I’ll snatch u from sky too -episode-44: Anika’s Rebirth

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“Shivaay knocking” Maa please open the door Anika condition is getting worse.

“Aarohi comes out the room” what happened to Anu? Shivaay

Shivaay” Maa come with me Anika anger is shooting even i can’t control her now”

Aarohi” Anu itna gusa kyun? She runs to Anika’s room

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

Anika” standing infront of the mirror blood oozes from her hand and feet………. Aarohi and Shivaay words echoes in her ears Anu just give death……. Anika don’t do this with me……

“Anika inner soul” shame on you ASR how can you do this with them? Not with them but with yourself. Shivaay is pleading you but you stone have no emotions left.
“What you did? years back you were only one who never accept that she’s dead but today you have killed not killed but. Anu has murder her maaaaa”

Anika shout just stay quite and what they did me and She…. Anu never killed her but she…… ( Anika couldn’t complete it)
She gets angry bashes both hands on mirror”

Aarohi” scream Anu”

Dev, Shivaay and Gayu” gets stun

The pieces of glass fly in the air with Aarohi and Shivaay reflection is seen the broken glass pieces

Aarohi” about to hold Anika when Anika stops her”

WAHI RUK JAYE EK APARAADHEE KI TAHAR” Anika shouts in breaking voice she gazes Aarohi with hate, pain, anger and love”

Song plays

Mere pyaar ko na samajhiye ghalat aa…
Mere pyaar ko na samajhiye ghalat
Inn nigahon ka teri hi toh qaayal hoon main
Umrr bhar… main tujhe…
Umrr bharr main tujhe dekhta hi rahoon
Iss khata ki har saza manzoor hai

Aarohi” gets numb with Anika gazes. Anu sab nay tumhaye itna dard diya( Aarohi deep looking in Anika eye)

“Anika turns her face” aur ap nay humain saza de thi”


Tu dariya toh main ishq hoon
Kuch der mujhsa ban ke toh dekh

‘Gayu runs to Anika” Anika di please shant ho jaye humarye liya please see you are all wet in blood.

“Anika throws vase of floor” look police and lawyer too have came.

Abhi to sunwaai bhi nahe hui aur difa karney wala bhi aa gay.

This is not any court room this is my life and here no hearing no defence only punishment.

Anika pushes Gayu and hit her hand on wall this for hurting you, for making you cry…

Dev and Shivaay” Anika stop this both trying to control her but in vain.

Anika” for staining my moon”

Dev” shouts Aarohi…. Anu

“Aarohi comes out thoughts” she runs to Anika and cup her face

Anika” leave me ap ka hum per koi haq nahe hai.”

“Aarohi traces her finger on Anika face” Anu nahe bus chup”

Anika” with half open eyes glances Aarohi with pain”

Kaun kitna gehra hai
Mujhme zara… zara doob ke toh dekh

Aarohi touch makes Anika” LULL she slips in Aarohi arms.

Aarohi” gazes all with tears”

“Anika sniffs ” mutters kyun chod kar gaye thi. Shivaay nahe bhi chod diya. Kyun…..


Kho diya hai…

Flashback ends

“Aarohi gazes Anika and smearing pills under her feet”

“Anika gets frighten of Aarohi” she stares photo frame and then Aarohi feet.

Aarohi” looks around what should i do with you Anu tell me? She plugs out the AC switch and switch off the button roof of the room gets cover.

Why you are torturing yourself to this extend in these winter AC?
You know very well that after drenching in rain you get cold and you she kneel down what you did? She sign Anika to look around.

“Anika turns gazes around” bandages are all messed on floor.

“Aarohi gently rubbing her thumb Anika face” again taking sleeping pills and who asked you to open your bandages?

“Anika stretching her face to other side” this is my life i’ll do anything with it leave me.

Aarohi” your life? i gave you this life when i gave it to you then i’ve right on your life which is mine.

And time has come to put you back on right path. what’s with you show me? Aarohi forward her other hand to look at the frame.

“Anika nothing she start protesting” Anika somehow manages to get out of Aarohi grip tries to run with that frame.
How you came here? That 2rs gate keeper is dead now.

“Aarohi show me she pulls frame from Anika hold”

Sence shifts to RM

Dev” i should not have come in Aarohi words. Anu don’t even want to see Aarohi face and she’s gone alone to bring Aun back”

Shivaay” dev uncle don’t panic maa will handle Anika”

Dev” Shivaay! Look weather got bad too. Both are on threat and Anu…..

Devi g” Dev! Kuch nahe ho ga Anu ko woh apni maa k sath hai. And the way Aarohi is gone she will calm this storm forever today

Like iron sharpens iron same like that today Aarohi anger will control Anika anger. Mother’s love is more powerful then any hatred”

Gauri” why they didn’t came yet”

Dev” let me call gatekeeper. He’s about to make a call to gatekeeper when a deadly voice shock them”

“Aarohi qawking Anika and draging her in” come with me you have done lot with you”

“Just leave me i said leave me right now” Anika shouts

Dev” Aarohi! Have you gone out of your mind look she’s bleeding from top to toes”

“Aarohi stops throws Anika towards Dev”

All gets shocked to see Aarohi anger

“Dev takes Anika in his embrance” Aarohi pagal ho gayi ho is the way to treat”

Shivaay” with tears gazing Anika”

Gauri” let me get water for you di”

Aarohi” Princess stop you are not going to give water to your di”

Gauri” nods

Vanhi in mind” i’ve to do something before she melts this stone.

Aarohi” stepping hard towards Anika. Dev look at her she was laying in rain and kept the room temperature minimum.

Dev” Anika why you are doing this see you…. ?

Aarohi” Again taking pills today i’m gonna make you calm not those pills. Come here.

“Vanhi comes in between Aarohi” jiji please i join hands infront of you don’t do this with your own daughter.

What’s her fault? She evilly stares Anika.

Aarohi” Vanhi you stay out of this”

Vanhi” jiji please it’s obivous what you did with her after that her anger on you is justificable.

You left her and when you came back you all didn’t told her

Devi g” Vanhi beta it’s not the time for this”

Vanhi” Anika beta come to me. Anika beta m…aa…..

Anika” having flashback of Aarohi she shouts chup”

Vanhi pov” yeh ho gayi zakhmi sherani pagal aur ab ho ga attack”

Dev” Anika”

Anika” hum jaa rahy hai yeha say” Anika stumbles walk near Aarohi

If you again touched me than i’ll commit suicide.

All gets shocked

Aarohi” twril Anika towards her with one hand grap Anika from her rare and with one hand squeeze her face. Look at me what you said just come again

Dev” Aarohi ”

Aarohi” show her hand to him. Stop there Dev and you all leave from here.

“And you” Aarohi pull Anika more close to herself what you were saying?

“Anika looking in opposite direction” wahi jo ap nay suna

Aur ap hoti kon hai Anika Singh Rajput per hath rakhey wali. Anika pulls Aarohi hand down.

Not dare to do this never again to me. Anika Singh Rajput ko beeki hui cheezay basand naheee”

Aarohi” Roars Anika Singh Rajput”

All cup there mouth as Aarohi for the first time called Anika….

Anika” fist her palm with stealing eyes gazes Aarohi”

Aarohi” steps foward to Anika and hold her arm.

Now come with me ASR today i’m gonna show you if you are ASR then i’m also Aarohi Singh Rajput and infront of Aarohi your existance is just as Anu.”

Anika” leave me i said leave me i’m not coming with you. Baba , Shivaay, dadi g stop her”

All wave to Anika with mosit eyes

Vanhi” jiji what are you doing? She steps to hold Anika……

Aarohi” pushes Vanhi hard just stay in your limits and don’t step in my family matter out from my house”

Vanhi” jiji”

Anika” choriyan”

Aarohi” staring her today I’ll tell u who I’m to u Anika Singh Rajput and if i make u understandable in ur language then i don’t like anyone to do argument with Aarohi Singh Rajput.”

Sence shifts to Anika room

Aarohi” pushes Anika inside and lock the room. She turns her face and gazes Anika with pain”

Anika” let me go she tries to run

Aarohi” don’t you dare to run from me”

Anika” chokes”

“Aarohi makes Anika sit on bed and hug her tightly” Ek Rajputain ho kar, Devohi ka Ansh ho kar kesay itni kamzor par gayi. Kesay Anu kesay?

“Kyun peechaye parahi hai humaare chodiye na? Jeene dey humain please aur chali jaye”Anika in low breaking tone tone pleading Aarohi.

“Aarohi breaks the hug and cup Anika face” you are not living you are just breathing and even i want life in your breath too”

Anika” chodiye humain aur hum kamzor nahe hai”

Aarohi” just look into my eyes for once”

Anika” still stubborn looking in opposite direction”

Scene shifts to Vanhi

Aarohi jiji you did really bad you pushed Vanhi Suryavanshi you don’t know what you did.

Anika is your world and i take an Oath of this world now i’ll burn your world in me as Vanhi means ” fire”.

You have always being on the top but from now onwards you will daily fall step by step.

Anika ka kaal hai hum.

Hum Anika ko tum say kabhi nahe milnaye dey gay”

Scene shifts to Anika room

Aarohi” i oath on you if you didn’t meet my eyes than these eyes will never ever will see anyone else face.”

Anika” eyes gets widen”

“Aarohi uncup Anika face” hum maar jaye gay . Hum maar jaye gay. She steps back and turns to leave but stops breaking tone……

” Sorry for calling you Anika i know you don’t hate me nor you are angry with me but only thing that makes you angry on me is just today when i for the first time called you Anika sorry Anu.

Saying this Aarohi steps ahead when she feel her saree gets stuck. She turns to free it when……

“Anika holding Aarohi pallu with right hand” nodding negatively”.

Song plays

Main bhethi hu akeli

aa ja tu gale lagaa le

dar lagta hai bahut maa

aachal main mujhe chipa le

ho ho…..

Sence shifts to Hall

All seniors and juniors Rajput’s and Oberoi’s smiling with tears

“Devi g nodding negatively” koi dekh kar keha sekhta hai k yeh ASR hai. How’s tough and hard..

Pagal hai yeh pagal maarti hai Aarohi k liya look like child of holding Aarohi pallu.

Dev” what’s in Aarohi that just single touch of hers and Anu melts in seconds”

Dadi” even i want to know that what is in Aarohi?

Shivaay” now i got it why Anika always stops maa and never let her to touch herself.

Bhavya” Maa! Just trace her fingers on Anika di face and di falls

Shivaay pov” Anika i promise you today who ever aparted you from maa i’ll snatch their breath. This is SSO promise. He did his signature step”

Dadi” sign Oberoi’s to come with her”

Gayu” dad now what about us”

Dev” yeah! What about us? Dev put his head on devi g shoulder”

Devi g” It’s second birth of Anika today” Aarohi nay aaj phir hum Rajput’s ko un ka Ansh is ghar ki

roshani lautha de. Aaj Aarohi nay sirf Anu ko nahe hum sab ko naya jeevan diya hai”

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

“Aarohi snatch her pallu from Anika”

Anika” A thin layer of tear slips from her eyes”

dekhe sabki maa yahi hai

bus tu hi toh nahi hai

” Don’t show me these tears i won’t melt did you get that” Aarohi composing herself sit next to Anika”

“Anika gazing Aarohi tears falling from brown orbs”

yaad aarahaa hai

wo teraa maathe ka chumna

Aarohi” turns her face to other side wipes her tears sorry Anu still you don’t open up your heart i can’t……

“Anika hold Aarohi face and rotates towards her like kid questioning Aarohi” kyun daantana humain?

Aarohi” what happened with you just tell me that? Why you…..before Aarohi can complete Anika pull Aarohi

“Anika hug Aarohi tightly” break down in her….. i’ve losted, i’ve losted”. Sambhal lo humain, humain toot k chur ho gaye. Aaj ASR bhi bheekar gayi…MAA

Scene shifts to temple

“Diya is shown that gets brighten and glows more”

Shivaay” doing the Aarti”

Scene shifts to Vanhi room

“Aarohiiiiiiii you melted that stone even that injection that i injected in Anika became useless infront of your touch. Vanhi scream and stab knife in Queen card”

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

Aarohi could not take this more she hug Anika more tightly. Anu just say it once more please Anu”

“Anika sobbing” Maa

Their old moments are shown

“Aarohi cup Anika face” kisses her face deliberately my Anu can never lost never.
And nothing is born yet that can break you..

o meri maa….


“Anika caressing Aarohi face” she gently pecks Aarohi lips.

o meri maa…..

Aarohi” smiles with tears”

“Anika crying vigrously hug Aarohi” why you left me alone why maa why? How hard i did to find you but i couldn’t get you back. I waited for you where you left me but you……. Anika keep sobbing in between.

Chutki had maa, doll had dadi. Even baba had his maa… Shivomru and pinku everyone had their maa with them. Sab k pass maa thi per Anu k pass Anu ki maa nahe thi nahe thi…… Anika shaking her head nahe thi

Aarohi” even maa didn’t have her Anu”

Anika” tears continously flowing from her eyes and gazing Aarohi with pain….. maa”

Aarohi” sorry Anu sorry just….. both get quite tears falling from their eyes

After half an hour

After smoothing each other restless heart and beats by crying in eachother embrace

“Aarohi breaks the hug and wipes Anika tears” Ssshh bus Anu bus…. Aarohi makes Anika drink water.

“Anika put her head on Aarohi chest close her eyes”

“Aarohi makes Anika sit in her lap brushing her face”Now tell me what happened with you in my absence with my life?
“Anika hold Aarohi hand like kid playing with it”

Aarohi” crying just say it all Anu just break your silence maa is with you now.”

Anika” kissy”

Aarohi” No kissy but truth just tell me what made you so hard. Anu tell me i’m listening”

Anika” turns her face aside and glances Aarohi with puppy face”

Screen freezes on Aarohi and Anika orbs

Precape how Aarohi will react after knowing cause of Anika tears and pain? Some shivika moment……

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