I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 78- Shivaay to go against society

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“But i really felt bad”….. how disgusting Anu is she called her mother in law her mother but poor mother who keep her in her womb for nine months and stayed with her for not less but twelve years she forget her and join a new motherly relation with Mrs Oberoi…….. hahahaaaa…

How bad is it for Mrs Rajput opps Anu’s Mum

“Pinky shockingly ” Vanhii !!

“Aarohi eyes gets widen with shock” having flashback Vanhi evilness

“Vanhi smirks evilly” i’m back jiji!! Vanhi speaks while snapping her finger infront of Aarohi.

I’ve seen the mandap outside in yard it’s beautifully getting decorated and wow inside view just giving me sign of yours “Royalty”

“Aarohi roar ” how dare you step in my house? “Chanda call the police ” Aarohi orders Chanda

“Vanhi smiles widely” jiji !! For entery in RM it doesn’t require dareness but sharp brain.

Chanda ” nods positively….. She dails the number when Vanhi shock them…”

Vanhi ” jiji !! Where’s your Anu?”

“Aarohi without wasting time runs to Anika’s room rest of three ladies follow her but all four gets numb listening Vanhi “

“Vanhi laugh loudly ” Hahaha !!! Anika is not here but she’s here… She shows footage to Aarohi. ” see this mother india your rare daughter running on Pune street digging her past”

“Aarohi give deadly gaze to Vanhi” what you did with her.

“Vanhi peck Aarohi cheeks” Genius !! How well you know me. But you know what i’m not that bad… She fakely cries..

“Just answer me is that ture” Anika said she won’t let you do her kan……( Aarohi cuts)

“Aarohi twist her wrist”


“Vanhi shakes her body” Uuuhhh i got scared of you. “Vanhi jerk her hand” your daughter slapped me…. soon i’ll slap her past on her face

” Jhanvi marches to Vanhi ” And do you think Anika will believe you?

Vanhi ” she had already start believing her Anni”

“Aarohi squeeze her arm tightly” what poison you injected in her

Vanhi ” paka promise i didn’t told her why you cheated your Anu”…. Vanhi evilly smiles… nor i told her that she had Kaal in…..( Aarohi cuts)

“Aarohi give tightly slap to Vanhi” not a word

“Vanhi cup her cheek ” jiji !! This slap will not cost you huge and now you have to do what i’ll ask you to do. And if you didn’t do that then……….

After three hours in cctv room

“Shivaay addressing to om” you were right om!! See this there’s no footage of last two hours.

Om ” i told you before the moment we came back from Mumbai all ladies were worried… Specially Maa ( Aarohi)”

“Shivaay eyes are still fixed on cctv” And when i was passing by Anika’s room. Maa was scolding Anika i couldn’t hear it well but Maa was really furious. I’m hundred percent sure something happened after we exist from RM.

“Om checking other cctv footage” Shivaay !! Come here and see this.

“Shivaay runs to Om” What ??

Om” the moment Dev uncle came back…. he was too looking worried and then Maa came and drag him so instantly to their room. And after twenty minutes Commissioner walk in.

Shivaay ” i’m telling you something happened footages are deleted and then all this”

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

What was that lady saying that something really big is keep under cover about which i’m not awear about? And the day it came infront of me everything will change what will change? Anika stretching her head.

“Think Anika think” what’s going around you?They way she ( Aarohi) has start behaving with you.

For the first time she slapped you i know though it was my fault but why my single mistake and her anger reaches on peak.

Just few minutes ago how she was scolding me. ” Seriously !! I just went out for half an hour and she scolded me like i went out for whole life. “

Something is really suspension in RM or i say about all.

Whenever i question her about where she was she never tells me.

The moment i touch her hands ” some faint blur images strike my brain”

Anika jala apney dimagh ki baati aur soch k yeh ka jhol hai is say tu anjaan hai.

( Anika lighten up your brain and think what’s the matter about which you are not awear)

“Anika’s brain give her green single” when i step to baba’s room. Why she said like this? The day i came to know about past…..


And who’s this Vanhi? I’ve heard this name before too.

“From whom should i asked about” Shivaay!!

No !! He will never tell me Secret Singh Oberoi jo hai.

Anika keep on taking names and finally a knock brighten Anika’s mind.

“Bhavya knocks marches in ” Anika di !! Look your bridal outfit is here. Bhavya speaks while placing it on bed. It’s so pretty and elegant.

Anika ” Doll !! Who’s this Vanhi? I’ve heard this name before but i’m not getting it.

“Bhavya eyes gets widen with shock” she turns and gazes Anika agitatedly.

Anika di i don’t know and please check it’s fitting. I’ve to go to Gauri di she was calling me long. Saying this she tries to run when Anika grap her hand.

Anika ” Doll !! Let me who’s she? Today as well baba was saying…..( Bhavya cuts)

“Bhavya laughs fakely” Anika di !! If dad was talking about her than it must be new investors or related to business and you know business and all are not my cup of tea.

“Anika frees her” yup !! It’s can be you go and l’ll check it.

“Bhavya immediately runs from there”

“Anika narrow her eyes” definitely !! Something is fishy and now only one can help me…..

Scene shifts to Shivaay’ s room

Dadi” Puttar it’s culture !!”

Shivaay” who formed it?”

“Pinky aunty” Shivaay from years these rituals are followed and you can’t change these rituals of society nor society perspective”

Shivaay” Maa!! I’ve no concern with that so called society nor i care about their perspective. And for me my family perspective matters and what you said i can’t change society. Yes!!! I can’t and i don’t want to change those who themselve don’t want to bring change.

But i know i can change my world perspective and my world is my family not those stranger.

Pinky aunty” Shivaay!! Girls really home is her in laws and have faith in me i will only give love to Anika. And i won’t impose any restriction on her she can anytime come to RM

Shivaay” you can’t be her Maa. Mom you tell me both daughter and mother met after twenty years, twenty years it’s not small time spane. Forget about Anika she was young enough to remember her Maa face but what about Maa , Anika face in changed in twenty years and non of us told Maa that she’s her Anu. But with just a single touch and Maa reconized that she’s her Anu.

We all have seen this kind of scenes in movies that mother after years reconized her child but me and you all have seen it in real. Maa single touch and Anika gets calm.

Dadi” girls have to leave there parents home”

Shivaay” answer me one question….. gods came down and whispers that after getting married girl has to stay with husband family not with hers family with whom she lived for years she after talking seven rounds have to go from that house where her perious childhood memories took birth.
And if it’s written somewhere na i won’t read those text which i can’t implement in my life”

Pinky aunty crying” i’m also mother and was daughter of my parents. Your dadi is also someone daughter we all have left our parents”

“Shivaay wiping her tears” kabhi kisi nay ap say poucha hai k ap apney maa baap ka ghar chhodna chati thi? Aur kya ap khud bhi chhodna chati thi

( have someone ever asked you that do you want to leave your parents house? And do you by your own will wanted to leave them?)

Pinky ” nods negatively… bohat dard hota hai apney maa baap ko chhodnaye per itna k bidaai k waqt jo anso behtaye hai na anso nahe khoon hota hai”

( no it’s the most painful moment when we have to leave our parents at time we have to bid bye to them those tears that comes out are actually blood)

Shivaay” to phir kyun har dard aurat he ko bardast karna hota hai…

( then why all pains has to be bear my women?)

Agar koi larka kisi larki ka r*pe karta hai to kyun dadi ap ka samaaj us larki ko he bura bhala kehta hai.

( if a boy r*pe a girl then why grandma your society blames that innocent girl and taunts her?)

Kya woh larki khud apna dupptta utar kar larkey ko plate may serve karti hai k lo yeh meri izat aur cheer do isay?

(Is that girl herself welcome guy to come and snatch her dignity?)

Kyun larki khud ko khatam kar leti hai… kyun woh larka khud ko nahe khatam kar leta.

( why after getting r*pe girl commit suicide, why not that wolf )

Jab woh ghatiya shaks saamaj may ke daag hota per us ka inshan ek masoom larki k maathey per he rakhta hai ap ka he samaj.

( when that man who’s himself a stain in this society then why your society puts the mark of his evilness on hers forehead)

Jab ek aurat maa nahe ban pati to phir maa na baney ka taan sirf Maa ko he milta hai kya woh bhagwan say kehti hai k mujh maa nahe bana?

( when a woman can’t became mother , it’s blames also comes on her. Is that she herself request gods that she don’t want to became mother)

Jab ek aurat ka ghar todta hai to us ghar ka malba bhi ap ka samaj aurat per he ghirata hai.

( when a woman house breaks it’s blame also comes on her and she alone has to bear the weight of her broken shelter )

Mard ki in sab may koi galti nahe hoti kya… “Isaan to khata ka putla hota hai na”. Aur Isaan hum mard aur aurat dono ko he kehtaye hai na to phir kyun khata honeye per aurat he saza pati hai aur woh he kyun kasoorwar ?

( is that man is not responsible for all these? “Err is human”. And both men and women are call human. Then why after every sin committed only she’s blamed and punished)

Haan koi jawab ap sab k pass in sab ka?

( do you have answer for all these questions)

“All get speechless and bend their head”

Shivaay cries and request all to come with him

All gather in Anika’s room

Shivaay” takes the remote and press the button whole room gets filled with Aarohi pictuers and her

Dadi” gazes the room with tears

Shivaay” Anika nay apni Maa ko khoney k baad apni he duniya bana liye thi yeh Anika k liya chaar dewaroo per khara kamra nahe hai ek feeling hai aur ap sab chatey hai k main Anika say is esaas ko cheen loon to phir mujh may aur us Vanhi may kya farq hai”

( after Anika lost her mother she created her own world. This room is not just standing on four pillars but all is it a feeling. And all you want that i should snatch this feeling from her then what will be difference between me and that Vanhi)

Aur sirf he kamra nahe esay bohat say kamraye hai is ghar may jaha Anika nay apni duniya banai hui hai. Aur ap say chataye hai main apni zindagi ko khushiyon say bharney k liya main Anika ki duniya say us ke raag cheen loon.

( And not only this room but there are many other rooms too where Anika created her world. And just for my happiness i just snatch colors from Anika’s world )

Dadi ap say nay kabhi Dev uncle ki ankhey nahe dekhi per mainey un ki woh nazar un ki nazaro may ek gharu hai aur woh gharu shan o shakot ki waja say nahe balkey un ka gharu Anika hai aur jab, jab Anika ghiri unsay ghira dekh Dev uncle ka dil nahe un ki kamar todti hai.

( grandma have you ever seen in Dev uncle eyes. You have not seen but i’ve seen his eyes are filled with pride and that pride he had is not because of this luxurious life and royalty but his pride is Anika and when ever Anika collapsed with ground seeing her collapsing not his heart but his backbone was cracking )

Maa may Anika ka dil nahe us ki rooh hai. Jab Anika muskari to Maa ko laga jesa unho ko svarg mil gaya

( in mother it’s not her heart but her soul. The day Anika smiled mother got her heaven on earth)

Dadi g k liya Anika un k ghar ka noor woh noor jo jalta hai to un ka aagan roshan ho jata hai agar us diye ki roshani madham ho jaye to dadi g ka angan tareek ho jata hai

( for grandmaa Anika is her light that light when it glows with her brightness grandma yard gets brighten and when that diye light gets low then her yard gets dark)

Aur Gayu un k liya Anika un ki behan nahe ek dhaal hai jesa ek bhai apni behan ki raksha karta hai usi tarah Gayu k liya Anika hai.

( for Gayu, Anika is not their sister but is cage for them like a brother protects his sister from every evil same like Anika is for them)

Now you tell me what should i do ? Anika is not saying anything from her mouth but i’ve seen Anika her eyes are fixed on clock and on her prose she’s counting time. And saying….





( i wish this time gets stop here. And like these breaths and heartbeats are journeying together in me i wish their destination would get one )

In Evening

“Aarohi making Gauri wear royal jewellery ” just a perfect compliment for a prettiest bridal.

“Gauri caresses her neck piece” Maa !! They are really elegant but these all are yours na then why you are giving them to me

“Aarohi pecks Gauri forehead” whatever is mine it’s all belongs to my trio princesses and it’s a ritual too. My mum give them to me and your Maa give them to her princesses……..

Song plays

Son chiraiya ik din ud jayegi
Pinjara tod ik din ud jayegi

“Gauri hugs Aarohi in sitting position” your are the bestest Maa in the entire universe. Please maa give me birth in all seven birth. But next time i want to come in this world as your son not daughter.

“Aarohi reciprocates the hug” even i want to be yours mother in all seven births. But i still want you to be my daughter not son.

Chali jayegi yeh, chali jayegi yeh piya ji ke desh
Phir na aayegi..

“Gauri breaks the hug and cutely argues with Aarohi” No !! I only want to be a son of yours. At least then i don’t have to bid bye to my parents.

Chali jayegi yeh piya ji ke desh
Phir na aayegi..
Chhoti si gudiya ho gayi hai kitni badi

“Aarohi smiles on Gauri antics” you can became know my chullbull son!!

“Gauri mouth gets perfect O” how did you know about it?

Aarohi pulls Gauri nose” i’ve my detectives all around and all those moment i missed of you trio someone is making them to re-live those.

Gauri eyes gets watery”

“Aarohi wipes her tears” chullbull !! No tears ok because i hate them.

“Gauri hugs her tightly” i love you and i’ll miss you

Aa jayegi jab bida hone ki ghadi
O maiya tu, o maiya tu khadi khadi dwaar dekhti reh jayegi
Chali jayegi yeh piya ji ke desh
Phir na aayegi..
Son chiraiya ik din ud jayegi

Aarohi crushes her in bones” same here.

“Gauri addressing to Aarohi” Maa that boxes you brought it for Anika di na?

“Aarohi breaks the hug and gazes it” Hmm !! It’s for Anu but couldn’t get courage to give her.

Gauri” Maa !! Please go and live your last hour with your Anu”. Gauri marches to boxes and place them in Aarohi hands.

” i’m sure today Anu is waiting for her Maa”

“Aarohi glances boxes and smiles”

Screen freezes on boxes

Precape Aaj isi chhat k neechaye isi room may tum meri baahon may simat jao ge. Aur tumhare yeh komal aur nazuk laab sirf mera aur sirf mera naam he dhoraye gay.

( today under the same roof and room you will melt in my embrace and these soft lips will only repeat my name)



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