I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 81- Shivika fight & Romance

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Next Day

Bhavya room

“Bhavya sleeping peacefully cuddling in duvet “

“Aarohi peck her forehead” Doll!! Wake up now see it’s 7:20 and soon after breakfast we have to leave for framhouse today’s your di’s reception and we have to do lots of preparations and i need your help.

“Bhavya cuddles more in duvet” Maa!! Please two minutes more

Aarohi smiles ” this is i’m listening from last fifteen minutes now no more minute and co…….( Bhavya cuts)

“Bhavya pulls Aarohi in duvet hugs her tightly” there are so many servants in this house let them do the preparations and you just rest now. It’s enough since wedding was held not for single minute you took rest. Now no work only rest.

“Aarohi tickles her” stop giving me gili gili kiss…

“Bhavya cuddles in Aarohi ” hahahaa maa stop tickling me maa

Aarohi” you too stop giving me gili gili i’m not your Anika di”

“Bhavya stop doing gili gili ” Maa!! Can i ask something from you… bhavya short sit on bed and gazes Aarohi “

“Aarohi adjust her position and nods positively”

Bhavya ” when you love Anika di to the depth then why you cheated Anika di?”

“Aarohi eyes gets widen and she give shocking gazes to Bhavya”

Scene shifts to Rikara room

Sunrays falls on between couple who are deep sleeping peacefully in eachother arms.

Om is the first one who’s eyes gets widen with morning rays. He smiles widely seeing his love sleeping in his embrace with a huge smile on her lips. Om peck those lips and greets Gauri morning remembering his night.

“Gauri smiles more widely remembering her night she hugs om tightly ” good morning omkara ji!!

“Om brushes Gauri face” thankyou Gauri for coming me

“Gauri pecks om chest” thankyou for completing me

“Om pulls Gauri more close to him” did i hurt you?

“Gauri hides in om” you only loved me

“Om brushes Gauri’s face” i’ll keep on loving you till my last breath

“Gauri peck om cheek” and me till my last beat

Saathiya plays

After an hour

Anika slowly open her eyes, she gently rub her palm of bed still in sleeping motion. She gets shocked to feel the same surface of it that she felt before to in RM.

She quickly look around and with the jerk short sits on bed.

“What?” I’m in Rajput Mansion !!!
Anika mutters….

She close her eyes tighty and recollect all yesterday happenings. She opens her eyes with jerk that turns all red.

Scene shifts to om

“Rudra teasing om” O !! Phir chachu kab bana rahy ho mujhe?

“Om jerk Rudra” shut up !! Rudy and nothing happened yet.

“Rudra give naughty smile to Om” then what’s that on your neck? Rudra points

“Om gets shock and quickly hides his neck”

” Rudra burst into laughters hahaha !! It means my six sense was pushing me right.
O stop panicking nothing is visible to me i was just jave a doubt and see you naughty boy spend your night…..

“Om cups Rudy mouth” shut up !! Otherwise i’ll break all your senses . He punches Rudy and escapes from there.

“Rudra calls O from back” O Jaanu aaj raat ka kya scene hai.

Scene shifts to hall

“Bhavya teasing Gauri” OMM!! Gauri di aj to ab bohat khoobsurat lag rahe hai”

Gauri” Anika di”

Anika pov” No!! I can’t do this for my happiness , i can’t spoil my sisters life. After such a long time their faces are glowing specially Princess and time and person both are not correct”

“Gauri hugs Anika “
Anika di !! Where you have losted? See na doll is teasing me

“Anika smiles cup her cheek” why she’s teasing you what you did? She winks

Bhavya smirks” the same question i’m asking…. she playfully hits Gauri “

Gauri smiling” Anika di!! Trust me nothing happened. This doll is only cooking”

“Anika smiles and cup Gauri face” Acha ji sach may kuch nahe huwa to phir yeh galo per itni laali kyun hai.

“Gauri shies hides in Anika” Anika di!! Me and omkara ji…..

“Anika hugs her tightly” i’m so happy for you my princess.

“Bhavya bumps on Aniri” i’m also very happy.

“Anika hugs them tightly peck their head” Always stay happy.

“Bhavya breaks the hug” to phir hojaye?

Aniri” what? Doll”

“Bhavya give naughty smile” gili gili!! She pouts

“Aniri gazes eachother and then Bhavya”

Gauri” yes omkara ji i’m coming. She makes an excuse and runs

Bhavya” didu ?

“Anika cup her cheek and runs from there and slips in Shivaay arms”

“Shivaay catches Anika in his arm before she collapse with ground both get lost in eachother orbs”

O jaana plays

“Anika is the first one to breaks the eyelock”

“Shivaay helps Anika to stand properly” Are you fine na?

Anika ” nods positively and without saying anything leaves from there”

Scene shifts to Rajput office

“Dev ranting on commissioner” is that was your security ? Commissioner !!

C apologising ” Dev we are really sorry for our inconvenience but trust me we are looking for Vanhi”

“Dev hitting the desk” Commissioner !! Find that witch i need her infront of my eyes do what ever it cost call international forces but i need Vanhi in five days.

C” Dev!! Have some patients!!”

Dev shouts” That’s what are not visible in me and it’s matter of my Anu.”

“When don’t you send Anika out of country for few days” C suggesting Dev.

“Dev gazes C angrily”

C ” see Dev you know how clever Vanhi is and what wrong i’m saying after marriage newly weds couple goes for holidays and in between this we’ll get time to tackle with Vanhi and your family will be on the safe pitch too”

“Dev fone rings” Hello !! Yeah Aarohi i’ll reach farmhouse on time and please don’t forget to take guards with you.

Ok !! Baba i’ll too take care of myself. Now drop the call i’m buzy.

C” now i’m taking your leave but rethink “

Scene shifts to Shivika room

Anika shouts ” SSO”

Shivaay” yes jaan!!

“Anika gazes him rudely ” What you did ?

“Shivaay smiles naughtly ” trust me i didn’t do anything yet with you. He winks and wraps her in arms but if you want to finish it now i’ve no issue as we are alone all seniors are gone …. Shivaay leans on Anika shoulder and inhale her fragrance. I like it…..

“Anika jerk him” stop it Shivaay!! You are well aware about what i’m talk about so stop being “Sinless Singh Oberoi”

“Shivaay cup Anika face ” i feel too good to when you call me by different names.

“Anika throws his hand away” stop doing this drama Shivaay !! And just tell me for the last time till when you will stop playing with me?

“Shivaay brushes Anika cheeks” Jaan!! I love you and please don’t say like this it hurts me.

“Anika smiles” And doesn’t your deeds hurts me?

The day i think that should i take a new fresh start with you, you does something that makes be believe that i’m wrong.

“Shivaay shaking his head negatively” Anika what ever i do is for you , for your happiness and you know na yours Shivaay can do anything to bring smile on these lips… Shivaay gently rubs his thumb on hers lips.

“Anika shivers with his warm touch and steps back”

I want to go Oberoi Mansion!! “Anika orders Shivaay”

Shivaay” we are staying in RM forever Anika”

“Anika gets shocked to hear that” have you gone mad or it’s a joke of morning? Lets go Shivaay, Anika drags him
come lets go now mummy ji and all will be waiting for us”

“Shivaay takes his hand back”

Yup i’m gone mad in your love!! Shivaay pulls her close….

Secondly !! It’s not a joke but it’s called your wedding gift love… he hugs Anika tightly.

Scene shifts to farmhouse

Devi ji ” Aarohi beta !! What happened? I’m seeing you something is bothering you, you can share with your mother?

Aarohi ” Maa ji!! I’m worried about Shivaay and Anu relation. Yesterday whatever happened that shouldn’t be happened.”

Devi ji” why beta? Aren’t you happy that your Anu called you Maa”

“Aarohi cup Devi ji hand” Maa ji jab Anu humari ode bhagi aur humein pukar na to humein aise lag jesa barso pehle laga tha jab choti se Anu nay humein Maa kaha tha humari to duniya he badal gayi thi badal he kya humein ARTH mil gaya. ( mother when Anu for the was approaching me and was calling me it give me the same feeling that i felt years ago when little Anu for the first time called me Maa. My world got meaning)

Anu ke kadmo ki aahat humari dhadakan ban gayi. Jab Anu nay humein gale se lagaya aise lag jese humein rooh mil gayi…

( Anu’s feet sound became my heartbeat. When she hugged me i felt i got soul)

“Devi ji wiping her tears” And i got your spark back in your eyes.

“Aarohi hugs Devi ji” Maa ji!! Because of me their relation won’t get bitter?

Jhanvi ” Bhabhi ji!! Stop thinking like that you didn’t do anything and nor their relation will get bitter infact it will get spicy”

Pinky” And spicy and ice are important fact in their relation. Still these two are not their na Anika and Shivaay relation seems boring and tasteless”

Dadi” ek ki tadi aur dusarye ke tashan nay mil kar he to in dono ko ishqbaaz banaya hai aur paka abhi bhi dono kisi na kisi baat per lada rahy ho gay

( one tadi and other tashan made them ishqbaaz..and i’m sure they might be fighting now as well)

Scene shifts to Shivika room

Anika clutches Shivaay collar”

Jaantaye hai aise logo ko yeh samaj kya kehta hay ? ( you know na what this society calls people like you?)

” Joru ka ghulam” ( wife slave)

Shivaay ” i don’t care”

Anika shouts” but i care and why you don’t want to leave this house? “

Shivaay ” i don’t need to answer you and listen to me for the last time we are staying here forever and now no more arguments.
Now go and get ready we have to go farmhouse and Maa is every happy Anika and i’m worrying you don’t you dare to do argument with Maa nor i want you to be more senti , i want my khirkitod Anika.

“Anika eyes gets blood red ” what the hell you think of yourself ha?

“Shivaay eyes gets deep blue she twist Anika wrist to back and pull her close” pati hoon main tumhara ( i’m your husband). That’s what i think of myself and what you said…..

” yeh kahani meri aur ap ki thi na to phir kyun humari kahani may woh ( maa) kaka say aa gayi?”

( this story is of you and mine na then from where Mother came in between us?)

Then listen ” kahani meri aur tumhari he hai per is kahani ko us ka kinara Maa nay he diya hai

( story is still of us but mother give shore to it)

“Anika gazing Shivaay with fire ”

Tu phir ap rahay un k sath aur jaane de mujhe laharon may.

( then you stay with her and let me flow in waves)

“Shivaay pulls Anika more close” i didn’t hear you Anika come again? Shivaay dangerously speaks.

Anika in stern tone” Mr O…….. ( Anika strumbles)

Shivaay suck rest of “beroi” shivaay roughly sucking Anika lips

“Anika eyes get popped with Shivaay move” she clings his shirt and close her eyes feeling the sensation

“Shivaay furiously brushing his lips with hers ” it’s Shivaay , it’s Shivaay he contionusly smooching her lips and talking in btw. ??

Anika ” moans ummm!!”

“Shivaay breaks the kiss and smirks ” next time if you again called me Mr Oberoi i’ll eat you raw. He wipe his lips…..
“Maza aya Anika”?

“Anika panting heavily” shockingly gazing him??

“Shivaay pulls her close ,Anika leans on his chest”

Bohat shauk hai na mujhse aur is ghar say dur jaane ka? ( you are very fond of going away from me and this house na?)

Shivaay passionately rubs his palm on Anika’s cold neck ……

Anika ” a current rushes in her spine”

“Shivaay whispers huskily”

To aaj isi chhat k neechaye isi room may tum meri baahon may simat jao ge humesha k liya aur tumhare in komal aur nazuk hantho per sirf mera aur sirf mera he naam ho ga.

( then today under the same roof and room you will melt in my embrace and on these soft lips will only have my name)

“Anika eyes gets more widen to listen those words” in your dreams

“Shivaay naughtly smiles” i love to give dreams , reality and a beautiful reality at night . He winks and push Anika back and leaves not before doing his signature step.

“Anika gulps as she knows what this signature means”

“Shivaay turns a little” tonight will the night!! ???

Hum tum ek kamraye may band ho gaye aur neend ud jaye gayi

Scene shifts to farmhouse

@ 7:45pm

Gauri” Anika di !! Why you are standing alone here? “

Anika smiles” i’m not alone princess see these stars!! i’m just inhaling fresh air.

“Gauri cups Anika face” look at me and then say that you just came out to inhale fresh air?

“Anika brushes her cheek” hmm!! I just came to inhale fresh air. You go down to your omkara ji he will be missing you…. Anika smirks

“Gauri shies and hug Anika ” Anika di!!

“Anika peck her head” i’m so happy for you.

Scene shifts to yard

Tej ” Jhanvi !! Remember the day you said those three magical words i want to hear them once again?”

Jhanvi shies” Shiv.om.ru.!!

“Tej makes angry face ” i hate you.

Jhanvi” Tej!! Listen i was just pulling your legs

Pinky” Shakti ji !! How i’m lookings todays?”

Shakti” ek dam bala lag rahe ho.?

“Pinky stares him” ap ney mujhe bala kaha???

Shakti” No! Pinky i was saying…..

Dadi” khoteya!! Kabhi to bola nahe aur aaj bol bhi to galat”

“Shallu and Chanda laughs”

Dev ” aaj kya qatal karne ka irda hai?” ( have you planned to murder me ?)

Aarohi ” qatal to bohat pehel he ho chukaye thy ap.( that you have been long ago)

Devi ji ” Ahem!!”

“Aarohi gets embarrassed”

Om” Gauri ji!! Are you free tonight ?

Gauri” it’s already tonight and i just came to say good night.”

“Om holds Gauri waist” i can make this night beautiful.

“Gauri nudged him and runs away”

Rudra” Can we go on a long drive if you don’t mind?”

Bhavya” sorry!! Banderiya’s don’t goes on drive they only climbs tree??

“Shallu makes an announcement” hello!! Everyone may we have your attention please.

“Everyone shifts their attention to Shallu and smile”

Chanda ” thankyou so much for give gaze to us as well” Right Shallu!!

Shallu” Yeah!! Chanda di you are right all are buzy in mingling with their partners “

Chanda shouts” is that true ?”

Gentlmen screams loudly” yeah!!

Ladies” blushes

“Shallu and Chanda step down from stage approaching them.

Shallu” guys today’s Shivika and Rikara reception but….

Chanda” but guys where are Shivika?”

Shallu ” any guesses”

Rudra laughing” behind pillars doing chupke chupke romance “

Shallu” No!!”

Bhavya” in room”

Chanda” Wrong”

Everyone making there guesses but all are wrong

Aarohi” then where?”

Scene shifts to hall

Shivaay holding Anika close him his eyes are mesmerizing his lady who’s looking chaudhvin ka chand in semi wester outfit her open hairs are waving in air enhancing her beauty more. Both are deep lost in blue and brownish orbs for last twenty five minutes. Non is ready to leave other just keep on gazing eachother with intensity, love and passion.

A dim light falling on their faces giving more heat to their internal love.

If Shivaay eyes are deep sea in which Anika wants to flow forever then Anika eyes are clay in which Shivaay want get buried. Both are deep lost in eachother that they have forgetten the rest.

Everyone is smiling seeing their ankho he ankho may ishqbaazi.

Dadi” for not single second they are blinking”

Devi ji” both eyes are bedazzling with love”

Aarohi ” gazes Dev and smile”

“Dev sign Aarohi to look at Shivika”

Bhavya” how cute they are looking”

Shallu” how cute nahe how romantic ??”

Pinky ” OMM!! Look how they both are lost in eachother that the have forgotten that we are standing here for last five minutes”

Chanda” Aunty ji!! You are standing here for last five minutes and these two are holding eachother for last twenty five minutes

Omru shouts” Kya??”( what?)

Omru voice gets audible to Shivika ears. They look around and finds all are circle around them. Both Shivaay and Anika in embarrassment leave eachother.

“Tej in stern tone” what’s going on here?

Shivaay” Actually bade papa Anika slipped…..( om cuts)

Om moving in circle” And in the nick of time i place my hand on Anika’s bhabhi waist and save her from falling” Right SSO

All start moving in circle and starts their teasing session

Rudra” And then we both fell eachother”

Gauri” then O jaana plays in the background”

Dadi” No!! Something else would be played “

Anika shies” tries to break the circle but non let her run away”

Devi ji” which song might be played”

Chanda sings” tum mere ho…”

Jhanvi sings” Tere naina bade qaatil maar hi daalenge”

Shakti ” Arey bhabhi ji galat Anika ke naino nay to phele he Shivaay ko maar diya hai”

“Shivaay gazes Anika where Anika trying to avoid to contact ”

Gauri sings” Aankhein teri
Kitni haseen Ke inkaa aashiq, mein ban gayaa hoon…..”

Bhavya” Exactly !! Gauri di this song would be scoring”

Everyone giggles

Anika in cold tone ” there’s nothing like that it’s just………( chanda cuts)

Chanda” it’s just love , love and love”

“Shivaay takes his fone out” i’ve to make important call

Shallu” No!! Calls behaniya just dance”

Shivaay” Hey!! Don’t you call me that. See because of you this Bhallu is calling me her behaniya….( Shivaay irritatingly complaining Anika)

Anika ” what i’ve done? Stop blaming me.”

Shivaay ” then what’s this? Shivaay shows thread to Anika. Didn’t you make this Bhallu to tie it?”

Anika” haan to kisi nay kaha tha is k sath lipta jhipta karnaye k liya”….. Anika hits Shallu”

( who told you to get close to her)

Shallu” Aaah!! Anika di “

Anika” sshh!! Shallu, Aloo, Bhallu”

“Shivaay pulls Anika close” kyun k tum jo pass nahe ati thi”
( because you never came close to me)

“Anika cheeks turns red”

Dev” Ahemm!!

“Shivaay shies” ??

Chanda ” So all seven births partners hold your partners waist and hand and just swirl romantically”

All men extend their hand towards their ladies except Shivika

“Aarohi step forward and gives Anika hand in Shivaay’s “

“Anika glances Aarohi and takes her hand back from from Shivaay. She turns her face to opposite direction”

“Shivaay gentle holds Anika hand” janam janam k saathi hai, hum tere he to Aashiq hai

“Anika turns a little and glance him “

Screen freezes on Shivika

Precape Hello, Shivaay i’m Anika not Rudra hello Shivaay are you listening me. What happened? Hello Shivaay please say something…….. Shivaayyyyyyy!!!

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