I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 32

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Dev” Aarohi for few days don’t force Anu to come close to u nor u get more near to her”

Aarohi” why ? She’s my Anu”

Dev ” Aarohi!! I’ll tell u everything but right now don’t ask her to do things according to ur will. Please”

Shivavy” runs inside the mansion dev uncle, dev uncle”

Aarohi” suspiciously gazes him”

Dev” Shivavy! Anika is here don’t worry”

Shivavy” she’s fine na, how she react, where’s now, have u checked? Anf how can she walk i strictly told her not to move out of bed but she never listen to anyone”

Dev” Shivavy don’t panic now. Dev gazes Aarohi now nothing will happen to Anu”

Shivavy” let me check her once dev uncle”

Gauri” yes dad we much check di how come she didn’t react seeing maa”

Chanda near door with open mouth looking at Aarohi” she shouts Aarohi anuty g”

All gazes Chanda

Gauri” chanda di!!! U?

Chanda” runs and hug Aarohi is that u my friend Anika’s happiness, her world, she’s completely u in herself”

Aarohi” smiles how do u know I’m Aarohi?

Chanda” I’ve seen ur pictures but wait where’s Anika i what to see her khirkitod smile on her face that was lost but as u our back I’m sure my jhali is back. And I’m to beat her now she didn’t told me about her life line”

Shivavy” chanda wait Anika was not awear of her life line”

Chanda” u r joking”?

Shivavy” Anika ko pata he nahi tha k us ki maa wapis aa gayi hai hum sab nay us say chupaye tha aur aaj he us koi pata chal gaya k Aarohi aunty……….

Chanda” shouts have u gone mad shivavy? Why u hide such a important truth of her life, where she’s right now?

Gauri” di is in her room”

Chanda” kyaaaa? Pagal ho us ko akeela chora huwa hai. Chanda runs to Anika room”

“Scene shifts to Anika’s room”

Chanda” Anika”

Anika” who’s there? Go from here”

Chanda” pagal ho Anika yeh kya kiya open ur eyes main hoon chanda”

Anika” Chanda”

Chanda” hug her tightly Anika before leave u promised me that u won’t hurt urself but u break ur promise”

Anika” who’s broken herself u r expecting from her to keep promise”

Chanda” rubbing Anika back why u always do with urself Anika? Kisi liya khud ko itna dard deti ho?

Anika” dard woh kya hai?

Chanda” What you do not feel is that pain? Now tell me what happened?

Anika” nothing happened chanda”

Chanda” I’m ur friend Anika u can’t hide from me”

Anika” chanda they all lied to me why they lied to me, what I’ve done to all that they cheat me at every step?.She was in RM but none bother to tell me”

If they would I’ve told me what I’ve said to them in fact i would be happy for my princess and doll that they got her back

I’m such a big ” Pappu on this planet that i couldn’t understand what they all our doing at my back”.

Chanda” Anika there might be some reason behind that”

Anika” Yes! There’s a reason they get peace and happiness in pricking me”

Chanda” Anika don’t say that they love u alot”

Anika” Love is a cheat only, which is in different form and relationship which is give to me”

Chanda” Anika u took drugs”?

Anika” chanda i don’t want to have them but they ask me to take them”.

Chanda” let me call dev uncle”

Anika cup Chanda face” hey chanda don’t call baba up after such a long time their family got happiness let them enjoy down and u too go from here”

Chanda” And what about u Anika where’s ur happiness ur life”

Anika” chanda hum naye apney hisaye ki zindagi guzari li hai bus ap toh kisi tarah hum humesha k liya sona chataye hai

Chanda” Anika I’ll slap u if u again talk about this”

Anika” chanda take me from here i can’t breathe here”

Chanda” Anika! Aarohi aunty wapis aa gayi hai ab sab theek ho jaye ga chalo mere sath ab to tumhara intazar khatam ho gaya”

Scene shifts to Hall

Aarohi” dev will u tell me now what happened with her that first u were making excuses that she’s went to aboard for business meeting but what’s all this i want to know everything means everything about Anu it’s enough now”

Dev” Aarohi! Anu is not fine”

Aarohi” i can see that but what?

Dev” Aarohi come sit here first”

Aarohi” what chanda was saying? I’m not getting u all. What u r hidding from me?

Dev ” listen to me Anu need sometime till then don’t question me about her. And tell me how u recognised her?”

Aarohi” No! Dev don’t twist the topic and tell me my heart is aching plz tell me”

Shivavy comes and wipes Aarohi tears” u can’t cry Aarohi aunty g u know na ur Anu don’t like tears in ur eyes”

Gauri” yes maa don’t cry because if u will cry and Anika di came to know that u cried than di hum sab ki OMM kar dey ge”

Shivavy” aur mera to muh toor de ge”.

Aarohi” you love her alot questioning Shivavy”

Shivavy smiles ” kon nahe karye ga us say pyaar”

Aarohi” to phir aaj woh itnaye dard may kyun hai”?

Shivavy” Maa! I’m sorry”( crying )

Aarohi” don’t cry shivavy beta”

Shivavy ” can i call u maa?

Aarohi” peck shivavy forehead u can and u don’t need to ask for this”

Shivavy hug Aarohi ” i love maa but not more than Anika”

Aarohi” me too don’t expect me to love u more than Anu”

Gauri” Ahem! Excuse me we are also here and maa this is not fair u always do this with me and bhavavy.”

Dev” not only with u both with me too”

Aarohi” Dev! Have some shame u r father of three , three daughters”

Dev pull Aarohi close whispers in her ears” but i want fourth one now”

Aarohi hits on his chest lightly ” Dev u won’t change ”

Bhavavy” maa mujhe kuch chahye”?

Aarohi ” what u need my little princess?

Bhavavy” gilli, gilli”

Aarohi ” kya?

Dev” i let u what she want….. Dev kiss on Aarohi cheek”

Aarohi mouth get widen open

Gayu and Shivavy smiles

Dev” closes her mouth Aarohi kya huwa…………

Aarohi” gets shies hide herself in dev”

Shivavy( thinking)” why chanda is taking so long”?

Gayu” we all need huggy”

Aarohi ” hug both gayu but her eyes missing her Anu. They are hidding something really big from me about Anu which I’ve to find myself. Why dev don’t want me to get close to her? ( thinking)

Dev ” let me check Anu….. he is about to move upstair but voice stop him and all attention gets divert to chanda”

Chanda” Anika walk slowly”

Anika” chanda I’m fine yaar”

Shivavy runs to Anika” why u r walking and why u didn’t infrom me that u r coming to RM”?

Anika ” if i would have not come here than how could I’ll be able to identify u all”

Shivavy” Anika what r u saying?

Anika” chanda shall we go”

Dev” where u r going “?

Chanda” dev uncle I’m taking her out for sometime”

Anika” chalo chanda”

Gauri” but di u can’t walk”

Anika” steps out without saying anything ”

bhavavy to gauri ” how can di be so calm and composed after seeing maa she is looking fine”

Gauri” bhavay yeh tufana k aneye say phely ki khamoshi hai”

Shivavy” dev uncle how’s that possible Anika didn’t got angry with us and Maa ”

Dev” i don’t know shivavy but one thing is clear something is running in Anika mind”

Gauri” dad is it so fishy”

Bhavay” dad lets check the cctv footage of di room ”

Shivavy” bring it bhavay quickly. And dev uncle did u notice Chanda she was looking much worried”

Gauri” Dad! Where’s Vanhi maasi?

Dev” yes !where she’s I’ve not seen her since morning?”

Bhavay ” brings the cctv footage and play it”

Aarohi” comes there what u all with much curiosity looking at”

Dev” nothing Aarohi u go and make tea for me”

Aarohi” dev ap ko humari kasam show me what’s in it I’m sure it’s about Anu”

Dev” sign bhavay to play the cctv footage”

After few minutes

“All get shocked to see the footage”

Aarohi” shouts Dev what’s all this she’s taking drugs kab say aur yeh kya bol rahi hai Chanda say”

Gauri” maa relax”

Aarohi” call her back right now i need to talk to her and now u r not going to stop me”

Dev” Aarohi dekho usay pershan nahe karo woh bohat badal chuki hai main us say khud baat karu ga”

Shivavy ” i was thinking right she was under the effect of drugs”

Aarohi” No! I need her back in fifteen minutes in front of my eyes I’ll talk to her now and none will come in between us”

@ 6pm

Anika” walk in completely lost”

Chanda” Anika please for god sake walk slowly”

Anika” about to take futher step towards her room…

Aarohi” hold her from arm tightly just stay here i need to talk to u”

Dev” Aarohi”

Anika” looking in opposite direction”

Aarohi” what happened with ur hands, head and feet Anu?

Dev” Aarohi come with me”

Aarohi ” Anu I’m asking something from u tell me”

Anika” leave my hand”

Chanda” Aarohi aunty g I’ll tell u everything but leave her hand plz”

Aarohi ” no she will tell me”

Gayu” shivavy bhaiya stop maa from all otherwise Anika di will burst out”

Shivavy” wait gayu”

Aarohi cup her face look at me. Anu why u don’t look at me?

Chanda ( thinking)” is ko gusa aa gaya to yeh khud ko phir nukasan ponchaye ge”

Dev in mind” agar Aarohi nay is k gusa dekh liya to phir to Aarohi Anika ko tab tak nahe choraye ge jab tak woh is sab na baata de aur main Anika ki zindagi ko risk may nahe daal sakhta”
Aarohi” Anu come and show me ur wounds then I’ll let u go”

Anika” chanda my hand”

Aarohi” Chanda is not holding ur hand I’m holding it so directly talk to me. Why u don’t talk to me nor u hugged me what happened to u?”

Anika” r u leaving my hand or not”?

Aarohi” I’m ur ma…..

Anika” shouts just stop”

Aarohi” Anu”

Anika” free herself from Aarohi hold ” its Anika and don’t u dare to come close to me I’m clear to u”

Aarohi” with watery eyes gazes Dev”

Gayu ” Anika di please don’t shout”

Anika” stop calling me Anika di , di and what will happen if I’ll shout today i should also know.

Chanda ” Anika come with me”

Anika ” No! Tell me what will happen if I’ll shout since last month I’m listening don’t shout, don’t stress…. whyyyyyyyyy?

Dev” Anika stop shouting. Chanda take her to her room and Aarohi come with me”

Aarohi runs to Anika” just show me ur hands and feet ….

Anika” warm tears of Aarohi falls on Anika hand, her heart aches badly for making pearls falling but they are making her calm too “

Shivavy ” notice some emotion in her eyes and smiles”

Aarohi” makes Anika sit on couch opening her bandages show me what happened to these hands and feet”

Anika” fold her feet nothing happened don’t touch them Anika making her mother hand away”

Aarohi brushing Anika face ” how u get them see the are so deep and fresh. Anu look at me and tell me how did u get them?”

All having flashback of how Anika hands again got banged on table”

Aarohi” kisses her hand Anu tell me beta
What happened with u in all these years, where’s my Anu , her smile why u r talking to me please beta tell me?

Anika” if u r done let me go”

Aarohi” Anu show me ur other hand”

Dev and Shivavy gazes eachother

Anika” stand up ( poor Anu she don’t want her mother to know about her left hand that’s completely immovable) once i said na that let me go mean let me go and what u asked why i don’t look at u because ” I Hate u”

Nafart kartey hai hum ap say sirf nafart bus”

Shivavy” Anikaa”

Aarohi” cries Anu u hate me”

Anika truns her face” stabbing herself for saying this to her mother , morely tears from Aarohi eyes are drowning her but she kept stone on her heart which is more weaker than new born child heart but still she don’t let ASR to break.

Yes i do and don’t shade these crocodile tears infront of ASR”

Aarohi pull Anika to face her ” u r lying to me and u r Anu my Anu”

Anika” close her eyes i don’t lie and now if u r done with all can i go to my room”

Dev” hug Aarohi stop crying”

Aarohi ” in breaking voice she hate me this much dev”

Anika” hearing her mother breaking her whole world get stop she truns a little with stealing eyes gazes Aarohi.

Song plays

Hai dil ko teri aarzu
Par main tujhe na paa sakun

Anika” having flashback of how her mother left her alone she truns her face stumbling walking to her room with anger and pain and she slams vase on the ground with huge thud

“All gets shocked”

Chanda ” Anika pagal ho gaye ho yeh kya kiya”

Gayu ” Anika di

Anika” shouts more loudly stop there i said just stop and if u again called me Anika di”

To di ki aisi band bajey gay k bhool jao ge k band hai k di.

Gayu” crying runs from there”

Aarohi” stumbles”

Shivavy runs after Anika”

Anika” slam the door on shivavy face. Anika slips on the floor get herself pin with door close her eyes tightly her mother crying face flashes in Anika eyes her heart wants her heartbeat but mind didn’t let her win

Hai dil ko teri justaju
Par main tujhe na paa sakun
Main hoon shab tu subah
Dono jud ke judaa
Main hoon labh tu dua
Dono jud ke judaa

Screen freezes on Aarohi and Anika


Precape Anika gets scared
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