I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 4

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Recape: Anika senses Shivavy prencenes
Part 4

Devi g- aaj ki puja hum Rajputs k liya bohat important hai. Anika for the first time is going to do this puja. I hope she do this puja and lighten that diya which i kept lightened for years .

Dadi- devi g i’hv a request if u don’t mind can I

Devi g- preeto don’t request just say it

Dadi- i want both Shivavy and Anika to do this puja together.

Devi g- but Anika won’t agree i know Shivavy kya hum Rajputo per bohat bara essan hai jo hum kabhi bhi nahe chuka paye gay

Dadi- no devi even we r thankful to u. Tumhari poti nay to mere ghar ko khushiyo say bhar diya hai. Anika nay to mere ghar k mol pura kar diya hai. Bas ab maata rani meri Anika ki zindagi phir khushiyo say bhar de.

Jhanvi- this will happen mummy g all this darkness won’t be longest,

Rudy- yes dadi g when Anika di crime partner is here then no fear only cheer my dears. Kyun theek kaha na mainey .

All ignored Rudy

Rudy- Arrey koi to HAAN bolo

Priyanka- yes Rudy bhaiya u said correct

Rudy- Pinku pehalwan u here

Dadi- priyanka puttar

Priyanka- dadi

Jhanvi- priyanka , ranveer greet ur bhabi’s dadi too

Priveer- greets devi g

devi g- stay blessed and good to see u here

Om- pinku why u didn’t told us about ur arrival

Tej- because we want to suprise u all and it’s was mine and jhanvi’s plan and a gift of Diwali for her brothers

Om- thanks dad

Tej- om my son u don’t need to thanks me.

Rudy- I’m “akhari haldi ” that everyone forgets me

Om- pat on Rudy’s head it’s akhari ghalti not haldi and yes u r akhari ghalti

Rudy- DADI ?

Dadi- chup kar drama e baaz

Priyanka- Om bhaiya i missed u so much

Om- pinku and me too both hug eachother

Rudy- hey bhagwan yeh kya ho raha hai mere yaar mujhse harwafai kar raha hai

Om- duffer Oberoi harwafai nahe bewafai kar raha hai

Rudy- O?. And pinku u I’m not going to talk to u?

Om- rudy drama band kar

Pinku- Rudy bhaiya , pinku give back hug to Rudy I’m miss u more then Om bhaiya.

Om- winks pinku

Rudy- me too missed u alot pinku and rudy crushes pinku bones

Pinku- rudy bhaiya now leave me

Shakti – bhai sahab this is not a gift for her bothers but for us too.

Pinku- greets both shakti and pinky

Kamini- shakti g

Shakti- coughs

Pinky aunty- kamni g ap bhi i hai

Kamini – hits on shakti’s chest kyun shakti g mujhe nahe ana chiya tha

Pinky- pulls shakti towards herself. Nahe kamni g itnaye acha din per to nahe

Kamini- wasey pinky ur OM is nothing infront of RM. It’s a haven on earth. As Taj Mahal in Agra ,As Rajput Mansion opps sorry Rajput Mahal in Pune.

Pinky- fumes

Kamini- priyanka beta zara dekho kitchen may koi kukkadi jaal rahe hai bohat smell aa rahe hai jaalney ki.

Omru- giggles

Pinky- kamni g it’s good u have been invited here chalo at least for few days beggar can dreams meat opps sorry dreams comes true wali baat hui yeh to kyun shakti g

Tej- pinky stop it now

Pinku- Om bhaiya where’s Shivavy bhaiya

Rudy- yes O where’s Shivavy bhaiya i’hv not seen him

Om- i don’t know go and find urself

Dadi- Om kya huwa and why u r talking like this

Om- nothing dadi I’m coming

Devi g- peerto I’m coming , jhanvi beta take servants along with u and set the guests rooms they way u want. And priyanka beta feel free here it’s like ur own home.

Priveer – thankyou dadi g

Pinky aunty- shakti g come with me i need ur help

Kamini- waves shakti ?

Dadi- priveer and kamini g u guys rest now. And jhanvi puttar come with me i need to discuss something with

jhanvi- g mummy g
Anika’s room

Gauri- Anika di now tell me what u wants to wear

Anika- Gauri give anything i don’t no

Gauri- no di u urself decided ok wait I’ve an idea close ur eyes

Anika- it’s so childish I’m not going to do this.

Gauri- di plz na i said close ur eyes and then put ur hand on any dress u want to wear

Anika- closes her eyes, start feeling Shivavy while selecting the dress. She opens her eyes. ( Anika selects Shivavy dress )

Gauri- smiles wow di nice choice black and red Saree it’s beautiful just like my di. Gauri passes smile to Shivavy

Shivavy- I love u Anika

Anika- what?

Shivavy- O teri is nay mere dil ki awaz bhi sun li

Gauri- di r u alright

Anika- yes I’m fine but still why I’m feeling his prencenes no it can be.

Gauri- di ap k bol rahe hai plz speak little loud i can’t hear

Anika- Gauri u go now

Gauri- but di how u will wear it let me help

Anika- Gauri

Gauri- di it’s saree u can’t wear it alone see ur hands are bandaged and u can’t move ur left hand too so please let me do it.

Shivavy- smiles and shut his eyes?

Anika- Gauri thankyou now leave me alone i’m coming

Gauri- moves out

Anika in thoughts what happening me, why that kanji ankhye are coming infront of me.

Shivavy- thinking about me not bad beautiful

Anika- turns her face. How come u get in my room?

Shivavy- Shivavy Singh Oberoi don’t need any1 permission got it.

Anika pushes Shivavy hard , Shivavy gets slips and falls on down. Anika turns her face to other side. Shivavy close his eyes and still laying on floor.
Anika now u won’t try to step in my room just get up and go back to ur room. Did u get me Mr Oberoi

Anika gets bit worried why he’s not replying, she turns her head little ohh ?
Anika kneel down, get up what happened to u, Shivavy open ur eyes . Uff what I’ve done i knew that his heart is weak and i..

Shivavy open his one eye and look at Anika but immediately close it again

Anika pats on his cheek. I’m sorry Shivavy, Anika puts her head on Shivavy’s chest Uthaiye na Shivavy plz open ur eyes ok fine u can enter my room anytime i swear

Shivavy paka pinki promise.

Anika- haan paka pinki promise.

Shivavy hugs her tightly. Anika relax I’m fine i was just pulling ur leg that’s it.

Anika- what?

Shivavy- yes jaan

Anika u lied to me just leave me Anika trying to free herself don’t call me by this cheap word
Shivavy pulls her more close in his husky voice whispers then what u like me to call u darling, Jaanu, sona , hottie, baby what else my love.

Anika i said leave me what r u doing.
Shivavy No I’m not leaving u what u will do then show me. Shivavy pulls Anika noise what I’ve done but if u want me than i can do. Shivavy lifts Anika chin and smiles.

Both gets lost in eachother blue and brown obrs

Song played in backgrounds

Ishq hai aansu ishq hai naghma

(shivika remembering their sweet moments)
Ishq sukun hai raahat hai
Ishq hai sehra ishq hai dariya
Ishq junoon hai zahmat hai

After a deep eyelock of 10 minutes

Shivavy with tears in his eyes caresses Anika face mainey janta hoon tumhay bohat dard diya hai per main tum say wadaa karta hoon k ab say tumhara har dard mera hai aur mera har sukh tumhare naam hai. Anika hold my hand once again.

Anika free herself it’s not that much simple and easy. She moves out but stands in mid of the door. Shivavy

Kabhi kis ko chahye k liya ki pal bhi kam lagata hai aur kabhi phir say kis per bharosa karnay k liya barso lag jataye hai.

Shivavy- left in tears
Bhavya’s room

Bhavya- stretching her arms uff how relax I’m feeling after such a long time i got good sleep by the way what’s the time. O no it’s 7:40 I’m late its Diwali today I’ve to wish di first i hope that Rudy didn’t wish my di. First i want to wish her and wants something big for all afterall I’m the youngest one.

Bhavya gets out of the bed what to do shall i take bath first or go to di room. No first I’ll wish di first and then I’m going to take bath I’ve already taken it in morning too. Yahoo it’s Diwali and I’m going to celebrate it with my Anika di

RM hall

Devi g- Gauri beta its late now where’s Anika

Dev- Gauri i told u not to leave her alone

Gauri- dad Shivavy bhaiya is keeping an eye on di and dadi di is coming. See she’s coming

All stands up and gazing Anika

Anika- stepping down

Dev- too stepping forward

Song played

Charkha mera rangla vich

Dev- having flashback of Anika’s birth

Anika- having flashback of her bond with her baba


Anika- Rolls her eyes and all memories flashes

Dev- with tears in his eyes having flashback of how Anika for the first time called him BABA

charkhey diyan mekhan ve me


Both having flashback Aarohi

tenu yaad kara jad charkhey val vekhan


Dev open his arms Anu. Anika steps forward. Dev hugs her tightly and cries

charkhey de sheeshian vich …


Dev Happy Diwali ANU

Anika- Happy Diwali

Bhavya- shouts Nahe

All glances bhavya

Rudy and Gauri – start giggling

Dev- bhavya come her

Bhavya- yes dad

Dev- from which saloon u get ur make over done

Bhavya- make over no dad I’ve done it yet

Dev- smiles, Anu see our ACP

Gauri- dad ACP nahe bandariya kyun Rudy bhaiya

Rudy- plus Bhooti woh bhi ghajini Hahaha see this bhooti

Gauri- see this ur Diwali gift u stop us na from meeting di first. Haha Anika di look at her face. Bhavya gusa aa raha hai

Rudy – oye bandariya start beating drums and sings

Hey Chal Ri Amira, Hey Chal Re Fakire
Chal Ri Amira Lak Dak Dak Pak
Chal Re Fakire Jhibee Chak Jhibee Chak
Dheere Dheere [Bidee Bidee] Burarar Mere Ain
Bhavya runs afrer rudy

Rudy runs and shouts

O Bandariya

Gauri- O bandariya
Rudy- smiles and sings

Apne Bandar Se Jhagadna Hai Bura
Ik Zara Si Baat Par Aise Bigadna Hai Bura

Anika in her baba embrace smile

Bhavya angry and moves from there rudy hold her hands

Arey [Tera Yun Nazar Chura Ke Jana Haye Haye
Yun Shuru Hua Hai Ye Phasana Haye Haye ]
Ruth Ke Kaha Chalee, O Meri Champa Kali

Gauri showing mirror to bhavya

Palat Aye Palat, Aye Palat Tera Dhayan Kidhar Hai Bayi
Rudy- removes mask from bhavya head

Ruth Ke Kaha Chalee, O Meri Champa Kali

Bhavya hits rudy

Dev- Anu u too go and enjoy with them see both are troubling ur ACP Sahiba

Anika no i don’t want too

Devi g- worries for Anika
Gauri holds om shoulder and all family makes train around bhavya, Anika and dev.
Rudy holds dugdugi and plays near bhavya ears and sings

Kab Talak Firunga Mai, Is Tarah Gali Gali
Tere Bina Mere Dil Kee, Dil Mein Rahi Jaaye Haye Haye
Yun Shuru Hua Hai Ye Phasana Haye Haye
Tera Yun Nazar Chura Ke Jana Haye Haye
Yun Shuru Hua Hai Ye Phasana Haye Haye

Bhavya hugs Anika, dad , di scold them . I hate u Rudy

All start laughing hahaha

Shivavy- staring Anika and gets tense

Anika- bhavya go and take bath

All wishes Diwali to each other

Dadi- devi lets do the puja

Anika- standing away from all lost in thoughts

Devi g- Anika beta

Anika- g dadi

Devi g- come with me

Anika- g dadi g

Devi g- Anika beta it’s Diwali today and i want u to lighten that diya

Anika- dadi g please i don’t believe in all this ask Gauri and bhavya to do that

Dadi- puttar kabhi kabhi na chatey huwa bhi yakeen karna partha hai.

And today’s Diwali and both ur dadi wants their gift from u which can only u can give us

Om- Anika plz it’s not dadi’s wish but our too so plz come and do this puja

Dev- ANU

Anika- gazes dev

Dev- smiles.

Anika- stepping towards temple

Flashback :

Aarohi – Anu come here and light that diya but be care full.

Anika holding dev’s hand , baba why u and maa on every Diwali wants me to lighten that diya.

Aarohi because ur are that diya for us and this house gets more brighten with ur smile

Anika but maa ur smile is more brighten then anything and that diya’s light is nothing infront of u

Dev that’s true Anu but u have to lighten it to make it more brighten like sun.

Aarohi hold this and brighten my world Anu

Anika opens her eyes

Flashbacks ends

Anika steps in the temple and turned her face to Aarohi’s room. Dev puts his hands on Anika’s shoulder. Anu what happened for whom u r waiting for.

Anika- woh

Dev- gazes all with tears in his eyes

Devi g- sign dev not to cry

Shivavy- too understand that Anika is looking for her mother

Anika- turns her face back towards temple remembering her mother lights the diya

All smiles with tears

Screen freezes on diya and Anika


Precape will Anika agree to do puja with Shivavy ?

Rise ur hand if u guys cried out like me. Anika didn’t win the best actress award that’s not fair with us????
I prayed hard for her but still some1 snatched her right.

But after sometimes i realised our surbhi don’t need any materialistic awards our prayers and wishes are more important for her success and life
Guys I’m traveling somewhere so i don’t know when I’m going to update the next episode

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