I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 6

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Recape : Anika gets unwell
Anika’s room

Bhavya- Gauri di, fever ho gaya hai anika di ko

Shivavy- sit next to Anika

Om- staring Shivavy with anger in his eyes

Rudy- O kya huwa

Anika- mutters maa, Shivavy please don’t go.

Shivavy- caressing Anika’s face, Anika

Anika- sweats Shivavy listen to me please I’ve not done anything I’m not gold digger.

Gauri- Anika di,

Anika- Plz Shivavy don’t leave me maa also left me alone .
plz maa, Shivavy were u both are doing how I’m going to live. Anika sniffs Maa wait for me, maa

Shivavy- shakes Anikaaa, Anikaaaa

Anika- shouts Maaaaaaaa. And short sits on bed.

Shivavy- hugs Anika, Kya huwa Anika I’m here with u I’m not going anywhere

Anika- gazes her room, maa

Gaya and omru- cries

Shivavy- maa kya

Anika- free herself , gauri maa kaha hai

Gauri- maa is not here di

Anika- comes out of her bed , no she was here, I’ve seen her Anika running in her room maa where are u maa please come out maa

Shivavy- cries trying to hold Anika. Anika listen maa is not here

Anika- no she was here I’ve seen her leave me

Omru- crying on Anika helplessness

Gaya- Anika di rukhiya

Anika- no maa i thi

Om- Rudy go and call dev uncle quickly

Shivavy- in cracking voice Anika u r not fine see u r having fever come and rest please

Anika- nahe Shivavy I’m fine humaye kuch nahe huwa plz jaye de, maa apney room may hai

Gauri- Anika di maa nahe aye ge u have seen dream

Dev and devi g- step in

Anika- runs and hug dev tightly

Dev- ANU kya huwa hai

Anika- baba, maa kaha hai

Devi g- cup her mouth tears rolling from eyes.

Dev- maa nahe hai come u need rest. U didn’t remember

Anika- gets angry and steps back.
Hum theek hai baba aur humaye sab yaad hai.

Dev- ANU come here

Anika- hum keha rahe hai na maa yaha thi, Anika close her eyes nahe she was in hall aaj Diwali hai na maa hall may , nahe woh humarey room may thi. Maa kaha ho
( We are saying that no mother was here, Anika Close her image is not She’s in the hall today is Diwali, no Mother’s Hall may, she was in our room. mother)

Devi g- plz for god sake don’t stress. yes Anika u know everything but beta come ur wounds are fresh don’t stress urself.

Anika- dadi humaye kuch nahe hoon. Anika hold dev hand, baba hum jhoot nahe bolatey u know that
( I do not know anything. Anika Hold Dev Hands, Baba, we do not lie)

Dev- yes ANU i know that but mera bacha

Anika- still holding dev hand do u think i didn’t remember anything. But i remember everything I’ve not forgotten

Shivavy aap subha humarey room may thy na boliye

Shivavy- with tears nods yes.

Anika- smiles good. Chanda then u called baba

Chanda- crying hmmm

Anika- caressing dev face, baba then u scolded me come with me i was sitting here.

Gauri- crying di bas kar de

Anika- sniffing chutki. Don’t speak.

Baba- sign Gauri to stay quite

Anika- baba I’m was sitting here maa was saying ur baba needs u, he’s not strong I’m ur strength don’t let ur baba cry. Anika clean dev tears.

Shivavy pov- that’s why she was looking around

Anika- then u gave me my favourite chocolate see I’ve not eaten it i kept it for bhavya. Take this bhavya

Bhavya- crying

All crying on Anika’s dilemma

Anika- drags dev along with here, then gauri helped me today is Diwali na , then Shivavy u were teasing me, yes i was thinking about u i sensed ur prencenes.

And i also know u bought this saree for me.

Shivavy- Anikaaaaa

O jaanaaa

Anika- i came down stairs rudy u and gauri were singing and making fun of bhavya u were calling here bandariya. I’m saying correct na omru

Omru- crying yes Anika di

maa was waiting for me she was wearing her favourite color saree blue one with black and pink blouse , i lighten that diya she helped me i did puja maa was standing beside me, where’s sahil he was telling me something .

Dev- yes ANU u haven’t forgotten anything now come it’s dinner time. Gauri go and get ur di dinner

Anika- chokes no I’ve not complete yet I’ve not forgotten anything listen to me baba.
I’ve came upstairs i was thinking how i got save i was having BRAIN TUMOUR but still I’m alive how it can be i suppose to die off soon.. i

Dev- hug Anika don’t talk about death.

Anika-just want to finish this shitty life.

All gets numb

Chanda kya bol rahe thi tum

Anika gazes Shivavy, yes u were again teasing me i said u to step out of my room, but u said u r going to tell baba that I’ve not taken my medicines because I’ve not wished u Diwali . See I’ve not forgotten.

Happy Diwali Shivavy

Anika drag dev then baba we all trio were in ur embraces and maa was standing here Anika smiling again drag dev towards window.
See I’ve not forgotten anything baba now call maa up na I’ve not wish her Diwali

Dev- crying Anu first drink water

Anika- fine i drink it now call maa

Dev- fine let me call her

Devi g- dev

Dev- place Anika on bed. ANU maa chahiye

Anika- smiles and nods haan

Dev- bhavya turn off the lights

Anika- no baba don’t turn lights off i get scared of darkness u know then that witch will take chutki away from me and u all will leave me alone. Anika hug dev baba

Shivavy- adores Anika childish behaviour and innocence

Dev- no one will take ur chutki away from u. See she’s here with u. And u don’t need to be afarid of darkness because ur baba is here no one will go

Anika- gazes Shivavy no baba Shivavy too said that he will not leave me but then he too left me alone.

Shivavy- kneels down Anika I won’t leave u trust me.

Anika- No i won’t trust any1 again bus baba ap maa say kehaye k woh aye

Shivavy- break down

Dev- acha main maa ko bulata hoon hold my hand Anu first. Dev from side table takes remote and sign bhavya to turn off the lights

Bhavya- turns them off

Dev- Anu close ur eyes for once press the remote button whole room changes its interior, dresser and wardrobe hides behind the wall, roof changes it’s color

All gets shocked to see the changes

All three walls gets filled Aarohi videos and the roof with Anika and Aarohi pictures.

Aarohi- Anu

Anika- open her eyes smiles cheers maa so see Aarohi illusion

All comfort themselves

Anika place her head on dev shoulder contionusly staring illusion, videos and pictures without a single blink smiling watching Aarohi

Shivavy- glances Anika

Aarohi- Anu did u missed me

Anika- nodded yes

Gauri- Anika di have ur dinner too please,

Anika- turns her face to other side i don’t want it

Devi g- Anika have it see Aarohi will get upset. She’s crying that u haven’t taken ur dinner

Aarohi- videos and illusions give peace to Anika

Anika- gazes dev

Dev- have it Anu

Devi g- feeds Anika

Anika- coughs and vomits

Dev- Anu again rubbing Anika’s back

Shivavy- worries and clean Anika face

Anika- chutki, doll see maa is scolding baba because he came late. hahaha baba look at u , dadi, dolls see how baba hides behind me.

All smiled with tears

Anika- continously talking to dev and laughs

Dev- Anu now sleep see it’s time to sleep call ur dolls too see they also needs maa. Anika smiles and call gauri and bhavya.

Both gauri and bhavya clean their tears and hug Anika and dev all trio crying vigorously.

Rudy- crying O Anika di is not crying

Om- all emotions are buried Rudy

Devi g- having flashback of their childhood

Shivavy- itna dard kesay seha sakhta hai koi

Anika, dev are in center gauri and bhavya are laying beside dev and Anika

Dev- Aarohi sing lori now for our princesses

Aah, aa aah, aa aa aah, mm mm mm, mm mm mm
So Gayi Ye Zameen So Gaya Aasma
Neend Mein Kho Gaya Dekh Saara Jahan
Palkon Pe Sapne Sazaye
Dheere Dheere Baahon Mein Jhulaye
Maa Ga Ga Ke Sulaye
Aa Ri Aa Nindiya Tu Aa
Nindiya Tu Aa Nindiya Tu Aa

Dev- caressing Anika

Anika- smiles and kiss dev, and her dolls

Gaya- cries

Shiomru and dadi- having flashback of Anika masti and drama

Finally Anika soul and heart get peace

So Gayi Aye Zameen So Gaya Aasma
Neend Mein Kho Gaya Dekh Saara Jahan
Jaane Lagi Parchhaiya Aane Lagi Tanhaiya
Chand Taaron Se Ye Raat Sajne Lagi

Chain Ki Basuri Door Bazne Lagi
Koyi Pari Uad Ke Aaye Jhilmil Duniya Dikhaye
Maa Ga Ga Ke Sulayeaa Re Aa
Nindiya Tu Aa Nindiya Tu Aa Nindiya Tu Aa

Anika- eyes start getting close

Dev- crying and remembering Aarohi

Gaya- having flashback of Aarohi


Anika- memories flashes and soon Anika close her eyes dev caressing Anika face.

Both gaya too close there eyes with tears rolling on their cheeks

So Gayi Aye Zameen So Gaya Aasma
Neend Mein Kho Gaya Dekh Saara Jahan
Tu Hai Mere Jeevan Ka Fal Meri Ummido Ka Kal

Jo Na Dekhun Tujhe Saans Jaaye Thehar
Ab Hai Tere Liye Meri Saari Umra
Sabki Nazar Se Bachaaye Tujhe Aanchal Mein Chhupaye
Maa Ga Ga Ke Sulaye Aa Re Aa
Nindiya Tu Aa Nindiya Tu Aa Nindiya Tu Aa

Finally Anika went into deep peacefully sleep with huge smile on her face.
Both gauri and bhavya lock Anika in their arms.

So Gayi Ye Zameen So Gaya Aasma
Neend Mein Kho Gaya Dekh Saara Jahan
Palkon Pe Sapne Sajaaye
Dheere Dheere Baahon Mein Jhulaye
Maa Ga Ga Ke Sulaye
Aa Re Aa

All trio face is shown

Nindiya Tu Aa Nindiya Tu Aa Nindiya Tu Aa

Dev- clean his tears cover his daughters in duvet. Peck on trio heads and moves out

Devi g- too moves out

Rudy- too close his eyes and sleeps in om lap

Shivavy- stand near window thinking

Chanda- Shivavy

Shivavy- I’m so bad I’m a a blo*odly creature who always thought about my profit my reputation my family my lineages. All always considered everything is mine I’ve never thought about her .

Kabhi jesay mujhe neend uthaye k liya awaz lagani karna karna parti thi aaj unsay sulaney k liya ek jhoot ka sahara liya.

See Chanda how she’s sleeping all lost.

Chanda- Shivavy she needs u it will take time but Anika will get fine.


After an hour

Gauri- wakes up. Bhavya, Bhavya get up

Bhavya- gauri di

Om- Gauri

Gauri- bhavya u r laying on di hand u know na she can’t move her left hand come to right side. omkara g di body is burning

Shivavy- gauri get a side

Om- no Shivavy no need for this and what r u doing here just go from here.

Gauri- omkara g what happened why u r getting so rude to bhaiya

Rudy- yes O in the morning also u where looking distrube nore u were willing that Shivavy bhaiya should do the puja with Anika di

Om- what u said Anika di?

Rudy- yes because Anika di don’t like that i should call her bhabi

Om- see Shivavy , ur bother is calling her Anika di because Anika don’t like bhabi. Will u define this why she said that because where this universe know that SSO do’s good detailing in ” DEFINING RELARTION” I’m i correct bro.

Bhavya- om bhaiya why u r so furious

Gauri- put hand on om shoulder omkara g

Om- why u r questioning me ask our Shivavy bhaiya . Why r u quite plz Shivavy answer them. Why I’m angry on u.

Rudy- Shivavy bhaiya

Gauri- Shivavy bhaiya baat kya hai

Om- Shivavy Singh Oberoi plz give them a brief presentation on shivika life. Opps sorry on Anika’s life how u twisted it.

Shivavy- crying

Bhavya- bhaiya’s kya huwa hai

Om- gauri look at ur di is she’s the same khidkitod we all know or she knows herself. And how u guys can forget so easily did u remember hospital incident. Flashback is shown.

Rudy- so what o?

Om- rudy who sign the papers

Gauri- Shivavy bhaiya

Om- yes Shivavy bhaiya the great and ” what he quoted to nurse”

Bhavya- that he’s Anika di husband

Rudy- what a big de……… words died in rudy month

Gaya- with tears eyes staring Shivavy

Om- sit next to Anika crying. I’m sorry Anika i couldn’t make up my promise , i failed to be a brother to u. I wish u could share ur pain with ur brother and i should get a sister like u and i pray every1 should gets a daughter, sister like u.

Gauri- crying i can’t meet Anika di eyes. Why Shivavy bhaiya why u have been playing with di emotions in all these months. When u haven’t divorced di then why u stabbed Anika di so badly k un ka har purane zakham hare ho gaye (that all her old lesions become green).
Kyun kiya ap nay yeh sab. why u lied to di.

Chanda- Shivavy wow that’s great ek taraf usay phir say zindagi dey kar phir usi mor per khara kar diya jaha usay chhodra tha.
people of ur class don’t bother about these this opps sorry “MAN” of this society don’t care about woman feelings. U take them for granted ek ice cream ki tarah chalo ek flavour pasand nahe aya to dosara lay le gy. I thought u r different but u prove us wrong.

Shivavy janatey ho kitni baatey usi thi Anika nay jab log is per tanye kastey thy k woh dekho jaa rahe hai jis k pati nay 8-9 months may he chor diya.

Aarye batao zar kyun tere pati nay tujhe chor diya kisi aur k sath yaarana tha.

Aarye nahe bacha nahe dey saki ho ge.

Suna hai is ka pati bohat ameer hai kehi pasio k liya to shadi nahe ki woh kya kehaye hai angarzi mein.

Chachi g ” Contract Marriage ”

Haan wohi toh contract marrige

Wasey Anika kitnaye pasiey milaye thi lakho may k core may. Hahahaha

Shivavy ek mazakh ban gaye thi is ki zindagi but she never break down.

She from lips use to smile but her heart shaded millions of tears that if u will sit to count them life will get short but not her pain that u give her.

Shivavy divorce ek Aurat k character per woh dhaba hai jo kisi bhi mehanga detergent say kyun dho lo woh apney nishan chor he jata hai.

But still Anika face all this alone never blamed u for this.

Shivavy- forgive me please u all. I’m the worst person on this universe.

Om- wow Shivavy


Gauri- sitting beside Anika with tears, di why u can’t get out of that taruma. U use to pacify us but now u urself have broken down. Di please bhool jaye un yaado ko, maa k baad ap nay he to sambhal tha humaye aur aaj ap he bakhir rahe hai.

Screen freezes on Anika face

Precape Tia comes to meet Anika
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