I’ll snatch u from sky too episode 43- part B- maha episode

Devohi room

Dev” Aarohi open the door please”

Aarohi” Dev! I’m fine you go to Anu she needs you”

Gayu” Maa! Please just open the door”

Jhanvi” bhabhi g Anika didn’t do it by will she loves you it’s just that her condition is like that please don’t take it serious”

Devi g” yes Aarohi beta i told you before that Anika loves you alot. How can she hates you? when she waited for you at door steps.

Chanda” let me check Anika”

Sence shifts to Vanhi room

Vanhi” crying how can you do this Anika with my jiji since 20 years i’ve torture her but i kept her alive but you with your words just in 10 minutes killed her.

Why she takes off fake skin from her hand gently rubs diya tatto.

Diya use to give light but you have made her fire. Hahaha??

But jiji i’m not at fault your Anu was melting for you i’ve given wrong medicines to her but still you were her cure but i’m also her maasi don’t i’ve any right on her to love her see what i did with her i brought Anu past infront of her.

Child of 12 years knocking doors of people did my maa came here, please don’t beat me , please don’t take chutki away from me plzzzzzzzzz Anu was pleading me but maasi nay Anu ko bohat maara.

Rajput’s just wait for my last waar.

Poor Devil Singh Oberoi i told you i’ll be so near to you yet you will think i’m so far from you because you are Dev and i’m that evil in your life that’s Anu.

You snatch my love from me i’ll snatch Anu heartbeat and now her breath from Anu.She throws cards on floor.

Song plays

Gumnaam hai koi……….

Scene shifts to Rajput Office

Anika” laying on floor hugging Aarohi picture close to her heart. Rains droplets falling on her whole body floating in it.

Anika gazing the sky

Song plays

Mai Agar Rou Toh Sahra Ko Samandar Kar Du

Sakht Ho Jaoon Agar Mome Ko Pathar Kar Du

Raakh Ho Jaye Jaha Mai Jo Agar Aah Bharu

Aasma Tutpade Tujse Jo Fariyad Karu

Itni Gaherae Mere Ishq Mai Aai Kyun Hai

Itni Gaherae Mere Ishq Mai Aai Kyun Hai

Aye Khuda Tune Muhobbat Yeh Banai Kyun Hai

Anika” kitna roh rahe thi. Pata nahe kesi ho ge. Anika comes out of the thoughts why i’m thinking about her nahe , nahe Anika tum nay un ko k sath…… Anika hold her head tightly no you are ASR i don’t have concern with her tears”

She pull herself up look around where are pills. Anika getting unwell were i’ve kept them she chokes. After the struggle of minutes Anika gaze fall on her pills she takes them and with mouth trying to open them as Anika is still holding her maa picture close to herself.

Finally cap of the pills gets open Anika about to take them but pills gets slip on the ground she kneels down to grap them but someone smash sleeping pills under feet.

Anika glances the feet gets shocked and trembles in fear”

Screen freezes on Anika fearful eyes and feet


Precape who’s feet are these that made ASR frighten ?

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  1. Banita

    Mindblowing update diii…. Finally u revaled d cuplite…. Just loved it…
    Waiting 4 nxt… Post ASAP…

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is her Massi.. I am guessed it… Now who is the person… I think it is aarohi or vanhi

  3. ItsmePrabha

    so emotional….amazing episodes..will be waiting for the next..

  4. Amazing Loved it
    vanhi is the culprit
    Waiting for the next. ……….

  5. Alekhika20

    Amazing update

  6. Nila_27

    Superb update….waiting for the next

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