I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 77 – Anika threatens Shivaay

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“Jhanvi addressing to Chanda” Our plan got failed !! What we all thought and what it shaped?

“Chanda speaks with huge disappointment ” i thought Anika will protest but she agreed upon Pinky aunty demand ……(pinky cuts)

“Pinky cries” No!! I’m responsible for this i snatch a rare daughter for her mother….. i can’t meet bharja ji eyes now i’m ashamed of what i need. Bharja ji eyes were in pool of tears when i was claiming her Anu mine.

Chanda ” Anuty ji is dying to hear Maa from Anika mouth in her full consciousness but Anika has turn so stubborn that she’s not ready to accept anuty ji”.

Jhanvi ” tomorrow is Anika’s last day in RM and with bhabhi ji and our last hope till tomorrow if Anika didn’t call bhabhi ji Maa then gods knows what will be bhabhi ji condition.

Scene shifts to Devi ji room

Dev” Anu!! Please look her…. he turns Anika makes her face Aarohi who’s standing there with tears”

“Aarohi requesting all” leave us alone for sometime….

Devi ji” sign all to come along with her. Soon one by one give few glances to Anika with hopes walk out of the room”

“Aarohi step forward cup Anika face” Anu!! Call me Maa

” Anika takes a deep breath , breath of sorrow and pain ”

Song plays

Ve tu faisley hi faasle vadhaun wale keete
Ve tu faisley hi faasle vadhaun wale keete
Nahi taa tere ton kareeb mere dass kaun si

“Anika in demanding tone” first tell me where were you?

“Aarohi gets irked ” why you ask the same question from me? Can’t you let it go.

Anika” No!! I can’t and i want know where were you these years? I want to know complete truth and no own cooked stuff.

Aarohi ” is truth more important for you then our relation?

Anika ” relation foundation is on truth”

Aarohi ” some relation don’t need…..( Anika cuts)

Anika ” don’t twist the topic just tell me are you telling me everything or not”

Aarohi ” nods negatively”

“Anika cross her arms around her waist” fine don’t tell me keep it with yourself but now listen to me.

Humein sach jaana hai agar ap nay humein sach nahe bataya to hum ap ko apna kanya dhan nahe karney dey gay

“Aarohi eyes gets widen with shock” how can you?…. Aarohi cries

“Anika threatening ” I can do this literally i can and i mean that too also and forget…… ( Aarohi cuts)

“Aarohi pleading grasps Anika hand” just call me Maa na i want to hear you.

“Anika smiles widely” Why me huh?? All are calling you M….. ( word dies in Anika mouth) is that not enough for you first Gayu and now Shivomru as well…. Anika claps for her

“Aarohi nodding negatively” No!! It’s not enough for me i want my Anu to call me Maa….. Aarohi speaks with irritating tone.

Anika ” why ? What’s the matter that it’s not enough for you?

“Aarohi grabs Anika elbow shake her” Because it doesn’t sound good to my ears my ears only wants your voice in them , you are the one who complete me , my life and my world everything got perfect the day you called me Maa. Anu just say it na……

“Anika in taunting tone ” I knew it from the beginning you are mean but sorry to say you have turn so selfish too.

“Aarohi jerk Anika” Haan hum hai Svaarthe aur matalabi apni Anu k liya. Humera liya apni Anu say phelaye koi bhi nahe hai ata koi bhi nahe. Hum khud bhi nahe…. Suna koi bhi tum say baad kar koi bhi nahe hai Aarohi k liya.

( yup i’m mean and selfish for you. From me no one is above then you not myself too. Have you listen)

“Anika composing herself ” such an impressive dialogues….. Anika repeats Aarohi words…. but does they have effect on me? Anika question Aarohi with stern tone

“Aarohi cries” Per humain fark parta hai tum say juri har baat say har harqat say… please Anu ek baar humein Maa keha kar pukar do. Kal tumhari is ghar say bidaai ho jaye gi aur hum us eshaas ko us awaaz ko khud may kaid kar lena chahatey hai….. ( Anika interuptes )

( but i care about everything that is related to you. Please Anu tomorrow you have to bid bye to me and before that i want to cage your feelings and your voice in me)

“Anika in stern tone”


( you can cage in these boundaries but i won’t let myself to be Imprisonment in you)

“Aarohi in breaking tone”


( mother’s love is not any Imprison)

“Anika turns her face to control herself before she breaks out infront of Aarohi”


( i’m a rebel bird who for some moment can come under someone talks but none can imprison me for life long as it’s not rebel nature )

“Aarohi break down ” why Anu just complain me take your anger out on me but don’t say like that

“Anika marches ahead stops near door” you have time till tomorrow if you didn’t told me truth about you then like you got vanished from Anu same your Anu will and this time non can stop me……” she speaks with alarming tone.

Scene shifts to hall

“Anika marches out and without looking around step forward to her room ”

Gauri runs to Aarohi”

“Dev calls Anika out who’s approaching to her room” Anu!! Listen to me

“Anika turns her face to all” Baba if you want to talk about what i don’t want to hear or speak about then i think you should not stress yourself at this age nor it seem nice to me that all the time i have to speak with insolence with you all.

Dev” Anu !! Why you don’t want to hear? There was a time when you only want to hear and see Aarohi……( Anika cuts)

“Anika smiles” there’s it’s answer to your question in your own question Baba!!….. there was time what ” WAS” and today is ” IS” and what is left in past it can’t be hop in today. Thankyou baba for bearing me till now it’s my last night with you so happy good night….. she excuse herself and walk to her room.

“Shivaay runs after Anika”

Scene shifts to Devi ji room

“Gauri screams” Maa !! She runs to Aarohi and hugs her tightly… what happened to you? She question her with huge concern

Aarohi” keep on crying without uttering a word”

“Dev makes Aarohi stand on her feet” stop crying princess…. he speaks in between wiping her tears… tell me what Anu said?

“Aarohi hugs Dev tightly” Anu said if i didn’t let her were i was in these years then she won’t let me do her “kanya dhan”!!!

All faces gets black and white.

“Dev breaks the hug and cup Aarohi face” Anu can’t do this with her Maa she only said because she’s frustrated with you. She’s your Anu and you know Anu can’t give her Maa rights over her to anyone else except her Maa stop taking her word serious…. Dev gazes both Devi ji and Gauri

“Aarohi cries” Are you sure na Anu will not act upon her words??

Dev ” Haan baba !! I’m sure stop crying now see our princess eyes are getting puff before her budaai….. Dev winks Gauri

“Gauri hugs Devohi tightly cries” i’m gonna miss you.

Devohi” we too gonna miss our princess ”

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

“Anika standing under shower with eyes tightly shut” What i’ve done to her? Why she’s making me fall weak for her why? Now what is left between us……. Whattttttt? Tell me it was your Anu decision to get aparted from you or it was yours…. Anika screams in heart…

Aarohi ” Anu !! Kissy

“Anika smiles and pouts to kiss but soon her eyes gets widely open with disappointment…. she fall on floor with huge tug hugs herself tightly

Akhan khuliyan ch takkaa mukh dissda
Band akhiyan ch vi tuhion dissda


“Aarohi questioning Anu” kya kar rahy ho Anu? ( what are you doing Anu?)

“Anu playfully hit her forehead” Ookho !! Ap khade ho na …. Anu makes Aarohi stand infront of temple

“Aarohi holds Anu” Child i’ve to prayer from gods you too join your hands and prayer

“Anu pouts cutely” woh he to Anu kar rahy hai na. Per ap hum prayer he nahe karney de rahy…. “she pouts sadly”.

( that’s what i’m trying to do but you are not letting me)

“Aarohi peck Anu pouts” gods temple is there….. Aarohi makes Anu face temple.

“Anu smiles turn her face to Aarohi” Na !! Anu ka temple aur gods sirf Anu ki maa hai…. Anu chuckle….

( no Anu temple and gods both are you)

“Aarohi eyes gets widen with shock she keep on staring Anu who gets buzy with taking rounds around Aarohi with eyes close, hands joined and soft little lips curved in huge innocent smile”

Flashback ends

Anika ” just give reason why you did that with you Anu??? Anika hit her head with wall….past memories keep on hitting Anika heart

Mere varge mureed tere dass kaun si
Mere varge mureed tere dass kaun si
Dass tere ton kareeb mere hor kaun si
Ve tu faisley hi faasle vadhaun wale keete

“Shivaay knocks ” Anika are you inside the restroom? Open the door what you are doing? Come out otherwise i’ll break the door. He again knocks…. ok i’m coming in… He warns Anika and about to break the door when Anika unbold the lock and come out before she could move futher Shivaay pin Anika to wall.

“Anika in cold tone” Shivaay !!

“Shivaay rub his cheek with hers ” why you have turn so stubborn ? Can’t you spit out your bitter past and live in peace? And you drenched under shower? He speaks with soft and polite tone

“Anika jerk him ” i didn’t give you this right to talk with me about my past. Did you get that.. saying this she step away from him.

“Shivaay holds Anika ” masala kya hai tumhara? ( what’s your problem)

“Anika smiles ” whatever is it , it’s my ” Masala” and one more thing if you again tries to convince me about what i don’t to be…..Anika slightly turns her face to Shivaay


( name written in hand can be erased too)

“Shivaay pull Anika close to him”


( for sure name in hand gets erased but not from soul and hands lines)

Aur raha sawal maa ka kal i’ll make you call her out

( and tomorrow you will call maa)

“Anika with stern tone” then listen to me


( i’ll get married by tomorrow but might be my groom comes to be someone else)

“Shivaay sandwich Anika between him and mirror” what you said? His eyes getting red with anger…..

“Anika in cold tone” i don’t have the habit to repeats my words…. leave me and go to your room

“Shivaay twist Anika wrist pull her close to him now both heartbeat echoes in room”


( my wedding to be held by tomorrow and it will be with you)

Shivaay rubs his warm thumb on Anika cold lips.

“Anika shiver with his touch she in response clutches Shivaay collar tightly”

“Shivaay smirks” my effect !! He whispers huskly in her ear………

Anika close her eyes tightly as Shivaay is seductively stroking Anika wet curves.

O jaana plays

“Shivaay ordering Anika” breath Anika just breath

“Anika start breathing heavily again” stop it Shivaay

“Shivaay give small kiss on her shoulder” i love you

“Anika moan in response”

Shivaay ” this moan makes me more crazy for you but i’ll show this craziness to you some other day. Now go and change and don’t stress yourself more.

“Anika comes out of his embrace ” walk to closet with mix emotions……………

“Shivaay thinking” i’ve distracted her for now and thanks to Maa her anger is losing. But still i’ve to keep an eye on her….. “he keep on thinking while looking for sleeping pills…..

Next day

“Pinky apologising ” bharja ji please forgives me. My intentions where not to hurt you. And what ever we did was for you… pinky talks while gazing jhanvi, chanda and dadi

Dadi ” puttar !! Pinky is saying right…..( Aarohi cuts)

“Aarohi fakely smiles” sorry maa ji i’m interrupting you in mid… but you all don’t need to apologise from me i know what you all did was for me. And i’m not upset infact i’m happy that my Anu got her mother

“Chanda kneel on floor cup Aarohi hands” Didn’t you felt bad your Anu called pinky aunty ji her ” mummy”??

“Aarohi brushes Chanda cheek” tora sa laga that per ab na…….. ( voice cuts from enterance )

( for sometime i felt)

“But i really felt bad”….. how disgusting Anu is she called her mother in law her mother but poor mother who keep her in her womb for nine months and stayed with her for not less but twelve years she forget her and join a new motherly relation with Mrs Oberoi…….. hahahaaaa…

How bad is it for Mrs Rajput opps Anu’s Mum

All faces gets black and white to hear the voice

Screen freezes on Aarohi

Precape will Aarohi be able tell where she was for twenty years or not?

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