I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 74- gila gila haldi wala torture

I’m back with the next update hope you guys gonna like it because Nati di wrote it.

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Salman” passes his goggles to Gauri “

Gauri” wear them and brushes her nose like him”

“Anika adoring Gauri with love”

Aarohi” glancing Anika”

Shivaay questioning Salman” how you came here?

Salman” actually….( Shallu cuts)

Shallu” Ohoh!! Beheniya..

Shivaay” Hey!! I’m not your beh…..

Anika” Shallu bhai ki Shivaay beheniya”

All giggles loudly

Shivaay whispers in Anika ear” you have to pay for this. Just wait

Anika” main kyun pay karu ge maine ap say kuch khareeda hai yeh koi hotel ka bill hai k jis k liya bar bar bol rahy hai k……. you have to pay for this, you have to pay for this .

“Shivaay pinch Anika waist ” don’t take it light Anika?

Anika shouts” OUCH!!!!!

All gazes Anika and question her” what happened Anu/Anika/ di/ bhabhi

Shivaay smirks” Yeah!! Anika tell what happened to you?

“Anika gets embarrassed” nothing….. she frown Shivaay

Shivaay” a teaser… he winks and walk from there rubbing his lips”

Anika ” batmeez”

Gauri” Salman Khan ji autograph , selfie please.

Salman” why not come?”

Rudra” say cheese”

“Shivaay hold Anika from waist” say gili gili??

“Anika give angry look to Shivaay”

Rudra” click the photo “

After few minutes

Rudra” Salman Bhai before going last few moves swag se swagat”

Sk” hit it”

Shallu” plays the song and everyone doing moves with SK”

Anika” close her eyes some fainted blur images striking her brain”

Dev” Anu!! What happened?”

Anika shaking her head” Nothing!! Baba… something stuck in my throat let me get water for myself. Do you need any drink?

Dev” nods negatively”

Aarohi pov” something is bothering her.”

In mean while SK bid bye to all and walk out from RM

Aarohi” Anu!! Where were you ?”

“Anika with fear ” i , i was in yard…. saying this she tries to run when Aarohi stops her

“Aarohi hold her from arm” why you are running from me?

Anika ” it’s not like that… raat bohat ho gayi hai humein neened aa rahe hai aur wesay bhi humein to jaana hai na…. saying this she run to room”

Aarohi” Anu!! Listen to me “

Next Day

“Dadi addressing to Aarohi” Puttar!! Aaj haldi hai.. haldi aa gayi

Aarohi” Yes!! It’s organic and i’ve given to maids they are crushing it.”

Pinky” OMM!! I can’t believe today’s my Shivaay’s haldi”

Jhanvi” Pinky not only Shivaay’s but Om’s too”

Pinky” Haan jenthi ji humare Zulfi ki bhi haldi hai.

“Jhanvi addressing to Aarohi” bhabhi ji only mehndi is left after that yours daughters will be ours”

Aarohi ” gets upset…. hmm you are right only one night and day is left then they will be yours. She makes an excuse and walk from there.

Dadi” From daughters parents it’s so difficult to give their heart to someone else”

Devi g” specially when both met after twenty years and just in months again they are getting away”

Scene shifts to corridor

“Bhavya sipping egg shake” aaj to sab say phely Anika di aur Gauri di ko haldi main he lagau ge…..( voice cuts)

Shivaay” sirf Gauri di ko Anika ko nahe”

Bhavya marching to Shivaay” why not Anika di? Hmm?

“Shivaay marches with attitude to Bhavya” because…. Anika ko haldi sab say phely mein lagau ga is liya

Bhavya” you can’t do this? Because elders strictly warned na that stay away from my di before marriage. Thats why?

Shivaay furiously” Bhavya!! You are doll so just be a doll don’t became dadi. Ok and don’t come in my way”

Bhavya” you are also bhaiya don’t became my beheniya saiya before marriage otherwise….( Shivaay cuts)

Shivaay” tum bhi meri saali ho aur mere aur Anika k beech mai…..( bhavya cuts)

“Bhavya put hand on her hips ” Saali hoti hai aadi ghar wali aur yeha to mein purey ghar wali hoon. Is liya haldi di ko main he lagau ge. Sab say phely”

Shivaay” see don’t mess with me i’m her husband”

Bhavya” you see bhaiya i don’t want to fight with you….( Shivaay cuts)

Shivaay” you think i start the fight?…. Shivaay playing with his hand.

Bhavya” yup you start it always..

Shivaay” No!! You are fighting with me not me. You know Anika loves me more you and you start getting jealous from me. That is why you have became ” shikayati tattu “…. ( Bhavya cuts )

“Bhavya widen her eyes” you called me shikayati tattu….( Shivaay cuts)

“Shivaay shuts Bhavya mouth with his hand” abhi meri baat puri nahe shikayati tattu. Tumara naam Bhavya nahe sach may Banderiya hona chahiye tha. Just like she jumps here and there and snatch others things from them same you do.

And instead of you put criminals in cell you , yourself should be put in the lockup and i wish i could be the jailer of that cell and then i should torture you like this….. He snatch glass from Bhavya and drink it in one sip and throw the rest on her….. then this will be your protein given to you for whole week.

Aniri and omru” cup their eyes”?

Rudra” world war 3 “

Om” maha world war hai”

Gauri” Anika di !! Look at doll face….

Anika laughing” yeh to Shivaay ko kacha he na kha jaye. Om go and stop them”???

Rudra” O jaldi jaa agar Bhavya nay kha liya phir Anika bhabhi ka kya ho ga”

“Anika playfully beat Rudra” Shut up !! Rudra ??

Gauri” stop it !! And see there

Shivaay hopping and in girly voice teasing Bhavya…… Maa dekho Shivaay bhaiya Anika di k room ki taraf jaa rahy hai, dadi dekho bhaiya yeh kar rahy hai woh kar rahy hai…. saali ho meri sotan nahe.

“Aniri and Omru gazes eachother and cup their mouth”?

“Bhavya bites on Shivaay hand” fumes???

“Shivaay scream” Aaaaaaa…. Doll nahe you are Devillll??

Bhavya” i can arrest you from this?”?

Shivaay” go i’ve seen many like you. Many tried to arrest me then for life time they are resting on bed but i’ll make sure you should rest on tree because monkeys rest there”??

Bhavya shouts” Shivaay bhaiyaaaaaaaa???

Anika” Doll!!!! No…. she come and stand in between them… spreading her arms

Om” Shivaay what are you doing?”

Shivaay” first she started”

Bhavya” No!! he started”

Shivaay” Anika see she bites me”

Bhavya” She’s lying”

“Anika shockingly” She!!!

Bhavya” Bhallu ki behen jo hai”

Shivaay shouts” Banderiyaaaaa !!!

Anika” doll chill you come with me”

“Om dragging Shivaay with him”

Both cross eachother staring eachother angrily”??

Scene shifts to hall

Bhavya and Shivaay sitting opposite to eachother

Omru” pressing Shivaay shoulders”

Gauri” Doll!! Have your shake”

“Shivaay teasingly” Rudy boy and Bhans not a good match??

Rudra”. then call me cow boy ???…

Om whispers” Shivaay!! Maar khaye ga tu police wali say.

Bhavya pov” abhi maza chakhatey hai.

Gauri” Doll!! You come with me”

“Bhavya calls maid and whispers in her ear”

Shivaay” shikayati tattu”

After few minutes

Anika” what happened? Doll you called me”

“Bhavya pulls Anika down and jumps in her lap” my mood got salty i need gili gili

Shivaay” fumes

Gauri” Anika di humein bhi

Bhavya” mmmm!! Anika di ki gili gili kissing???

“Anika smirks” Arrey mera Bolu… now my turn… she glances Shivaay start doing gili gili

Rudra” bhaiya 78 kisses”

Shivaay pov” today i won’t leave you Anika…. he hits the couch walk from there.

After few hours

Haldi function starts

“Dadi instructing to Shivom” come and sit here

“Shivaay questioning Dadi” where are Anika and Gauri. Aren’t the going to apply haldi

Dadi” first you both will apply and then your haldi will be applied on your brides”

Devi g” so shall we start”

Shivaay smirking” why they apply haldi after us not before?

Pinky” because your haldi will glow Anika

“Jhanvi applying haldi on Om” And your Gauri more. That’s why your haldi is applied on then. Then see how they will glow

Dadi” jesa koi chand ka tokar ho”

Shivaay pov” today when i’m going to apply haldi on you Anika than you will glow more in my love☺

After an hour

Anika” coming out of washroom gets scared to find room dark. How come lights gets off? Washroom light is on but then why room? She about to call someone when strong pair of hands cup her mouth and hold her close” Anika nudge him as she’s familiar with the touch

Shivaay whispers in huskily voice” happy haldi jaan”

Anika struggling” Shivaay what you are doing here if anyone see you then what? And leave me all are waiting for me.

“Shivaay lifts her in arms walking towards pool” Aren’t you waiting for me and don’t open your eyes it’s too dark

Anika” Shivaay put me down and please on the lights”

Shivaay” sshhh…. today is your haldi and dadi said you will glow in haldi color but it’s not haldi but in my love and i’m going to applied my love on my love

Anika” pagal ho gay hai? Choriye mujhe”

Shivaay” Now open your eyes jaan”

Anika” slowly open her eyes gets shocked to see pool water all yellow colored and lights around it. She gazes Shivaay…. what you are upto to?

“Shivaay peck her forehead and throws Anika in pool”

Anika gets shocked “Shivaay what you did? She about to come out when Shivaay grap her from waist.

Shivaay” where are you going? He twist her arm pull close to him….. i told you that give me gili gili but you he pull Anika more close to him and put his cheek on hers…… but what you did? 80 gili gili to your doll now pay for that also.

“Anika breathing heavily” Shivaay!! You were counting? koi aa jaye ga please jaane de

“Shivaay pressing her bare back” yup i was counting and don’t worry no one will come

Anika” mujh dard ho raha hai”

Shivaay” kiss on her earlobe” is it still paining?

“Anika shivers with his touch and clutches his shirt tightly” why you are tourturing me?

Shivaay” if you love me than stay quite”

Anika” Shivaay!!”

“Shivaay dips Anika hands in haldi and applying on his face and neck.”

Anika” close her eyes tightly feeling warm breaths fanning on her face and hand. Her breath increase soon her hand touches Shivaay’s lips

“Shivaay smile to see Anika falling weak” he twirl Anika and her back hits his solid chest…. now it’s my turns to glow your body.

It’s called gila gala haldi wala torture.

You know me more than i know myself that i Anika’s Shivaay get that what is his and if you would have given your Sona ( Shivaay calling himself Sona) gili gili same you give to your Golu and Bolu then i won’t have to do this.

“Anika panting heavily” kon Sona ?

Shivaay pouts” Me Sona ,who else? He peck Anika shoulder”

“Anika close her eyes tightly”

Song plays

Poore chaand
Ae poore chand..

“Shivaay dip his hand in haldi slide her hairs to right gently run his hand on Anika bare nape”

“Anika body gets arches ” she moans

Poore chaand ki ye aadhi raat hai
Poore chaand ki ye aadhi raat hai

Shivaay smiles “what i told you? You will only left in moans my first touch and this much effect on you and look i still have 15 minutes more.

He lies Anika near pool her lower body is dip in pool and the upper body exposing her curves outside the pool.

“Shivaay comes on top of her caresses her face” why gods made you so beautiful??

Tere chehre pe aa ke ruk jaati hai
Tere chehre pe aa ke ruk jaati hai

Anika pov” koi aa jao aur mujhe bacha lay is cheapde say??

“Shivaay smiles on Anika innocence” he calls her huskily…..rub his face on hers , he peck Anika’s whole face. Anika keep on moaning, panting and pushing herself back.

Shivaay huskily whisper…. Anika now you will count gili gili

Anika” Shiv………

Jeeti hai utni….

Shivaay ” without wasting time from chin moved down keep on nuzzling her crook of neck and reaches her cle******** place wet kisses “

Jeeti hai utni, jitni guzar jaati hai

“Anika clings Shivaay collar tightly”

Shivaay” how many?”

“Anika trembling ” Thirty !!!!

“Shivaay entwining his finger with hers get close to Anika lips his hot breath rising volcano in Anika” you are still weak in calculation….. not 30 but 26 gili gili not tell how many are left?

Anika ” leave me otherwise i’ll kill you”

Shivaay smiles” jisay phely he apni adao say maar chukhi ho usay aur kya maaro ge… now don’t forget and count correct otherwise i’ll start doing gili gili from begining

Anika” Shivaay i’ll shou……( Shivaay killed her )

Shivaay ” rub his face on her bare belly , keep pushing his lips and nose on her belly and creamy belly turn yellow

“Anika entwinies his finger more tightly groan loudly” Shivaayyyyyy!!! Forty seven

Poore chand ki ye aadhi raat hai

“Shivaay in huskily tone ” beautiful name i just loved my name… come again…. he pinches Anika

Anika breath get stuck in her throat ” Shivaay!! Why you are doing this?

“Shivaay gently stroking Anika arms with his cheek and lips moving upward towards her shoulder inhaling her fragrance in him” i told you before dadi said haldi glows bride but what dadi knows that my Anika glows with my touch.

Anika nervously ” aap theek nahe kar rahy please choriye na mujhe.”

Poore chand ki ye aadhi..

After few minutes

“Shivaay slips his hand underneath her back rise her and pull close to himself both gets lost in eachother orbs that are deep filled with intensity.

After deep eyelock of ten minutes Anika breaks the eyelock.

“Shivaay rub his thumb on her cheek” look at you Jaan your cheeks have turn cherry let me eat them… he speaks with husky and teasing tone

Gaalon ke halke se mod pe

“Anika gets shy blushes more heavily”

Do pal ko palkein odh ke

“Shivaay hold her chin ” look at me Anika

Sharmaati hai, jhuk jaati hai
Tere chehre pe aa ke ruk jaati hai

Anika ” slowly lift her gaze filled with shyness meet Shivaay orbs

Jeeti hai utni….
Jeeti hai utni, jitni guzar jaati hai

Shivaay ” just last gili gili…. Shivaay eyeing her glossy pinky lips….. he pouts??

Pure chand ki ye aadhi raat hai
Poore chand ki ye aadhi..

Anika with shock” pagal ho gay hai….

Shivaay about to capture her lips when door opens and both get shocked listening Aarohi voice “

Aarohi ” Anu!!!

“Anika hugs Shivaay tightly jumps in pool” maar gayi Anu …….??

Screen freezes on pool.


Precape Humein sach jaana hai agar ap nay humein sach nahe bataya to hum ap ko apna kanya dhan nahe karney dey gay


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