I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 73- Salaam-E-Ishq

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“Anika look around for something she finds tin and throws on him” Lafanga!!! Tere ghar teri maa, behan nahe hai?

Guy” start climbing the pipe sab hai per tu nahe hai na”

“Anika climbing behind him” Tucchhay !! To phir un ko ja k apni tucchhiya dekha mujh nahe.

Guy” ek chumma aur meri tucchhiya aur chummiya teri

Anika shouts” SAALAY TERI MAA KI……..( guy cuts)

Guy” Hey!! Rukh jaa meri maa teri saas hai !!!

Anika” Kameenay!! Tu esa nahe maney wala… aaj main teri aise chutney banaou ge na k….( guy cuts)

“Guy running ” aur phir dono mil kar kahaye gay aur phir chumma karye gay

“Anika give flying kick to guy and he falls on the ground.”

Guy” hidding his face”……..

“Anika removing his hoddie” Beshram , Saale dekha mujhe apni muh tu cheez kya hai. Itna dino say apni wahayatiya likh raha tha ab apna basi pakorey jesa muh dekha mujh… na maar maar kar teri sari harqatay na sudhari to phir kehna.

Chal ab uthar yeh bagariti ka nikab…

Anika removes his hoddie…. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa???????????

Scene shifts to RM

Bhavya” Maa!! Where you get lost ? Are you fine na?

“Aarohi cup Bhavya face” Yes!! Doll i’m fine and why you came here go and enjoy your didu’s sangeet i’m also coming keeping these boxes aside

“Bhavya cup Aarohi face” why you are lying ? Why you know you can’t lie. Come sit and tell your doll what you are hidding for ACP Bhavya?

Aarohi” Doll! I know you and Gauri are younger than princess and you…(she smiles caresses Bhavya hairs) are the youngest one instead of giving more attention to you and princess also i’m looking more after Anu.

Bhavya smiles” so what Maa i can understand you…..( Aarohi cuts)

Aarohi” No!! Doll let me complete first.

Bhavya” nods ”

Aarohi” Doll it’s not that i don’t love you and princess for mother her each child is same and each child have equal right on her/ his mother love…..( Gauri cuts)

Gauri” Maa, Doll what are you doing here all are waiting for you”

“Aarohi extend her hand” come here princess

“Gauri gets close to Aarohi and sit in her lap”

“Aarohi peck her forehead” my princess is looking so pretty may gods always keep you save for all evils

“Gauri hugs Aarohi tightly” l love you Maa when your prayers are with me nothing can happen to me nor your Anu and doll she holds Bhavya hand.

“Bhavya hugs them” you are my strenght

Aarohi pov” i wish Anu you too hug me”

“Gauri breaks the hug and question Aarohi what she was telling Bhavya”

Bhavya” telling Gauri what Aarohi is talking about

Aarohi continues ” But when mother like me who always runs , talk and cares for only single child then others gets insecure and feeling of jealousy develop among siblings.

I know these two things can never come in between you trio but still never feel that me and your dad are giving more importance to Anu then you two it’s just that we are trying to give her what she lost because of my sin.

“Aarohi cups their hand in between hers” the day i left you all my Anu became mother for you both. You a both have Dadi and Dad with you even you and princess where standing with eachother but Anu had no one with her sixteen years she couldn’t get father’s shadow nor any family support. All alone fight with this world and now today she has start fighting with herself.

Humein pata hai k Shivaay Anika say bohat pyaar karte hai per phir bhi Anu ko sambhalna woh dusaro ko to sambhalna bohat achaye say janti hai per khud ko sambhal nahe sikha. Please apni Anika di ka khayal rekhna.

“Gauri hugs Aarohi” apni k Anu ko kuch nahe ho ga janti hai kyun? Kyun ke ab ap aa gayi hai aur ap k aa jaane say Anika di nay phir say jeena sikh liya hai.

“Aarohi cries”

Scene shifts XYZ place

“Anika eyes gets widen” O Beta Ki Kanji Ankhon Wala Billa!!!”

“Shivaay pulls Anika on top” bhoori ankhon wali billi !! Shivaay rub his nose with hers

Anika” choriye mujh aur itnaye dino say woh two rupee lucchhiya ap likh rahy tha??

Shivaay” smiles yes me what writting that two rupees lucchhiya??

Anika” don’t you have shame… ( voice cuts)

Man” both of you don’t have shame”

Shivika” gazes up and then eachother with wide eyes”

Anika” bagad billaye leave me all are gazing us.”

“Shivaay pulling more close to him” Na! Na …. Na.

Anika” what are you doing?”

Shivaay” give me five minutes please anuty tell your husband. I want to talk to my tadibaaz billi”

“Lady to her husband” listen you come with me i’ve to tell you something

Man” five minutes only”

Anika” Arrey!! Ap ka ghar hai kisi aur ko kyun dey rahe hai.. rukhiye meri baat toh suniya

Kid” bhaiya don’t leave didi”

Anika” Ahaah!! Leave me Shivaay what you are doing?

Shivaay demanding” first give me”

“Anika narrow her eyes” what??

Shivaay smirks” gili gili”

“Anika both gets widen with shock lips gets curve into O”

“Shivaay roll Anika underneath” just give me what i asked for…. his hot breath fanning on Anika face

“Anika nervously with heavy breaths” Shiv..aa..y!!

“Shivaay in his huskily voice approching her ears” just do that otherwise if i start doing gili gili you will just left with moans

“Anika in her milky voice” mein nahe karney wali. Aur choriye mujhe

“Shivaay in same voice” wearing my name ring still saying leave me. It will cost you. Now give me right away only three minutes are left

Anika” don’t show me your tadi and get up from me… she push him”

“Shivaay hold her hand fix them with floor” since yesterday i was bear this distance torture and you are saying i’m showing tadi.

Om and Gauri went for long after engagment and what about me i couldn’t get chance to see you…. He pouts sadly complaining Anika

Anika” nautanki karna band karey aur choriye mujhe.

“Shivaay get more close to her” warning you get give me gili gili i want bear more torture specially from you.

Anika pov” he won’t leave me still i didn’t accept but i won’t him give what he desire for”

Shivaay” Anika hurry”

Anika” just look into my eyes”

“Shivaay gazing Anika get lost in her browish orbs”

Anika” too gets lost in his greenish orbs”

Song plays in the background

O jaanaa….

“Anika clever enough roll Shivaay without breaking the eyelock comes on top of him… she get close to him smiles widely push him

Shivaay” Anikaaaaaaaa”

“Anika turns and laugh” aaj ap nay meri chappal khai us k liya sorry. Saying this she runs from there

Shivaay” Anikaaaa it will cost you just mind it. “

Scene shifts to RM

Shallu” Anika di is not in her room”

Aarohi” what?? Where she can go?

Bhavya” Maa!! Shivaay bhaiya

Pinky” No! I’ve locked him. Anika can’t be with Shivaay

Jhanvi” but then where she can go??”

Aarohi” worries”

Gauri” Maa!! Don’t panic come lets check outside”

All about to walk out when hall gets dark

Aarohi” where’s Anu??

Someone holds Gauri hand

Gauri screams” Maaa!!!!”

All gets numb to listen Gauri voice

Voice” Gauri ji didn’t you recongzied me”

Gauri” Salman Khan ji……. whole hall gets brighten.

Salman ” start dancing holding Gauri

Ishq Hai…
( Teri Aankhon Ke Matvaale Kaajal Ko Mera Salaam
Zulfon Ke Kale Kale Baadal Ko Mera Salaam )…

Shivomru dancing along with their respective partners

Ghayal Kar De Mujhe Yaar Tere Paayal Ke Jhankar
Hey Soni Sone Teri Soni Har Adaa Ko Salaam
Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq… (2)
( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E- )… (2) Ishq Hai….

Chanda, and Shallu dance with Salman

Ho Teri Mastaani Anjaani Bataon Ko Mera Salaam

Aniriya dancing with Shivomru

Rangon Mein Doobi Doobi Raaton Ko Mera Slaaam
Khwaabon Mein Kho Gayi Main Deewani Ho Gayi Main
Soney Soney Aisse Soney Har Adaa Ko Salaam

“Dev winks Aarohi”

Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq…

Everyone dancing along with him

( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E- )… (2) Ishq Hai….

Aarohi makes Gauri and Anika sits in swings

Ho Teri Hathhawitch Mehandi Ka Rang Khila Hain

Jhanvi and Pinky ” makes Shivom sit next to Aniri

Tujhe Sapano Da Changa Mehboob Mila Hain

Chanda , Bhavya and Shallu

Meri Banno Pyaari Pyaari Sari Duniya Se Nyaari

Devi g and Dadi g dancing

Ise Doli Mein Tu Leja Doliyaan, Doliyaan…

“Salman brings Om out of swings and winks him”

Om” pull Gauri close”

Teri Meri Nazar Jo Mili Pehli Baar
Ho Gaya Ho Gaya Tujhse Pyaar
Dil Hai Kya Dil Hai Kya Jaan Bhi Tujhpe Nisaar

Gauri” swril and dance

Ho Main Bhi Toh Tujhpe Mar Gayi
Deewanapan Kya Kar Gayi
Meri Har Dhakan Betaab Hai
Palkon Vich Tera Khwaab Hai
Ho Jaan Se Bhi Pyaari Pyaari Jaaniya Ko Salaam

Salman with Rikara

Salaam-E-Ishq, ( Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq )…

Tej” dancing with Jhanvi”

( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E )… (2) Ishq Hai….

Shivaay kissy Anika forehead

Main Tere Ishq Mein Do Jahan Vaar Doon
Mere Vaade Pe Kar Le Yakeen
Keh Rahe Hai Zameen Keh Raha Aasman
Tere Jaissa Dooja Nahin
Ho Aisse Jaadoon Na Daal Ve
Naa Aaon Tere Naal Ve

Anika pushes him

Jhooti Tereefein Chodh De
Ab Dil Mere Dil Se Jod De

Shivaay and Salman with Anika

Ho Jo Abhi Hai Dil Se Nikli Uss Dua Ko Salaam

Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq…

Pinky and Shakti dancing

( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E- )… Ishq Hai….

“Shivaay pulls Anika to corner nuzzeling her”

Rab Se Hai Iltija Maaf Kar De Mujhe
Main Toh Teri Ibaadat Karoon

Shivaay turns her back towards her chest caressing her face

Aye Meri Soniye Na Khabar Hai Tujhe
Tujhase Kitni Mohobbat Karoon

Anika smiles keep her head on Shivaay chest

Tere Bin Sab Kuch Benoor Hai
Meri Maang Mein Tere Sindoor Hai
Sanson Mein Yehi Paigaam Hai
Mera Sab Kuch Tere Naam Hai

Shivaay” hugs her tightly

Ho Dhadkanon Mein Rehnewaali Soniye Ko Salaam

Rudra” calls bhavya and sings

Teri Aankhon Ke Matvaale Kaajal Ko Mera Salaam
Zulfon Ke Kale Kale Baadal Ko Mera Salaam

Bhavya” dances

Khwaabon Mein Kho Gayi Main Deewani Ho Gayi Main
Soney Soney Teri Soney Har Adaa Ko Salaam

Salman and Ruvya dances

Salaam-E-Ishq Ishq Ishq Salaam-E-Ishq… (2)

All start dancing with Salman doing the same filmmy moves……….

( Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E- )… (3) Ishq Hai….

“Gauri screams and jumps in excitement ” Salman Khan ji

“All gets happy seeing Gauri like this”

“Salman hold her from shoulder” Gauri ji slow down you will fall down

“Bhavya and Shallu runs to him”

“Shallu get lost in him” mere to sirf Salman hai???

Salman” Ahem!!!

“Bhavya playfully hits Shallu” close your mouth Shallu, Bhallu otherwise today you will also become bhai of Salman bhai…. she shuts Shallu’s mouth

All seniors Rajputs and Oberoi’s geets Salman khan.

Pinky ” OMM!! the super star ,the rockstar Salman Khan here. I’m your big wala fan

Salman” thank you”

Rudra” touches Salman muscles”

Gauri” Autograph please”

“Gauri shouts and runs to Anika” Anika di Salman Khan ji

“Anika caresses Gauri face ” hmmm Salman khan ji

Om” Gauri!! Bus….

“Salman questioning Gauri” who’s she?

“Aarohi holds Anika from shoulder” She’s Anu

“Salman smiles” Anu

“Anika puts Aarohi hands off” it’s Anika…

Aarohi ” eyes gets watery”

Salman” gazing Aarohi and Anika”

“Gauri and Bhavya peck Anika cheeks” She’s our Anika di

“Anika kissing Gauri forehead” where are your goggles Salman Khan wali

Salman” passes his goggles to Gauri ”

Gauri” wear them and brushes her nose like him”

“Anika adoring Gauri with love”

Aarohi” glancing Anika”

Shivaay questioning Salman” how you came here?

Screen freezes on Salman and Shivaay.


Precape Shivaay to torture Anika….


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