I’ll Live Till You Live (Kumkum Bhagya, Ishqbaaz, DBO) Episode-54

Hi guys this is sowji..thank u silent  and regular  readers.lets move to ff.the ff no. is 54.the begin with 

Hi guys this is sowji…thank u for your support…lets move to ff


The Police Man opened the white bedsheet from his face…purab slowly goes towards that body…purab murmured I trust him…he will never break my promise…this is not my abi…purab saw his face…purab eyes filled with tears…he looks shocked… Purab said this is not my friend abishek.who is he?how did he come in abi car??.The police man claims purab ji we are also don’t know.how did he come here in abishek car.some of people told one car fell down from the cliff. We searched that car.we found him in this car.we thought to inform him..that’s y I called you..purab looks [email protected],they are trying to wake up their pragya.still she never get conscious.whole family are crying..they doesn’t know what to do next.bulbul said di plze wake up.i really love you di.she is sobbing.ali consoled her.bulbul said tell her we can’t see her in this situation.I know that abi bhai loves her.when pragya heard abi name.her heart beat started to raising.ali noticed that.bulbul hold pragya hand.she keep her cheeks on her hand..she is crying..she claimed plze di wake up.sarala can’t see her daughter in this situation. She come out from pragya room.pragya father followed her.ali look at pragya.after,he look at bulbul..pragya father kept his hand on sarala shoulder.sarala hugged him.she sobs in his chest.she said I can’t see my daughter in this situation.I accept that,I never agreed her love.but y did she attend suicide.she never think about us once.that guy is more important than us.

pragya father consoled her.he said sarala don’t get angry.abishek is nice guy.he is perfect match for our pragya.i don’t think our pragya would do suicide. I feel suspicious in her suicide. Our beti is not a coward girl.sarala looks on.pragya father said we should ask her after she wake up..now we wanna do something to wake her up.we have very less time sarala.sarala thinks about his words. She said you are right. I need my daughter.I can’t do anything for my daughter.after she wake up,I will never leave her.pragya father smiled.he said after she wake up,u can do anything to her.I will never stop you.after they goes towards pragya room.suddenly ali got some idea. Ali said we have only half hour…suppose she never get conscious…our pragya will go to coma stage.. sarala,janki,bulbul, pragya father get tears in their eyes…suddenly bulbul claimed we have only one solution…ali asked what solution…bulbul said abi bhai…jerry looks angry. Jerry said we never need him.we will try again.she can wake up.suddenly whole family saw pragya heart beat raising high.pragya hand started to shake automatically. Whole family looks very scared.ali screamed doctor..Immediately doctor, nurse come to their ward. Nurse claims can you please wait outside. Sarala asked what happened to my beti.is she k?.

nurse said we are checking her now.doctor will inform you about her.now can you please wait outside.ali hold sarala Ma.ali said nothing will happen to her.whole family came out.they are waiting outside of pragya ward.they looks restless.screenshift to purab,purab thinks where is abi now?I hope so,he is k now.purab was trying to contact his phone..but his phone was not reachable.purab thinks now where will I search him.I can’t see di in this [email protected],doctor came out from her room.all asked what happened? is she k??.the doctor informed she is in critical condition..time is very less.just wake her up.else the patient will go to coma stage.sarala hugged pragya father.sarala said meri bachu.after doctor left from there.ali said we need abishek now.jerry again speak.ali strictly told u never notice that.he can only wake her up.when she heard his name.her heart beat raised up.so he is only solution to wake him up.sarala said I want my beti back.pragya father said bulbul just call him.bulbul nodded her head..suddenly she thinks about commissioner call.ali asked what happened bulbul.she thinks if I say the truth,no bulbul..they already in more tension.once i should speak with purab. Bulbul said I think here is no tower..I will go outside.they nodded.

ali said wait bulbul I will come along with you.bulbul ,ali came far distance from pragya ward.bulbul called purab.purab told whole incident to bulbul.she looks shocked..she asked then where is bhai.ali asked what happened to him?purab said I searched him everywhere.I don’t know where is he now.bulbul looks perplexed.purab asked about pragya.bulbul shared everything to him.bulbul eyes filled with tears.ali grabbed her phone.ali said don’t worry purab.I will take care her..what happened to abishek..where is he now.suddenly bulbul turned.she saw one guy.she can’t see his face.she feel familiar connection towards that guy.she get up from there..she goes towards that guy.she said excuse me.that guy turned.bulbul looks shocked.she said aaa..abishek bhai..aap?.abi looks shocked..he asked what are you doing here..suddenly ali turned.bulbul was missing from there.ali asked where did she go now?.ali was searching for bulbul.bulbul never utter any word..immediately she hugged abishek.abi asked what happened bulbul??y r u crying?.ali saw bulbul.she is talking with someone.

ali screamed bulbul what are you doing here.both are turned look at ali.ali looks shocked.abi looks on.abi asked just say what happened? What are all doing here?bulbul told whole incident to him.abi looks shocked..abi said where is my pragya?? bulbul,ali, abi are rushed towards pragya ward.jerry saw abi..he looks shocked.jerry said abishek Prem mehra..whole family turned..they sees him..abi never utter any word..immediately he went towards pragya room..he sees his pragya. His eyes filled with tears..he hold pragya.he called her name.pragya can hear his voice.abi said y did you attend suicide.i am very angry on you.how can you think to do this.pragya thinks no suniyil.I never attend any suicide.I don’t know how did it happen. I just have coffee.abi said just get up pragya.u can’t go away without my permission. You are mine.you are only mine.

pragya think I know suniyil I am only yours.abi was trying to speak.jerry think how can its possible..I only failed his break wire.then how can he alive.jerry looks very anger.he held wall very tightly.bulbul said finally abi bhai came.pragya di will wake up soon.bhai can wake her up.ali asked how can you find him.bulbul told whole incident to him.sarala thinks i just want my beti.nothing else I want.ali asked did you inform purab.bulbul screamed oops!!I forget to inform him.oh god!!ali laughed seeing her expression.bulbul called purab..purab feel very happy.he said I will be there soon.pragya can hear his voice.she was trying to react.but she can’t. Abi was continuously speaking with her.Abi screamed wake up pragya.whole family heard his loud noise.they entered to their room.purab asked abi what happened?.abi said she can hear my voice.y she never get up purab.I will live till she live.they are trying to calm abi.jerry sarcastically smiled.jerry think she heard his voice still she never wake up.bulbul said di please wake up.everyone was trying to wake her up.abi said listen miss.pragya arora.I know that.u can hear my voice.if u won’t wake up now.I will decide to kill myself.I just give you 2minutes time.u have to decide what will you do.whole family looks shocked.

Svetlana said omisha this is old news…now interesting news is rudy will engage with svetlana…if u get down from this stage…I will upload this video on social media..rudy get anger on svetlana…he stopped.. Omisha laughed loudly.. omisha said I think u can’t  hear my words properly.wait there.I will come to your place..again I repeat my words..just listen carefully.. omisha claims this is also old news svetlana.now new news is svetlana  will go to jail.next new news is omisha will marry with rudhra singh oberoi.svetlana got anger..she sees knife..she took that knife..immediately  she kept that knife on omisha neck.. whole family looks shocked.. Omisha looks on..she thinks y she is behaving  like childish girl.omisha look at all..they looks very tensed.omisha think omi lets we play a game with all.omisha gave pity look to all.rudy said if anything  happen to my omi.I will never leave you.gracy,janvi,suraj said svetlana leave her..don’t  do this.svetlana said if i wanna leave her.just tell to rudy..if he never marry me.I will kill her.shivay said svetlana  if you anything  happen to her..u can see worst side of oberoi’s.omri,anika said leave her.svetlana  keep knife in near her neck.omisha think she doesn’t  know anything  about  me.wait svetlana..

I will teach you good lesson  to you..suddenly  omisha hold svetlana  hand firmly. Whole family  looks shocked.omisha said baiyya,maa,paa, aunty,uncle, di,dadi don’t worry about me..today u just keep calm.I will manage this chipmunks.rudy looks shocked..he thinks omg!! she is  reading my mind voice. Svetlana hold towards  her neck..omisha pressed her hand.svetlana feel pain in her hand. Knife fell down from her hand..omisha take it that in her hand..svetlana  looks shocked..omisha slapped svetlana continuously…whole family  looks on..omisha said I am coward girl as you think..I was mini version  my di anika and dabang gawri.gawri,anika smiled.shivay,om,rudy looks stunned.anika said today you proved omi choti.omisha smiled.she said thank you di.omisha hold svetlana hair.she said if I calm,it doesn’t  mean I always  calm.I am giving  you many chance.still you repeat  same thing.svetlana  said leave me..else u can see worse version  of mine.omisha sarcastically smiled.she asked oh really..omisha take her hand from svetlana hair…once again she slapped her cheeks..she said I will never allow anyone to marry my rudy.he is mine..how dare you..how can you force my rudy marry with you.om said she is very possessive towards  our rudy.shivay said she is looking  like violent doll.rudy said baiyya she is my angel.omisha again slapped  svetlana..u doesn’t  understand  y I gave this slap.you disturbed and nuisance my baiyya,di, rudy, and my family.hereafter I see your face again in my life.that’s  your last day in your life.right time the police entered to party hall.they arrested svetlana.omisha said I have all proof against  her..

she can’t  get out by using bail.Omisha said don’t  release her..The police  man nodded their head..after omisha sees rudy.anika,gawri hugged omisha.they  praised her boldness.omisha smiled..shivay said I never expect  this reaction  from you.om said she will never forget your slap in her life..she looks scared..when you get anger,you look like violent doll.omisha laughed..suraj come towards  omisha.suraj said thank you beta.I hurted your feelings..omisha said no papa..u never hurted me..don’t  ask apology  to me..I know that papa..you did everything  to protect us..suraj smiled.omisha hugged her papa.suraj look at anika,gawri.you are also my daughter..anika,gawri eyes filled with tears.they hugged suraj.omisha wiped out their tears.suraj look at rudy.he called rudy.he said I am sorry beta.rudy said no uncle..it’s  not your  fault. We are too repent for our mistakes.. I am sorry uncle..suraj said no beta..don’t  ask sorry.I am willing  to marry my daughter  with you.omisha smiled…after whole family  looks very happy..they shared group hug…anika said lets we fix their engagement..anika asked priest.just say good day ..they priest announced tomorrow,day after day  is best day to do their engagement  and marriage.all looks very happy.rudy hold omi hand..

they reached rudy room.omi asked what are  you  doing?they will search us.rudy said no one will search us..my bhabhi will manage  them.omisha nodded.rudy said I am sorry  omi.omi keep her hand on his mouth.omi said don’t  say any words..I will never allow anyone to harm our family  and you.you are mine..omi kissed his cheeks.. rudy smiled.. Om,shivay saw anika,gawri…they never allow anyone towards  the stairs..om said shivay did you notice them?.shivay said yeah.what are they doing  in there?.om and shivay come towards  them.anika,gawri saw them.anika whispered  what will we do gawri..gawri whispered  di they are looking us suspicious  manner. anika,gawri smiled.shivay,om goes  towards  the stairs..they never allow them towards  the stairs..anika asked where are you going?.shivay said upstairs.gawri said omkara ji…they are trying  to stop them..shivay and om look at each other..again anika,gawri stopped them.suddenly  they saw omidy.anika,gawri was blinking  their eyes.shivay ,om stared them.    

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