I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 31 (Part B)

Anika”what’s waiting and which truth she’s talking about. i think i should go to RM i don’t know why I’m too desperate to go to RM it’s first time happening with me Achu , Achu Anika sneezing what’s happening to me since last few days after every few minutes I’m sneezing”.

Driver” shall we go”

Anika” hmm”

Woman” ab maza aye ga jab Anu k samaye us ki zindagi ka sab say bade sach us ki ankho k samaye aye ga…..

Farm house

Shivavy” Anika here’s ur gola ganda. Shivavy get tense to find room empty. Where she can go? He call maid’s

Maid’s ” yes sir ”

Shivavy” where’s ur ma’am?

Maid’s ” she was in her room sir..

Shivavy” shouting at maid’s she’s not in her room and what u all were doing i strictly told u that stay near to her”

Maid’s ” sorry sir”

Shivavy” just go from here. Where she can go? I’ve to find her she can be near by he runs outside”

After an hour

Shivavy” kehai Anika Rajput Masion to nahi chali gaye I’ve to infrom dev uncle about this” uff my fone battery is dead too what to do? If i go back to farm house it will take an other hour so it’s better to rush to RM”

Rajput Masion

Anika” reaches outside RM she comes out of the car and opens the gate of RM

“The Mantion gets filled with air”

Song plays
Arziyaan sari mein chehre pe likh ke laaya hoon…….

“All give tense look to eachother expect one who’s twinkling”

Anika” stumbling walking inside her heartbeat start increasing with each step she’s taking.
Anika what’s happening to me?

Someone blissing eyes are shown ”

Gayu” dadu what will happen now”?

Dev” worries”

Anika” why this distance is not ending? Anika tumbles to ground ”

” Two pairs of hands are foward towards Anika”

Anika” give her right hand in milky hands and lift her head up”

Sar utha ke mene to kitni khwahishe ki thi Kitne khwaab dekhe the kitni khosishe ki thi

” flashback of Anika childhood is shown how for the first time she foward her little soft hands in her maa hands”

Anika” gets shocked to see some unexpected face she quickly close her eyes tightly.

Jab tu rubaru aaya Jab tu rubaru aaya Nazarein na mila paya.

Face of lady is clearly shown she’s Anika’s mother Aarohi.

“All with watery eyes gazing them”

Aarohi” pull Anika is hug crying vigorously Anu meri Anu she cup Anika face kissing her Anu . What happened to u Anu ur head, these hands are bandaged how? Open ur eyes why u r not looking at me”?

Anika” some how manages to free herself stumbling step to her room”

Aarohi” shockingly gazing Anika”

“Dev what happened to our Anu? Aarohi question him”

Dev” Aarohi I’m sorry Aarohi main tumhari Anu ko nahe sambhal sakha yeh bhikar gaye Aarohi”

Aarohi” that’s why u all where not telling me about her. She clutches dev collar tell me what happened with her in my absence dev i knew it something bad happened with her”

Dev” Aarohi! Anu , Anu nahe rahi woh Anika Singh Rajput ban gayi hai jis ka har rishtey say bharosa uth gaya hai agar us ki zindagi may kisi cheez ki importance hai woh sirf paise us ki zindagi ka ek he hasil hai ab” do investment and earn profit”

Gayu hug their maa tightly ” maa now only u can give our Anika di back to us”

Aarohi ” but why she’s not looking at me”

Dev” nafart karney lagi hai woh tum say , maa lafaz say. Tum say churi har cheez , har yaad ko us rooms may band kar diya hai.

Khud ko tumhari yaadon say dur rakhey k liye khud ko kisi na kisi kam may busy rakhti hai”

Aarohi “stop crying princesses i’m back now aur ab hum dekhtaye hai k yeh kab thak khud ko humsay dur rakh pati hai”

Anika’s Room

Anika ” kyun peechaye padi hai humarye kyun nahe chali jati humari zindagi say , humari yaadon ,humarye sapnao main kyun ati hai hum ap say nafart kartey sirf nafart phir kyun marye k baad bhi ap humarye samaye aa jati hai.Anika fone rings she recieve the call”

Woman” jo dekha , jo sunah ek khvaab lag raha hai na per mainey tum say kaha tha k tere apney tujhe phir say dard dey gay dawa denaye k baad aur dekhaye true colors of ur loved ones . Aarohi is back Anika urf Anu……..

Anika” mess the whole room aaah, aaaaaahhhh they all again lied to me. Why i didn’t caught them before that’s they are hidding something from me?

So shivavy was talking about this truth and i again got trapped in their sweet words.

Nafart kartey hai hum un say nafart sirf nafart aur woh she start looking here and there where the hell I’ve put them. She throws the mattress on floor and finally get drugs with much difficulty inject them”

Screen freezes on Anika face

Precape Aarohi and Anika hide and seek started with shivika romance
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