I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 76- Shivaay’s name on Anika palm

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“Shivaay approaching to Aarohi gazing Anika angrily” it’s good Maa you came yourself i was just about to call you.

“Aarohi gazing Anika” what happened? Shivaay beta why Anu crying and why you threw her?

“Anika gulps with fear” avoiding to contact Aarohi.

Shivaay” Ask what not happened this time. Maa?”

Aarohi” what you mean? Shivaay!!

Shivaay ” come with me Maa i’ll tell you everything….. He step out along with Aarohi stops near door turns and stares Anika angrily”

“Anika sobbing” nods negatively

After few minutes

“Aarohi marches to Anika with cold voice questioning ” what ever Shivaay told me is that true?

“Anika gazing Aarohi keep on gulping her saliva with fear ” j…ho.ot…..( Aarohi voice cuts her)

Scene shifts conference room

Dev” commissioner listen to me i want Vanhi to be alive. Tomorrow is my daughters wedding soon they both step out from their father house. The next moment i’ll kill Vanhi.

Commissioner” Mr Rajput listen to me i can understand your emotions but you can’t take law in hands and it’s count and judge will give punishment to Vanhi not you”

“Dev stern voice” Dev Singh Rajput is law himself and i don’t follow laws but yours laws follow The DSR.

C” Mr Rajput !! How can you say that why your two daughters are government ser…..( Dev cuts)


And this world knows that very well that when it comes to DSR pride than i don’t give even a shit to anyone means anyone.

C” And what if your prides came to know that their beloved baba and Dad who’s hands are made to bless them with same hands he killed someone”

“Dev hit his hand on table” what your so called law will punish her? Just they will throw her in jail for life long or hanged till death ? Thats it. She snatched my lifes from me and you want this much simple death for her. Noooo!!

C” Calm down !! Mr Rajput but sorry i won’t allow you to take law in hands and this is not i’m saying as an officer but as a friend.

And Dev if you didn’t keep my words then i’ll tell everyone that Vanhi is in police custody and after that you know how Shivaay will react and do you want that before Anika’s and Shivaay wedding , Shivaay instead of knotting mangalsutar around Anika’s neck his own hands gets tied with handcuff?”

“Dev eyes gets blood red” you are blackmailing DSR

“C pats on Dev shoulder” i’m not that much capable to do so but i’m making you understand that after long time your pride( he’s pointing towards Anika) is glowing you want that again this RM should get dark like years ago

“Dev shurg his hand away” it won’t happen again and my pride will glow and in her glory this world will get bright.

And you are not going to tell anything to Shivaay kids safety is father first responsibily

C” that’s was only my point. Now don’t worry Vanhi will be soon punished for her sins but still she’s alive you have to keep an eagle eye and don’t let Anika and bhabhi ji out alone.

Dev” nods positvely”

C” now i shall take your leave and stop stressing and enjoy your last few hours with your daughters. After that they have to bid bye to their father DSR.

Dev “exit from backside i don’t want anyone to see you.”

C”you don’t have to hide your tears Dev!! I know it not easy for you but it had to happen… saying this he walk out.

“Dev takes his fone out of his caresses picture of Aniriya ” tomorrow i’ve to bid bye to my sparrows and then there will be again no chirp of you.

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

Aarohi” why you didn’t told me you are hungry? And want to eat Aloo puri and gajar ka halwa?

“Anika shockingly glances Shivaay”

“Shivaay complaining Aarohi” Maa!! Look i told you and know she with her big orbs scaring me.

“Aarohi compose herself next to Anika” can’t you complain yourself to me that you want Aloo puri instead of complaining Shivaay’s about me.

“Anika take a breath of relief” w….o..hh hum….( Aarohi cuts)

Aarohi ” i’m any monster from whom you are sc……( Anika gesture cuts her)

“Anika quickly shake her head positvely”

Shivaay and Aarohi gazes eachother ??

“Anika mentally slap herself on what she does”

Shivaay rise her voice” Maa!! Monster hai…..

Anika stammering ” Na. he, Na..he aisa k…k..uch nahe h. a.. i ss. sa..chi ( no it’s not like that)

“Aarohi wiping Anika tears” stop stammering i know you more than you know yourself. I’ve already perpared it for you. Just wait here and let me get this for my Anu….. Aarohi peck her forehead and step out from room

Soon Aarohi leaves Anika runs to Shivaay and hugs him tightly

Anika cries” thankyou Shivaay and sorry too”

“Shivaay makes Anika sit in his lap ” stop crying….. He intertwine his fingers with hers kiss them…. tell me why you did so?

“Anika hiding her face in his chest” maids where talking


( note: i’m using M for maid)

M 1″ i can’t believe in this century also your in laws are behaving like illiterate people. They do tests of girls whether she’s healthy and capable of being mother or not.

M 2 ” Yeah!! It’s rule in village and not only this but they do virginity test first before they get their sons married to girls?

M 3 ” seriously!!! How can they do so hurting girls self respect and they for there so called rules and all”

M 2 ” it is but who has ability to stand against them but as i’m mother of two sons somewhere i believe it’s good to do so. What ever the situation of our country is and they way girl are spoiling specially these rich people….. you just take an example of Rajput’s elder daughter ” Anika ma’am” she is alcoholic and had the habit of going to clubs and what if someone took advantage of her

M 1″ stay quite if anyone heard this they will kill you. You know very well what she’s for Rajputs”

M 3 ” Yeah! Not only for Rajput’s but now Oberoi’s also”

M 2 ” what wrong i said and it’s not only this she had recover from such a big disease how knows in future she will be capable of being mother or not or what if she suffer from some other diseases alo because i’ve heard after one disease chances of others to caught rises”

Flashback ends

“Shivaay blood boils in anger” i won’t leave that maid nor her family how can she point on Shivaay’s Anika….

“Anika holds him tightly” calm down Shivaay. They are not at fault and i didn’t do these test because on them but i myself want this and what wrong they said i, don’t know after drinking who took ad……( Shivaay cuts)

“Shivaay cup her mouth” only i’ve the right touch you Anika and no one can touch you except me because you are only mine only Shivaay’s Anika. You are born to be mine and you will be mine in each birth. Both gets lost in eachother.

O jaanaa plays

Shivaay breaks the eyelock in SSO mode and tone worrying Anika

“Anika just fix it in your heart ” jab tak Shivaay zinda hai tab tak us k hotaye huwaye us ki zindagi ko kuch nahe ho sakta.

( till i’m alive till then nothing can happen to his life.)

“Anika leanes her head on his chest”

“Shivaay brushing her back and pov ” ho kya gaya is ko? Is ki Tadi , is ka khud per vishwaaz sab he kehi kho gaya hai.

( what happened to her? Her tadi, all her faith on her all is losted)

Anika” Shivaay!! Now leave me i’ve to go”

Shivaay ” Anika !!

Anika ” want to say something?”

“Shivaay cup her hand” Anika !! Maa ko maaf kar do ek baar un ko……. ( Anika cuts )

( forgive mother and just for once…..)

“Anika pull herself out from Shivaay embrace” for what? What she did that you are saying that i should forgive her….. Anika wipe her tears…. ” she didn’t nothing”… She pick her dress from bed and walk inside closet

After few hour

“Bhavya applying mehndi on Gauri hand” Gauri di you know omkara ji also applied mehndi and written your name in his hand.

“Gauri with excitement” Really !! How you know?

Bhavya ” see this….. she shows picture to Gauri”

“Gauri shies” i’ve never thought that omkara ji will do such things

Shallu ” it’s not such thing but it’s called love, love, love….. Shallu acts like SKR

Everyone giggles on Shallu acts

“Aarohi requesting Chanda” can i apply mehndi on Anu hands.

“Chanda smiles” off course !! Anuty ji you can and there’s no need to request too she’s my friend but before that she’s your Anu first. “Right Anika ?”…. pinky cuts

“Pinky takes mehndi from Chanda hand sit next to Anika” Sorry bharja ji but from now your Anu is mine so according to that i’ve the right to write Shivaay’s name on my daughter hand. I hope it’s ok for you…. Kyun Anika?

“Anika with heavy heart” ap theek keha rahe hai pinky aunty…. aur phir yeh mehndi ka rang he to decide karta hai k saas aur bahu ka rishta kitna ghara hai. Aj jab yeh mehndi ap lagaye ge to is ka rang aur bhi ghara ho jaye ga jitna ghara rang uthna he ghara aur mazboot rishta bhi..

( you are saying correct aunty ji. This Mehndi color decides the bound between daughter in law and mother in law. The deeper it’s color the strongest will be the relation)


( otherwise some relations seems to be every colourful both nor they are strong nor they are kept protected )

“Aarohi with watery eyes gazes Anika”

“Shallu pulls Chanda ” come Chanda di lets dance

Song plays

Bandh Mutthi Mein Dil Ko Chupaye Baithe Hain

“Devi ji pacifing Aarohi” everything will get fine soon please don’t leave hope

Aarohi ” nods positively”

“Pinky addressing to Anika” open your hand Anika!!

“Anika staring Aarohi passes her hand to pinky”

Hai Bahana Ke Mehndy Lagaye Baithe Hain
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain
Yeh To Mehndy Hai Yeh To Mehndy Hai
Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain
Yeh To Mehndy Hai Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain

Aarohi pov” is that i really deserve this? Yup i deserve this. What ever my Anu has to suffer was just because of me.

Years back i left her hand then why i’m feeling bad when Anu give her hand to bhabhi ji?

Anika pov” because you can’t see anyone closeness with me same i was i never let even Gayu to get close with you but what you didn’t with me left me alone in this world and then this is world routine when there’s no gadener around flower they plucked out and mark them their’s

Log Baago Se Ise Tod Ke Le Aate Hain
Aur Patthar Pe Ise Shauk Se Pisvaate Hain

Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy

Anika ” pinky anuty!! I’m done with my mehndi now you too apply mehndi on your hands”

Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy

“Pinky smiles” i’m blessed that i got you. Today with writing Shivaay’s name in Anika’s palm i declare infront of everyone that for Pinky Singh Oberoi Anika will always come first even before Shivaay too. And i’m not Anika’s mother- in- law but her mother…… Pinkyannounce with overwhelming tone.

“Jhanvi with same overwhelming tone.” And i Jhanvi Singh Oberoi declear Gauri and Bhavya as my daughters and i’ve three daughters. She hugs Gayu tightly.

“Gayu smiles ” take blessing from jhanvi

Devi ji” where is Anika?…. she questions all with tense tone”

Shallu shouts” Anika di is here”

“Anika twirl around Aarohi”

Apne Ras Rang Se Is Duniya Ko Sajana Hain

Apne Ras Rang Se Is Duniya Ko Sajana Hain

“Aarohi tries to hold Anika”

“Anika hugs Pinky” thankyou for coming in my life.

Kaam Mehndy Ka To Gairon Ke Kaam Aana Hain

“Pinky hugs her tightly” thankyou for filling my heart with love. I always want a daughter like jethani ji and see today i got my daughter.

“Aarohi fist her palm tightly”

Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy

Shallu” some sweets for these new relations”

“Dadi addressing to Aarohi” puttar! Now your daughters are ours

“Anika staring Aarohi” just a single night left then your and mine routes will be aparted and this time forever……. She excuse herself and marches to her room. ..

Song plays

Hai dil ko teri aarzoo…….

Scene shifts to Devi ji room

“Anika questioning Dev” Baba you called me here is everything ok? Why you all are so upset? Something happened?

Dev” Anu!! Aarohi is……( Anika cuts)

Anika” baba !! I’m tired so you all are looking so i think we all should approach to our rooms and rest now. Saying this she tries to run from there when Gauri holds her.

Gauri grasp Anika wrist ” Anika di just for once rewind all those moment you spend with maa, the day when for the first time you called Maa….. Maa

Anika ” Chutki !! Leave my wrist and go and better rest instead of poking your nose in useless matter.

Devi ji ” the day you said…… Maa aur Aloo puri sirf Anu ki hai”

“Dev holds Anika from shoulder” the day you said ” Maa ko hum say zayad kissy koi nahe karye ga. Maa sirf Anu ki Maa hai aur kisi ki nahe hai aur agar kisi ko koi boblem hai to hum usay storeroom may band kar dey gay.

( no one is going to kiss mother more than me. Mother is only mine and if anyone have problem with this then i’m gonna lock you in storeroom)

“Anika i was just a stupid kid ” and said all those silly words and i didn’t remember them too…. Anika controlling her tears walk away

Shivaay” that was not stupidity but your love for your mother and loving mother is not called stupidity”

Anika” nor it called love also please i’m much happy see finally your name is written in my palm Anika smiles gazing Shivaay name in her palm.

Om” Anika bhabhi you want to say that you don’t love Maa then what this called? Her presences brought smile on your face which was lost. ”

Anika” i didn’t smile because of her but i want to show her that my life didn’t stopped after she left me”

Shivaay ” main khirkitod Anika hoon aur main kisi say nahe darti to phir Maa say kyun darti ho? Jawab do”

( i’m khirkitod Anika and i’m not afarid of anyone then why you get frighten of mother. Answer me?)

Dev” Anu!! Please look her…. he turns Anika makes her face Aarohi who’s standing there with tears”

Screen freezes on Anika and Aarohi


Precape Doll tell me who’s Vanhi? I’ve heard this name before too but i’m not getting it and what baba was saying that……


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