I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 83- let me make you love

This whole episode is dedicated to Sharmin as she for the long time requesting me to unite shivika but i couldn’t fulfill her wish…. Sorry to her and to all who were waiting for long, for shivika first night here it goes….

Read and enjoy both positive and negative comments are welcome

Ignore spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes


Anika came back to her senses and gets shocked find herself lock in his love arms.She quickly moves out of Shivaay grip and gazes him with her big eyes.

“Anika narrow her eyes” o beta ki ! ab meri dimagh ki bati jali…. yeh sab ek drama tha. She wipes her tears and complains her playing with her emotions.

( now i got it, it was all drama)

Shivaay pouts” jaanu stop crying he gently peck her tears” i’m fine nothing happened to mr

“Anika playfully beating him” ap nay mera pappu banaya? Main ap ko chhod ge nahe bagad billaye……..( you fooled me today i won’t leave you)

“Shivaay pulls her close in response Anika gets hits with his build up chest” aaj chhodna bhi nahe …. Shivaay whispers huskily and suck water droplets from Anika shoulder which turns Anika red.

“Shivaay with remote turns on the light and makes Anika to glance it

“Anika eyes gets popped to see the room beautifully decorated with light, candles and flowers. Bed is completely cover with flower …. she give a quick glance to Shivaay and gulps…

“Shivaay smiles and hold Anika close” tonight is the night jaan…. he winks… remember what i told you early in morning

Shivaay cup Anika face” you are well aware of how husband and wife relation flows i told you before as well….. Anika don’t take me wrong that i’ve lust on you but i want to shower my love on you and make you mine forever…. are you getting me.

“Shivaay nuzzle her face” Anika getting physical with you is not my desire but i want to take our beautiful relation to next level.. Anika are you ready jaan..

“Anika shies and runs from there” she tries to open the closet but in vein.

Scene shifts to Farmhouse

Aarohi ” Vanhi why you came here?”

“Vanhi smiles” i was calling you but you ignored my call so i thought to came myself..

Aarohi ” because i was buz…..(Vanhi cuts)”

Vanhi” buzy in party and all i know darling but you can’t ignore me as you know i can turn party into disaster and disaster into blast. And today’s you lovely An….( Aarohi cuts)

“Aarohi rise her voice” don’t take my Anu name from your mouth otherwise i’ll tell Dev about you.

“Vanhi acts like getting scare ” jiji please don’t call jiju he will kill me…. hahahaaaa

“Aarohi give disgusting look ” Vanhi why you came here just open your mouth and leave?

Vanhi” that i’ll tell you tomorrow when your Anu and Princess will fly abroad for their honeymoon….. she winks Aarohi”

Aarohi” who said they are going ?”

Vanhi ” jiji don’t act foolish you know after marriage newly weds couple goes for honeymoon you too went with Swaziland and enjoyed alot. Now it’s your daughters turns. And one more thing didn’t your lovely Dev told you about it he planned it with his dora cake……..

Aarohi pov” if it’s so than Dev took good decision of sending them out of country and not only Anu and Princess but i’ll send Doll too along with them far from her evilness and then i’ll get time to tackle with this evil and i’ll tell Dev about her too. “

“Vanhi snaps her fingers” jiji it’s good dream but i’ll turn them into nightmare…. Vanhi about open her mouth when Dev voice shock her.

“Dev calling Aarohi” Aarohi!! What you are doing outside?

“Aarohi sweats hearing Dev ” she turns her face to Dev

“Vanhi hides behind tree”

“Dev approaching her” Aarohi!! What happened? And with whom you were talking?

“Aarohi smiles and shook her head” Noone !!

“Dev wiping her sweat” then why this sweat?

Aarohi” woh actually i was roaming around farmhouse so i got sweat…. after twenty years i’m seeing it so walking her and there sweat cover my face”

“Dev hug her tightly” our kids playland..

“Aarohi eyes gets watery ” not playland but doll house…. remember Anu called it doll house of her golu and bolu…..

“Dev gazing Farmhouse” hmmm and you were doll in that house

“Aarohi resting her head on Dev chest marching towards farmhouse” And you where gatekeeper of that house….. she turns back and gazes Vanhi who’s wickedly gazing them.

Vanhi” Princess Aarohi of Jhodpur your Anu slapped me you just wait and your Anu will watch how her Anni will break her into piece and this time jiji you will crush your Anu. You mend Anu and you will mutilate Anu

Scene shifts to farmhouse

(Note: Shivaay keep on talking with Anika in huskily tone so i’m not adding huskily with each)

“Shivaay pins Anika in between him and closet twisting her wrist at back” stop struggling with closet it’s lock. Not leaving his gaze from her face go and wear nightie before you catches cold it….. Shivaay said huskily in Anika ear.

Anika” i won’t wear it… Shivaay i’m not 2rs cheapderi girl. And if i’ll catch cold then you too will get cold…..

“Shivaay caressing Anika face” go and wear it and don’t worry for me i will get the warmth from you

Anika innocently ” kyun main koi heater hoon? ( why am i any heater?)

Shivaay” sshhh!! Don’t question just go to restroom and wear…

“Anika breathing heavily” Shivaay !! Main aise chote chote ka…..

“Shivaay rubs his beard on her cheek” then let me make you wear !!

“Anika shiver with his warmth ” Kya kar rahe hai!! ….( Shivaay completes rest of Anika dialogue)

Shivaay “Aaj koi nahe aye ga Anika!! ” Aakhiri baar poochh raha hoon pahanti ho k nahe?
( today no one will come… last time asking you are you wearing it or not?)

“Anika close open her eyes shook her head negatively”

“Shivaay run his hand through her hairs and bring her close in response to it Anika neck gets arched he keep on eyeing her” bohat ziddee ho tum!! ( you are every stubborn)

Saying this he loose his grip from Anika hairs and wrist.

“Anika takes the breath of relief and runs from there but he hold her on time and get to her feet

“Shivaay kisses Anika feet” joh kadam sirf meri ore badhne k liye uthaye. Yeh kiss mujhse door janey k liya.. ( those feet that are made only to step close to me this kiss for running away from me)

His passionate peck them leaving butterflies on her feet……Shivaay look at her lovely.

Anika steps back without breaking eyelock with his man whose eyes are filled with love just pure love and passion……..

Shivaay rising up slip his hand on her arms and sensational intertwine his finger with her” kisses each single finger!! Jo hath sirf mere hathon main rehnaye ki liya banaye. Yeh kiss us hath ko mujh say chhodraney k liya.

( those hands that are made only to be kept in my hands , this kiss for freeing them)

“Anika in milky tone” Shivaay ap…….

“Anika do you know what i’m gonna do with you?” Shivaay question Anika with smirk on his face.

“Anika with passion and love gaze him nodding her head negatively”

“Shivaay in one shot place his foot on bed edge and lies Anika head on his knee” blows Anika face gazing his love with intensity….





“Anika close her eyes feeling Shivaay hot breath on her face which send current to her spine”

“Shivaay whispers in Anika ear” Aaj main apne pyaar ko bohat pyaar karu ga itna pyaar k raat say subha ho jaye ge aur subha ki pehili Kiran mere pyaar ko ek naya roop dey ge…..

( today i’m going to love my love alot, that much love that night will turn to morning and then the first rays of morning will give new glow to my love)

Kya main apne pyaar ko pyaar kar lo?

(Anika can i shower my love on my love?)

Shivaay asking Anika innocently…. Anika eyes said everything which her shivery and shyly lips were suppressing…… Shivaay smiles and peck her forehead in giving thanks to her for accepting his love.

“Shivaay lips travels to her face” these laked eyes that are made only to gaze me this kiss for closing them .Anika close her eyes in response she like silk slipping down with each peck

These ears that are made only to listen my voice this kiss for ignoring my voice….. Anika breath more heavily….

“Shivaay caresses Anika cheek ” these cheeks which turns red with my single touch this kiss for turning them red with slap….. he passionately kiss each each turn Anika cheeks deep red she close her eyes more tightly “

“Shivaay brushes his nose with hers” this nose that never bends , this kiss for taking it more higher than my height….Anika keep on slipping down feeling the burning sensation between two bodies that are preparing to get united as a soul……

Shivaay run his hand on her swan neck these breath in you are just to take my name this kiss for stopping them…. Shivaay orders Anika to breath…. Anika breath, just keep breathing…

“Anika start breathing heavily slipping move down which give more arch to her body

Shivaay travel his hand to her upper body sensationally feeling her wet curves” he gently place his lips on her heart…….

“Anika in milky tone moan ” Shivaay

Jaan !! This heart is only made to love me and this kiss for developing hate in it for me….. he once again with passion , love and sensation travel his lips to her face….. Anika look at me… Shivaay huskily orders Anika….

“Anika slowly open her eyes and glance him with love and passion”

Shivaay gently slips his hand under her back and make her ache straight…..he without bring eyelock with brings Anika close to him…… rub his thumb on her glossy lips….

These lips which are made only to call me with love billu ji this kiss for saying i hate you…. Shivaay gently capture her lips she tightly clutches his elbow having no clue how to react but with a pinch on her milky waist….. Anika gets with the flow and mimics his action with same passion keep on moaning his name which keep on becaming his dinner in his mouth……After a passionate kiss of minute Shivaay slowly parted from those full lips

Shivaay again lies Anika on his knee and passionately travels his hand on her milky waist see i told you to change but you deny me Shivaay keep on nuzzling her bare milky belly…..now look your body is shivering….. Anika moans his name…..Shivaay lift his head and smirks…..

“Yes Jaan you called me?”

“Anika could not take his billu ji hot torture more she clutches Shivaay shirt tightly and pull herself up” she gazes Shivaay

Song plays

Iss tarah se khudse aa mujhko jod tu
Thoda bhi mujhme na mujhko chhod tu

“I still hate you Bagda Bille…. saying this Anika run her lips on his crook of neck and rub her hand on his exposed chest“….

Na yaad teri tujhko
Na yaad mujhe hoon main

“Shivaay enjoys Anika touch of pleasure, he tightly press Anika back and bring her close” then today “let me make you loving me”... he bits Anika’s earlobe and whispers

Anika throws her head back” i will hate you more Shivaay… saying this she opens Shivaay shirt in a shot…..

Aa mujhko pehan le tu
Aa tujhko odh loon main

Shivaay in slow motion palce Anika on bed of flowers like princess and comes close to him and rub his exposed chest on her wet b* som making her breath heavier.

Katra katra main girun
Jism pe tere theharun

Shivaay fanning his hot breath on her shivery lips” Anika look at me……he caress her face

Katra katra main girun
Tujh mein hi kahin reh lun

“Anika slowly open her eyes and get lost in his oceanic orbs that are filled with love that is only for her”

Shivaay one hand caresses her face while other hand showering flowers on her ” Anika i want to explore you?

Dariya tu khaali kar de
Mujhme saara tu bhar de

“Anika turns sideway feeling shy”

Shivaay smiles and understood that his lady is ready to be mark his….. he made her face him ….

He sensational brushes his lips with hers. Soon softness turns into wild one…. which brought blood out from Anika lower lips she hissed in pain but soon her pain licked up and relaxed her.

Tujhko aa main pee jaaun, pyaas bujha do..

Both kissing, sucking eachother lips. Shivaay place both his hand under Anika back and pull her more close to him while Anika grasp him from neck pulling him close to her. Anika keep on moaning in him.. Shivaay smiles naughtly in between kiss and keep on exploring her mouth.

Shivaay grasp Anika hands and tightly fix them above Anika head and start pushing his chest on her b* som in slow motion. Making Anika push herself back

“Anika slowly drifting with his touch ” Aaaa, ummm……..

Shivaay breaks the kiss and pull her more close ” No more moans to hear what i said before? There should be only my name on these petals….. he again capture her lips , smooching her lips …… Anika tightly holds him….. clothes start feeling uncomfortable on their bodies soon they bid bye to them……

“Anika turns deep red she hugs Shivaay tightly” Shivaay main saas nahe leti per meri ek , ek saas sirf ap ka he naam leti hai….( i’m not breathing but my each breath takes your name

Laana kuch baadal laana
Unko mujh par barsaana
Boondein teri ho jinme, unse bhigaa do…

“Shivaay touch her sensuously” then breath heavier and keep moaning my name…. he travels down and bits her crook of neck leaving his marks….

“Anika moan his name with pain and pleasure” Shivaayyyy….. she arches more giving more access to Shivaay…. she keep on scratching his back with love

Khud se khaali ho jaaun
Aaja tujhse bhar jaaun
Tinka tinka jal jaaun
Aise jalaa do.. ho..

Shivaay starts exlopring tomb of beauty lying infront of him…..Shivaay traces his legs to her length and keep showering his love to her soul….leaving Anika in moaning mess….

Tarun main tan pe tere
Thehrun angon pe tere

He lifts his gazes for permission to feast on her assest….. Anika peck his forehead and nods positively

Shivaay hugs her tightly and rest his lips on her b*som for while and then start enjoying his feast giving pleasure to her soul

Gehari jo khawahish teri
Unme duba do..

“Anika keep on moaning his name with pain and pleasure” shiv…….

Na yaad teri tujhko

Na yaad mujhe hoon main

After enjoying his feast he move down and keep on planting kisses on her milky belly , he keep on going southward and shower numerous number of wet kisses on there….. giving Anika core pleasure she keep on moaning his name which rings like temple bell in Shivaay ears….. he keep on groaning Anika name…. Anika pull him up…..Shivaay slowly comes upward , feeling him on hers rises volcano in her…. both gazes eachother and smile…

Shivaay cup her face” Anika tum khidkitod khoobsurat ho!!

Anika cup Shivaay face ” i’m not khidkitod khoobsurat but today you are making me khidkitod khootsurat she peck his lips sensationally

Aa mujhko pehan le tu
tujhko odh loon main

Loving eachother to core marking eacother mine, Anika keep on melting like candle and Shivaay like moth keep on burning on her…..whole room echoes with moans and groans

Qatra qatra main girun
Jism pe tere theharun
Katra katra main girun
Tujh mein hi kahin reh lun

After making love for hours…Shivaay comes close to Anika and join his head with hers both smile happily looking themselves…… so is this called your hated for me??? Shivaay asked in teasing tone.

“Anika in weak and tired tone” you made me loving you Shivaay !!
I can never hate you i just loved you and your soul and till my last breath your name with be inhaled and exhaled in me.

Shivaay ” then say those words that i want to hear for long time”

“Anika smiles and hug him tightly”


“Shivaay turns his position brings Anika on top of him and peck her face “


“Anika eyes gets watery she rest her face on his cheek”

Shivaay worries ” Anika why you are crying? Is it paining ?…. Shivaay gently massage her………

“Anika rubs her face on his” no it’s not paining i’m just…..Anika peck Shivaay forehead and close her eyes.

“Shivaay peck her tears” then why you are crying? And i told you Anika i hate these tears in your orbs don’t cry more and sleep you are tired and got weak too…

“Anika hugs him tightly… make me sleep Shivaay….

“Shivaay adjust Anika head on his chest “

“Anika requesting Shivaay to sing for her”

Scene shifts to farmhouse

“Aarohi praying for gods” bhagwan ji please give me some solution , show me some way so that i can protect my daughters and my family from Vanhi. My family suffered alot please don’t let them suffer more….. please take my life but fill my daughters lifes with happiness please protect them for all evils.

Aarohi lighten diye remembering Anika… she lighten rest of two in name of Gauri and Bhavya.

Scene shifts to RM

“Shivaay wraps his arms around her waist” slowly ruffle her hairs and start singing

Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ye kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana..

“Anika lift her head up and gazes Shivaay both get lost in eachother and their journey from SSO and Anika to Shivika flashes…

Ishq hai aansu ishq hai naghma
Ishq sukoon hai raahat hai
Ishq hai sehra ishq hai dariya
Ishq junoon hai zahmat hai

Shivaay hugs her tightly and orders Anika to sleep on…. Anika like obedient kid nods yes and wraps herself in Shivaay embrace and close her eyes”

“Shivaay keep on caressing Anika back and pov”

What i was years back money minded guy, always give priority to NKK , feeling proud of being Oberoi, that traveling in long cars and in first class. Guy who always used high profile language… his words were his acts and acts makes him SSO.

And what i’m today only think about Anika and her priorities , her antics and craziness made me mad for her….. today i just want her hand in my hand and wants to explore the whole world….. her own home made dictionary give meaning to my life.

People say with time love ends but they are wrong with time my love gets more deepen for this beautiful soul who’s peacefully sleeping in my embrace. I had everything with me but still i use to feel incomplete but the day Anika step in my life with bang breaking my ego i start feeling getting complete and today i’m “PERFECT” it’s all because of Anika my Anika

Tanha adhoora sa
Khaamosh lamha sa
Tehra hua hai dil yahaan
Mehsoos kar le tu
Jazbaat ki khushbu
Khud se karun kya mai bayaan

“Shivaay smiles widely remembering his first meeting with Anika” he intertwine his little finger with her and place it on his lips taking oath to always keep her happy forever…. he tightly hugs her in his arms and hum in Anika ear

O jaana

Anika smiles and snuggle herself more in Shivaay”

Shivaay and Anika became one in all means now from bodies they will be separated but from soul they became one…. A beautiful night came and united soul as “SHIVIKA”


Precape “Anu hum tum say nafart karte hai aaj k baad hum kabhi bhi apna chhera na dekhna. Tum humare liya maar gayi Anu you are dead for Aarohi”

( Anu i hate you, from now onwards never show me your face. You are dead for Aarohi)

Thanks for your love and support keep giving me. If you like it do comment.


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