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Pinky questioning Shivaay” Shivaay !! Now what to do Rajput’s are doing Bidaai preparation?

Shivaay” Mom!! I’ve taken such a big decision but…..”

Om” Shivaay !! Don’t worry we still have fifteen minutes in bidaai”

Dadi” Billu !! I think we should tell Aarohi puttar that her daughters are not going anywhere….( jhanvi interrupts)

Jhanvi ” mummy ji !! I know we have taken such big decision and what ever we did is for Aarohi bhabhi ji but i think they won’t agree and it can hurt their sentiments as we will be the first one on this planet…. jo larki ki shaadi k baad , larki ka maika he susural banaye jaa raha hai.”

“Aarohi shockingly” what??

Scene shifts to hall

“Aniri resting in Dev embrace”

“Dev addressing to Devi ji ” pata bhi nahe chala humein maa aur dekhiya humari princesses itni badi ho gayi k aaj yeh apne baba ( dev peck Anika head) aur apne dad ( peck Gauri head) ko chhod kar humesha k liya apne Shivaay aur Omkara ji k pas jaa rahe hai.

Devi ji” even i didn’t knew… she cries”

“Gauri runs and hug her tightly”

Anika” why we met baba? When i’ve to go far from you?”

Dev pov” i wish i’ve never losted you so today it wouldn’t be this much painful for me.”

“Anika breaks the hug and extend her hand towards Dev”

Scene shifts to lobby

Dadi ji ” turns her face and gets shock to see Aarohi standing behind them” Aarohi puttar !!

“Aarohi approaching Oberoi’s” whatever i heard is that true? Maa ji… And this was the history you were talking about? That it will change……

Oberoi’s ” nods positively”

Aarohi” No! It can’t happen , ever. After marriage in laws house is girls real house”

“Dadi cups Aarohi hand” Puttar !! It’s your sons decision and we all agree with them. I’m saying correct na billu and om

“Aarohi gazes Shivom with moist eyes”

“Shivom marches to Aarohi” wipe her tears.

Shivaay ” Maa !! Just tell us one thing…. do you like rest of the world think that daughters are burden on society?”

Aarohi ” No !! For us are daughters are not burden.

Aur woh maa baap jo apni betiyon ko bojh aur beto ko galey ka haar samajtey hai na akhir may ka woh he beta apney maa baap ko galey ka phaind samajhta hai aur woh jise sar ka bojh samajhte hai na phir woh he apno ka bojh sar per fakar say utha kar chalti hai binaa yeh kehaye k mere maa baap bojh hai.

( And parents who consider their daughters burden and sons pride na in their older days for son his parents became hangover for him and whom parents consider burden comes forward and place her parents burden on her head and walk with pride without saying that her parents are burden for her)

Om” this means you and Dev uncle don’t have any issue with are decision”

“Aarohi squeezes Shivom hands” Sons i respect your decision and feelings. I know your intentions as well but kids it’s not possible and….( pinky and jhanvi interrupts )

Jhanvi” bhabhi ji we know what you are thinking “

Pinky ” trust us bharjai ji you are not snatching our sons from us. Even we all were against this and what ever you are thinking are perspective was same too.

“Jhanvi stood next to Shivaay” but then the great wall SSO change our perspective and trust us we are really happy. That we got a chance to unite daughter with her mother.

Aarohi” but what about society ?”

Dadi” Puttar !! Society have the habit to bark. And you, yourself are much sensible that when this so called society cannot do something better themselves and seeing the person doing great na they show eyes to them. But we don’t have to lower our gazes with their looks intact we have to stare them back and have to prove them that their cheap gaze and mentality won’t effect them…. Kyun ke


“Shivaay holds Aarohi shoulders” when two different MNCs Merge together na Maa this society gets overwhelmed. You know why?

Aarohi ” nods negatively “

Shivaay” because this society thinks that with there merging not only company will get huge profit but they will also get benefit that’s why they give huge round of applause to them”

“Om turns Aarohi towards him”

Per jab dono parivooron ko ek hota dekhatey hai na yeh he samaj jin hathon say taaleeya bajata hai na unhi hathon may pethar utha letha hai. Kyun k is may un ka koi faida nahe hota aur jis cheez may un ka faida nahe hota woh galat he hota hai.


Aarohi ” ties to speak but pinky interrupts “

Pinky” Oho!! Bharajai ji it’s enoughs ok !! And don’t forgets we are from groom’s sides.

Shivaay” Mom!!

“Pinky scold Shivaay” you stay quiet and don’t talk in between ladies.

Pinky” And you bharjai ji if you have any issue with this then give your daughters to us and take Shivomru as your sons”

Jhanvi ” ek dam theek kaha aur specially apni Anu..” (.absolutely saying correct pinky)

“Aarohi shouts” No !! My Anu is only mine

“Everyone burst into laughter” Hahaaha. ??

“Dadi tease Aarohi” Maa aur Anu sirf Maa ki hai aur kisi ki nahe.

( Anu is only of Mother)

“Dadi peck Aarohi head” so what’s your decision?

“Aarohi join her hands” it’s much for me that you all think this much for me but still……( Shivaay cuts)

“Shivaay holds Aarohi hands” Maa!! When Anika question you what you will do if she give you , your Anu back?

Aarohi cries” but Anu won’t agree”

Shivaay” don’t take tension of your Anu i know how to make my tadibaaz billi agree”. Shivaay grins evilly..

“Aarohi hugs Shivom tightly” Thankyou so much.

“Shivom hugs her back” we are thankful to you for giving us Aniri….

Scene shifts to hall

“Dev smiles and nods” he takes chocolate out of pocket and place it on her hand

“Anika gazes the chocolate and fist it” i’ll always keep it with myself. She hugs Dev tightly cries….. it will always give me feeling that my baba is always with me.

“Dev extend his hand towards rest of the daughters”

“Gayu , Chanda and Shallu runs and hugs Dev tightly”


Dadi cries” look at them how all are crying in Dev embrace? Abhi bidaai hui bhi nahe to yeh haal hai agar ho jati to kya haal hota.

“Pinky peck Shivom head” i’m prouds of you my sons

“Jhanvi corrects pinky” it’s proud not prouds

Pinky” yeah !! Proud”

Om” Shivaay !! Look at Anika bhabhi how she’s crying?”

Rudra” jokes”

Shivaay” like kids she’s crying instead of making her younger sisters calm. She herself is crying pagal hai yeh”

Dadi” Billu !! We are awear of this that Anika and Gauri are not going far from her baba, dad and maa but they are not awear about it. ”

And feeling of getting away from parents it can only a girl can understand. When tomorrow you trio will became father of girl na than you will understand this emotion.

“Shivomru eyes gets watery” sorry dadi ji

After few minutes

“Bhavya crying” No!! Let me do twenty six more gili gili kissy.

“Anika brushing her face” enough !! My Doll stop crying and if you want come with me.

Gauri winks Bhavya” No !! Doll stay back here”

“Anika give horrible gazes to Gauri” tucchi!!??

Chanda ” Anika !! It’s ok yaar we can understand why you want bhavya to come along with you. So that she couldn’t be able to kiss Aarohi aunty ji”????

“Anika gazes Aarohi wipe her tears” aren’t we getting late mummy ji?

“Oberoi’s joins hands infront of Rajput’s”

Dadi ji” time to leave now. We Oberoi’s have the great time and… (Rudra cuts)

Rudra” dadi ji !! You can thanks them on fone but Shivom can’t compen …….( Om hits him)

“Om hits him” Idiot !! Think before you leap.

Rudra” But i’m saying…..( Shivaay cuts)

Shivaay” shut up !!”

Rudra” jaw drops”

Oberoi’s takes leave from Rajput’s and start marching towards chopper.

“Anika turns and gazes Aarohi”

Aarohi” smiles and waves bye”

Gauri ” omkara ji !! Why this much drama? please let me tell Anika di we are not going anywhere”

Om” Gauri !! Just wait “

“Shivaay sign Chanda” come Anika lets go now.

“Anika turns and start step head”

I know every girl has to face this phase of life. I myself have experienced this but at that time i don’t have them only Shivaay was there with me. It’s not that i’m not happy to be wed my Billa ( she gaze Shivaay) i’m so happy that finally he’s mine but those who are at my back they are also mine and after meeting them twenty years it’s getting difficult for me to leave them.

“Shivaay opens the chopper door” Anika sit what you are thinking any problem

“Anika smiles and nods negatively ” she about to sit in chopper when……..

Chanda screams” Anikaaaa!!! Aarohi Aunty ji slips from stairs

“Anika gets numb to listen that her heartbeats stop”

Gauri ” Maa!! She tries to runs when om sign her”

“All gazes Anika “

“Anika without looking around pick her bottoms up and runs inside”

Shivaay ” thumbs up “

“Scene shifts to entrances”

“Anika screams loudly ” Maaaaaaa !!!!!

Aarohi ” cries loudly hearing maa from her Anu. She fold her hands and tears of happiness keep on flowing from her orbs

Whole Rajput Mansion gets filled with air and echoes with Anika voice only Maa audible.


Om” Shivaay have you thought how you will make Anika bhabhi griha pravesh ?”

Shivaay” Om !! We all here now if Anika came to know that she’s going to stay here for rest of life she won’t agree and i just don’t want Anika griha pravesh only but i’ve challenged her and myself too, that today she will infront of all will call her Maa”

Gayu” What ?”

Chanda” Anika is so tadibaaz na that she will never call Anuty ji , Maa”

Rudra” i agree with chanda di”

Shivaay smirks ” i’ve a plan”

All gets close to Shivaay and Shivaay share his plan with all”

Chanda” wow !! Hearing that Anika will run like carzy to Aunty ji”

Shivaay smiles” yup and only Maa word will echo in the air and then Anu’s griha pravesh and all”

Rudra” all for one”

“All puts their hands and screams” one for all

Flashback ends

All gets happy listen Maa from Anika

“Anika hits the kalash , runs inside in slow motion ,leaving her red footprints behind” keep on saying Maaaaa

Devohi ” having flashback of their Anu when she for the first time start walking and step inside RM”

Song plays

Aaj bhi yaad hai mujhe aahat
Aaj bhi yaad hai mujhe aahat
Tere kadmon ki…

Scene shifts to Rikara room

“Room is beautifully decorated with roses and candles as it’s Rikara first night”

“Om grasp Gauri wrist” what happened Gauri?? He whispers huskily

“Gauri breath gets uneven with Om touch” Omkara ji !! I’m removing these jewellery now they are really heavily.

“Om wraps his arm around Gauri’s waist pull her colse” Gauri!! They are really heavy and i don’t want that your soft wrist gets hurt. He makes Gauri face him and peck her wrist. Let me remove this heavy jewellery. He seductively gazes Gauri and roam his hand on Gauri bare skin.

Gauri shies ” nods positively”

“Om smiles and peck her head” Gauri are you ready? Om asked Gauri innocently.

“Gauri in response to hugs him more tightly and whispers” after giving me the best wedding gift now it’s my turn to make my loves night special.

“Om makes Gauri lies on bed comes on top of her” l love you Gauri and thankyou for coming in my world. I promise before marking you mine that i’ll fill your life with colors and it will be color of my love.

“Gauri cup om face” i love you “

Saathiya plays

Scene shifts to Shivika room

“Shivaay ruffling Anika hairs” sorry jaan i again played with your emotions but trust me what ever i did is only for you. I lied to you i’m sorry for that but trust me Anika i never want to hurt you specially today.

But jaan you tell me when you for my mom can sacrfice your life then why can’t i and this is your wedding gift from your Shivaay. I know these worldly things don’t give you happiness but your real happiness in me and your family.

And Shivaay can do anything for your happiness!!

He hugs Anika tightly keep on caressing her face and back. I love you jaan

“Anika hugs Shivaay and nuzzle her nose in Shivaay’s crook of neck”

“Shivaay smiles my sleeping beauty stop your sweet torture otherwise i’ll make you mine in your slumber”

O jaanaa plays

Scene shifts to Rikara room

Om slowly starts removing Gauri jewellery and kiss her every where”

Song plays

Mujhe haq hai

“Gauri close her eyes tightly and moans “

“Om deep look Gauri and asked for permission ”

Soon both said bye to their outfit.

“Gauri hugs om tightly ” omkaraji!!

“Om starts feeling Gauri milky skin he liplock his lips with her and both start sucking eachother madly after eating lips om attacks her neck start giving kisses and loves bites on Gauri crook of neck i didn’t knew that you are so beautiful not from outside but you are tomb of beauty from inside too.

Om huskily whispers”

Gauri keep on moaning and pulling om more close to her.

Om slowly moves down start playing with her assets. Gauri tightly clutches bed sheet. Moans loudly.

Gauri pulls om up and kiss him wildly. Om groans and Gauri moans

After giving love bites to eachother. Om slowly moves down and peck her lower intimate portion. Gauri moans his name loudly her body arches as om hot breath fanning her lower asset. Om again took permission from Gauri for making her officially his. Getting a positive nod from Gauri , om again comes on top of her and smooch her lips with passion after kissing her whole body again. Om slowly enters Gauri as it’s her first time.

Gauri dig her nail in his bare back and om start moving inside Gauri and soon whole room echoes with moans and groans.

A beautiful night formed and beautiful bodies gets united as a one soul.

Screen freezes on sky……..

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