I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 36

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Same day

Aarohi ” aa dekhaye zara kisi may kitna hai dum…..

Bhavay ” plays the song

Aa dekhen jara

Kismein kitna hai dam
Jamke rakhna kadam
Mere saathiya
Aa dekhen jara (paa.Ra.Pa..)
Kismein kitna hai dam (paa.Ra.Pa..)
Jamke rakhna kadam (paa.Ra.Pa..)
Mere saathiya

All dancing around Anika

[aa dekhen jara
Kismein kitna hai dam
Jamke rakhna kadam
Mere saathiya] (repeat

Aage nikal aaye hum woh
Pichhe reh gaye
Aage nikal aaye hum woh
Pichhe reh gaye aa..Aa..
Upar chale aaye hum woh
Nichhe reh gaye
Upar chale aaye hum woh
Nichhe reh gaye

Woh humse haarenge
Hum baaji maarenge
Hum unse kya hai kam
Naachenge aaise hum
Naachenge aaise hum
Naachenge woh kya (kya, kya)

Aa dekhen jara
Kismein kitna hai dam
Jamke rakhna kadam
O mere saathiya
Aa dekhen jara
Kismein kitna hai dam
Jamke rakhna kadam
Mere saathiya

Shivavy” swing Anika in arms and sings

Anika” batmeez shivavy put me down”

Shala.Ri..Pa..Shala ri..Pa..Ri..Pa..
Saare shehar mein
Hami hai humsa kaun hai
Saare shehar mein
Hami hai humsa kaun hai

Dev” takes Anika from shivavy swings

Anika” baba what r u doing leave me”

Dekho idhar hum yahi hai
Humsa kaun hai
Dekho idhar hum yahi hai
Humsa kaun hai
Dekhenge dekha hai
Jaadu kya aaisa hai
Yaaron se jalne ka
Kaaton pe chalne ka
Kaaton pe chalne ka
Kya hai faayda

Dev” puts Anu in Aarohi lap”

Aarohi “play the trumpet

Aa dekhen jara
Kismein kitna hai dam (paa.Ra.Pa..)
Jamke rakhna kadam (paa.Ra.Pa..)
Mere saathiya..

Anika” didn’t react ”

Aarohi ” Anu

Anika” I’m going to my room”

Aarohi” challenge abhi puraye nahe huwaye”

Shivavy ” Anika it was not challenge but opening of challenge”

Anika” to hum kya karye”

Aarohi” first challenge

Anika” what?

Aarohi” ludo”

Anika” i won’t play”

Aarohi” wraps her arms around Anika collar khelaye say phely he har maan li”

Anika” set the table”

Bhavavy” table is set”

Anika” but if i win u won’t do this lipta jhipti nor you will come close to me”

Aarohi” what if i win”?

Anika” we will see”

All gather around”

Chanda” Anika I’ll throw dice from ur side”

Anika” hmm

Aarohi” dekhna 2 minutes may game will be over i’m champ in this”

Gayu” maa we will still with u”

Anika” if Gauri will sit i won’t play”

Dev” Anu she’s ur chutki ”

Gauri” with watery eyes run from there”

Anika( thinking)” gauri u should have not lied to me about her”

Dev” I’ll be on Anu side”

Aarohi” roll the dice and it comes 6 and 4

Bhavavy” kiss Aarohi wow maa”

Anika” stare bhavay”

Dev and shivavy ” smirks

Chanda” roll the dice it comes 3

After few minutes Aarohi getting big numbers

Anika” kab say kissy kar rahi hai bus bhi karo kuch kara parye ga. Bhavay go and get water for me”

Dev and shivavy ” smiles whispers jealousu

Aarohi” swap the goti”

Anika” what u did?

Aarohi ” what?

Anika” your goti was not here u did cheating ”

Aarohi” cheating when i did ”

Anika” abhi, humaye dekha aur itni jaldi ghar bhi chali gayi”

Shivavy ” maa nay koi cheating nahe ki”

Anika” ap chup karye Baba and Chanda ap nay dekha na yeh kab say kesay he kar rahi hai”

Chanda” what?

Anika” Chanda see everytime she’s getting six aur abhi goti bhi swap ki”

Dev” Aarohi u did cheating?

Bhavay” dadu maa nay koi cheating nahe ki”

Anika” tum chup karo yeh koi 50 kissy hai”

Dev and Aarohi” smile as they know Anu is counting kisses

Aarohi ” kya hai”

Anika” i mean it’s 50th time u did cheating”

Aarohi” have someone seen me doing cheating or swaping”

All nods negatively

Gauri” maa u did cheating ”

Anika” gazes Gauri”

Aarohi” princess”

Gauri” hug Anika tightly ap hum say keha gaye aur hum ap ko chor dey gay. Ap meri Anika di ho aur ap k keha denaye say ap meri di mujhe nahe lay sakhti”

Anika” pick up this goti and u will again open it”

Aarohi” nope i won’t and princess is lying”

Anika” she don’t lie but u lied to us”

Aarohi” i’m sorry ”

Anika” your sorry won’t give their childhood back to them”

Aarohi” eyes gets moist”

Anika” plz continue the game”

Aarohi” saliently playing the game”

Anika” feel bad for her mother ok stop u win”

Shivavy( thinking)” maa tears are making u weak Anika”

Gauri” but di two goti’s are pending”

Dev” Anu u r wining but why u r letting Aarohi to win?

Anika” I’m tried now.

Aarohi” but u r wining Anu”

All yes Anika/ bhabi you are near to your house, you can’t let her win……… all asking Anika to play……

Anika” stumbling stand up from there”

Vanhi” Anika u can’t accept ur defeat you are near to your house ”

Anika without giving a pause” have u gone out of your mind she’s my house and you want me to defeat my world”

All gets happy eyes gets moist

Shivavy ” what u said come again”

Anika” i said i accept my defeat”

Aarohi” so u lost the game”

Anika” yes”

Aarohi” my reward”

Anika” what?

Aarohi” do dinner with me”

Anika” this is not the time for dinner”

Aarohi” but I’m hungry and u lost the bet so u have to dine with me”

Anika” no i won’t do this ask from something else.

Aarohi” it’s a rule so come humaye bohat bhook lagi hai.

Gayu” humaye bhi bhook lagi hai”

Shivavy” even I’m hungry”

Dev” so we should all do the dinner what say Oberoi’s

Dadi” not a bad idea Rajput’s

Gauri” maa will sit with me”

Bhavavy” no she will sit with me Gauri di got it”

Gauri” who’s the elder one me na so maa will sit with me”

Bhavavy” fine she will sit with u but will feed me. And now that’s final”

Aarohi” gazing Anika Ok I’ll sit it the mid and will feed u both with my hands”

Gayu” peck her cheek we love u maa”

Anika” sits with chanda but stealing eyes gazing Aarohi”

Chanda”Anika what u will have ?”

Anika” anything”

Dev” sign Aarohi and gayu”

Aarohi” feeding gayu”

Bhavavy” maa kissy”

Gauri” wow! maa kya Aloo Puri hai kiss on her cheek”

Aarohi ( thinking)” Anu say something you never want me to feed them but today u are sitting so far from me”

Anika” hold spoon start eating having flashback of her and Aarohi”

Dev” Anu were u get lost”

Anika” silently leaving the table

Song plays

Kayi khwaab dil tujhko le kar sajaaye

Par khauf yeh bhi kahin par sataaye
Ghar yeh bhi tootey toh phir hoga kya re
Mujhe raas aati hain khushiyaan kahan re
Kyon dil ko dukhana bewajah madno re
Kyon dil ko dukhana bewajah
Phir aansu bahana ik dafa
Phir aansu bahana ik dafa
Aarohi” wipes her tears gayu have it I’m coming
Scene shifts to Anika’s room”
Anika to herself” she did it deliberately i know. She knows i don’t like that tears in her eyes and more that gayu where getting so close to her and both where kissing her”
Aarohi” feeling bad”
Anika” haan. Anika eyes gets widen to listen Aarohi voice”
Aarohi” puts plate on table hops infront of Anika , feeling bad na i was feeding gayu”
Anika” why u came here its my room and i didn’t feel bad at all. ?
Aarohi” really”
Anika” ap jao yaha say”
Aarohi” pull her nose itna gucha come both will do dinner together u know I’ve not eaten anything since last night. She makes Anika sits on bed”
Anika” I’m done with my dinner u do yours”
Aarohi” you know na i don’t eat till my Anu don’t have her meal plz na only one bite”
Anika ” only one then u will go”
Aarohi” make Anika to have her meal she talks so sweetly that Anika didn’t knew when she finished the whole plate”
Aarohi” smiles Show me your wounds”
Anika” you said you will go from here so go now”
Aarohi” i won the challenge so whole day you will do what i say. So be a good girl and show me your wounds i myself will apply oinment on them. And it’s my order what is it?
Anika” in soft voice order”
Aarohi ” opens her bandage of right hand peck it. Pain ho raha hai na”
Anika” nods negatively”
Aarohi” why it’s not paining? Show me your other hand and why u always kept it in pocket”
Anika” only this hand is bandage and it’s cold na so i keep it in pocket. Ab ap jao humaye kam hai”
Aarohi” touches Anika left arm. Why it’s temperature is cold”
Anika” I’m telling you nothing happened to this one so leave now Anika protesting “
Aarohi” show me she slowly taking her hand out eyes getting watery as Anika arm shudders she gazing Anika with tears.
Anika” close her eyes and she can’t see pearls falling”
Aarohi” cup her hand in between her hands Anu why u didn’t told u about this. She hugs her tightly what happened with my life this much wounded.
Aarohi cup her face tell me my bacha what happened these feet too and head say something Anu?”
Anika” close her eyes smiles. She get lost in her maa love this much that she start tracing her hand on her mother face feeling her affection”
Main hoon shab tu subah
Dono jud ke judaa
Main hoon labh tu dua
Dono jud ke judaa
Lady in veil” gazing them both I’ve to something before Aarohi loves melt this stone. She hits the window”
Anika gets conscious open her eyes goes out of the room”
Aarohi” Anu tomorrow is your birthday and your baba said right you have to tell me the whole truth. I’ve lived 21 years far from u all and specially from you and i won’t let you run from me.
You are Aarohi Singh Rajput heart
Shivavy” omru did u notice Anika is falling weak?
Om” shivavy only one day and this much improvement i don’t believe from month we all are trying”
Rudy” Anika bhabi loves Aarohi anuty g alot”
Om” uff! How bhabi bursts out on Vanhi maasi”
Shivavy” i was shocked to see fire in Anika eyes she can’t see her mother in tears nor see wan’t her to lose”
Rudy” shivavy bhaiya and how Anika bhabi was staring chullbull bhabi and Bhavay it seem she won’t to beat them”
Om” yes! And why they were kissing her she fist her palm”
Shivavy stands on bed ” maa sirf humari maa hai agar humarye hotaye huwaye kisi nay zayad kissy ki, yeha un k hath say kisi nay khana khaya toh hum Anu us ko store room may band kar dey gay”
Aur kisi ko koi boblem hai?
Shivavy ” she was so furious on bhavavy and was counting kisses 50 kissy ki hai .
Omru” laughs shivavy bhaiya “
Shivavy ” smiles and nods this much love that she don’t want to share her mother love with gayu”
Omru ” yes as we can’t see you with dev uncle “
Shivavy ” oho so you both were spying on us?”
Rudy ” not me but O”
Om” o really how was saying i want junior shivavy?
Shivavy ” pull their legs wesay dev uncle is really nice i enjoy their company alot i wish he was my bother too”
Rudy” dekha O what he’s saying our SSO what’s him to be his brother”
Om” shivavy wesay idea bura nahe hai. why don’t u ask chotye papa for a bother?
Shivavy throw pillow on Om” Om have some shame”
Om” throw pillow back on shivavy only you can pull our leg not me”
Shivom” doing pillow fight”
Rudy” walking out”
Om” oye dumbbell where you are going?
Rudy” choti maa say bhai bagnaye”
Shivom” what?
Rudy” idea bura nahe tha ek aur kanji ankho wala aye ga”
Shivavy ” Om hold him told i give u permission to beat him and shivavy runs after Rudy”
Om” Rudy k bachay”
Rudy” aaaah stop beating me u both and I’ve not get married yet so bacha kaha say aya”
Shivom” laugh u won’t grow up”
Rudy” hug them tightly till i won’t grow up ever i love u both and i always want you to stay with me “
Shivom” even we want our Duffer Oberoi to be duffer”
Rudy” one for all”
Shivom” all for one”
Rudy” throws cushions on both now it’s look complete”
All trio doing pillow fighting”
Song plays
Lafzao ka yeh rishta nahe……………….
Scene shifts to kitchen”
Gauri” with sobs crying and calling Anika di, Anika di
Bhavay ” listening the crying voice rushes to kitchen gets shocked to see Gauri”.
Bhavay shouts for maa, dad , Anika di where u all our”
Dev” gets shocked to see Gauri arm wet in blood” Gauri ! Dev takes her in arms and place her on couch what happened how did u get it?
Aarohi ” princess peck her face what’s all this?
Bhavay ” maa oinment and bandage
Gauri” sobbing till Anika di won’t come i won’t apply them”
Shivavy ” Gauri !!
Gauri! Anika di
Shivavy ” stop crying let me call her
Sence shift study room
Anika” doing video conference
Chanda” some1 is knocking Anika”
Anika” don’t open the door”
Shivavy ” step in from window. Anikaa
Anika ” don’t u have manners and from where the hell u came of what was so urgent that u can’t wait for an hour”
Shivavy ” Gauri got hurt and she’s call u. Come
Anika” in tense tone what? She about to step forward but take them back.
Chanda tomorrow we have to visit factory so i think we should see it’s details now”
Chanda ” Gauri
Shivavy ” Anika comes she’s in pain and wants you”
Anika” kon say color hai blood : tomotes juice, red paint or blood bags.
Shivavy” you thing she’s lying “
Anika” what else u guys can do now if ur postman work is done so out I’m busy”
Chanda ” Anika you should for once go and check”
Anika” chanda remember their dadi drama. It’s the second part not part what we call dabang 1, 2
Chanda ” sequels
Anika” exactly sequel. Don’t think much and get back to work.
Chanda ( thinking) ” is ka to bharosa he nahe raha kisi per”
Scene shifts to Hall
Gauri” crying no till Anika di won’t come i won’t apply
Shivavy ” Gauri she’s not coming.
Dev” she’s thinking we are doing drama. Her trust is broken”
Aarohi” princess see blood ozing let maa do it”
Gauri” crying Anika di
Scene shifts to Study Room
Anika” is really Chutki got hurt? She can’t bear an wasps bite and it’s blood shall i go and check. Till i won’t go she won’t apply oinment.
Chanda ” Anika what you are thinking? If you are thinking about Chutki so plz check from far but go”
Anika” runs outside”
Scene shifts to Hall
Gauri” running and crying in whole hall no till Anika di won’t come i won’t apply oinment”
Aarohi ” maa ki bhi baat nahe mano ge”
Gauri” running I’ll but i want Anika di too”
Bhavay ” lets go to Anika di. Gauri di”
Gauri ” crying Anika di aye ge she truns run from their when Anika take Gauri in embraces”
Anika” Chutki”
Gauri” hug her tightly Anika di bohat pain ho raha hai dekho she forward her hand”
Anika” hold her hand with pain in her eyes gazes Gauri”
Aarohi” princess come now your Anika di has come so sit and lets clean it”
Gauri” sitting in Anika lap”
Anika ” crassesing her face , wiping her tears don’t cry princess see u won’t feel it’s pain”
Aarohi” clean her wound”
Gauri” scream aaah bohat dard ho raha hai “
Anika” cup her face look into my eyes Gauri”
Gauri ” with puppy face gazing Anika. I’m sorry”
Anika di”
Anika ” wipes her tears no sorry only kissy she peck Gauri cheek”
Aarohi” gazing Anika chanda was right she’s me in herself”
Anika” plz aram say. Anika peck Gauri don’t cry chutki see dressing is done”
Aarohi” sab ka dard feel hota hai khud ka nahe”
Anika”agar hota to yeh sab na hota”
Gauri ” screams in pain”
Aarohi” peck her hand”
Anika” dekha ab to dard ho ga he nahe”
“Devshi and bhavay smile”
Gauri” why it won’t pain now?
Anika” because she kiss it.
Gauri” smiles and hug both Aarohi and Anika di it won’t pain now she peck their cheek i love u”
Aarohi” gazes Anika. This much faith on me ( thinking)
Anika( heart)” mera sab kuch to ap say he hai”
Aarohi” how u get it princess?”
Gauri” wiping her tears i was cutting vegetables”
Anika ” gets angry it’s not your duty to do this where’s the maid call her and who told u to do all this when maids and servants our her then why u did it.?
what’s the name of maid?
Aarohi” Anu
Shivavy” Anika let it me “
Anika” no it’s all because of her chutki is in pain and her tears. Why?
Dev” Anu she’s fine that’s enough “
Anika” no baba it’s not about any deal it’s about my sister.
All gets shocked to listen this
Maid” ma’am u called me”
Anika” when u are alive then why my Chutki got hurt”
Maid” sorry”
Anika” give tightly slap on her face.
All mouths get widen in shock
Anika” staring Aarohi and Shivavy your sorry won’t heal her wounds you are fired out from her clear your account and leave in thirty minutes”
Gauri ” where she will go?
Anika” you come with me and rest and ACP don’t distrube her.
Gauri pushes Anika on bed”
Anika” with wide mouth kya kar rahe ho Gauri “
Gauri ” nahe SSO
Anika” gauri I’ve some same u r my sister
Gauri” lock the room and in her husky voice Anika i love u”
Anika” moving back chutki pagal go gayi ho hum tumhari behan hai jao om k sath karo yeh sab”
Gauri” jo maza Anika may hai woh aur kaha. Gauri coming close to Anika licking her tongue”
Anika” screams and runs from there she falls in embraces.”
To be continue
Percape Anika to break down in her maa but Anika to take a decision that will break every heart
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