I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 94- maha episode ( last part) vengeance

Maha se bhi Maha episode hope you guys gonna like it.

Sorry for delays but i wasn’t well and then Nati di took pity on me and on you so re-wrote the episode as i told you by mistake last part got deleted.

But don’t give whole credit to Nati di as Linu is posting it.

Ignore spelling , typo and grammatical mistakes



Aarohi” Anu my life i’m not lying Anjali is not my daughter and non is more important for me then my Anu”

Anika ” paka she’s not your Anju baby ?”

Aarohi” paka Anu my life”

Anika weeping” then why you love her itna sara ( Anika spread her arms) not me.

Anu don’t like when someone get close to you then why you were getting so close to her?

And you also give sixty eight kisses and then Anju baby did one hundred and , and eighty three kissy. Why ?

Aarohi” sorry Anu i’m sorry now get down from table and come to Maa.. look you are drunk and if you didn’t get down in two minutes then i’ll also drink”

Anika” no never i’ll not get down and i told you i’m Anika and Anika won’t come close to you ”

Aarohi” please Anu see i’m holding my ears and see i’m also drinking

Anika” ok stop don’t drink but on one condition i’ll get down”

Aarohi” what condition tell your Maa”

Anika ” you have to tell me why you left Anu ”

Aarohi pov” Anu is drunk if i tell her everything she won’t remember it by next day and my grief will not kill me more”

Anika hops down and place Aarohi hand on her head” mein jaante hoon ke ap mujh se kuch chupa rahe hai” ……per kya ? Woh mein nahe jaanti.

Ap ko Anu ki kasam hai mujhe bataye kya hai woh sach

( i know you are hidding something from me. But what i don’t know that. Today i give you swear of Anu tell me what’s the truth)

Aarohi takes Anika in lap” Anu i love you alot more then myself

Anika rest her head on Aarohi shoulder” phir kyun apni Anu ko chhod kar gayi thi ap?”

( then why you left your Anu ?)

Aarohi making Anika drink lemonade ” Anu you are most perious gift of mine and Baba’s life that gods gifted us.

But what our ancestors says ” perious the gift , more it’s Fragile and we have to keep it with love and away from evil eyes”

Humein tumhein bohat sambhal kar raka lakin shayad humari he nazar lag gayi thi.

( i’ve kept you in very protective embraces but might be my own evil eyes caught you)

Tumhari kundali may pitra dosh aa gaya tha. Pata nahe kesa aa gaya hum ne to kabhi kisi ka bura nahe socha tha.

( you got cursed. I don’t know how? I’ve never thought bad about any but still Pitra Dosh surrounded your birth card)

Anu for saving and protecting your life. To remove that curse from you i’ve to go far from you. But when evil gaze fall on then who can get save from it…. (Aarohi hugs Anika tightly and cries ) Anu i never reached varanasi.

The day i left you on the same day someone kidnapped me. And guess what , my own sister Vanhi planned all this.

Here i left you there storm rose in your life.

Aarohi ruffling Anika hairs ” Nor i could complete that puja ( prayer ) and finally that curse start working in my Anu’s life. She gently pecks Anika hairs all her suffering flashes in Aarohi mind and eyes.

Anu if after bearing Vanhi’s pains and tortures if i was alive was just for my Anu and Gayu.

With the hope that one day i’ll meet my family and my life my Anu.

Your voice and calls use to reach my ears but my feet were chained. But at last one day i broke all the lock doors and came back my Anu.

Anu please don’t think ” that for Aarohi someone is more important then you. There’s no place in my heart that someone can enter and rest there as my whole is life filled you all and specially my Anu.

Flashback ends

Shivaay” This means Anika came to know everything. That’s why Anika behaviour got changed after that.”

Dev” not only this but Anjali too got misplace and no Vanhi evil tricks and blackmailing. Everything stop just in 15 days.

Aarohi stammers” w..ha.t i’v.e d..o.ne? ”

All runs to Aarohi and take her in their embrace as a family hug

Aarohi sobbing” h..u..m ney k.. h.o d..iya ” ( i’ve losted her)

Dev” Aarohi !! No don’t think like this”

Shivaay” Maa kabhi chand se bhi us ka noor juda hua hai?”

( Mother has ever light associated from moon? “)

Gayu wipes Aarohi tears” Don’t cry Maa”

Aarohi ” where’s Anu ? I want to meet her…. ( she breaks the hug and runs towards shivika room)

@ Shivika room

Aarohi enters shivika room calling Anika ” Anu, Anu”

All step in behind her

Aarohi panics ” Dev, Anu is not in her room”

Dev” Aarohi don’t panic Anu might be in restroom”

Gauri” No! Dad Anika di is not here”

Bhavya” not in closet”

Shivaay runs towards balcony” Anika ”

Aarohi pov

What i’ve done? I’ve not even it a thought for once that Anu is all doing it intentional.

I got blind that i couldn’t look into her eyes that Anu’s eyes and lips both were saying something else.

I slapped all for not understanding their daughter , wife and sister and me who claimed that no-one knows her better than me in real…..

I myself can never understand her.

she cries and fall on her knees… A.. n..u

Shivaay” Maa don’t panic nothing will happen to you Anu”

She might be somwhere else. He commands Gayu ” come lets find Anika ”

Gayu” nods and runs after Shivaay”

Shivaay addressing to Dev” Anika is no where nor gatekeeper finds someone going out”

Gauri searches for clues ” there might be something that can help us in reaching Anika di”.

Dev” if Anika is not in nor out then where….( Aarohi cuts)

Gauri finds receipt ” What’s ”

Aarohi” What happened Princess?”…

All runs to Gauri ” What’s it?”

Gauri” Maa, it’s a receipt and look at the list of things purchased tools, handcuffs, crippers ,rods, wires , mirrors, helium gas , ropes, electric shock machine,… Gauri keep on naming the equipments

Bhavya shockingly” all these equipment are used to torture”

Aarohi grasp Dev collar “save my Anu , Dev i know from dream i was scared it came true….. Anu became Durga”

Isolated place

Person cries” take me to your go…..words dies in mouth as neck got tightly clutched in between solid hand

“Kafiroon ka khuda nahe hota ” voice rebukes grinding teeth.

( infidel don’t have god)

Person struggles for breath ” aaaa… aaaahhh

Voice” it’s paining you?”

Vanhi screams” Anikaaaaaaaa”

Face of deadly voice is revealed it’s Anika who’s eyes are red and filled with fire of vengeance

Ayi giri nandini nandhitha medhini
Viswa vinodhini nandanuthe
Girivara vindhya sirodhi nivasini
Vishnu Vilasini Jishnu nuthe
Bhagawathi hey sithi kanda kudumbini
Bhoori kudumbini bhoori kruthe
Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini
Ramya Kapardini Shaila Suthe

Anika laughs loudly ” hahahaha”

Vanhi wrenching in pain” have you gone mad? Why you are laughing Anika? Today what pain you are going to give me?

Anika keep on laughing soon laughters turns grimace….. she gazes herself in mirror and cries as much loud she can….. ” finally you won Anni you won” your dream come true your dream come true….. she glare Vanhi with blood eyes….

Princess of Jhodpur Aarohi nafart karti hai Anika se , ek bhikari se…. is nafart ki chingari tumne jalai aur us ko hawa khud mein de.

( Princess Of Jhodpur hates Anika a begger. You You sparked this hatred and Anu gave blow to it)

But she don’t know that she don’t hate me but Anika hate herself.


Anika” Yup!! I’ve sold farmhouse. So what a big deal?”

Aarohi” Deal?? That was your doll house”

Dev” Anu beta did you remember? When your doll was born what you said?”

Ke Maa see my doll is so pretty and now i’ve two dolls and dolls are kept in doll house so Anu needs doll house for my dolls. So that they can play there and Anu don’t need chotu sa doll house she needs big one. And me and Maa will decorate it….

Anika” mera khilona tha mera maan bhar gaya to mein bech diya “

( it was my toy i got fed up from it so i sold it)

Aarohi” bech diya? Ke tod diya?” ( sold it? Or broken it)

Answer me damn it why you are standing like fools , why you sold my , our dream?

Anika eyes are stick on Gayu ” ek he baat hai khiloney tod he jate hai…..ek toot hai to dosara maan bhelane ke liya khareed liya jata hai”

( it’s same thing toys gets broken. One gets broken other is bought in it’s replacement )

Devi ji ” Anika just answer me onething beta….. why you sold that farmhouse?”

Anika eyes are not leaving Gayu their childhood flashes infront of her eyes with heavy but compose voice she replies

” ek bohat baada nuksan ho gaya tha mujhse bus us ki bharpai ke liya bech diya”

( i did huge loss so for it’s makeup i sold it)

Shivaay” Anika kon sa nuksan? Kon sa esa nuksan ho gaya hai tum se aur farmhouse kyun woh bhi jo Maa nay tumhein…… ( Aarohi cuts)

( Anika which loss? And why that farmhouse only to makeup your loss which mother……)

Aarohi” Shivaay to whom you are are teaching the meaning of relations and feeling attacted to those relations

Devi ji” Aarohi what are you saying?”

Aarohi glare Anika” yeh ek bhikari hai aur is ko sirf aur sirf pasio ki bhook hoti hai……….

( she’a beggar and she only had hunger/ greed of money)

All faces gets black and white

“Anika glances Aarohi ” if your lectures are complete can i go to my room”

Aarohi throws cheque on Anika face” per is jesa bikhari ko sirf paiso se pyaar hota hai. Saalo se is nay paisa nahe dekha na jab mila to is ka pet to bhaar gaya per ankh nahe…..

Yeh lo blank cheque bhikari aur bhar lo apni bheek.

( For years, this is not worth the money, but when it is found, then her stomach got filled but not eyes.

Take this blank cheque you beggar and fill your price in it)

Gayu” Maa”

Aarohi ” You both stay out of this and just stay quite”

Jo paataloo jaanavar ek baar baaghi ho jaye woh ghar laut bhi aye to woh paatalu nahe faultu ho jata hai.

(If the pets who become rebellious for once then if she / he gets back to home, then she/ he no more petty but became useless)

we hate our enemies but now i don’t have any relation with you. And now when there’s no relation among us that what is hate.

At last hate is also a feeling and for me all feelings are died for you

“Rajkumari Aarohi ki nafart ke bhi layeek nahe nalayeek”.

( You even don’t deserve Princess Aarohi hatred you looser )

From now onwards you are just going to call me Princess. Have you listened me beggar Anika. I’m Princess for you just Princess

Acha huwa joh hum nay humein apne hosh ho awaz may Maa nahe kaha. Agar bol deti to woh bhi humare liya ek sharapt ho jata.

( it was good that you didn’t called me mother in your consciousness if you would have said that then it would have became cursed for me)

Hum Rajkumari Aarohi Dev Singh Rajput , Anika se apne dil ka apni rooh ka aur apne sparsh ka rishta todtey hai…..

( I Princess ADSR breaks every relation of heart , soul and touch with Anika)

Hum tum se apna har eshaas cheentey hai

( i snatch my feel from you)

Anika close her eyes tears keep on falling on Aarohi feet



( i’m salient for your happiness don’t believed my heart is not crumbled)

Flashback ends

Anika clutching her neck

They thought Anika is weak not weak but Anika is the weakest creature on the universe but both Rajput’s and Oberoi’s are mistaken and cooked their on perspective regarding……


Suravara varshini durdara darshini
Durmukhamarshani harsha rathe
Tribhuvana poshini Sankara thoshini
Kilbisisha moshini ghosha rathe

Mein to woh hoon jisi na tapti dhoop main apna khoon jalaay hai aur tufaani raaton may udhaye wale pathron ko apna takiya aur andhiyo ko khud per odha hai.

( i’m that person who burned her blood under sun. And pebbles that flies during stormy night became my pillow and storm as my blanket)

Danuja niroshini Dithisutha roshini
Durmatha soshini Sindhu suthe
Jaya Jaya Hey Mahishasura Mardini
Ramya Kapardini Shaila Suthe

“Vanhi struggles from breath ” Anika i’m sorry

Anika bangs on Vanhi ears ” don’t say sorry Vanhi ji…. people apologies for their mistakes not for sin and you committed sin for eyeing Rajput’s happiness…..

“But tell me did you like the game i played? ”


Ayi Jagadambha Madambha Kadambha
Vana priya vasini Hasarathe
Shikhari siromani thunga Himalaya
Srunga nijalaya madhyagathe
Madhu Madure Mdhukaitabha banjini
Kaitabha banjini rasa rathe
Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini
Ramya Kapardini Shaila Suthe

Picture of Rajput’s getting reeled infront of Anika

Anika give electric shocks to Vanhi. She screams

“My Baba Dev Singh Rajput ” this whole universe bends infront of him and you
” made him helpless ”

Don’t you know his daughter Anika is alive who can fall herself but numb those who made DSR fall.

He’s sky of Anika’s earth and sky never bends

Ayi Jagadambha Madambha Kadambha
Vana priya vasini Hasarathe
Shikhari siromani thunga Himalaya
Srunga nijalaya madhyagathe

Anika drips Vanhi face in water

My chutki ( Gauri) you taken her away from me you tried to ruin her life by selling her to….

I became Anika from Anu for my Golu and Bolu… they were too small why you played your evil game with us. Today i’ll sell you to death but even death will not buy you.

Srunga nijalaya madhyagathe
Madhu Madure Mdhukaitabha banjini
Kaitabha banjini rasa rathe
Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini
Ramya Kapardini Shaila Suthe

Anika throws Vanhi on ambers. “Body is buring Vanhi ji? “

Vanhi cries have mercy on me Anika.

Ayi satha kanda vikanditha runda
Vithunditha shunda Gajathipathe
Ripu Gaja ganda Vidhaarana chanda
Paraakrama shunda mrugathipathe

Anika pulls her hairs” what about Doll?” She push Vanhi face in container full of bullants

My Bolu ( Bhavya) use to write letters to gods ” gods i’m Bolu i don’t know how you write but still i’m writing letter to you…. dadi say gods fulfill each and every wish of kids… i’m also kid please gods give Aloo didu, Golu didu and Bolu Maa back she’s with you na. Please give her back you have your Maa na than why you taken our Maa.

Please gods Bolu only needs her Maa no icecream only Maa.

Nija bhuja danda nipaathitha khanda
Vipaathitha munda bhatathipathe
Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini
Ramya Kapardini Shaila Suthe

Anika cries reading letters ” each and every letter same broken words and drops of tears my Bolu was very bolu.

She didn’t knew that her maa was not with gods but she was with this witch who for her own revenge killed her own daughter too.

Vanhi frighteningly” Anika spare me please i apologise for all my deeds please”

Nija bhuja danda nipaathitha khanda
Vipaathitha munda bhatathipathe
Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini
Ramya Kapardini Shaila Suthe

Anika throws Vanhi on ice bars

Anu don’t forgive those who made Anu’s Maa cry and you are not alone in this race.

” Anu is on top so how can i forgive myself ?” when i’m only the reason behind everyone pains”

From years i thought Princess was reason behind Chutki and Doll tears but in real i Anika was roots of Rajput’s destruction

Is liya mere liya yeh bohat zaroori tha k asey isnaan ke hatho maut payi jaye jisi nay ap ko zindagi de ho.

( that’s why it was very necessary for me to die from that person hands who gave life to me)

Ab Anu to maar gayi ab us shaks ki baari hai jis nay Dadi ji ke swarg ko nark bana diya tha.

( now Anu is die and now comes the turn of tha person who made Heaven as Hell)

Ayi rana durmathaShathru vadhothitha
Durdhara nirjjara shakthi bruthe
Chathura vicharadureena maha shiva
Duthatkrutha pramadhipathe

Anika wipes her tears ” bohat dar ho raha hai na Anni ji?” ( it’s hurting you alot? )

Then reminiscences those years when you torture Princess some how in the same way

But you have forgotten that…..

Ek Rajput hoon mein, woh Rajputani jisi ki dhaar talwar se bhi taze hai aur tujhe mujhse panga lene se phele socha chahiye tha ek…..

( i’m Rajput that Rajputani who’s more sharpen then sword and you should seek before with whom you are messing )

” Chup chaap baitha hua sher dusara mauka kabhi nahe deta.”

( A salient tiger never gave second chance)

Duritha Dureeha dhurasaya durmathi
Dhanava dhutha kruithaanthamathe
Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini
Ramya Kapardini Shaila Suthe

Aur tum shayad bhool gayi thi ke jis din Anika ko ek Rajputain ko sab yaad aye ga woh tumhara aur un sab ka kya haal kare gayi jinho ney mere parivaar per waar kiya tha.

( And might be you have forgotten that Anika is Rajputain and the day she will came know everything what she will do with you and all those who target my family)

Vanhi cries” just kill me right away but don’t do this i’m bearing your torture for last 12 days… please i’m feeling coId

Anika grins evilly ” i was also twelve when you snatch her from me, from Baba and from Gayu……

And you are pleading me to kill you in one shot. If i would have killed you in one shot then why would i’ve not killed you when i grasp your neck.

Remember in these days what i did with you. You asked for water i gave you fire, you ask for warmth i took you Antarctica.

You cried with pain i made you laugh. I need let you sleep for last twelve days. But the one thing which i don’t gave you was dead.

“Twenty years” not twenty just count on your fingers that i’ve chopped with whom you touched

Princess….Anika cries , Aarohi words echoes in her ears ” call me Princess poor Anika”

Anika kicks her and make her fall on ground

“Vanhi trobbles on floor and falls on glass pieces she screams in pain…..aaaaaaa !!!

Anika screams back…. Aaaaaa!!! Please someone call the ambulances please Vanhi oppss sorry not witch is wrenching in pain today. The one who loves to give pain is hating it today.

Ayi saranagatha vairi vadhuvara
Veera varaa bhaya dhayakare
Tribhuvana masthaka soola virodhi
Sirodhi krithamala shoolakare
Dimidmi thaamara dundubinadha mahaa
Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini
Ramya Kapardini Shaila Suthe

See blood is oozing from her body…. Anika dangerously marches to Vanhi

Anika ” Kesa lag raha hai aaj apne khoon ko bheta dekh kar ?”

( how you are feeling seeing your blood oozing?)

Theatre incident flashes infront of Anika eyes she cries…….

Shivaay ko yeha , yeha goli lagi thi dil ke pass , unka dil to phele he kamzor tha aur tum nay waha he waar kiya.

( you shoot Shivaay here near his heart. His heart was already weak and you attacked him there)

Ayi nija huum kruthimathra niraakrutha
Dhoomra vilochana Dhoomra sathe
Samara vishoshitha sonitha bheeja
Samudhbhava sonitha bheejalathe

Shiva shiva shumbha nishumbhamaha hava
Tarpitha bhootha pisacha rathe
Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini
Ramya Kapardini Shaila Suthe

Aur R..aj…k..um..ar..i j..ji un ko to tum bees saal se khoon ke anso pelaa rahe thi lakin phir bhi tumhara maan nahe bhara tha ke tum nay phir se un ko maarne ki koshish ki

( And Princess from last 20 years you made her drink tears but still you didn’ get peace that you tried to kill her)

Anika jumps on Vanhi hands” yeh hath mujhe de do Vanhi ji

( give these hands to me Vanhi ji)

Dhanu ranushanga rana kshana sanga
Parisphuradanga natath katake
Kanaka pishanga brushathka nishanga
Rasadbhata shrunga hatavatuke

Anika standing on top of Vanhi smashing her hands under her feet… with these hands you touched and shoot Shivaay and…. Anika wipes her tears Aarohi words echoes she stammers…. and Rajkumari ji ( Princess)

Vanhi screams loudly ” Aaaaaa!!!” Anika mein tumhari Maasi h……( Anika cuts)

“Anika blood boils listening that she drags Vanhi”

Kritha chaturanga bala kshithirangakadath
Bahuranga ratadhpatuke
Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini
Ramya Kapardini Shaila Suthe

Vanhi” Anika kaha ley kar jaa rahe ho mujhe?”

( where you are taking me?)

Anika ” sshhh don’t be scared Vanhi ji i told you Anika is not bad i’m taking you hospital to apply oinment on your wounds”

Sura Lalanata Tatheyi Tatheyi Tathabhi Nayottama Nritya Rate
Hasa Vilasa Hulasa Mayi Prana Tartaja Nemita Prema Bhare

Vanhi frighteningly” Nahe nahe mujhe kehi nahe jaana mein yaha he theek hoon”

( no i don’t want to go anywhere i’m just fine here)

Anika kneel down and caresses her face” what happened Vanhi Anni don’t be frighten of me i’m Anika” ( innocently )

See blood is oozing from your body and you know na when body gets buries it’s necessary to apply oinment on them. Now be a very good girl and stop crying i’ve brought very expensive and imported oinment for you it won’t hurt trust me. And you are feeling cold to let me warm your body

Dhimi Kita Dhikkata Dhikkata Dhimi Dhvani Ghora Mrdanga Ninada Late
Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini
Ramya Kapardini Shaila Suthe

Vanhi crying” No !!

“Anika drags her from arms and bring her to another room”

Jaya Jaya hey japya jayejaya shabda
Parastuti tatpara vishvanute
Bhana Bhanabhinjimi bhingrutha noopura
Sinjitha mohitha bhootha pathe

Vanhi” what’s Anika?”

Anika glances the room” Dr Anika’s clinic”

Nadintha nataartha nadi nada nayaka
Naditha natya sugaanarathe
Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini
Ramya Kapardini Shaila Suthe

@ RM

Shivaay” i’ve searched it on google it’s an 1311 it’s angel number which means……. listen to your intuition and take action accordingly. Use your manifesting abilities to draw towards you the circumstances and situations that you desire in your life.

Bhavya” it can be some code. I’ve learned it in my training period. We are taught different signs, symbols and many more things to communicate with are team instead of using language”.

Dev” then hurry up doll and use your cop mind and solve this figure. What does it means and what Anu wants to say”

Bhavya” Yes Dad”

Devi ji” Aarohi !! Now stop crying”

Aarohi” Maa ji !! Anu hands will get red with Vanhi’s blood”

Dev” Aarohi !! I’ve going to office might be i get some clue about Anu”

Omru ” uncle we are also coming with you”

Dev” nods and trio runs out”

Bhavya and Shivaay ” keep on searching for the hidden meaning of number”

Bhavya “Shivaay bhaiya i’ve find what Anika di wants to cash”

Aarohi ” What?”

“All question Bhavya what this number means?”

“Bhavya gazes Aarohi with tears”

That what can’t be purchased and that what beggar Anika always beg for.

Devi ji” Bhavya”

Bhavya” Yes Dadi ji your noor wants that can’t be cash while depositing this cheque because non bank of the world is rich enough to cash it.

Duniya ka koi bank Anika ko us ki Maa nahe de sakta.

M is the thirteenth letter

A is the first letter

So Anika a poor beggar wants Maa = 1311 ”

Aarohi losses her consciousness and falls on floor

All shouts” Maa /Aarohi

Rest is on the way

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