I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 2

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Anika pov- yeh sab kya ho raha hai. 

Nurse’s- good morning ma’am how u r 

feeling now?

Anika- I’m good 

Shivavy- what’s the matter?

Nurse’s- we have to do dressing of her hands 

Shivavy- sure 

Nurse’s- ma’am ur hands plz

Anika froward her right hand with much difficulty.

Shivavy gaze Anika and worries.

Nurse’s- start opening Anika’s bandage

Shivavy hold Anika’s arm don’t worry I’m here with u nurse plz do it in gentle way.

Anika- glances Shivavy 

O jaana played 

Nurses- smiles and opens the bandage.

Shivavy- eyes gets watery to see the wounds and gaze her

Nurse’s- did the dressing and ask Anika to forward her left hand.

Anika- trying to forward her left hand but she’s unable to move it.

Shivavy- worries 

Nurse- ma’am 

Shivavy- Anika forward ur hand ok wait let me help u and Shivavy hold Anika’s arms but it shudders. Shivavy, Anikaaa.

Nurse’s- u guys wait let us call the doctor and have these medicines.

Shivavy pov- what’s this why her arm shudders and she’s not able to move her hand. 

Shivavy fone rings. Hello yes dadi 

Devi g- Shivavy beta, how’s Anika now , is she sleeping ?

Shivavy- no dadi g Anika is not sleeping and nurses came to do dressing and don’t worry I’m here. 

Devi g- give fone to Anika i want to talk to her.

Shivavy- put fone on speaker 

Devi g- Anika mera bacha how are u ? 

Anika in low tone- I’m fine dadi g and don’t worry about me I’m fine 

Shivavy pov- haan dekhi raha hai mujhe k kitni theek ho 

Devi g- i know how much u r fine now u rest and  I’m coming now rest.

Anika- g dadi 

Shivavy- dadi g I’ll talk to u later dr is coming to check Anika.


“After few hours

Dev knocks if u guys don’t mind can i join u both and me too Bhavya smiled. Dev how come u r here Bhavya.

Bhavya- Woh actually we bet that who’s going to come first to see Anika di so…

Shivavy- so what ?

Dev- bhavya what u did with them?

Bhavya- nothing dad i haven’t done anything and she smirks. 

Dev- yeah i know and he pulls bhavya ear.

Bhavya- ahahaah Anika di and bhavya hug Anika.

Anika- bhavya what u did?

Bhavya-  makes puppy eyes ,Anika di woh i added

Jeet- good morning guys how are u all and specially u Anika 

Anika- I’m good dr

Jeet- don’t call me dr u can call me uncle as I’m ur dad’s buddy too. 

Anika- gaze Dev

Jeet- dev come with me  i need to talk to u

Shivavy- can i come with u guys if u don’t mind

Dev- sure u can,bhavya give company to ur di and don’t do any masti 

Bhavya- smiles

Anika- now tell what u did ?

Bhavya- woh Anika di, i added “Bhaag” in their meal 

Anika- had a flashback of how Shivavy added bhaag in her meal and she made Shivavy to had that bhaag wala meal.

Bhavya- Anika di but I haven’t added bhaag in dadi’s meal. Promise. 

Anika- naughty 

Bhavya- Anika di, bhavya start kissing Anika.


 Jeet’s cabin

Dev- yes jeet what’s so now tell what’s matter

Shivavy- yes dr say it

Jeet- Dev actually 

Dev- say it jeet 

Jeet- dev Anika reports are not normal 

Shivavy- worries what’s it in reports 

Jeet-  first see this. these are Anika’s  hands and brain x-ray. 

Anika was having  TUMOUR on left side but see there was a clot at the back too near medulla to right side. We have remove the tumour but ( rest of the conversation on mute mode)

Dev- jeet i want to take Anika home 

Jeet- fine dev let me get discharge papers ready for u come with me.

Dev- let me call the chopper boy too.

Shivavy- with mix emotions  Anika what u have done with urself


Anika is sleeping under the effect of medinices

Devi g- bhavya how come u r here 

Bhavya- dadi g to meet Anika di

Devi g- sit beside Anika and caresses Anika face mera bacha so raha hai. Bhavya have ur di taken her breakfast 

Bhavya- no dadi g 

Devi g- Anika beta wake up see ur dadi came to meet u get up 

Anika- slowly open her eyes dadi g u here. When u came? 

Devi g- just few minutes go now get up and have ur breakfast 

Anika- dadi g I’m not hungry 

Devi g- Anika beta have it na plz for ur dadi sake 

Bhavya- help Anika to sit

Anika- trying to hold spoon but she’s unable to hold it 

Devi g- gaze bhavya both had tears in their eyes. Dadi let me make u eat by my own hands

Bhavya- dadi g i always want to have it 

Devi g- no its only for my boti. Devi g start feeding Anika 

Anika- after few bites. Not more dadi g plz 

Devi g- but beta 

Anika- start feeling uneasy ,start vomiting and she rush to washroom.

Both devi g and bhavya gets worried 

Shivavy- dadi g when u came ? And where’s Anika 

Devi g- beta, Anika is vomiting 

Shivavy- what ? Anikaa 

Anika- having problem in breathing 

Bhavya- Anika di what’s happening. Dadi , dadi 

Shivavy- rush to washroom and gets worried to see Anika condition. 

Bhavya- Shivavy bhaiya 

Shivavy- took Anika in arms and laid her on bed hug her tightly  start rubbing her back Anika, Anika kya ho gaya. Bhavya call the doctor 

Devi g- Shivavy what’s happening tell me

Shivavy- sign devi g.

Dr- start checking Anika’s heartbeat and give injection to Anika. Soon Anika close her eyes.

Dev- step in what happened to Anika 

Shivavy- she’s having problem in breathing  

Dev- maa we can take Anika home I’ve call the chopper boy . Dr said she can’t sit for long time and its traffic too. She’s not fine 

Devi g- what happened now ?

Shivavy- dadi g we’ll tell u later 

Bhavya- dad 

Dev- no bhavya we have to be strong now call gauri and tell her to take servants along with her and clean Anika’s room

Shivavy pov- Anika kuch nahe ho ga. Meri jaan ho tum, mera aarman ho tum. Main tumhey kuch nahe honaye doon ga

Dev- maa chopper is here lets go now


Rajput Mansion 

Whole mansion is decorated with beautiful flowers, candles, diya’s and lights whole mansion is looking like heaven as its “DIWALI”

Gauri- I’m not going to leave this bhavya 

Omru- we too let her come

Rudy- I’m going to “Hangover ” all eggs how can she do this

Chopper landing in RM

Gauri- Anika di aa gayi

Omru- open the mansion door 

Devi g- Anika mera bacha welcome back 

Shivavy took Anika in arms start moving in

Dev- smiles 

Devi g- stop shivavy to step in the house and she did “Aarthi” of Anika and ask Shivavy to step in with right foot.

Gauri- Anika di ko kya huwa hai 

Bhavya- Anika di is sleeping 

Rudy- Bhavya ?

Bhavya- I’m going to my room I’m feeling sleepy now ?

Gauri- smirks at bhavya 

Shivavy- laid Anika on bed and cover her with comforter. Anika tum jaldi say theek ho jao main tumhaye sath apni zindagi jeena chata hoon 

Devi g- dev now tell me what’s the matter and what’s in reports 

Dev- maa , Anika condition is not good. The way she was killing herself in these months has damaged her alot. She’s too weak to handle any stress her heart is weak, she can’t digest food easily too that’s why she was vomiting and she can’t breath properly.

Her brain is striking i don’t no what’s troubling her. 

Maa tell ur poti to take proper rest and diet I’ve lost her once i can’t lost her twice. Make her understand in ur own tone otherwise i myself have to make her understand in ur own way and u know what i mean. She has played alot with her life. 

Devi g- crying dev how can u say that

Dev- I’m going now but I’ll be back in evening till then talk to her and gauri don’t let her to be alone even for second too. And from things she’s allergict throw them off right now got it 

Gauri- get scared and nodded yes

Rudy- O

Om- kya hai 

Rudy- Anika bhabi ki life may dono King aur Prince he “AKADU” hai. Pyaar bhi bohat kartey hai bhabi say aur gusa bhi dekhtaye hai. 

Om- u r right rudy. Anika bhabi is their life and both have lost her once and can’t take a risk again. 


Anika- woke up I’m in Rajput Mansion but i was in hospital yeh sab kya ho raha hai . Anika turned her face and gets shocked to see her head bandage. Anika stand up from bed what’s all this.

 Close her eyes i went to fram house to tell Karishma that i can’t sing. Then shail call, after that baba came to know that I’ve resigned from CEO, all were there , Shivavy clutches me after that what happened. After that i found myself in hospital.  My hands were bandaged. mujhe kuch yaad bhi nahe aa raha

Shivavy- listening to  Anika and pov is ko to kuch bhi yaad nahe raha. Yeh kal raat jo bhi huwa is ko kuch yaad nahe. 

Anika turned her face let me call Chanda 

Shivavy- Anika 

Anika- how come u step in my room what’s going on.start looking for her fone uff where’s my fone know.

Shivavy- Anika kya kar rahe ho u can’t bend ur head come sit here 

Anika- what’s ur problem leave from here uff. Anika moving towards door but unable to move. 

Shivavy- ok fine u want to talk to Chanda she’s here in RM let me call her but u come and sit here and let me call Chanda. Shivavy gaze Anika and walk off.

Chanda- Anika kya huwa why u r stressing 

Anika- what’s all this why my head is bandage and my hands too today early i woke up and i found Shivavy beside me my hands were bandaged but now my head too how come 

Chanda- Anika gets tense  come sit here first

Anika- no first u tell me 

Chanda- cup Anika face.  Anika tum ab theek ho sab yeh bohat hai tumhare liya meri dost ab theek hai ab tum kehai nahe jaa rahe aur Anika nay maut to bhi haar diya.

Anika-  why u did that to me Chanda. 


Percape  Diwali celebrations 


Guys I’ve seen some1 was objection that when i have to kept Anika alive then why i ended the first season I’m sorry for that but aritcal name was like that ” where Anika soul want to die”  

Secondly- I’m the writer so plz don’t get possessive and start get rude towards eachother. We are telly family.

Now forget all and do comment and share ur reviews and suggestions



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