I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 1

Hey guys sorry for keeping it secret but how can i separate them they are “shivika” not heer ranja.

they are made for eachother and i can’t separate them. Their love is eternal.

Ignore spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes and continue reading my ff


Some old and new entries to come forward.

Hogi Anika ki Nakharebaazi aur Shivavy ki Ishqbaazi.


Jeet- step out

Dev- how she’s?

Jeet- put hand on dev shoulder. Dev I’m sorry we couldn’t save ur daughter

Dev- shouted Nooooo..

Bhavya kneely down and burst out into tears

Devi g- faints

Rudy- hug om crying bhabi can’t leave us.

All were crying and ran inside

Shivavy- got still at his position “BAGAD BILLA”


Anika- face is shown

Song played

Mere Baad Kisko
Mere Baad Kisko Sataoge Mere Baad Kisko
Bas Bhi Kro Kitna Rulao Ge
Mere Baad Kisko..
Main To Hoon Chiraiyan Aakaash Ki..
Pinjre Se Udh Ke Main Jo Gai,
Fir Lot Ke Kabhi Na Aaungi,
Fir Hath Se Kisko Khilao Ge,
Aur Neend Se Kisko Jagao Ge,
Mere Baad Kisko..

Omru- crying plz wake up u can’t leave us plz bhabi

Dev- Anu u can’t leave me like this first ur maa left me now u too Anu get up plz ANU. Dev caressing Anika face

Bhavya- di plz

Shivavy- hit the door with anger in his eyes ask every1 to leave

Omru- Shivavy

Shivavy- frown them

All moved out

Shivavy- hold Anika face and ask Anika to open Anika u can’t leave me like this wake up damm it i said wake up. Anika mere gunaah ki mujhe itni baadi saza na do utho. Shivavy start crying and rubbing his face on Anika’s face.

Anika main tumhare sath yaadein banana chata hoon main tumhaye yaad kesay baney do.

I’ll die without u . Open ur eyes Anika ,Shivavy crying vigorously his tears falling on Anika’s whole face got wet. Shivavy still rubbing his face on hers get up how I’m going to live without u. Shivavy tears touches Anika’s lips. And tears drip in Anika’s mouth and slowly reaches Anika’s heart ?

Anika mujhe tumse juri har cheez say farq pharta hai. Tum yeh he suna chati thi na. Anika I’m not strong like u. U r my strength i myself don’t no when u became my life, from the beginning when ever u were around me i can feel ur presence even from distances too. Anika u made me Sweet Singh Oberoi but i don’t want to become Stone Singh Oberoi.

Anika wake up yaar aur kitni saza do ge apney billuji ko bas kar do ab. Anikaaa utho na

Anika takes a deep breath.

Shivavy- Anikaaaaaa

Anika- B…..illuji

Shivavy recalls his tear falling on her before which made her conscious , which brought her back to life. Shivavy smiles seeing her hands and eyes moving, Shivavy start kissing Anika face meri ” PANIKA”

Song played
Zindagi bewafa hai yeh maana magar
Chod kar raah mein jaoge tum agar
Cheen launga main aasman se tumhe
Soona hoga na yeh, do dilon ka nagar

Shivavy sees Anika and cries resting his head near her. Shivavy caressing Anika face. Tum sirf meri hoon Anika aur Shivavy ki zindagi ho

Anika- Shiv..a..vy

Shivavy- just stay quite I’ve listen to u alot now u r not going to speak a word got it panika Shivavy hug

All were crying outside

Om- I’m going in Shivavy. Om shouted Anika bhabi tears of sorrow turned into happiness. Om hit on Shivavy head here u r enjoying the moment and there out we all are crying.

Anika bhabi that’s not fair u also didn’t tell ur brother about this. See this Secret Singh Oberoi akelay akelay bhabi k sath time spend kar raha hai.

Shivavy- don’t act like rudy

Shivom- sitting beside Anika

Rudy- let me check Rudy open the door and start jumping like kids. Oye my crime partner is back oye Bhavya ab teri OMM ho ge.

All ran inside Anikaaa

Dev- stepping towards Anika. Shivom move aside. Dev sit next to Anika. Anu what’s all this.

Bhavya- dad

Dev- don’t come in between us Bhavya. Now tell me what was going on between u two. All outside were crying for u and u two are enjoying each other company

All start laughing.

Shivavy- continously looking Anika bit worried

Bhavya- Anika di.

Jeet- step in and got shocked to see the ECG lines got normal. Dev all truned their faces. It’s a miracle

Dev- yes it’s Shivavy who brought Anika back . Main tumhara easan kaise chukau . Today u have bought me Shivavy thankyou Shivavy

Shivavy- no uncle u don’t need to thanks me even I’m thankful to u

Bhavya- dad and bhavya cupped her mouth

Rudy- what happened? To u know

Bhavya- pinch me

Rudy- pinched bhavya

Bhavya- screamed I’m not dreaming dad u said thankyou

Om- what’s a big deal in it

Bhavya- om bhaiya for dad it’s because he never ever said thankyou and sorry to some1

Om- what a coincidence like father in law like son in law.

Shivavy- smiled

Gauri- Anika di r u fine na see dadi was crying for u how can u leave us alone like this

Devi g- don’t scold my boti. Meri jaan mera bacha

Bhavya- I wish i also get ill

Anika- shouted Bhavya and start coughing

Bhavya- start crying I’m sorry di

Shivavy- Anikaaa

Gauri- di k bachi now its my turn to hug di

Shail- no first I’ll kiss Anika di

Bhavya- Shail wait u can’t kiss di

Shail- why bhavya di

Bhavya- because first I’ll

Shail- no first I’ll

Rudy- took baby step and kiss Anika and show his tongue to bhavya and shail.

Bhavya and rudy- start beating Rudy

Rudy- stop beating me Shivavy bhaiya save me

Anika- looking them and smiled

Dr jeet- ok now Anika needs rest. Anika how u r feeling now

Shivavy- theek nahe bhi ho gye to bolay ge k theek hoon to main ap ko jawab deta hoon she’s not fine.

Dev- when we can take her back to home

Jeet- she is still under observation. We have to do some test after that u can take her back to home. Now leave her

Shivavy- no I’m not leaving her alone. U all go I’m here with her.

Jeet- but Shivavy she need rest

Shivavy- no I’m not leave that’s finally dr u don’t no her she’s very tadibaaz

Jeet- what?

Shivavy- smiled nothing dr

Jeet- ok fine good nite

Anika- turned her face to other side and close her eyes.

Devi g- crying, dev.

Dev- g maa

All turned their face towards Anika who’s sleeping. All had tears in their eyes.

Dev- she’s tired

Shivavy- no she’s missing her maa

Devi g- crying is k ankhye apni maa ko talash karti hai. Sab ko dekh rahe thi na per maa nazar nahe i. Kabhi kehti to nahe per bohat yaad karti hai Aarohi ko.

Shivavy- dadi don’t cry plz now we all have to work together to make her normal. Now all go home and rest I’m here with Anika

Devi g- thank u beta

All move out and truned back to see Shivavy caressing Anika face all smiled and moved out

O jaan played

Shivavy- start talking to Anika were Anika closed her eyes. Shivavy looked towards Anika and smiled with tears in his eyes. Anika kal ek nayi subha hogi “SHIVIKA” ki zindagi ki. Anika give all ur pains to me.

I want my old khidkitod Anika back not this one.


Next day

Anika woke up staring the ceiling and lost in herself.

Shivavy still sleeping but soon woke up. Anika, Anika shivavy caresses Anika face.

Anika turned her face towards Shivavy hmm.

Shivavy kya huwa aur mujhe kyun nahe uthaye. Pain ho raha hai

Anika nodded no.

Shivavy then what happened do u need something tell me

Anika kuch bhi nahe huwa and i don’t need anything

Shivavy then why u woke up so early o bete ki abhi to subha k 6 bajhe hai.

My kumbhkaran woke up so early.

Anika mujhe neend nahe aa rahe thi aur kuch nahe.

Shivavy pov , Anika share ur pain with me what’s bothering you. Shivavy Anika I’m coming

Anika tried to hold glass of water but it break down. Anika was there to fall

Shivavy shouted Anika and hold Anika kya kar rahe ho Anika abhi ghir jati to phir. Anika staring Shivavy.

Shivavy hug Anika I’m sorry. Pani chaiye tha to mujh awaz nahe dey sakhti thi.

Anika woh main

Shivavy chup karo and have this and he helped Anika to drink water. Shivavy had tears in his eyes and had a flashback of how Anika used to splash water on his face.

Anika bas aur nahe peena

Shivavy pov- yeh mainey kya kar diya.


Percape Shivavy Omkara conversation


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