I’ll be waiting for you.. ( SwaSan Ts – Shot 2 ) By Swarmayi

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Swara was sitting in her room smiling and looking at phone.. Why? Because madam had clicked few pics of Sanskar when he was talking with all.. ( hehe ??? she was doing this work from dat window.. ???)

Swara : ( Monologue ) I should inform this to them or all 4 will eat me if they got to knw later.. And I wanna know also.. if they like him or not?

Swara select 2 pics and sent it to her frnds. And deleted it from her mobile ?????

And here cm replies-

Haseena – Who’s he? ?

Diya – Who’s this mahashay? ( ??)

Zareena – ? Don’t tell me he’s ur….????? ( ???)

Shreya – Hainn??????  Who is heee?? ?

Swara’s POV –

God!!! How to tell them that.. He’s the boy.. with whom.. I’m going to marry in future.. Aaahhh!! Calm down Swara.. be brave.. u can do it..

Swara : ( reply to all ) His alliance cm for me..

All 4 : WHATTTT???? ?????

Swara : ( replies ) Listen 1st.. We are not going to marry now.. Its just dat.. His family is well knwn by Neil bhai.. Nd according to my family they are good n so he is.. Moreover he is engineer n will be going US in next mont to complete his further studies.. N dats y both family wanna fix alliance.. umm.. now tell me.. How.. How’s he?? ( ??????)

Diya – Omggggh!! Shonaaa.. Banda bada handsome hay yarr.. ( shona blushed )

Haseena – He’s really good.. ?

Zareena – He’s damn cool.. ?

Shreya : He’s looking ???

Like this they chatted. Pov ends.

Shona was finally happy dat her friends liked Sanskar.. She smiled brightly. All kept on talking n teasing her.. After smtym they stopped chatting n slept..

Next day –

Swara was so nervous. As she was going out with Sanskar. She was confuse wat to wear.. n which dress.. Sakshi came n saw all room which was messed up with cloths. She chuckled shaking her head..

Sakshi : Shonaa.. Are u going to wear these all at a time??

Swara glares at her while Sakshi laughs. Swara stamped her foot angrily n sat on bed keeping pout. Sakshi sat beside her.

Sakshi : Shonaa.. I knw bachcha! U r nervous, ryt ? Bt don’t be dear.. just feel free. Sanskar is very good guy. Neil bhai knws him so well n u knw dat Neil bhai never select bad for u even in his worst dream.. so just be confident.. n talk to him. Try to know him..

Swara : ( smiles ) u r ryt dii.. bt still.. wen he cm infront of me na.. donno wat happen.. I forgot to speak.. I literally lost my mind dii.. aaah.. leave it.. u select dress fr me..

Sakshi : ( laughs ) Ok..

Soon they select dress n cleaned room..

Evening –

Everyone was eagerly waiting for Sanskar and his family.. Aah.. Don’t be confuse.. His parents were coming to Swara’s home as they are invited for dinner.. n SwaSan n SakNish were going out for dinner.. SakNish was actually not going with SwaSan bt they will be in another rest6 nearer to their restaurant only so dat they shdn’t feel uncomfortable.

Soon Maheshwaris arrived at GM. All welcomed them.. Swara was hiding n looking at door.. there he was.. wearing blue colured t shirt n white blazer.. Aah.. he was looking breath takingly hot.. His eyes were searching someone.. N no need to tell whom he was searching.. ( my readers are clever enough to guess.. ????) Swara rushed in kitchen n filled water glasses.. Sakshi cm to her..

Sakshi : Ahm ahm.. chalo madam.. aapke wo.. aaye hai.. ( Swara glares ) I mean hone wale.. Future husband ???

Swara took tray n went out to give water to them. Sakshi laughs..

Swara greets all n took blessings from Sanskar’s parents.. Sanskar was looking at her.. She felt his gaze n looked at him n smiled.. He smiled back and thussssssss..
Swara’s heart fluttered.. His smile.. aww.. She was giving water to all.. Shekhar was sitting beside Sanskar. Bt instead of giving water to Sanskar she took glass near shekhar continuously staring at Sanskar.. Shekhar looked at her and den at Sanskar.. Sanskar does the same. He chuckled. Sakshi too saw this n kept her hand on her mouth to stop her loud laugh. Aaravarjun had naughty look on their face.. Shekhar shook his head and smiled. He cleared his throat to gain her attention.

Shekhar : Ahm ahm.. ( coughing )

Swara cm in her senses n looked at Shekhar. He points toward glass. And then looked at Sanskar.. Swara understood what she did n got highly embarassed. She mentally slapped herself and quickly gave water to Sanskar avoiding eye contact. Sanskar took it n chuckled seeing her nervousness.

Neil : I think.. U guys should leave now..  Sakshi, Nishad.. u guys also accompany them till restaurant n then u can enjoy  ( smiles ) n doll , Sanskar.. U guys feel free n talk.. ok?

All 4 nods.. N soon they left in Sanskar’s car.

Sanskar was driving car and Nishad was sitting beside him. SwaSak were sitting backside. Sakshi slowly pinched Nishad from back. He shouts..

Nishad : Ouchhh!!!

Swasan looked at him while Sakshi giggled.

Swara : What happened jij??

Sanskar : Hey , Nish… Are u alright? ( they are frnds guys so Sanskar calls him Nish )

Sakshi : ( acts being concerned ) Ha ha Nishi.. What happened? Tell na..?

Nishad looked at her and gave death glare..

Nishad : ( smiled fakely ) Aah nothing guys.. Lagta hai kisi chinti ne bahut jorrr se kaata.. ( glared at Sakshi while she supressed her laugh )

Sanskar got confused bt shrugged his shoulder bt Swara who was sitting beside Sakshi got it wat all happened and she smiled .

Swara : ( teases ) Bahut badi chinti thi na jij?

Nishad : ( unknowingly ) Ha Swaru.. aur usey toh.. ( he stopped suddenly n looked back )

Sakshi was glaring at Swara while She was giggling. Nishad smiled sheepishly n turned ahead..

Soon they reached near SwaSan restaurant. All 4 got down..

Nishad : ( to sanskar ) Well.. Best luck for ur 1st date dude.. Enjoy.. ?

Sanskar : Yarr.. Nish.. u too.. well, thank you.. ( winks )

Sakshi : ( whispers to swara ) Don’t creat any mess like home.. Be in ur senses u girl.. Understood?

Swara : Ha dii.. bt dii.. darr lag raha hai..

Sakshi : offo.. Don’t be scared. Be brave.. best of luck.. Go now.. ( swara looked at her Sakshi pushed her ) Gooooo…

Swara and Sanskar went inside.. SakNish turned to each other.. Nishad smiled n asked her..

Nishad : So madam, chale???

Sakshi : ( fumed in anger ) No.. I wont cm with u..

Nishad : What ? Why ?

Sakshi : Because I’m chinti na.. Vo bhi badi wali.. wat if I bite u again? ( saying this she turned her face to other side making pout )

Nishad suppressed his laugh n cm near her..

Nishad : No Sash.. Who told u ? Vo toh I just said to avoid embarrassment.

Sakshi : ( turns ) Sachchi?

Nishad : ( pulled her nose ) Muchchi!

Sakshi : Ok.. lets go to our fav restaurant.

And like this both sat in car and drove back to the restaurant near by..

Here at SwaSan side –

Sanskar had booked table for them. Both settled on chairs.. Swara was silent n nervous while Sanskar was smiling seeing her nervousness.

Sanskar : ( starting conversation ) So.. Swara.. U knw.. y we are here and wat our families want..

Swara nods.

Sanskar : umm.. so. . What do u think about it?

Swara : I think.. we shd know each other 1st.. We shd be comfortable with each other.. Because.. being in relationship for 3 to 4 years living in different countries is not that easy thing.. I mean.. Don’t take me wrong plz.. bt.. in this time span u.. u may like some1 else or may be me.. and its totally obvious. And it will destroy our lives.. We both have to achieve our own goals.. So.. I just want to concentrate on it only.. bt..

Sanskar : But? ( curiously )

Swara : But.. M not saying no for this alliance Sanskar.. I don’t want our marriage to be granted .. I mean.. I don’t wanna do engagement now.. when u’ll return from US, we’ll do engagement. Because u knw d reason.. I just don’t want to mess up anything.. We’ll be friends till then.. nd it will help us more to knw abt each other. I.. hope.. u r getting my point?

Sanskar : ( smiles n kept his hand on hers ) I totally understand Swara. And I don’t have any problem. Let this marriage stay still.. We’ll go ahead with our friendship till I won’t return from US.

Swara : ( smiles brightly ) Thank you so much for understanding.

Sanskar : Aa aa.. Dosti ka ek rule hai.. No sorry n no thank you.

Swara : ( smiles ) Okay..

Sanskar : Sooo.. Friends? ( forwarding his hand )

Swara : ( smiles n gave her hand ) Friends..

Sanskar : Vaise.. ek baat poochu?

Swara : ( while drinking juice ) Yeah.. ask na..

Sanskar : U like me.. Don’t u? ( raising his 1 eyebrow )

Hearing this Swara choked n coughed.. While Sanskar smiled naughtily. ( such a flirt )

Swara : ( widen her eyes ) Waaa..whatt?

Sanskar : Haa.. I saw u staring at me.. While giving water.. ( teased )

Swara : ( fumbles ) vo.. vo.. I.. by mistake.. papa.. tum.. paani..

Sanskar : ( laughs loud ) God Swara! Calm down.. Chill yarr.. I was just pulling ur legs.. relax..

Swara nods n sighs looking at other side. While Sanskar chuckled seeing her antics..


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Precap : Sochke batati hu.. ????

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