet n cute jij.. hw r u?

Nishad : ( side hugs her ) Aww.. m all fine swaru… till now.. ( looked at Sakshi while she glared n he gulps. Swasan giggled )

Sanskar : Hey Nish. . Hii Dii..

SakNish : Hii Sanskar..

Nishad : Guys.. see.. there is spcl event fr couples.. cmon.. let’s go there.. me n sanky will bring tickets.. whats say???

Sakshi : Woww… Jaanu.. u r jst awsm.. go fast.. we’ll enjoy it..

Sanskar : ( looked at swara who was lil nervous ) Umm. . U guys carry on.. we both will roam around.. ( looked at swara and smiled )

Sakshi : But Sanky.. this event is amazing guys.. y u wanna miss it.. all couples will be enjoying.. cmon guys.. don’t be so bore..

Sanskar : but dii.. Swara.. ( cuts him )

Swara : Its ok Sanskar.. M comfortable. Don’t worry. ( smiles )

Sanskar too smiled back n nods.. SakNish looked at them n smiles..

Nishad : ( coughs ) Ahm ahm.. ok then.. cm sanky.. lets bring passes.. u guys stay here only..

Sakra : Okay..

Sanish left..

Sakra were seeing around.. n enjoying the weather.. nature’s beauty n chit chatting. Suddenly sm1 tapped swara’s shoulder.

Swara turned n gets shocked. She fumed in anger..

Swara : You?

Girl : Yeah me.. seems like u frgt me.. miss swara..

Swara : ( smiled sarcastically ) How can any1 frgt u.. miss KAVITA?

Kavita : Good then.. its magic of my charm.. no one can frgt me.. ? btw.. wat r u doing here?? This is not ur place as much as I knw.. ( laughs ) Don’t tell me u cm here with ur bf.. I won’t blv.. no one will.. cz all knws wat kind of girl u r…

Sakshi : ( angry ) Hey u.. just shut ur blo*dy mouth ok.. ( cuts her )

Swara : let it be dii. . She’s like dat only.. hw can we expect good words from her.. its nt her fault..

Kavita : yeah.. truth is always bitter.. who will blv.. the gr8 bookworm of our school.. who never give damn to any boy.. is here.. at this Green Hills.. umm… haa.. may be u r here to study nature.. ryt?

Suddenly sanky cms there calling Swara. .

Sanskar : Choco chips vo Nish said he is.. ( stopped in between looking at Kavita n her bf )
Oops.. sorry.. I guess I disturbed u guys..

Swara : ( smirks n holds his hand ) Not at all BUTTERSCOTCH! ( hearing word butterscotch.. Kavita looked at swara shocked while Sakshi n Sanky having same expressions )

Kavita : ( shocked ) Butterscotch?

Swara : Ohh yeah.. lemme introduce u both.. Butterscotch, meet my Best hater.. Miss Kavita.. And miss Kavita… Meet my BOYFRIEND and WOULD BE HUSBAND.. SANSKAR!

That was bomb for all… Kavita’s jaw dropped. While SanSak were looking at Swara with opened mouth. ?????

Swara : ( holding Sanskar’s hand ) Cmon guys.. ( to SanSak ) we r getting late.. ( to kavi ) Aah.. plz excuse us.. miss Kavita! Felt very YUCKY to meet u again.. Bye..

Saying this she literally dragged Sanky from there n Sakshi too cm behind them.. While Kavita gritted her teeth.. ( huh chudail )

Sakshi n Sanskar both were looking at swara.. swara got irritated..

Swara : Will u both stop gazing me??? Am I looking like a ghost???

SanSak nods..

Swara : Urrghhh… I’m getting out of here.. huh..

SanSak : ( running behind her ) Swaraa… waittttttt! !!

Sakshi : ( panting ) Swaraa.. U were just amazing yarr… The way u answered that chudail.. Fantastic..

Sanskar : ( Breathing heavily ) Hey.. hold on guys.. any1 tell me.. wats.. gng on.. haa?

Sakshi : Sanky.. she’s a b*t*h! ( swara glares ) Ok ok.. no abusive words.. She was Swara’s Classmate. . She also knws singing.. She also participated in every competition with Swara.. bt every time lost. N swara always won.. Swara has beautiful voice.. school teachers, principal was always used to behind her.. no one gave damn to that.. Kavita.. so she was so jealous of swara from school times.. She used to tease her.. that her voice is not good.. she doesn’t sing from her throat. She sing in nosey voice. Swara used to cry.. she n her whole group used to trouble her.. Bt 1 day Swara’s music teacher taught her how this world is n how to fight back n our Swara started ignoring her fully.. n now toh… THAT WAS REALLY UNEXPECTED!

Sanskar : ( proudly ) Woww.. My choco chips is so daring darling haa.. Impressive..

Sakshi : ( naughtily ) Ohohohohoooo… My choco chips haa!! Not bad not bad.. ( SwaSan got embarassed ) vaise swara.. wat was that BUTTERSCOTCH thing?? ( winks )

Swara blushed hard.. Suddenly Nishad cm there running.

Nishad : Guys. . Wat r u doing here.. cmon.. event is gonna start.. cm fast..

All rushed towards the venue..

Event started.. couples started enjoying the event.. there were many games.. n competitions n entertainment. SwaSan were enjoying a lot.. Suddenly an announcement was made..

Announcement : So guys.. We all are enjoying this event.. And to make this moment more memorable.. m going to call 1 special couple here to perform.. please welcome.. Mr. Sanskar n Miss Swara..

All claps.. while SwaSan looked at each other shocked. SakNish pushed them on stage.. while all cheers… Swara was looking at all suddenly she noticed sm1 who was having smirk on face. She understood smthng n smirked back..

Sanskar : ( whispered to swara faking smile to all ) Swara… I just donno.. ANYTHING! ANYTHING in singing… wat to do wat to do.. lets tell them…

Swara : ( smiles at him ) relax Sanskar! U only told u r BATHROOM SINGER ryt? ( sanskar tries to spk bt cuts him ) Then just co operate with me… I will show them how BATHROOM SINGER can bcm a ROCKSTAR!

Sanskar : bt Swara r u sure.. I mean I.. ( cuts him )

Swara : Shhh. . Do u blv me? ( He nods she smiled ) then just trust me n do watever I says..

Swara looked at everyone who was cheering n then at Sanky who was tensed.  She assured him through her eyes.. and took guitar…


Swara gestured Sanky to sing further.. bt he dint. Bt audience shouted.


Swara looked at Sanky n forward her hand.. he gave his hand in hers n she held it tightly…

Sanky : KOI MIL GAYA…..

Background music started with chorus n dancers..

Swara : ( smiles n whispers to him ) Remember best n happy moments in ur life butterscotch! Live it.. enjoy it again.. Cmon. U can do it!

Sanky closed his eyes.. He remembered each n every moment after he met swara.. He smiled brightly n started to sing and as well as dance making swara shock as well as happy…

Mujhko kya hua hai
Kyon main kho gaya hoon
Paagal tha main pehle
Ya ab ho gaya hoon..

Swara sings smiling brightly while moving around him holding guitar..

Behki hai nigahein
Aur bikhre hain baal
Tumne banaya hai
Kya apna ye haal..

Sanky sings stopping her rounds.. she looked at him while he winked n smiled..

Koi mil gaya..

Audience hooted n repeated..

Koi mil gaya..

Sanky kept his one hand on his heart n continues..

Mera dil gaya..

Kya bataoon yaaron…

Audience repeated clapping..

Kya bataoon yaaron..

He started dancing waving his hand funnily..

Main to hil gaya..

Audience :

Main to hil gaya..

Sanky looking at swara n snapping his fingers while dancing around her..

Koi mil gaya..

mil hi gaya..


Mil gaya..

Sanky : ( smilingly )

hey mil hi gaya..

Audience :

Mil gaya…

Sanky make swara kept her guitar aside taking her for dance.. All hoots n whistles.. Sanky continues singing while dancing making steps..

Jaane kya ho gaya hai mujhe
Deewana log kehne lage..
Jaane kya ho gaya hai mujhe
Deewana log kehne lage..

Swara lifts her eyebrows and sings while dancing..

Ye deewangi hai kya
Humein bhi to ho pata
Tumko kya ho gaya..

Sanky : ( smiles n continues looking at her )

Arre kal tak mujhko sab hosh tha..
Dil mein khushiyon ka josh tha..

Swara : ( acts like thinking n continues )

Phir ye becheini hai kyon..
Phir ye betaabi hai kyon..
Kya koi kho gaya…

Sanky : ( dancing n jumping )

Koi mil gaya..

Audience :

koi mil gaya..

Sanky :

Mera dil gaya..

Audience :

mera dil gaya..

Sanky :

Kya bataoon yaaron..

Audience :

Kya bataoon yaaron..

Sanky : ( acts like falling n swara laughs )

O main to hil gaya..

Audience :

Main to hil gaya..

Sanky :

Koi mil gaya..
mil hi gaya..

Audience :

Mil gaya..

Sanky :

Mil hi gaya mil gaya…

Swara was staring him… He looked at her n showed thumbs up.. She smiled brightly n continues…

Baadal banke kaun aa gaya
Kaun hai jo dil pe yoon chha gaya..
Baadal banke kaun aa gaya
Kaun hai jo dil pe yoon chha gaya..

Sanky : ( acts like- I don’t know n made faces )

Chaahoon ki bataoon main..
Phir bhi keh na paoon main..
Naam uska hai kya..

Swara : ( continue rolling her eyes.. )

O naam na lo par kuchh to kaho..
Halka sa koi ishaara to do..

Sanky : ( looked at her deeply.. smiled n continues )

Meri aankhon mein hai vo..
Meri saanson mein hai vo..
Aur kahoon tumse kya..

Till now all started to dance n sing and SwaSan too joined them n cm down from stage..

Koi mil gaya koi mil gaya..
Mera dil gaya o mera dil gaya..
Kya bataoon yaaron..
Kya bataoon yaaron..
Main to hil gaya..
Main to hil gaya..
Koi mil gaya..
Mil hi gaya mil gaya..
Hey mil hi gaya mil gaya..

Mil hi gaya..
Mil hi gaya mil hi gaya..
Mil hi gaya mil hi gaya..

Finally music stopped n all shouted.. n vooted.. SakNish hugged SwaSan… Kavita was seeing all n fuming in anger..

Sakshi : U guys were just amazing.. seriously u rocked yarr… wohooooo..

Sanky : huh. Thanks Di. . But I was really scared 1st.. how will I sing.. bt bingo! I did it! Yesssssssss. .. ( swara smiled ) btw.. how that host announced our name? How he knws us?

Swara : ( taunts Kavita who was hearing their talks ) THA KOI WELL WISHER.. WHO WANTED US TO SING AND PERFORM AS HE/SHE KNOWS SHE DOESN’T HAVE THAT MUCH GUTS OR CAPACITY TO PERFORM INFRONT OF ALL.. ( looked at Kavita n smirked )

All looked at the direction swara looking and got it wat swara speaking. Sanky fumed in anger..

Swara : ( moved towards Kavita ) So.. miss Kavita! How was our performance?  Enjoyed???

Kavita turns her face to other side angrily..

Swara : ( smirks ) Ohh.. great! U enjoyed.. So Now I guess I hv fulfilled ur WISH to see me performing.. ( Kavita looked at her being shocked ) Don’t show ur this disgusting n dirty face to me ever.. again! Good bye..

Kavita felt highly insulted.. Swasan SakNish were turned to leave wen she clapped n spoke…

Kavita : Wowww… just great ha.. tumhe ab jaban bhi aa gayi.. ( All glaring at her ) u seems so happy.. but as per my sources, I heard that u were in sm trauma n in sorrow of ur dat orphan frnd’s death.. ( cuts her n shouts )

Swara : ( Shouts angrily ) DARE U SAY MY SISTER AS AN ORPHAN U blo*dy CHEAP.. SHE WAS NEVER ORPHAN. SHE WAS MY SIS.. SHE IS N WILL BE ALWAYS.. GOT IT? N DON’T YOU DARE TO TAKE HER NAME FROM UR UGLY MOUTH AGAIN, U’LL SEE THE WORST OF ME .. NOW JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE.. ( Kavita was looking at swara all scared. While swara shouted again making her jump at her place n she ran ) OUTTTT!!!!

Kavita left place hurriedly. Sakshi held swara n tried to calm her..

Sakshi : ( worried ) Hey Shonaa.. calm down.. u relax.. ok.. Don’t stress urself. Here.. take this water.. ( gave her water to drink )

SakNish were looking tensed and Sanky was confused seeing it. Bt kept mum n thought later to ask Sakshi abt it.

Swara : ( drank water n smiled ) Guys.. m fyn.. n super hungry.. u all planned to make me starve or wat ha?

Sakshi : Huhh. . Ur face.. ask ur butterscotch na.. vaise bhi.. he brought us here.. ( said naughtily )

SwaSan got embarassed hearing word BUTTERSCOTCH.

Sanky : Di. . Vo I booked special table for us.. In Blue lagoon restaurant. Come, lets go..

Nishad : cmon guys.. its 3PM.. m damn hungry…

Sakshi : Wats new in dat! U r always being BHUKKAD! huhh..

Swasan laughed while Nishad made angry pout… All leaves fr lunch..

Precap : Kyun bataoooooo.. SURPRISE! !!! ?


I donno how it is guys..
I just wrote it.. no proof reading..
M not well.. so donno how it is..
If its boring den sorry..
N next part…

Wen I’ll get fine… bt it will be FOREVER’S EPILOGUE. ????

Happy na?

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