I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 82- Anika cries for Shivaay

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“Shivaay gentle holds Anika hand” janam janam k saathi hai, hum tere he to Aashiq hai

“Anika turns a little and glance him “

“Shivaay pull Anika close gazes her intensely”

Song plays

Janam janam janam sath chalna yunhi

All couples gather on dance floor and dance begins

Qasam tumhe qasam aake milna yahin
Ek jaan hai bhale do badan hon juda
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Shivaay pov “i’ve ever thought that SSO will also fall in love. One who never believed in love start worshiping it. Shivaay smiles and this is all because of my Khirkitod Anika who made me crazy for her. And look at her after making me mad question me what she did”

Meri subha ho tumhi
Aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard ho tum hi aaram ho
Meri duaaon se aati hai bas yeh sadaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida..

Anika pov” Shivaay!! Loves me alot but i’m not able to give him what he’s expecting from me. He from SSO became Shivaay from me, there was a time when his life only resolved around NKK and now he had made me his life.

Teri baahon mein hain mere dono jahan
Tu rahe jidhar meri jannat wahin

How beautiful these orbs are deep blue? Everyone we’ll love to sink in them. No! Anika pulls Shivaay close…

Jal rahi agan hai jo yeh do tarfa
Na bujhe kabhi meri mannat yahi

He’s my Shivaay and why everyone will sink in these orbs only i’ve the right to sink in these prettiest kanji ankhey

Tu meri aarzoo main teri aashiqui
Tu meri shayari main teri mausiqui

Shivaay ” Anika have you said something?”

“Anika smiles and nods negatively”

“Shivaay lifts Anika slowly lands her to ground” inhaling her fragrance , stroking her exposed curves.

Talab Talab Talab bas teri hai mujhe
Nason mein tu nasha banke ghulna yunhi
Meri mohabbat ka karna tu haq ye ada
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Aarohi” Dev!! See beautiful our princesses are looking in their prince arms”

Dev” Hmm!! These are not only Shivomru arms but they are Anu and Gayu cage.

“Aarohi places her head on Dev chest” our princesses will be secure in their arms.

Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida..

Everyone claps for Shivika and Rikara

Chanda ” wow!! That was a wonderful performance but here party won’t ends because here fun begins.

Shallu shouts” are we saying corrects grandama’s”

Dadi ” Haan!! Kyun k abhi to party shuru hui hai kyun devi ji”

Devi ji winks Dadi” Yes preeto!!

Both Dadi’s dances on

Abhi to party shuru hui hai

Scene shifts to Dev room

“Anika qiestioning Dev” baba now tell me what truth you all are hidding from me.

Dev” Anu listen…..( Anika cuts)

Anika” baba don’t play with me and don’t forget we sign deal so keep some professionalism “

“Dev rise his eyebrow” baba say saudebaazi?( dealing with baba)

Anika” yup!! Baba say saudebaazi kyun k maine baba say he sikha hai ( yes dealing with baba because i learnt it from you)

Now tell me the truth where she….( Dev cuts)

“Dev cup Anika face” Anu not she but Maa. Aarohi is your Maa.

Anika” kisi cheez per stamp laga lenaye say woh cheez ap ki nahe ho jati.”

Dev” Beta!! Maa koi cheez nahe hoti aur yeh humein Anu ko bataney yeha samjaney ki zaroorat nahe hai k Aarohi ap k liya kya hai.

( daughter mother is not any thing and this is not i’ve to tell you nor i’ve to make you understand that what’s Aarohi fot you)

Anika” woh sirf ek dhoka hai, aur sach kaha ap nay baba ke ek dhokey ko Anu say acha kon jaan sakta hai per main Anika ho jise un ki zaroorat nahe. Yeh ap nay mujhe sach bataya aur waha main OM chali jao ge.

( she’s only cheater and you are right baba no one better knows her then Anu but i’m Anika who don’t need her. And here you pov the truth there i’ll step OM)

“Aarohi twirl Anika towards her in stern tone” Then you don’t even needs to know the truth as well. Dev you come with me Tej bhai sahab was looking for you. She drags Dev along with her.

“Anika gazes Aarohi and pov” i’ll surely dig the truth and you can’t stop me

Scene shifts other room

Aarohi” Dev !! What you where about to do?”

Dev” Aarohi i promised Anu if she let you do her kanyadhan i’ll tell her the whole truth”

Aarohi” what?”

“Dev makes Aarohi sit” Look Aarohi i can’t see you like this ,you day and night are praying for the day that Anu accept you open heartly and it’s only possible when we tell here truth.

Aarohi” No!! Dev i told you before if truth came out what destruction can held”

Dev” Aarohi try to understand if Anu came to know truth from an outsider what she will do then? It’s better that her loved ones tell her. And don’t worry now Anu is completely fine so nothing will happen to her.

Aarohi cries” No!! Dev i told to before too. Anu will hate herself and this i can’t never let happen.

You just find Vanhi and i in few days will send Anu and Princess back to OM.

Scene shifts to Rudra room

Rudra” Anika bhabhi!! Please na help me.”

Anika” what help my crime partner needs?”

Rudra” Anika bhabhi trust me i was just kidding with Bhavya that my ex- girlfriends no sorry not girlfriends but just friends are more beautiful then her and…..( Anika cuts)

“Anika pulls Rudra cheek” And now Doll is not going on drive with you?

“Rudra hugs her and cries” i love her alot bhabhi it’s just i love when she fights with me. I need wants to share my protein shake with anyone but now i’m self wants to handover my sake to her.

Anika ” Aw!! My cry baby stop crying and doll will surely go for long drive with you not only drive but today she will make you have ice cream too with her own money.”

Rudra smiles” sachi”

“Anika nods positively” sachi muchi.

“Rudra peck Anika cheek” i love bhabhi. Rudra runs out bhabhi you wait here let me call bhavya then pull her ears.

“Anika smiles on his antics” cry baby.

Where Shivaay has gone? I’ve not seen him for long time. She about to walk out when Rudra fone rings. This is Rudra fone rings.

Anika looks around for fone” Rudra fone is ringing but where it’s? ” sound is coming from restroom. She marches to washroom and grasps the fone.

Shivaay bhaiya names blinks on screen.

Anika receives the call ” Hello!! Shivaay. It’s Anika not Rudra.

Shivaay sniffing” Anika”

Anika worries” Shivaay what happened , why you are sniffing?”

Shivaay” Hello!!”

Anika” Shivaay are you listening to me. Shivaay what happened please tell me and where are you? ” hello,

Shivaay” An………

Anika shouts” Shivaaayyyyyyyy

Scene shifts to RM

@ Shivika room

Anika opens the door that makes huge thud. She gets scared to find it dark. Shivaay are you inside?( Anika calls him out in milky tone) but she gets no response.

She looks for Rudra fone and curse herself for leaving it in car. Anika runs downstairs to get torch. She quickly grasp it from kitchen cabinet and runs back upstairs.

She marches inside the room and keep on calling Shivaay. Anika opens restroom.

Shivaay are you inside closet please answer. Uff why this closet is not opening. Anika struggles hard to open it but all efforts are in vein.

Where Shivaay can go? Khanna ji track his fone it was showing RM location. I’ve seen him in whole mansion but there’s no sign of him.

Anika shouts ” Shivaay kaha hai ap?” ( where are you Shivaay?)

Anika looks around….. Haan pool side to dekha he nahe( yes i’ve not seen pool side) she runs towards pool and gets numb to see the scenario torch slips from her hand….

Nazdeek Hai Dil ke, Phir kyun lage milke

Anika shouts at the top of her voice

Jaise ho milon door ho


“Shivaay like log floating in pool”

“Anika jumps inside the pool and brings Shivaay to edge of the pool” Shivaay open your eyes what happened? She keep on pating Shivaay cheeks.

I don’t know what happened to him? She pumps his heart…. wake up Shivaay please wake up

Jazbat hai anjaana, Mushkil hai samjhana

“Please na Shivaay open your eyes na.” Anika cup his face tears keep on rolling down from her cheeks. Shivika old moments keep on flashing in her eyes.

Apna hai ya hai ghair woh

Shivaay baat karne na mujhse kya huwa hai ap ko? ( talk to me Shivaay and tell me what happened to you?) Have you eaten something or you have skip your medicines. Anika clutching his shoulder.

What should i do? Anika shouts for servants but no one came for help.

Anika hugs him tightly cries ” Are you angry with me? so please scold me but please say something , please open your kanji ankhey i want to get lost in them.

Anika pov

Kyun sata rahey hai mujhe Shivaay ? Ab uth bhi jaye na please na kab say bula rahe hoon per ap hai k meri baat he nahe sun rahey.

Main bhi to hoon na ap nay mujhe jab , jab awaz de main laut ayi. To aaj ap kyun nahe meri baat suntaye.

( why you are teasing me Shivaay? Now please wake up , how long i’m calling yoy but you are not listening me.

Shivaay when ever you called me i came for you )

“Anika pleading Shivaay”

Shivaay uthiye na dekhiya room may kitna andhara hai. Ap jantey hai na mujhe andharye say dar lagta hai. Ap to mere sooraj hai na. Please uth jaye aur dur kar dey is andharye ko.

( you know na i’m afarid of darkness see room is so dark. You are my sun na please get up and throw this darkness away)

Ishq mai adhura sa, rooh mai hai poora sa…

Scene shifts on road

Rudra is on driving seat and Bhavya on pessenger seat.

Rudra ” Bhavya!! Thanks for coming on long drive with me”.

Bhavya” thanks Anika di it’s because of her i’m with you”

Rudra ” O really!! I know you were dying to spend some quality time with handsome hulk”

Bhavya” Yeah!! You are right i was dying to spend some time with handsome hulk not with a bulk of kgs

Rudra puts breaks on car” you called me what?” He stares Bhavya.

Bhavya” look i don’t like to repeat myself so better clean your earwax so that you can listen at once”

“Rudra frowns Bhavya” i’m Rudra Singh Oberoi and you have to repeat when something is not clearly audible to me

“Bhavya grasp Rudra collar” i’m Bhavya Singh Rajput and she never repeats herself. But to make my voice echoes in people ears i’ve have a favour for them

Rudra” what?”

“Bhavya screams loudly in Rudra ear” Bhavyaaaaaaaaaaaa

“Rudra shouts Aaaaaaa and covers his ears”

“Bhavya laughs loudly and comes out of car” isn’t my name echoing RSO.

“Rudra shouts Bhavya and runs after her”

Bhavya running around car” you can’t catch BSR????”

Rudra smiles ” i’ve already caught to here…..

“Bhavya eyes gets widen to see her name on Rudra chest”

“Rudra get close to Bhavya and make her sit on car bonnet”

“Bhavya keep on gazing his chest” why you did this?

Rudra” i don’t know why i did this? but i feel you close to my heart when you are not close to me”

Bhavya ” Rudra you really love me this much?”

Song plays

Jeene laga hoon…

“Rudra marches to car back seat and gets protein bar ” after my brothers you were the first one with whom i love to share my protein bar. I know you call me kid yes by antics i might be a kid and by heart i might be playboy but from mind i’m a gentleman who knows how to keep his lady happy.

Man is known as gentleman when people finds his lady smiling and that what i always try to do.

Rudra breaks protein bar into two and extend it towards bhavya ” Bhavya i promise you that like protein bar our relation will always be full of energy.

I might be teasing you with girls names but Bhavya only your name is written here… Rudra caresses his heart

“Bhavya keep on mesmerizing Rudra ” who wrote for you?

“Rudra takes his protein bar back” Awww!!! What you mean?

“Bhavya jumps down from car” i mean you don’t have this much brain inside you so say such big big dialogues.

“Rudra makes angry faces”

Scene shifts to RM
@ Shivika room

Anika leanses on Shivaay chest and pov

Please Shivaay mujhe aur na sattaye uth jaye please mujhe may aur himmat nahe hai kisi ko khoye ki.

( don’t tease me more Shivaay i’ve no more courage left in me to bear the lost of losing anyone)

Kyun kartey hai ap sab mere sath he aise? Jisi say bhi pyaar karti hoon woh he chhod kar chala jata hai.

( why you all do this with me? Whom ever i love they leaves me)

Ek milta hai to dosara kho jata hai. Kyun har baar yeh judaai ka dard mera he muqard ban jata hai?

( i found one and lost the other. Why everytime the pain of separation had became my fate?)

“Anika hugs him tightly and cries… keep on calling him with different names

Stone Singh Oberoi, Chuimhui Singh Oberoi, Kharoos Singh Oberoi……. and many more……

Dard hai saari umr bhar ka…

ab to uthiye na early in morning you were saying na that you love it when i call you by different names hear it na Shivaay i’m calling you by different names. Please wake up….. Anika brushing Shivaay face.

O jaana………

Screen freezes on Shivika

Precape Anika and Gauri first rasoi

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