I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 5

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I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 4


Recape: Anika glorifies RM by lightening diya on Diwali 


Part 5

Anika- lighen diya and steps back

Devi g- Anika beta where are u going 

Anika- i’m going to my room now

Devi g- beta it’s Diwali we have to do puja also and u will do this  puja 

Anika- dadi g I’m not going to do. let me go from here.

Gauri- but di it’s puja is really important 

Anika- Tell me onething it’s just an idol of stone and what it will give to u. I lighten that diya on ur  saying but  I’m not going praise them. U do this puja and all are ur gods so go a head. 

Dev hold Anika’s arm, ANU it’s traditional that the heir of RM  do this puja and we for years never celebrate Diwali because the spark of this house was not here , this house slept on the bed of  darkness and sorrows. See ur family needs u they all want u to do this. Plz ANU do it’s puja if u say i can join my hands dev is about to fold his hands when Anika with bandaged hand hold his baba hand and shakes her head in “NO”

Anika-  A Rajput hands are  not  made to join them infront of anyone. 

Shivavy- smiles 


Dev- u r “PRIDE” of RM.

Dadi- Anika is our PRIDE too.

Dev- forward his hand 

Anika- give hand in his baba hand 

Devi g- thankyou Anika beta. If u don’t mind can i say something 

Anika- what else u want from me.

Dadi- beta let’s  dark past be pass out and let present be pleasant for it’s shiny future.

Anika- narrow her eyes. What?

Jhanvi- do this puja with Shivavy 

Shivavy- gets happy and glances Anika 

Anika stares Shivavy. Shivavy too reciprocates.

Anika ” dadi yeh ghar ki puja hai. Hum yeh puja is ghar k liya kar rahy hai. Kisi k sath k liya nahe.

Ek pather ki Aarthi hum zaroor kar rahey hai 


 faces gets black and white except pinky aunty and kamini 

Shivavy- eyes gets watery

Om-  staring Shivavy dadi and maa kisi haq say ap Anika say keha rahy hai k woh yeh puja Shivavy k sath karye. 

Rudy- O what are u saying we all want this don’t u too want this

Om- Rudy shut up 

Gauri- omkara g what happened to u how can u talk to Shivavy bhaiya like this.

Bhavya- yes om bhaiya we all want shivika to be together then why u r questioning him

Pinku- om bhaiya yeh sab kya ho raha hai. Tell me something what happened to Anika bhabi.

Om- guys puja start honaye wali hai so concentrate on it.

Devi g- preeto i told she won’t agree

Dadi- yeh bhagwan koi karishma kar dey

Jhanvi- mummy g 

Anika hold Aarti lamp with adversity. She turn her face phantasm her mother and smile appear on her lips.

Dev- worries what she’s looking there

All join their hands all praying for Anika happiness 

Anika start doing the puja but her full concentration is on Aarohi ( maa) . Her hand could not bear the weight of aarti lamp and its about to fall but Shivavy holds Anika hand. Shivavy, Anika kya kar rahe ho.

Anika glimpse Shivavy. 

Their old moments  are shown.

Shivika doing the puja together Ram, Ram…… plays 

All gets happy to see them doing the puja

Devi g- now Gauri and om are going to do this puja after that bhavya and Rudra.

Anika- gets aparted from them  

Shivavy- continously looking Anika…. what happened to her what’s going in her mind she haven’t said anything.

Anika- stepped  forward towards her room 

Sahil- shouts Anika di and hugs her from back  

Anika- eyes gets widen sahil and she turns back. Sahil u here , when u came

Sahil- Anika di ap ko yaad nahe 

Anika- kya?

Shivavy- staring Anika… Sahil , it’s Diwali what are u doing here go and enjoy. Open ur Diwali gifts 

Sahil- but i want to be with Anika di. Di ap kaha jaa rahe thi 

Anika- what are u talking about come with me Sahil

Chanda- takes the control of the situation


Jhanvi- gauri beta plz go and get that pink and blue boxes it’s there in my room 

Gauri- g mummy 

Om- steps behind Gauri 

Gauri- enter jhanvi room she takes the boxes and turns when lights gets off. Someone tug her from behind gauri shouts da…..

Om- sshh barali ki barfi its me ur omkara g 

Gauri- omkara g u have scared me 

Om- acha g. Om turn gauri towards him. U got scared am i look like monster.

Gauri- not less then that omkara g now leave me mummy g is waiting for me

Om- hwww meri barfi u called me monster. College may larkiya  marti thi 

Gauri- hwww omkara g ap to baade chupay rustom nikaley. U have never told me about ur girlfriends 

Om- aren’t u feel jealous like other girls a handsome boy takes some other girls name infront of u

Gauri- swinging in om arms. Omkara g that girls are insecure about their love not me i know somewhere our routes can be different but our destination is same.

Om- I’m impressed

Gauri- but i’m depressed 

Om-  steps back why so? What I’ve done 

Gauri- u have not given me any Diwali gift

Om- fold his arms well if that’s the case then I’m also depressed because u too didn’t give me my gift

Gauri- ok then what to do?

Om- first u tell what u need?

Gauri- no first u 

Om- no ladies first 

Rudy- listening to their conversation shut his ears. Sab ko apni apni tension hai koi mujhse bhi to pouch k mujhe koi gift nahe mila. Woh bhi kya din thy jab. 

Ek hath may sports car ki chabi aur dosarye hath may lakshmi , puja, sharddha hoti thi.

Kab say sun aur dekh raha ho meri value he nahe rahe. 

first u , first u kar kar k mere dimagh ki dhai kar di.   abhi maza chakhta hoon dono ko 

Om- bus may thaak gaya

Gauri- me too. Omkara g tell na what u want

Om- smirk 

Gauri- ap bol bhi dey 

Om- ek beeti say  puppi 

Gauri- shies 

Rudy- Awww O how cheapde u r 

Gauri- omkara g

Om- it’s Diwali u can’t say no. Plz Gauri 

Gauri- ok close ur eyes

Om- nope u again will run off

Gauri- nope not this time promise it’s Diwali so how can i deny 

Om- promise. Om smiles and close his eyes

Gauri- too close her eyes and pouts 

Rudy- smiles and stand in between Rikara

Both Rikara step foward to kiss smacks both gets shocked and open their eyes? Rudy, bhaiya 

Rudy- giggles Ooh la la puppi hmmm without cute puppy not allowed??? 

Om- rudy k bachaye, om starts beating rudy.

Rudy- chullbul bhabi bachao ahaha ?

Gauri- sorry rudy bhaiya it’s ur diwali gift. Bye omkara g have a nice diwali without ur gharwali ?

Om- Gauri…..

Rudy- bhabi is gone O

Om- ab tu gaya 

Rudy- woh dekho puppi rudy kiss on om cheek and run off happy Diwali O

Om- kesi diwali puppi to mili nahe.

Rudy- mili na puppi O woh bhi dhari wali 

Om- throw pillows on Rudy 


Anika- laying on floor lost in herself stressing what sahil was trying to say? Chanda too was saying something 

Shivavy step in Anika room and lay beside Anika and sings

 Kitna haseen chehra, kitni pyari aankhein

Anika- U 

Shivavy- yes love me. Ur lover 

Anika- compose herself and stand up. I said get up from here right now.

Shivavy- u r giving order to SSO. I’m SSO who gives order not take them. And I’m not going from here today I’m going to sleep here with……… Shivavy smirks 

Anika- I said get up from her it’s my room not  yours. Otherwise I’m going to call guards to throw u out.

Shivavy- call them go wait let me help u.

Shivavy  staring  Anika smiles, takes fone in hand and in Anika voice calls gaurds, gaurds come to my room. A kanji ankho wala bagad billa has step in to my room take him away from here otherwise  he’s going to kiss me. 

Anika-eyes gets wider?

Shivavy stepping towards Anika 

Anika- stepping back stay in ur limits

Shivavy- smiling and stepping what are my limits love

Anika- turns her face and was about to fall on bed

Shivavy- hold Anika from her waist, pulls her close to himself. 

Anika- yeh kya kar rahey ap

Shivavy- with one hand holding Anika from waist and with other hand  caressing her face its Diwali and u haven’t wished me very bad.

  And tell me why u always say this yeh kya kar rahey hai ap kuch aur bhi to bolo is k aagay.

Anika- i don’t like this leave me 

Shivavy- then what u like.

Anika- why u r doing this just go from here. Anika shouts 

Shivavy- cups Anika face hey Anika don’t shout it’s not good from u.

Anika- jerks Shivavy hands and steps back yes it’s not good for me so then u may leave from here.

Shivavy- I’ll go but on one condition 

Anika- mmm  turn her face do u think I’m going to accept that?

Shivavy-  hops  infront of Anika  yes u have to accept it otherwise I’m going to tell ur baba that u haven’t taken ur medicines and dinner.

Anika- mm?

Shivavy- don’t do this mm?,mm i know u are only afarid of him 

Anika- why I’m talking to him 

Shivavy-  shrugs ok fine ur choice let me call him out. Shivavy glancing Anika shouts Dev uncle, dev uncle 

Anika- gets shocked and shuts Shivavy mouth with her hand. 

Ishq sukun hai raahat hai
Ishq hai sehra ishq hai dariya
Ishq junoon hai zahmat hai

Shivika- gets lost in  blue and brown obrs 

Anika- Yeh kya kar rahy hai. Why u r calling him up 

Shivavy- smiles on her innocence again hold Anika’s waist and pulls her towards him.

Dev- steps in yes Shivavy why u r calling 


Shivika- gets aparted from eachother 

Dev-  R u alright Anu 

Shivavy- dev uncle actually 

Anika- quickly hug dev 

Dev- ANU mera bacha. 

Anika- baba asking him to go from here 

Dev- rise his eyebrows( what’s the matter) Shivavy 

Shivavy- she’s stressing herself. Sign dev to look at the time.

Dev- smiles, caressing Anika. Shivavy what are u doing here just go from here. And why u r troubling my Anu just go now and from next time don’t step in my daughter room.

Shivavy- smiles and bends his head down.

Dev- sign Shivavy 

Anika- stares Shivavy 

Shivavy- stepping put glances Anika passes smiles to her , winks Anika and passes kiss  ?

Anika- make faces ?

Dev- ANU come and have ur medicines 

Anika- i don’t want them 

Gauri and bhavya step in Anika’s room 

Gaya- dad 

Dev- come beta all trio are in their father embraces.  Dev eyes gets watery and their childhood flashes 

Song plays 

Yeh betiyan to babul ki raniya hai
Yeh betiyan to babul ki raniya hai
Mitti mitti pyaari pyaari yeh kahaniya hai
Yeh shisthiyan gudiya rab jaane ki yeh kudiyaan
Kina jamilya naale jaaniya hai
Yeh betiyan to babul ki raniya hai
Mitti mitti pyaari pyaari yeh kahaniya hai

Anika- again phantasm her mother. She gets unwell 

Gauri- Anika di 

Bhavya- dad 

Gaya- gets aparted from dev all gets tense 

Dev- bhavya bring water for ur di quickly. Anu, Anu 

Gauri- dad take di medicines 

Devi g- dev kya ho raha hai 

Shivomru- kya huwa Anika, di ko

Gauri-di is not well 

Dev- made Anika to have medicines 

Anika- sniff 

Shivavy- worries 

Devi g- how for certain she gets unwell. She was fine just hours ago

Dev- rubbing Anika’s back  maa, Aarohi. Her eyes are  searching Aarohi.

How misfortune I’m for the first time my daughter ask something from me but i can’t give my daughter her maa. 

Devi g- dev u have to be strong if we’ll break like this who will handle her.

Dev- covers Anika in duvet and moves out

Devi g- steps after dev 

Screen freezes on all six


Precape  Shivavy k samaney aya sach 


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