I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 75 – Shivaay in SSO mode

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Shivaay feeling blessed to have her ” just last gili gili…. Shivaay eyeing her glossy pinky lips….. he pouts??

Pure chand ki ye aadhi raat hai
Poore chand ki ye aadhi..

“Anika with shock” pagal ho gay hai…. ( have you gone mad)

“Shivaay about to capture her lips when door opens and both get shocked listening Aarohi voice “

Aarohi ” Anu!!!

“Anika hugs Shivaay tightly jumps in pool” maar gayi Anu …….?? ( Anu is dead)

Aarohi worries” Anu is scared of darkness and this room…. Anu where are you? Are you fine na… she put lights on start looking for Anika.”

“Anika tightly hug Shivaay” if she caught me what i’m gonna do?

“Shivaay enjoying holding Anika close” don’t panic Anika when i’m here.

Anika” you are here that is the biggest problem”

“Aarohi approaching to pool” why pool water is waving?

Anika gulps” Shivaay !! Do something she’s coming towards pool”

Shivaay” if we got caught then i’ll tell maa that you called me”??

Anika” What? When i called you? Shivaay how can you do this to me?

Shivaay” Sshhhh!! Maa is coming

Anika” hides in Shivaay more”

Aarohi” about to look inside the pool when her fone beep. She reads the message walk out of the room”

Shivaay” phew!!!! We got save… he brings Anika out of pool… grins loudly”

Anika” Shameless Singh Oberoi!! See what you did my whole dress turns…..( Shivaay cuts)

“Shivaay pulls Anika close to him” dress turns yellow or you have turn yellow to red ?

Anika” you are laughing? Now what i’ll do… she panics

“Shivaay peck her forehead” Anika’s Shivaay always come up with plans from A-Z……

Come with me….. he drags Anika to closet and shows her the same dress she’s wearing right now.

“Anika smiles” how do you know?

“Shivaay brushes Anika cheeks” loves knows… now stop smiling go and change before your doll comes in

Anika” what you did with doll?”

Shivaay” grins”


Bhavya” Rudra!! Why you called me here?

“Rudra fakely cries” Bhavya??

“Bhavya cup Rudra face” why you are crying Rudra? Everything is fine na , please tell me?

“Rudra hugs bhavya tightly” Bhavya !! I’m sorry

Bhavya” for what you are saying sorry? Please tell me clearly i’m not getting an inch”

Rudra” Bhavya!! I love alot but my Ahivaay bhaiya loves Anika bhabhi alot and i can’t see you to spoil their haldi…..( bhavya pushes him back)

Bhavya” Shut up!! Rudra”

“Rudra makes puppy face” but today i’ve to shut door and your mouth???… he pushes bhavya on bed and ties her mouth, hands and feet.

Bhavya struggling ” leave me”

Rudra” if i’ve to leave you then why would i’ve to tie you?…. He rise his eyebrows??

Now till my bhaiya don’t apply haldi on your di you have to stay like this…… Banderiyaaaa????

“Bhavya shouts in mind” Obrossssss!!!!

Flashback ends

“Anika snap her fingers” what ?

“Shivaay smiles” nothing!! Same as you are enjoying with me she’s enjoying with Rudra. Now go and change you will get cold and then i’ve to warm you…. ?

Shivaay rocks!!!!!??

Anika shocks!!!!?…..

Anika sneeze” Aachuuuu!!!??”

Shivaay” see you got cold come let me warm you… he peck Anika cheeks??

“Anika mouths gets widely open and cup her cheeks”

Shivaay” bye jaan get ready before someone catches you red…. Shivaay runs from there leaving Anika in shock

Scene shifts to Hall

Chanda” Anika where were you? You took so long ”

Anika” my washroom door got jam. I was calling you but you need came”.

Chanda” really!!!”?

Pinky” Oho!! Chanda leave it now come lets start the function”

Chanda” makes Anika sit and whispers… paka na your door got jam or someone…… ??

Gauri” Anika di !! Why your body is so moist?”

“Dadi comes and sit next to Anika” can we start the ritual?

Aarohi” off course but where’s doll now?

“Bhavya hugs Aarohi from back” i’m here Maa

Aniri” gazes eachother and smile seeing bhavya”

Jhanvi” who will apply haldi first on Anika and Gauri”

Bhavya ” Gauri di ki to first hai per Anika di ki toh…..( Anika cuts)

“Anika shockingly gazes Bhavya” start coughing heavily…..

Bhavya” smiles ?

All gets worried

Scene shifts to Shivaay’s room

“Shivaay pulling Om cheeks” Aww!! O what happened? Didn’t you gets chance today to go on long drive with your barfi????

Shivaay pov” Mr Zufli !! You have just kissed your barfi but me have enjoyed her fragrance…. aahaaa… Shivaay takes a deep breath inhaling Anika fragrance… what a loving moment it was…. deep yellow pool , in that deep hug holding Anika tightly close to my heart….. her heavy breaths and my touches…. Wow????

“Om shouts ” Shivaay!! Control it’s me Om not Bhabhi

“Shivaay brushes his thoughts away and scream” From where you came ?

Om” i was here but soon you, yourself take off to your dream land and then ………?? meri izat( then my self respect)

Shivaay” Shut up and behaving like Rudy not Rudy he’s my baby boy

Om” Oh!! I see why you are praising Rudra alot. He helped you in meeting Anika bhabhi”

“Shivaay flick his hairs” SSO don’t needs anyone helps to reach his Anika. Not even any storm has guts to separate Shivika.

“Rudra from door ” Ahem!!! But Anika’s Shivaay needs help to meet his Anika. Right bhaiya? Rudra playfully hit on Shivaay shoulder.

“Shivaay shrugs off Rudra hand”

“Om burst into laughters” so what was SSO saying i don’t need anyone helps to meet or reach his Anika?

Shivaay” Shut up!! Om otherwise i’ll bald your head”

Rudra brushes Om hairs” O!! Phir Fasalein jo kaati jaayein ugti nahi hain aur larkiyon ko ganjay dhulay saajtey nahe hai???

( crops that are cut ones never grows again and girls don’t like bald groom)

Om” Shut up!! Rudra…. don’t you dare to go there… om brushes his hairs.. Gauri loves my hairs…

Rudra” then should i go on Shivaay bhaiya height”

Shivaay” throws cushion on him…. Hey !! Don’t you dare to go there.”

Rudra fakely cries ” let me go and tell Aarohi aunty ji what you did with Anika bhabhi…. Rudra about to leave when Shivaay holds him”

Shivaay” Aww!! My Rudy baby i was joking my boy”

Om” but i’m not”

Shivaay” have you forgotten your yesterday doze?”

Om” having flashback…. he quickly hold his bum… yes Shivaay how can i forget but now it’s time to return you back….. Om throws ball on Shivaay bum”

“Shivaay scream” Aaa!! Laga mujh ( i got hurt)

Rudra” same humein bhi laga tha”( i also got hurt)

Shivaay” then have it again…. He hits Rudra with ball..

Soon trio start playing hit the ball on bum with each other

Song plays

Lafzao ka yeh rishta nahe

Scene shifts to Hall

Gauri rubs Anika back” Are you fine Anika di?

“Aarohi orders maid” quickly get water for Anu.

“Anika still gazing Bhavya” yup!! I’m fine nothing to worry.

Gauri” Doll !! Come sit your your di’s

“Devi g addressing to Aarohi” beta first right is yours to put haldi on your daughters

“Pinky and jhanvi holds Aarohi from shoulders brings her near Anika and Gauri”

Jhanvi” always mother have first right on her kids

“Aarohi brushing Anri cheeks” my princesses are looking so pretty. She applies haldi on Anika and Gauri peck their foreheads

Anika” turns her face to other side”

Gauri” Anika di !! Please…..( Aarohi cuts)

Aarohi” it’s ok princess…. it’s just matter of two days then Anu you don’t have to turn you face or nor you have to hide from me. “

“Anika heart aches so badly ” listening those words but she compose herself. Yeah!! Only two days. Thankyou for your reminder and it’s moment of happiness so don’t spoil it. And continue.

“Aarohi steps backs with tears and request rest to apply haldi on Aniri”

“Dadi and Devi ” putting haldi on Aniri and bless them.

Soon everyone start applying haldi on Aniri and finally after few hours haldi function came to end. All step to their respective rooms.

Next Day

“Jhanvi addressing to Dadi” mummy ji!! Mehndi is here.

“Dadi smells it” hmmm !! It’s pure now go and give it to maids to crush them fine.

Pinky ” mummy ji !! We have to make separate Mehndi for Anika and Gauri”

Dadi” puttar why you are saying like this?

Jhanvi” Yes! Pinky any problem?

Pinky ” jethani ji!! Don’t take me wrong but there’s some reason behind it.

Jhanvi” what?”

Pinky ” Anika is allergic to cloves”

Jhanvi” Oh!! Yeah how could i forget that… thankyou pinky you remind us.

Dadi” Pinky !! I’m so happy to see your concern for Anika.”

“Pinky side hugs Dadi” it’s just i want to repent for my sins.

Jhanvi” we both are really lucky pinky that we got daughters like Aniriya”

Dadi” not only you both but Oberoi’s are blessed to have Aniriya in our lifes. What we were only spending life around worldly things… my house was coated with NKK but the day Anika step in our lifes we and specially Billu money mind is filled with love.

And after Anika , Gauri and Bhavya too step behind and then what i always dream about these trio sisters pictured it reality. I got my heaven on earth”

“Jhanvi hugs dadi from other side” hundred percent corrects mummy ji’s..

Pinky” Ohooo!! Jethani ji stops cheatings me”

Jhanvi” it’s copying not cheatings…. pinky ji’s ??

Pinky” wahi toh??? ( yeah same thing)

“Dadi hugs them tightly”

“Devi ji hugs Aarohi tightly wiping her tears” stop crying beta you have heard from these ears how your daughters are being praised by the world.

Aarohi” Hmm!! I’m so happy and now all my worries are gone. Both bhabhi’s will not be my daughters mother- in- law but they will be only their mothers. I’m so blessed.

“Devi ji coughs” Aren’t you blessed to have me?

Aarohi” I’m more blessed to have you after l lost Maa you loved me like maa that i never missed my maa in my life. And this world says wrongs that mother – in- law can never became mother. First is mother than comes in laws”

Devi ji” same goes for daughters specially like you. Princess”

Aarohi” Maa ji !! Please don’t call me Princess na”

“Devi ji peck Aarohi forehead” why can’t i call you princess?

Aarohi” maa ji you know na i don’t like that”

Devi ji” why? When you can call your daughter princess why can’t me call my daughter princess. Huh?

Aarohi” i love you maa”

Devi ji” i love you too”

Scene shifts to Hall

“Pinky addressing to Aarohi” bharjai ji !! Look na what these workers are saying that stage decoration will take time. Still the have not decorated the hall properly. See those lights are not getting fixed , these flowers and all are still on ground.

Aarohi” bhabhi ji ! Don’t panic all will be set before time and……(bhavya cuts)

“Bhavya pulling her shocks up ” Maa!! I’m going to police station i’ll be back in few hours

Aarohi” what? And why you have to go police station.Today’s your di’s Mehndi and you are going to police station.”

“Bhavya peck Aarohi cheek” Maa!! It’s matter of two hours i’ll be back please it’s urgent otherwise i won’t step out.

Pinky” OMM!! Only today’s you all have some urgent works. First all men step out, then Gauri, Chanda and Shallu went for Spa and now you also.

“Aarohi smirks and pov” it’s good all are gone out now i can spend some quality time with my Anu. Let me prepare gajar ka halwa from my Anu

After few minutes

“Anika shouts from top of staircase” Jhanvi aunty………….. she quickly run down and hold frame which was about to fall on Jhanvi.

“All scream Anika’s name”

Soon servants gather around Anika and take hold from Anika over frame.

“Anika runs to Jhanvi cup her face” Are you fine na? Nothing happened to you, show me, she makes Jhanvi sit on couch checking her body she’s fine or not

“Jhanvi caressing Anika face ” Anika beta don’t panic i’m fine. Nothing happened to me. I’m fine absolutely fine and why you took frame hold on you if anything happened to you then.

Anika” that’s not the point but point is you tell me what was the need to work and not only you why you all are working when…. Anika turns her face gazes servants and workers

All servants and workers gulp their saliva as they know what storm is filled in Anika’s orbs.

“Devi ji orders servants and workers to slip from here”

“Anika frown them” don’t move and stay here you road trash. What the hell you all are paying for. Is that the way to work? Your staff is such a crab that they fixed frame so lose that it was about to fall. Anika ranting on manager.

Manger” i’m sorry ma’am “

Jhanvi” Anika beta leave them i’m fine just let it be”

Anika ” No!! They have to answer and why should i let it me if anything happened to you then what?

Tell me the name of your agency right now.

Aarohi” Anu! Calm down and why you are getting angry i told you before to stay calm”

Anika” you are saying calm down to me ? You know this frame was about to fall on Jhanvi aunty and you are saying just relax. You all are fried right now just leave from here.

Aarohi ” eyes gets watery to see her Anu concern for Jhanvi feeling of insecurity rises in her”

Dadi” puttar !! Today is yours and Gauri Mehndi much work is pending let them work.

Anika” No!! And what time is it? 11: 40 am and when is event? In evening na then i’ll handle it all. You guys just sit……. Anika makes both dadi’s and Jhanvi and Pinky aunty sit.

Pinky” how you will ? You are bride to be”

Aarohi” Anu! Fine you kicked them i don’t mind but house servants and me gonna do the rest but you just better chill out”

“Anika holds Aarohi hand make her sit on couch blow her ears” didn’t you hear i said you all sit and i’ll do the preparations. You just chill. And tell me in how many hours you need hall to be set?

“Aarohi pull Anika down ” Have you ever seen any bride doing hers wedding preparations ?

“Oberoi’s ladies glancing Anika as they know Anika came to organize Shivaay’s wedding and she herself turn to be his bride”

Anika pov” why i’ve to see when i’ve experienced it ? Shivaay’s wedding with Tia flashes in Anika’s mind.

Aarohi” Anu!! Where you get lost?”

Anika” Nowhere !!! But you all are not going to leave this couch if anyone tries to do so then i’ll stick you all with glue.

Saying this she called all staff and start working but in between she comes and checks all five ladies whether they are chilling on couch or not.

“Aarohi keep on adoring Anika”

Soon in few hours rest of the family members get back to home and Chanda, Shallu and Rudra takes hold from Anika but Anika being stubborn keep on instructing them.

“Shivaay pulls Anika behind pillar” stop working my lady you will get tired before our wedding night…… Shivaay nuzzling Anika hairs and neck

“Anika shivers with his touch” Shivaay!! You again started. You have turn so cheap

“Shivaay tuck her hairs behind ear” And you are the one who ever get started that’s why i’ve to turn cheapde. But you know what ? not me but you…… “turn me on.”

“Anika questioning eyes” kyun ap koi machine hai jis ko main on karti hoon?

“Shivaay seductively brushing Anika face” turn on doesn’t mean turn any machine on but Shivaay about to tell Anika meaning of ” turn on” but fone ring distract his attention

“Anika pushes him away and run from there”

After few hours in evening

What the hell !! You think of yourself Anika just tell me? Shivaay squeezing Anika shoulders tightly.

Today is our Mehndi. After crossing so many hurdles we are getting one and you. Did you remember what i told you that write someone else name in your Mehndi but you will be only Shivaay’s Anika and today when in an hour my name is to be write in you palm…….. Shivaay peck Anika palm….. you did this. He throws reports on Anika face

Anika cries” i’m sorry na Shivaay”

“Shivaay pull Anika from nape bring close to him”sorry for what Anika? Sorry for what……. you know that i loves you to the depth but still you did this. Whyyyyy? Shivaay screams loudly.

“Anika cries vigrously” i don’t want……
( Shivaay cuts her)

“Shivaay twists Anika both arms back bring more close to him” Now say what you don’t want? Huh?

“Anika gazes Shivaay with tears and pain”

“Shivaay eyes getting grey with anger” Anika i did countless sins for those you have forgiven me but what you did sorry but i can’t forgive you.

“Anika cries leaned her head on Shivaay’s shoulder” sorry Shivaay i’m sorry….. she keep on sobbing in between….. i know you love alot but how can i ……..( Shivaay cuts)

“Shivaay jerks Anika” then don’t you have faith on your love on your Shivaay?

Scene shifts to Gauri’s room

Gauri” Maa!! Please guide me i don’t no what to wear.

“Aarohi smiles” why my daughter is so confused. She solves difficult to difficult case in one snap and know need me to choose dress for her.

“Gauri sits close to Aarohi” because i’m nothing without you and like others needs me to solve there problems same like them i need you to solve my problems. If i’m Advocated then you are judge of my life.

“Aarohi eyes gets moist” my daughters have this much faith on me

“Gauri hugs Aarohi ” FAITH IS MET FOR YOU

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

“Anika hugs Shivaay tightly keep on sobbing” Anika don’t have faith on herself

“Shivaay angrily pulls Anika out of hug cup her face tightly” Then i’ve to tell Maa what you did with me not with me but with yourself.

“Anika eyes gets widen with shock” nods negatively……. Nahe, nahe Shivaay please un ko nahe bataana?? ( no please don’t tell her)

Shivaay ” kyun na bataun Maa ko un ko bhi to pata chalna chahiye k un ki Anu nay kya kiya hai aur sirf inta he nahe woh sab bhi bataun ga joh tum nay khud k sath kiya hai.

( why not should i tell mother. She should also know what her Anu did with her and not only this but all the rest also)

“Anika with fear” No!! You can’t do this please don’t tell her anything i beg you. Please Shivaay please.

Shivaay” ok fine but just tell me onething what if result would be have positve? Then you….. ( Anika cuts)

“Anika cup Shivaay face” ap bohat achey hai Shivaay aur mera naseeb itna acha nahe hai aur na main is kabil hoon k apney hatho say Shuddh aur itniAmnol cheez ko apni Ash…. ( Shivaay cuts)

( Shivaay you are too good but my fate is not that good nor i deserve to hold someone who’s pure and me imp………..)

“Shivaay clutches Anika wrist” Enough not a word i want to hear………Anika this time you didn’t played with your life but you have played with your dignity and that is not tolerable . And you have to answer for that and what you said you have losted your faith in yourself na than Maa will teach you because only she knows what to do with you…. Shivaay throws Anika on bed.

“Aarohi shockingly” Shivaay!!!

Anika and Shivaay ” gazes eachother and then Aarohi

“Shivaay approaching to Aarohi gazing Anika angrily” it’s good Maa you came yourself i was just about to call you.

“Aarohi gazing Anika” what happened? Shivaay beta why Anu crying and why you threw her?

“Anika gulps with fear” avoiding to contact Aarohi.

Shivaay” Ask what not happened this time. Maa?”

Screen freezes on Shivaay Aarohi and Anika face


Precape no precape


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