I’ll be with u even after my death too – os by Astha


Hi frnds…… this is Aastha back with a os. This os is specially dedicated to tina(suha). Bcos she asked to write os. More over I made her wait more than 1 month. Sry for the delay dear.

Let’s go to story.

One beautiful living room shown….. a girl sitting in sofa. She continuously staring her phone. Her face is shown. She is bulbul.
She lost her patience. She took a phone and dialled a number.
Bul: hello purab where r u? here I’m waiting for u…..but u….
Pur: hey plz..in five mins I’ll be there. He hanged the call.

After half an hour purab came to house.
Bul: is this 5 mins?
Purab: I’m sry dear….. he was to hold her cheeks.
She jerked his hands. Don’t touch me. I’m waiting for u nearly three hours……. I want to go to check up but u don’t care abt me.
Pur: not like that bul. I was struck in meeting.
Bul: is meeting is more important than me? enough is enough.
Purab tires to calm her but all goes in vain.

She calls, hello sasu maa…..i cant live with him. I lost my patience. He don’t cares abt me….
Sasu maa: (her face is not shown) : don’t say like that beta……
Bul: no I cant…..

A Flash Back Shown

A girl is waiting for someone in restaurant. Her face is shown as pragya. She dialled a person, where r u?
A cool voice: sry dear. I have some more work. So…..
Prag: so..what? u always doing this only…… I fed up on u ABHI…
Abhi: not like that baby….
Prag: enough….. I done a big mistake by marrying u. u always with me when we loved. But after marriage u r with ur project only. Better u can marry ur project. Get lost. She left from there.

Another day.

Pragya is arranging dishes on dinning table. She calls abhi.
Prag: hello abhi where is r?
Abhi: I’m on the way dear.
Prag: I wont belive u….. on our anniversary day too u cant spend time with me……..
Abhi: no really am on…….. some crashing sound…..
Prag screams ABHI………….. (abhi met an accident)(he is no more)
Pragya mouns vigorously………. She is continuously sobbing. She caresses her wedding photo.

Prag: abhi I’m really sry abhi….. afterwards I wont fight with you. I wont argue with you. Plz…… don’t leave me……..
She felt she lost everything.
Prag: I wanted to leave you when you r with me. but now I want you but u leaved me…….. its not fair abhi……… plz…..come to me……

After one week. Her face is buffed n full red bcos of continuous crying. She is not able to eat or sleep properly……
She felt something different. She vomited. Then she took a pregnancy kit. She came out of rest room with kit. Stand infront of abhi’s wall pic. The result is positive. SHE IS PREGNANT.

She cried…… she goes to Dr. doctor says she is three months pregnant

in living room she sat alone…… next to her there was a gift which is hided by abhi for their wedding day.
Slowly she opened the gift. It was a micro chip. She insert the chip with concern device. With hesitation she switched it.
A voice: hi…… happy anniversary…….
She jerked n turned towards the voice. She is dazed……. Screen goes black n white.
With full shock pragya: ABHI……. (in robot movie chity can show video by eyes na just like that abhi is visible to her like screen)
She shouted booth booth….. n switched off the device. Abhi disappeared. she scared a lot…….

She called the chief of abhi.
The next day he came to her home.
Prag: Mr.Madhan what is happening? I cant understand anything. He is dead but when I insert the chip in that device he is visible to me. I was really scared…….
Mr.madhan: prag now only u r seeing that device? Abhi is dedicated these two years for this device only. It will be very common in twenty, twenty five years.
Prag: I cant get it.
Mr.madhan: its nothing scary. Its just a device. We can download human emotions. Abhi is 1 step higher than that. With that emotions he added the actions too. Its concrete as well as abstract too. U can see him u can talk to him but u can’t touch him. Bcos it is showing in air if u touch it then ur hand will cross over it. nothing to wry. That device is two years of hard work.
Prag: ok thnq sir.

After some time…… she goes near that device. With full fear n hesitation she switches it. screen opens in air.
Abhi with broad smile: hi baby…..
Prag with fear….: ab….abhi…do..dont talk anything……she stammers in fear. Don’t talk anything just listen what I’m saying…… abhi nods.
Prag: abhi….abhi… I’m I’m th…. Three months pregnant……. She signs her tummy.
Abhi is full happy no dialogues comes to speak…… really…… I’m happy…… very happy….
Prag: I’m sry abhi….afterwards I wont fight with u.

Abhi: y? what happened?
Prag: bcos of me only u…that da…..that day….. she remains the accident. Bcos of me only u..died …..
Abhi: what am died?
Prag cries vigorously…….
Abhi: prag cool cool don’t wry past is past. Don’t cry. If u cried like this my son will born as coward. My son have to be brave just like u…….
Prag: abhi…….

Abhi: I’m with u don’t wry but I cant help u in kitchen or take care of child but I’ll be with u. don’t wry. My son have to brought up with good qualities.
Prag: yes I’ll.

Days passed. After that regularly she talked with abhi n shared her each n every feelings. How they enjoyed in the love age just like she felt very happy.
Prag: abhi y r u always telling this baby as my son my son? If this child is girl then what will u do?
Abhi: if it is girl then I don’t have any problem. Y don’t u want a son?
Prag: y not? I want a son as jovial person, extra caring, mischievous… just like u.
Abhi: really…..
Prag: hey just a minute.

Abhi: what happened?
Prag: he is kicking…..
Abhi: really with amusement……
Prag: yes with happy.

Months passed. Prag got labour pain. Prag: amma………………………….. she was taken to operation.
Dr: no need to operation. It can be normal delivary.
Prag: nurse plz……. Insert this chip into this device.
Nurse: no mam we cant allow…. B4 she complete the sentence dr. do what she said. She already informed me abt this. Nurse nod yes.

Prag: thnq dr. abhi appeared.
Abhi: be brave ……. Do as per dr. advice….. push. With heavy pain she pushes.
With crying sound boy baby born as per abhigya’s wish. with smiling face prag closed her eyes.
Abhi: dr. what happened? Y she fainted?
Dr. its normal…. Leave her in rest.
Abhi: ok dr. lovingly he stares the new born child.
After sometime prag opens her eyes.
Abhi: he is cute na……
Prag: just like u.

Child growing day by day……. Days passed just like jet.
Prag is cooking in kitchen while abhi is talking with prag. Suddenly abhi turns n sees baby coming towards them by legs n hands then continues his talking. Later realised what he saw. With full shock he called pragya.

Prag: I’m cooking na y r u disturbing me? she saw he is continuously staring at that direction. She too does not less in shock. Abhigya smiled at each other.
Prag took the baby in her arms.
Prag: my baby is grown……
Another few days/ months passed.
Another big shock abhigya’s baby started to walk. By its cute n little foot that baby made abhigya’s home as heaven.
Prag: see this is dad….. say hi to him.

Baby: pa….pa….appa…….
Abhi: did u hear…. My child called me as appa…… prag nods.
Prag: mostly babies call amma 1st but ur baby….calling u…..
Abhi: can u smell the burning?
Prag gives killer look.
Flash back ends with cute face of abhigya’s son.

Bulbul’s phone conversation with her sasu maa continues.
Prag: like this only my son purab grown. (pragya n child purab photo shown near by table)
Prag: which mistake I done now u too doing that. Try to understand him. Y he is earning? For u only na adjust him baby.
Prag: plz don’t say that he is not CARING N LOVING. Bcos I TAUGHT HIM THAT ONLY.
Prag: hope afterwards everything will be fine. Bye.
Bul: bye maa.

Bul: she apologies purab by holding her ears with pout face.
Purab: now shall we go to 5th month’s check up?
Bulbul nods n rests her head on purab’s shoulder.

Screen freezes with back pose of rabul and prag n child purab’s pic.


Hope u will like it. I’m really sry for killing abhi. Do cmnts. By urs loving Aastha.

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  1. It made me cry superb

    1. Astha

      thnq soooo much sriti dear.

  2. Very different but awesome??

    1. Astha

      thnq so much xoxo. i think u r keeks am i ri8?

      1. Very intelligent akka.You are absolutely right.

  3. Angita

    Really good

    1. Astha

      thnq so much angita.

  4. Rocking dear

    1. Astha

      thnq soooo much priyanka dear.

  5. super really super… while reading tears roll down from eyes….

    1. Astha

      really? neenga aluthingaala…… i’m happy bcos i wrote emotionally. but my intention is not to made u cry. thnq sooo much for the cmnt dear lax.

  6. omg omg…………………………no words yarr……………………….i loved it

    1. Astha

      thnq soooooo much nannu dear.

  7. Superb aastha….

    1. Astha

      thnq so much varsha..

  8. Nice actually superb only even abhi s not more s not lk tat coz he s always with pragya only even he died bt I felt soooooo sad yaar really u made me cry… Really nice n emotional OS yaar

    1. Astha

      ya he is with her only thats the title. “i’ll be with u even after my death too”. i made u cry………. sry baby…… thnq soooooo much for the sweet cmnt dear durga.

  9. RiyaDcruz

    Soooooperbbbb yaar aftr a long time a different ff luved it……..

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooooooo much riya dear.

  10. Very different awesome…
    Ur ff remember tina… I miss madly..

    1. Astha

      thnq soooo much bro. dont wry she’ll be back soon. i too miss her madly.

  11. Suha

    Hey astha…. frist imsted of thanking i must hug u.. what a creativity yaar
    . U r just like a gem to t u.. this ff is vry uncommon.. mind blowing.. heart touching..no words comming to my mind.thanx for dedication.hats off go ur creativity yar.u rocked it,nailed it.
    All the best fr ur creaivity..
    .superb…thanx again for this wonderfull os

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much dear. but i’m not worthful to this much appreciation bcos its a remake of my fav short film. actually i thought mention it but in happiness that u r back i posted next min after ur private msg. i forgot to mention that in hurry. but i didnt copied it as it well i took the jist. in that sf via phone she will talk to hero. i thought give image to abhi. then the pregnancy scenes and many more scenes extra added by me. i thought to tell it. n i told it. but i’m happy that u liked the os. love u. take care. n i received the hug. n take return n hug n lots of kiss from me.

    2. Prathi

      Are you coming back or not ? I am waiting for you for such a long time. Missing my Vampire & Phobia too come back yaar!!

  12. DC1

    Hey it was superb…. Different concept, really interesting. Hmm, I even started liking Abhigya more…. You are really amazing my friend, write another OS also whether on Ragsan or on Abhigya, as I know whatever you will write will be great. Love you loads

    1. Astha

      i’m happy that u started to lke abhigya more. i’ll try to write another os too. for u n ragsan fans i’ll write ragsan os. till now i didnt got any story so….. i’ll wait till then. love u too dear.

  13. Saranya24

    I jst crued yaar but wat a creativity loved it yaar keep writing is lije tis so tat we wnt miss u love u dear??????

    1. Astha

      thnq soooooo much darlu…. i’ll try to do more dear but i cant assure that i’ll give another os. love u too. tc. ks.

  14. Awesome! It was a different concept… Loved it!

    1. Astha

      thnq soooooo much abhigya.

  15. Prathi

    Awesome concept Aastha! Loved it.. but sad that Abhi died in this..

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooooooo much prathii.

  16. Monesha

    Wow my dear sweetu darlu princess akka. How can you thought like this. You rocked it what an os. Omg I really cried. You are awesome writer. My dear rocking…. akka. I love you sooooooo… hats off you for your creativity akka. I loved it soooooo… much. I am giving a award to you. Imagine that all are clapping for you. You are coming to the stage and getting the award. I am hugging you with full of love. I am pouring my rain love you my darlu princess akka. I am sorry Akka for my late comment. I went to school at 6.00 and came 9.00 only so forgive your choti. I am really proud to say that you are my akka. It is really very awesome episode. I think you won’t angry on me. Ok my darlu princess akka this choti is giving you a big big big big big bone crushing hug. Don’t ever leave me. If you try to leave me also I will not bcoz i am attached to you. Come fast akka waiting for ur rocking entry sure this choti will give a grand celebration when you entered. Don’t think that i am giving fake love really i can’t bear that. I know you will not think like that i am just saying this casually. Don’t take it serious akka. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤ bone crushing hug to you. Love you so so sooooooo.. much. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ummmmmaaaaaaa……………………… I am ending my endless bak bak now. Bye akka. Take care.

    1. Astha

      oh my sweet thangachi…….. pavam….. 6 to 9 scl ah????? more than 12 hours…….. shocked n pity for u. actually i waited for ur cmnt. i thought till now she is not cmnted may be she didnt return frm scl. my thought was ri8. award for me…… i’m not in cloud nine i’m in cloud 18……… i’m very very happy but this story is not totally mine. its a remake. read my cmnt which is for tina as reply. there i told from where i remaked it. dont wry dear i wont leave u. u r my sweet thangachina how i leave u? ur hug is really crushing my bone…… take more bone crushing hug from me. and take this lots of kisses. umma…….. dont i’ll be back dear. sure i too waiting for welcome speech on my entry. now i’m getting late to my clg so catch u eve. bye tc. ks.

  17. hats off to your creativity akka…I seriously cried..very intresting..i must say you are very intelligent..i am going to call you as akka from now.LOVE U AKKA

    1. Astha

      thnq so much suhani…… r u same suhanni who used to cmnt in my previous ff?

      1. No akka i just created my acoount few days back.I read your story but did not comment sorry about that.

    2. Astha

      its ok i just asked to conform that is u r not. no prob my dear.

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