I’ll be waiting for you.. ( SwaSan Ts – Shot 1 ) By Swarmayi

1 girl was pacing here n there in tension all blabbering while her family looking at her.. Sm were giggling n sm were trying to calm her..And the girl was non other dan swara..

Girl : Dad!!! This is really unbelievable!!! U knw my age ryt?? Wat is it?? Tell me?? Noo.. wait.. I’ll tell u.. its 21 running.. And u guys.. u guys r fixing MY MARRIAGE? Dad! Bhai! Atleast u? U knw I dint even cmpltd my studies.. I have my own dreams.. n b4 cmpltng it hw.. this all.. And how cm this marriage concept suddenly cm in ur mind.. ? Uff.. My head will blast now..

Shekhar : Princess.. calm down.. listen to me.. We are just going to FIX ur marriage.. We are not asking u to do marriage tomorrow.. Once u guys cmplt ur studies, we’ll see about marriage..

Swara rolled her eyes.. While 2 boys and 1 girl giggled.. another boy gave them glare.. all put fingers on lips.. ?

Boy : Doll.. No one is gonna pressurise u.. U take ur decision.. Its just that the family is too good and I knw them closely.. U see the boy, talk with him and then decide.. No one will interfere in ur decision and its my promise..

Swara : ( looked at him n sighs ) Ok Neil bhai.. I’ll meet him only because u r saying..

Neil : ( kissed her forehead ) Love u doll..

Swara : ( kissed his cheeks ) I love u more bhaiii…

Neil Singhania.. Son of Shekhar Gadodia’s best friend Rishi Singhania.. Neil’s parents died wen he was 16 years old.. Wen Swara was small she wanted brother to whom she can tie Rakhi.. A brother to protect her.. and dat time Neil completed her wish.. He bcm her elder bro.. Loved her like his own sis.. Swara too loves him more than her own brothers.. He’s now Married to Sonali Mitra..
1 of the most famous Businessman in mumbai..

Voices cm from behind..

” And wat about us???”

Both turned and giggled..

Swara : Did u both look at urself? Huhh.. always trouble me.. irritate me n now expect me to love uuuuuu???

Aarav : Diii.. u knw wat.. no.. u don’t knw.. how much we love u.. n to maintain this love btwn us we always fight with u, tease u, irritate u.. Hai na Arju?

Arjun : Of course Aaru.. bt dii.. U only don’t love us.. huhh!!

And here cm big nautankis of house. Aarav and Arjun.. Swara’s brothers who are twins..16 years old.

Girl : Aaru, Arju.. leave her.. I’m there na..  I love u dherrrrr sara..

Aaravarjun : We love u too Sakshi diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..

Sakshi Gadodia.. Cousin sister of Swara.. Loves Swara and Aaravarjun.. Fiance of Nishad Malhotra. One and only daughter of Raj and Avni Gadodia.

Swara : Sakshi diiiii.. plz.. u na don’t take their side as always.. They are big nautankis..

Lady 1 : Ha ha.. now stop all of you.. you all are nautankis n we knw it very well..

Lady 2 : Correct Mishti! All are pearls of 1 necklace only..

Lady 1 was Sharmishta,  mother of Swaravarjun.. wife of Shekhar.. Loves her children alot.. Lady 2 was Avni, mother of Sakshi.. Very loving and caring.. Wife of Raj..

Shekhar : Princess, We are inviting him today evening at dinner.. So that u can see him, his behaviour.. And later if u feel he’s good then we’ll arrange ur proper meeting.. What say Neil?

Neil : Of course papa.. Only if doll likes him we’ll go ahead.. ( smiled n patted her back )

( He calls Shekhar as papa n Misti as Maa bcz after his parents death Shemish only gave him support )

Sakshi, Aaravarjun, Mishti, Avni made faces.. While Shekhar and Neil glared at them.. All got straightened n smiled fakely..

Swara : ( nervous ) Okay..

All sighs deeply and smiled brightly..

At evening –

Swara got ready formally.. no make up, no heavy n designer dresses.. Simple and elegant.. Sakshi was sitting in her room holding her head when she was getting ready..

Sakshi : Shonaa.. Are you coming out to meet him in THIS DRESS? SIMPLE KURTI AND LEGINN? SERIOUSLY? He’s going to US next month.. And is this ur IMPRESSION ON HIM????

swara turned to her and said

Swara : Cmon dii.. M not gonna impress him.. and He’s not here to see me.. He’s here just for dinner..  and moreover I’m going to SEE him.. And I have my own ways to judge him.. So.. Relax..

Sakshi : ( murmurs ) Nothing can be done with this girl! Huhh!..

Swara : ( laughs n pulls Saksh’s cheeks ) Absolutely correct!!! Ummahhh..

Sakshi : ( smiles ) chal hatt! Paagal..

Suddenly they heard voice..

Mishti / Avni : Shonaa/ Sakshiii..

Swara / Sakshi : Coming Maa..

Saying this both went down..

Both were descending stairs talking and laughing while 2 pairs of eyes were looking at them all lost.. Both felt gaze on them and looked ahead.. Those 2 boys were non other than Sanskar and Nishad.. Sanskar smiled at Swara and hayee! Swara skipped her heart beat while Sakshi smiled brightly looking at Nishad..

All turned to see y boys were lost n smiled looking at them.. Suddenly..

” Ahm Ahmm ”

Aaravarjun coughed.. All 4 cm into their senses n were embarassed.

Neil : ( getting up from his seat ) Doll, come here.. ( he held her from her shoulder n introduced her to Sanskar ) Sanskar.. Here cm my sweet n cute sis.. Swara.. And doll, He’s Sanskar.. Sanskar Maheshwari! I told u na we invited him today for dinner?

Sanskar : ( smiled at her ) Hii..

Swara : ( her heart was beating fast.. ) Hh..hellooo.. ( tried to smile )

Shekhar : Arey , Nishad.. now stop staring my Sakshii.. She’s ur fiance only.. u can talk to her , meet with her anytime.. now spend sm tym with us too..

All laughs.. Sakshi blushed while Nishad got embarassed.

Sakshi : I’ll help maa in kitchen.. cm shonu..

( saying this Sakshi ran from there along with swara while swara turned once to look at Sanskar only to see he’s looking at her only.. )

All laughs.

Neil : ( formally ) So Sanskar.. Wen u r going to US..

Sanskar : Next month.. on 15th..

Neil : You have very good job offers in India, ryt? Then y u wanna go?

Sanskar : ( smiles ) yeah.. I hv good job offers.. But I wanna study more.. N it was my dream to go to US for further studies and now wen I got chance, I dont wanna loose it..

Neil : Well, I must appreciate ur efforts Sanskar.. I know u would have done hard work to achieve ur goal.. And look here u r.. Impressive..! Because everyone can’t able to fulfill their dreams.. some bcz of their mistakes or sm bcz of circumstances.. bt u r lucky.. Congrats!

Sanskar : Thanks.. ( smiled )

Swara was hearing everything and had smile on her face..

All gents got bzy in talking.. While Swara was staring Sanskar from 1 window.. She held mobile in her hand like she’s bzy in mobile.. Suddenly Sakshi cm from back n tap on her shoulder.

Sakshi : ( confused ) Shonaa.. wat r u doing with mobile?

Swara : ( literally jumped on her place n hide mob ) no.. no.. nothing.. vo.. I was.. ha.. msgng Shreya.. haa..

Sakshi : ( felt weird ) Okay.. cm now.. Dinner is ready..

Swara : ( fakely smiles ) Ha.. ha.. chalo..

Ladies went to call gents fr dinner..

Mishti / Avni : Dinner is ready.. please come..

All went in dining hall n settled down..

Sakshi, Swara, Mishti, Avni were serving all.. Sonali ( Neil’s wife ) wasn’t present there as she went to meet her parents.

Shekhar : Princess.. Give dat jeera rice n dal makhni to Sanskar..

Swara : ( shocked bt Sakshi hits her ) yeah.. Dad..

She went near him.. He was looking at her she was feeling his gaze bt was serving him to avoid embarrassment.. All were looking at them and smiling.. suddenly sm dal fell on Sanskar’s jeans by mistake..

Swara : ( shocked ) I’m.. I’m so sorry.. ohh god.. wait.. lemme clean it..

Sanskar : ( cleaning it from his hanky ) Its ok Swara.. it happens.. relax..

Swara : ( looked at him for a while he smiled at her ) umm.. u can use washroom.. Come.. I’ll show u..

Swara looked at all.. All were having mischievous smile on their faces while Neil had raised his 1 eyebrow indicating wat is going on? Swara looked down.. all supressed their laugh..

Shekhar : Go beta.. clean ur dress.. Princess,  show him washroom..

Swara nods..

Both left and all bursted out laughing while Aaravarjun shushed all.. ( Devils )

Swara took him near washroom..

Swara : ( smiled slightly n showed him washroom ) Here u go..

Sanskar : ( smiled back ) Thank you..

After cleaning dress Sanskar cm out and both swasan headed towards hall..

Shekhar : We felt very happy to meet u Sanskar.. we would hv been more happy if Ram n Sujata bhabhi would be with u..

Sanskar : Arey uncle.. I should thank you for this delicious dinner treat.. It was so nice to meet u all ( looked at swara ) And abt mom and dad, they went to one relative’s wedding so couldn’t come.. And aunty ( to Mishti ) I must say ur Moongdal ka halwa was sooo yummy.. I just want to kiss ur hands for making it.. Thank u so so much.. its my favourite..

Swara widen her eyes in shock while all had mischievous smile.. Sakshi hits her and winked at her..

Mishti : ( smiles ) Haha.. thanks for complement beta.. But I dint make it..

Sanskar : ( to avni ) Ohh.. Avni aunty.. u?? ( smiles )

Avni : ( smiles ) Noo.. It was made by our Shona..

Hearing this Sanskar’s smile faded n he looked at Swara who was looking at anywhere other than him.. He got embarassed..

Sanskar : ( to light environment ) Ohh..ohh.. Swa..raa.. ( bites his tongue n murmurs – zubaan pe kaabu rakhna seekh beta sanskar ) ahh.. haa.. it was good.. thanks.. thanks swara.. ( Smiles nervously )

Swara : ( looked at him ) ur welcome..

Sanskar : ( getting up from his sit ) Uncle.. I think I should leave now.. Its late..

Shekhar / Raj : Okay beta.. go safe..

Sanskar : ( smiled ) Jii.. ( joined hands ) Namaste..

All wished him back wen he started leaving.. Swara was quiet.. She was stealing glances of him so was him.. Suddenly both of their’s eyes met.. Sanskar smiled at her and asked her bye n gestured take care.. Heat rushed through Swara’s cheeks.. She too bid him bye n ran from there.. Sanskar chuckled shaking his head.. n left..


Swara was sitting in middle of hall… All were gathered around her.. And throwing so many questions at her..

How’s he?
Do u like him?
What did he talk to u wen u took him to washroom? ( silly ques ???)
What did u feel abt him?
You wanna meet him once again?
Should we tell them ur yes?
Say something na?

Suddenly Neil Shouted..


All become silent. Neil sat beside Swara who was looking at floor..

Neil : ( took her hand in his n asked calmly ) Doll, did u like him? Should we fix ur meeting  ( date ) for tomorrow? ( Swara dint look up. He made her look at him ) Doll.. Say something?

Swara : ( blushed deep red ) As u say bhai.. U’ll think only good for me.. I.. I don’t have any problem…

Neil smiles while all shouts

” Oooooooooooo As u say…….. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ”

Saying this all laughed loud while Swara ran to her room stamping her foot..

Screen freezes on happy faces of all..

Precap : 1st date and Sanskar’s POV..


This is diff concept.
I donno how it is bt I can tell u 1 thing..
This is based on a real story..
So plz plz plz cmnt n let me knw..
If u cmnt den as a treat.. next part will be posted by night..
Happy reading.. ???

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