I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 84 – Aniri First Rasoi

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Next day

Anu hum tum say nafart karte hai aaj k baad hum kabhi bhi apna chhera na dekhna. Tum humare liya maar gayi. Anu you are dead for Aarohi na sirf humare liya…..

( Anu i hate you, from now onwards never show me your face. You are dead for Aarohi not only for me..)

Man” boss wake we have to switch from here…. wake up”

“Vanhi wake up with jerk” you dog why you woke me ? She slap him…. you know what a beautiful dream it was and you….

“Man cup his cheek” boss i’m sorry but we have to run from here it’s 7 now.

“Vanhi scold him” get lost from here , i’m coming

Man” runs from there”

Vanhi” wow!! What a beautiful dream it was….. that’s what i want and days are not far when heart will curse it’s beat…. i’m saying correct na my Anu….. hahahaha ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


“Devi ji questioning to servants” have you see Aarohi ?

Servants ” nods negatively”

Dev worries” where she can go?”

Om” don’t worry uncle. Maa might have went to RM”

Dev” No, how’s that possible even we are too going back there.And what was so hurry that she without informing anyone walk out?

Aarohi knew it na that she’s Anu weakness and Vanhi is peeking to break Anu by her weakness. ”

Gauri ” Dad stop panicking let me call maa”

Bhavya” Gauri di !! Maa fone is with me”

“Dadi addressing to Dev ” puttar stop stress yourself and instead of worrying here we should go to RM and check there.

Dev” you all go and then inform me”

Devi ji” aren’t you coming with us?”

Dev” No, Maa i’ve some work i’ll join you soon but don’t forget to inform me about Aarohi….”

Omru” sure uncle we will”

“Dev advising all to be careful, he bid bye to all and step out”

Pinky” mummy ji !! We too should leave for RM. Today’s Anika and Gauri first Rasoi always”

Bhavya teasing Gauri” FN to FR”

Gauri ” Doll!! ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’”

“Bhavya pulls Gauri along with her” Gauri di what about Anika di? ๐Ÿค”

Gauri ” yeh to waha ja kar he pata chaley ga ( this we’ll know when we reach there)

“Both Gayu did hi-fi “๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Rudra” O!! What you think what would be happened to Shivaay bhaiya?”

Om” what you mean ?”

Rudra” pyaar k pitai ”

Om ” paka pita ho ga Anika bhabhi say”

Rudra” O !! I’m also thinking the same infact not thinking but imaging Shivaay bhaiya black and blue”

Om grins” come lets go and give hot massage to billu”

Rudra” billu nahe billu ji”

Scene shifts to RM
@Shivika room

Anika is completely lying on Shivaay as he’s her mattress, her face is facing ceiling and head is resting on his shoulder and she’s fully enjoying her
peaceful sleep on her lovely mattress that’s more comfortable for her back.

But Shivaay is still whole awake crisscrossing his arms around her lady, with one hand he’s caressing Anika b*som and with other he’s caressing her bottom and keep on nibbling Anika crook of neck reminiscing his beautiful moment with Anika.

“Anika in sleeping tone” moans and difts on Shivaay her soft milky b*som touches Shivaay chest”

“Shivaay groans with pleasure and wraps Anika tightly in arms” Anika stop drifting on me otherwise i wouldn’t be able to control myself more.

“Anika keeping on adjusting herself on Shivaay”

“Shivaay hormones brust out and Shivaay bites Anika ear”

“Anika short sit on Shivaay stomach screams loudly Aahhhhhh !!! Kaat liya chuhey nay kaat liya.

” Shivaay laughs loudly” hahah chuhey na nahe bagad bille na kaata

“Anika complaining him” why you bite me huh? I was sleeping and you bagad billa woke me

“Shivaay clasps his hands behind head and keep on gazing Anika naughtly”

“Anika keep on scolding and beating him” ahaha bagad billa speak up. why you disturbed me? You didn’t let me sleep whole night and now…..

Aur main ap se baat kar rahe hoon aur ap kya neechaye dekh rahey hai?( i’m talking to you and what you are looking down?)

Anika lower her gaze ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ she quickly crisscross her arms around her b*som…… Shivaay ap kitnaye besharam hai cheeee ( how shameless you are)

“Shivaay pull Anika and roll her underneath him” ab kya chupana jab mein sab dekh liya aur for your kind of information mein tumhare dekh nahe raha tha main tumhare ” taar” raha tha๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

( now what’s the need to hide when i’ve seen everything and fki i was not gazing but checking you)

Secondly i’m not at fault you were turning me on and it was getting uncontrollable for me so i thought to go for round two…. he winks Anika๐Ÿ˜

Anika” Besharam Singh Oberoi”

“Shivaay brushing Anika cheek” how you feeling? Did you like it?

“Anika reminisces her first night blushes heavily she shies and hide herself in him” Shivaay !!

“Shivaay feels proud on his love and hugs her tightly” is it paining?

Anika” hmm!! Little bit but it’s ok…” Anika softly peck his chest

“Shivaay breaks the hug” thankyou Anika for making me perfect.

“Anika cup his face” same too you… Shivaay my billu ji

Shivaay” Anika thankyou so much for coming in my life and giving me yourself and making me sweet from Salt…… he tightly peck Anika lips

“Anika turns red” what was that?

Shivaay” morning kissy๐Ÿ˜š ”

Anika” Cheapde Singh Oberoi… leave me”

Shivaay” now you can’t free yourself from me nor i can…. now come lets do the morning chores together”

“Anika playfully hits him” No!! Thankyou i can…..before Anika could complete her words Shivaay lifts Anika in arms and marches to restroom

Anika protesting” Shivaay put me down you are so cheapdra ”

“Shivaay gently place Anika in bathtub that’s filled with flowers and candles around it” i love you Anika now stop complaining, let me smooth your pain.

After few hours
@ kitchen

“Anika addressing to Gauri” Chutki !! First you cook then i’ll.

Gauri” What happened Anika di? Any problem?”

“Anika in mind” problem or problem sea… idiot chutki don’t you know i’m wrost at cooking i only know how to make aloo puri but here i’ve to make gajar ka halwa….. Anika pouts sadly

Gauri shaking Anika” Anika di come back from your gala land and focus on your rasoi… thought i know we are in RM but know it’s our in-laws house too so be quick we only have one hour .

Anika shockingly” haan only one hour?”

Gauri ” nods and start preparing herself for first rasoi and start collecting items required for kheer”

Anika pov” what to do now? Shivaay is also not here if he would be here he secretly can helped meโ˜น . I can’t take help from maids nor i can use net…

Gauri” Anika di do you need any help?

“Anika fakely smiles” No!! Not at all you continue and all the best

Gauri” same too you di”

Both get back to work Gauri with huge smile preparing her FR where Anika is working with tension wrinkles on her forhead

After twenty minutes

“Trio pair of eyes are contionusly peeking them”

Gauri” kheer start realising aroma in whole kitchen where Anika is still struggling heard”

“Anika inhale the aroma and praise Gauri” wow !! Chutki what a good smell is coming out from your kheer…. From where you learned all this?

“Gauri deep buzy in her rasoi didn’t realised what she said” thankyou and yeah, dadi taught me indian and dad western cuisine not only me but doll is too expert in…….( gets numb and curse herself on realising what she said )…. She glance Anika who’s in tears trying hard to do her best too

“Gauri leaves her kheer and hugs Anika tightly” i’m sorry di i’m so sorry i didn’t want to hurt you please….

“Anika wipes her tears and smiles” you don’t need to be sorry chutki… Anika peck her head go and concentrate on your kheer.

Gauri” Anika di !! What’s this you didn’t add Khova in milk?”

Anika weeping ” mere pass to koi nahe tha na is liya mujhe nahe pata yeha sab “….. Mujhe sirf aloo puri ati hai aur kuch nahe. Pata to hai tujhe chutki sab mere khanaye ka kitna mazakh…..”Anika was interrupt by three sweet voice

( i don’t have anyone with me na that’s why i don’t no about it. I only know how to cook aloo puri you knew it how all make fun of cooking…….)

“Aarohi, Jhanvi and Pinky” who said you don’t have anyone with you?

Anika” turns and gazes them”

“Jhanvi stand to left of Anika, Pinky to right and Aarohi stand infront of Anika”

“Aarohi cup Anika face” Maa hai na aur koi humari Anu ke khanaye ka mazakh nahe udaye ga. Hum apni Anu ko sab sikhaye gay…. kyun bhabhi ji
( mother is there with you and no one will make fun of your cooking. I’ve teach you everything. )

“Jhanvi and Pinky nods yes” kyun ke( because)……

Jhanvi swirl Anika and start singing……..

Zindagi mil ke bitayenge

“Pinky dance with Gauri”

Haale dil gaa ke sunaayenge

“Aarohi wipes Anika tears”

Hum tho saat rang hai

All join hands together

Yeh jahan rangeen banayenge

“Pinky peck Anika head” you are khidkitod Anika did you get me? And nothing is impossible for you.

“Anika smiles and hugs her” ji mummy ji

“Aarohi gets upset with their bound”

Jhanvi” lets make gajar ka halwa together ”

“Vanhi watch them on cctv” to what ever you want but nor Anu won’t be in your life as i’m going to taken her away from you all……๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

Trio mothers helps Anika and Gauri in preparing their first rasoi they keep on cooking and keep on singing…….


Rest of Oberoi’s and Rajput joins them soon all gather on dinning table to taste Anika and Gauri dishes

“Aarohi sign Anika and Gauri to serve them”

Both serve kheer and gajar ka halwa to all.

“Shivaay holds Anika hand”

“Anika whispers” Shivaay all are here leave my hand

Shivaay” i don’t care”

Rudra” but bhaiya we care”

All giggles and teases shivika

All praises Anika and Gauri FR

Dadi” it was the best sweet dishes i’ve ever tasted she call Anika and Gauri close to her and give them their first rasoi gift.

All turn by turn give gifts to Aniri…..

Shallu” Anika di and Gauri di it’s from my side”

Anika smile” Shallu thankyou but i can’t take it from you , you are younger then me”

Gauri” Anika di right Shallu bhai”

Shallu” Gauri di !! Atleast you don’t call me bhai…. and it’s not from my side it’s from mama… she said she couldn’t be part of your wedding so she send this”

Bhavya” what’s it?”

Shallu smiles” honeymoon tickets to Paris ”

Scene shifts to lobby

Shivaay” No, Rudra we all can’t go leaving Rajput’s alone. You know na they are on threat and Maa no way, you both go and enjoy then you get back and i’ll take Anika in this way we’ll be near to them and Anika mind will also get fresh”

Rudra” i’m sorry bhai i didn’t thought about them.”

Om” Rudra you don’t need to be sorry. And Shivaay first you go then we’ll”

Shivaay” No, i can’t i’ve to bring Anika close to Maa at any cost. Anika is very tadibaaz she’s not ready to forgive maa and i’ve to make her understand and question her….why she’s not ready to became Anu”

Om” Shivaay!! Then first you go and question bhabhi because were i’ve seen bhabhi have some reason that she’s not ready to forgive maa …. So it’s better you take her out and then question bhabhi what’s troubling her this much”

Rudra” Shivaay bhaiya !! O is right and you will get more time woh bhi alone to romance and……( Shivaay cuts)

Shivaay” shut up Rudra”

Om” exactly Rudra you shut up and Shivaay you pack up”

“Shivaay left in deep thoughts”

“Rudra shaking him” bhaiya romance ke new ideas plane may or Paris may sochna “

“Om put hand on Shivaay shoulder” Shivaay !! I know what you are think…. trust us nothing will happen to maa and you and Anika bhabhi have suffered alot go and enjoy and smooth bhabhi all pains. Who knows after getting back from honeymoon , Anika bhabhi became Anu too as she became our khidkitod bhabhi

Rudra” and all is because of your love bhaiya….. wase bhaiya kal raat kya huwa tha?

Shivaay ” shut up Rudra…. he playfully beats Rudra

Om ” too join them ”

“Rudra cries and call his bhabhi’s”….

Trio start enjoying their Obro moment

Song plays

lafzo ka ye rishta nahi……..

Scene shifts to Shivika room

“Shivaay throws Anika on bed and hover on her”

Anika” Shivaay !!”

“Shivaay nuzzling her neck” now don’t say ” Shivaay yeh ap kya kar rahe hai?” ( what are you doing Shivaay?) You know what i’m doing or it’s perfect to say what we have already done i what to do it again and again…..

“Anika breathing heavily” Shivaay stop it , just because of you Gayu and Chanda are still teasing me.

“Shivaay whispers” give me gili gili first woh bhi twenty and all here….. Shivaay brushes his lips

“Anika pushes him” ap phir say count kar rahe thy? ( you were again counting?)

Shivaay” yup!! I was and i was calling you but you were contionusly ignoring me royally, busy with doll” Shivaay make faces…

“Anika cup his face” Shivaay!! She’s kid for me we all met after years and it was her habit when she use to get super happy or sad she behave like this and know when i’m near her she don’t leave a chance to became doll.

Anika brushes her nose with his so stop getting jealous of doll and i’m not ignoring you? She pecks his nose.

“Shivaay pouts” i’m not jealous of her ok….

Anika smiles” Ok!! Then get up from me i’ve to do packing tomorrow we are leaving for Paris na

“Shivaay adjust himself brushes her cheek” Anika we are not going

“Anika gazes him” why we are not going ?……..

Anika pov

If Shivaay will not go how i’m gonna convince him to take me Oberoi Mansion…

Shivaay ” Anika i know why you want to go just to keep yourself away from Maa”

Anika” Shivaay enough is enough i’ve started new life with you i’m so happy , then why you spoil my mood my bring her in between us.

First you without asking me for once took such a big decision of staying here in RM and now i thought i’ll flees from here for you again said we are not going.

Shivaay” don’t you want to be near Maa”

“Anika in cold tone” No

Shivaay” look into my eyes and then say you don’t like Maa presents around you”

Anika” i won’t do this filmy act and we are going that’s final ”

Shivaay smiles” i got my answer Anika……. he peck Anika cheek and marches out…..

Anika calls him” answer you got?”

Shivaay stops near door” that you can’t live without Maa”

“Anika shouts at back” i can live wit……..( word dies in Anika mouth)

Few days later

Scene shifts to servant quarters

Anika” gopi i need your fone”

Gopi” Anika ma’am , Aarohi ma’am already have doubt on me ”

Anika” nothing will happen and i’m paying you for that five hours and five lacs

Gopi” Ma’am it’s not about money please try to understand Aarohi ma’am will fire me if i again give you my fone”

“Anika rise her voice” just give me your fone gopi right now

“Gopi gets frighten and passes her fone to Anika”

Anika” i’m taking it for few hours and don’t tell anyone got it”

Gopi” nods ”

Anika” good and don’t worry today you will get your price.

Gopi” Ma’am i don’t need it”

Anika” but i’m give you and now no more if and buts and one thing more don’t enter RM till i don’t call you”

Gopi” nods positively”

Scene shifts to Temple

“Aarohi questioning Vanhi” why you called me here?

Vanhi” to complete what was left incomplete in yesterday’s”

Aarohi” Vanhi open your mouth and say what you want i’ve no time for your nonsense and hurry all will be looking for me….( Vanhi cuts)

Vanhi smile” specially Anu and if she didn’t find you near her then she will think you again you betray her.

Aarohi” Why you are behind Anu? Didn’t you get peace till now?

“Vanhi cup Aarohi face” how can i get peace when Anika is Rajput peace and i took oath that peace of Rajput will be in piece.

“Aarohi jerk her” have same shame Vanhi you too have a relation with Anu. How can you be so cruel ?

Vanhi” you and your husband are responsible behind my cruelty and this cruelty will cut your roots. And how you can forget when i didn’t show mercy on Anika when she was kid what i’ll do it on her now.

Aarohi” what you will take ? To let live my daughter in peace”

Vanhi” act upon my sayings”

Aarohi” what if i don’t?”

Vanhi smirks ” then Anika will became ASR and i’m sure my jiji don’t want her lovely Anu to again became ASR whose eyes are filled with heat and blows fire from mouth”

“Aarohi smiles and marches from there but stop in mid” this will only be your illusion Vanhi. This time whether my Anu became ASR again na her eyes will only twinkle and mouth will only shower flowers.

Vanhi ringing temple bell” PITRA DOSH”

“Aarohi eyes gets widen she turns and gazes Vanhi with shock”

“Vanhi turns and gazes Aarohi with victorious smile” what happened jiji ground slipped under feet? Let me give you 440 volt shock as bonus too.

Jiji today your Anu again came to me to know where were you from last twenty years and i…..( Aarohi cuts)

“Aarohi in tense” how you met her , did you again harm her and what you told Anu?”
Vanhi smirks ” Anu your Maa……………..

Scene freezes on Aarohi

Precape No precape. . …

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