I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 3

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Recape: Anika questioning Chanda
Part: 3

Chanda- come sit here i need to tell u something.

Anika- what u will cook now? Just go from here i thought at least u will not betrayal me.

Chanda- Anika come sit here. And I’ve not

Anika- just go

Devi g- Shivavy, what’s happening

Shivavy- dadi g, Anika didn’t remember anything and she’s stressing herself and called Chanda

Om- Shivavy come with me i need to talk to

Shivavy- om not now i don’t what’s Anika questioning Chanda i hope she don’t gets angry

Gauri- dadi g what to do dad is always coming in minutes

Devi g- I’m helpless dev know her daughter condition but still he’s the same arrogant business man . And Anika too is like him don’t listen to anyone except Aarohi none can handle them

Gauri- dadi its diwali i know all this darkness will be vanished away

Anika- Chanda I’m not angry just go from here

Chanda- I’m not leaving u alone

Anika- getting angry and start throwing things with right hand i said go from here Chanda.

Chanda- Anika kya kar rahe ho Anika ur wounds are fresh its just two days u have been back from death and again u r killing urself just stop this madness

Anika- leave me Chanda and Anika pushes Chanda

Chanda- let me call Shivavy only he can handle u.

Chanda- shouts Shivavy come upstairs

Devi g- Anika

Gauri- dad

Dev- Chanda what happened?

Chanda- Anika is getting angry and hurting herself

Dev- ANU ?

Shivavy and dev – running upstairs

Anika- start looking for something she’s unable to move her left hand and in these winter’s starts sweating.

Shivavy- she locked the room

Dev- banging the door. Anika i said open the door

Anika- takes the injection in hand but her hand shudders

Devi g- dev break the door

Om- Shivavy

All trio kick the door

Shivavy- gets numb to see Anika as she’s there to inject

Dev- Roar “ANU”

Anika- gets scared and drugs slips from her hand

Dev- what u r doing? Dev stepping tell me what u were doing ANU

Anika- grazing Dev with fear in her eyes

Devi g- dev

Dev- maa go from her i told u before if she again try to harm herself she has to face Dev Singh Rajput and u all too leave.

Devi g- dev kya kar rahy ho dev. Devi g runs to Anika and hugs her. Dev no

Shivavy- dev uncle plz

Dev- glances them i told u before once i lost her and i can’t afford it twice. Say it now ANU what…..

Gauri- please dad

Anika- trying to stand up but she tumbles

Gauri- Anika di

Dev- “Gawking” Anika and shouts i said go from here right now . Maa leave her

Anika- gets terrifies , shivers

Dev- bends takes injection in hand steps towards Anika . What were u doing tell me ANU.

Anika- backward rolls with fear and she gets pin in wall.

Shivavy- gazes Anika

Om- lets go from here let dev uncle handle Anika bhabi

Dev- from where u get them? ANU

Anika- stammers

Devi g- crying how can dev shout at her. Anika eyes are filled with fear she’s shivering too

Shivavy- worries. Pata nahe dev uncle kya keha rahy ho gay

Gauri- crying in devi g lap

Shivavy- I’m going upstairs i know he’s her dad but she’s really frighten i can’t see her like this and he move upstairs. And peeks both dev and Anika

Dev- sits beside Anika don’t get afarid I’m asking simple question when u start taking them or kab say lay rahe ho

Anika- sitting with wall support and stammers. I ha….v..e n….o…t ta…….k…..en ?

Shivavy- is left in tears to Anika

Dev- say it properly don’t stammer. U know na a person who stammers lies and i don’t like lairs u know that very well.
Now say it all, what happened to u, why u hurt urself, why u hide from me that u were ill. Say it all

Anika- w…o..h

Dev- wait have this glass of water first and then tell me

Anika- staring Dev and trying to hold glass but in vein

Dev- stares Anika see ur hand is also bleeding

Anika- eye her hand and then look at dev. ?

Dev- let me make u drink. ANU open ur month, ANU i said open ur month and drink it.

Anika- with fear in her eyes looking at dev as she want to burst out into tears.

Dev- don’t u feel its pain when u hurt urself

Anika- nodded ” No”

Shivavy- gets shocked

Dev- creases Anika face but ur baba feel its pain when u hurt urself.

Anika- clings dev hand

Dev- doing bandages, have u taken ur medicines and lunch

Anika- did utter a word

Dev- ANU I’m asking something answer me

Anika- no

Dev- why

Anika- with puppy eyes and face I’m not hungry

Dev- rise his voice I’m bring ur lunch Got it ANU

Anika- shudders and gapes Dev

Dev- have u got it

Anika- nodded yes

Dev- and one more thing if i again found u hurting urself again u can’t imagine what i’m going to do with u. Dev turn his face , clean his tears with his thumb and walk off

Shivavy- hid behind wall.

Anika- is still sitting in same posture lifeless . Anika close her eyes and Aarohi comes infront of her eyes. ANU ur baba loves u alot. He can’t express himself but u r his pride…….
Anika quickly open her eyes and look around but again close her eyes

Shivavy- peeks Anika

O jaanaaa……

Dev- Gauri , give Anika’s lunch to me

Gauri- yes dad

Devi g- Dev

Dev- maa please not now. Give it to me Gauri and get the servants along with u and take out bags from cars and bring them to Anika room.

Devi g- crying and hold dev collar. Aren’t u ashamed of shouting at her. Tell me dev are u the same dev whom i know or whom u know urself .
Arye jisay tum nay kabhi ankh utha kar rahe dekha tumhaye us per hath uthaye and today also u shouted at her. Why dev , why dev. Devi g grabbing, dev collar.
Have u seen her eyes, her eyes are filled with emptiness koi emotions nahe rahe un ay.

Dev- maa i don’t need to talk on this and leave me. I’ll talk to later. Anika is hungry

Shivavy pov- shall i talk to her. No what if she gets angry again. i can only hope that she hold my hand and lighten my world with her smile that’s losted.

Dev- steps in Anika room, showing some courage stepping towards Anika and sit beside her caressing Anika face. ANU my princess open ur eyes see ur baba brought ur lunch.

Anika- gazes dev.

Soon all gather in Anika’s room and sit next to dev .

Dev- get up and lets do the lunch together I’m hungry. Dev cradles(gently takes in lap) Anika. Dev start feeding Anika

Dev- ANU I’m also hungry won’t u feed ur baba.

Anika- look at dev, hold spoon with much difficulty and make dev to have the meal.

Dev- having flashback of Anika’s childhood, how she fed him for the first time with her little hands

Song played in background

Charkha mera rangla vich

charkhey diyan mekhan ve me

Anika- slowly puts her head on Dev chest.

tenu yaad kara jad charkhey val vekhan charkhey de sheeshian vich …..

Dev- see ANU what i bring it for u guess what? Ok wait there is it ur favourite chocolate hold it otherwise both Gauri and bhavya will snatch from u. Take it

Anika- takes it, kiss on dev cheek and again puts her head on Dev chest

Shivavy- esteem Anika innocence

Dev- eyes filled with tears mera bacha, baba ki jaan. Dev caresses Anika face and kisses on her cheek. Baba scolded u I’m sorry. R u angry with ur with me. Baba bohat gandey hai na ANU.

Anika- no I’m not angry with u baba. Aur mere baba bohat achay hai. Anika chokes

All had tears in their eyes

Dev- start rubbing Anika back. Anu have water and dev make Anika to drink water

Anika- BABA

Dev- hmmm

Anika- aur nahe khana

Devi g- dev don’t force her more

Anika- closing her eyes ?

Dev- ok fine don’t eat. Acha tell me today is Diwali what u want in gift. Tell me fast otherwise if Bhavya came to know then she will ask for it too but i want my ANU to demand first. Ur baba will bring it

Anika- in slumber mutters MAA

Dev- glances all with tears

Gauri- cup her mouth and ran outside crying

Dev- looked down towards Anika.

Devi g- Dev

Dev- sshhhh Maa so gaye hai.

Devi g- dev bring her to bed

Dev- nahe maa kitnaye salo baad meri goad may so rahe hai. U all go and do the rest of the arrangements.

Shivavy- bring comforter and cover both father and daughter

Dev- smile

All step out

Dev- kiss on Anika head. Baba loves u alot ANU. I can’t see u like this, open up ur heart ANU cry out your emotions, apney Baba ko batao kya huwa hai tumhare sath , k tum muskurana he bhool gaye.

Dev close his eyes. Aarohi see our ANU has lost all the charm please help me i need u to bring her back to life. Aarohi I’m helpless without u see we both needs u.

Om- Shivavy come with me and om drag Shivavy to pool area

Shivavy- Om kya kar rahy ho

Om- this is I’m suppose to ask u. What u are doing?

Shivavy- what I’ve done

Om- Shivavy o really u don’t know what u have done. The Smart Singh Oberoi has forgotten so soon. What he has done

Shivavy- om say it don’t extinugish puzzles please

Om- yes u r coated it correctly u made Anika bhabi life a puzzle

Shivavy- stares om

Om- don’t look at me like this Shivavy, on that day i thought Rudy did wrong when he said that u feel happy to hurt Anika bhabi but now I’m feeling the same Shivavy

Shivavy- Om u too think the same. How can u say that

Om- Shivavy i can say that because its ur words na that we trio are one and there should be no secret between us.

Shivavy- yes and I’ve not hide anything from u

Om- o really then why u hide from us that u haven’t divorced Anika bhabi.

Shivavy- gets speechless

Om- why u lied to Anika bhabi, Shivavy ur sins has stab Anika bhabi soul so deeply that she don’t want to live.
Woh khud ko meeta dena chati hai.

Arrey Anika bhabi tum say itna pyaar karti hai k tumhari ankho may anso dekh kar woh maut say bhi lar gaye aur tu unko sirf dard he diya. Kyun Shivavy

jab divorce nahe diya tha tu kyun Anika bhabi ko is mor per laa kar khara kar diya.

Shivavy crying – hug Om I’m sorry Om i lied to u. But how can i divorce her she’s my pride and how can i stain my pride.

Om- aparted from shivavy and jerks him. Stop this nonsense Shivavy and what u said u can’t stain yes u can’t stain but u have ” POISON” her. Have u forgotten what u said her on ur wedding with that Nagini

Shivavy- break down om bas kar dy om

Om- Shivavy i told u one day u will be crying and repenting for ur sins but u will be left empty handed. Shivavy u can be great businessman, a great son, brother but can’t be ” ISHQBAAZ”

Shivavy- OM

Om- Shivavy meri baat puri nahe hui abhi.
Shivavy u know what Anika bhabi asked for when she was fighting with her life. That don’t let ur Shivavy bhaiya to cry after me. He shows other that he’s strong enough but he’s not and don’t let ur bhaiya to forget his tadi.

Shivavy- Om

Om- haan Shivavy and u know what she said to Shail

Shivavy- gazes


Come with me Shivavy and om bring Shivavy to Anika room.

Dekh Shivavy, kesay Anika bhabi ek chotaye bachay ki taraha apnay baap k kandha per so rahe hai .jesay falak say koi “FARISHTA” utra ho.

Tu kehta tha na k tere wali sab say zayada bolti hai to dekh kesay chup ho gaye hai.

Om- point towards Anika


Om glances Shivavy


Om glances Anika aur

KIS K LIYA BAD DUA kehlata hai.

Shivavy- stun

Evening time

Gauri- dadi g, mummy g all the arrangements are done but if something is missing tell me

Jhanvi- no beta everything is perfect now u rest and where’s Bhavya

Gauri- mummy g bhavya is in her room

Dadi- and Anika

Devi g- she’s with dev. Today Diwali is very important after long time Anika is going to do puja

Gauri- but dadi g , di don’t believe in all this and do u think she will do it

Devi g- yes she will

Rudy- doing makeup on bhavya face. U stop me to from meeting Anika di see what i’m doing with u. Bhavya say Bandariya bana do ga.

Bhavya- turn her face to other side and rudy bends down.

Gauri- let me complete my mission now bhavya ki bachi. Bhavya say Bhootni bana do ge. Gauri step in Bhavya room. Rudy bhaiya ap

Rudy- sshhh chullbul bhabi. Bandariya uth jaye ge abhi kam pura nahe huwa

Gauri- smiling so what u r waiting for lets do it together both did hi-wfi

Bhavya- Oye yeh mere anday hai ruk jao chor , chor mere anday wapis dy Rudy- fuddy

Rudy- hawww is ko dekho zara larkiya mere fashion sense per marti hai aur yeh mujh fuddy keha rahe hai

Gauri- laughing is ko sapno may bhi andoo k ataye hai

Bhavya- Robert ban raha hai to dy wapis mere anday warna dhafa 379 k case may jail daal du ge aur tujhe Rudra say Rocket bana kar space may chor du ge

Rudy aur main tujhe rudy moving towards bhavya but Gauri hold his hand and laughing Rudy bhaiya control. Nahe chullbul bhabi main is ko nahe choru ga.

Gauri- sshhh abhi mission baki hai Wait Gauri give chloroform to bhavya and smiles. Rudy bhaiya ab banaye “GHAJINI”

Rudy- plus Bhootni Bandariya.

Ab tu roye ge meri bandariya
tujhe saza milengi.

Gauri- Diwali hai teri ghajini may patakha phootaye ga. Lets go Rudy bhaiya and have u set the magic mirrors

Rudy- yes chullbul bhabi (?)

Anika’s room

Dev- rubbing Anika’s back

Devi g and Shivavy- steps in

Devi g- dev

Dev- maa , ANU having problem in breathing

Shivavy- let me call the doctor

Dev- no need for that jeet told me this will happen. Maa call Gauri.

Shivavy- let me call her. Shivavy glances Anika

Anika- open her eyes.

Devi g- Anika beta

Dev- ANU u woke up

Anika- BABA

Dev- caressing her face yes ANU say it

Anika- i..

Gauri- step in yes dad u where calling me. Anika di u woke up

Anika- still resting on dev chest

Gauri- no dad

Devi g- Gauri

Gauri- on one condition

Dev- what’s it

Gauri- dad take me too in ur embraces

Dev- ANU what say ? Shall we grant her wish

Anika- No

Gauri- Anika di

Dev- sorry gauri my ANU don’t want this. Dev shows tongue to Gauri

Anika- smiles

Gauri- runs to them and hug them

Devi g – Gauri beta aram say

Shivavy- smiles to see them

Dev-leave me u both and get ready. ANU ur baba is waiting for u

Devi g- and me too. Come soon

Anika- glances them

Gauri- yes dadi g we are coming.

Anika- Gauri, where’s bhavya?

Gauri- smirks

Anika- now what u did?

Gauri- nothing, di i haven’t done anything.
Now come with me and tell me what u want to wear see dad bought whole shop for u choose ur favourite dress.

Anika- for what?

Gauri- it’s surprise now choose ur favourite dress

Anika- i don’t know like surprises

Gauri- but di

Shivavy- sign Gauri let me choose

Gauri- smiles

Anika- what happened Gauri who’s there?

Shivavy- runs for there

Gauri- no one is there di come with me. Gauri sign Shivavy

Shivavy- comes to room ,bring karwa chauth dress for Anika

Anika and Gauri step out of washroom and Shivavy hides.

Anika senses Shivavy

Shivavy- Anika u still feel my prencenes ?

O jaanaaaa……

Gauri ” Anika di what happened ?

Anika- hmmm nothing. Mujhe esa kyun lag raha hai k Shivavy hai

Screen freezes on Shivavy and Anika


Shivavy- Today is Diwali and i want u to take a fresh start with me let are dark past be lighten up with ur smile. Shivavy caressing her face. Anika mainey tumhay bohat dard diya hai per main tum say wadaa karta hoon k ab say tumhara har dard mera hai aur mera har sukh tumhare naam hai. Anika hold my hand once again.

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