i’ll leave you forever


Hahaha… you deserve this Mrs.Pragya Mehera.you deserve this kind of death. this..fear in ypur eyes make me feel soo happy..the way you begging for you life make me laugh only..hahaha where is your chashma.can you see your beloved husband properly..

P,abhi pls i beg you.take me from here.i cant hang on here anymore.pls i am bearing your baby.pls abhi dont let me fall from here.

A,baby?? My baby..he he he that much lie to escape.how cheap are you.tanu is correct.your the one who poisaned my dadi.i saw that poison bottle under your bed.you deserve death than punishment from police.

P,dadi is like my mom.how can i poisoned her.i cant do such a thing abhi..you must know.tanu is bearing nikils baby.its not yours.those DNA reports are on my cupbord..and one more thing.your own baby is growing in my woomb.cant you remember..it happenes in holy night.

A,enough..you know what.. you always make troubles to me.to my dadi.my aliya ,my tanu and her baby.. i hate you pragya. I hate you.. you are a big lier.. yes i have my own baby.. but itz in tanus woomb only..i love her and i hate you.. you killed my dadi.you deserve only death.

P,okey.. i cant bear these things..you bleam me for your dadi’s death.and you love tanu na.. yes i deserve this kind of death..you dont want to push me from this peak to kill me.. i ll do that bye my self.. my baby dont deserve this much cruel world.. if you need… here i’ll leave you forever..goodbye and good luck abhi..

Pragya loosend her grip from the Branch that she used to hang on after abhi pushed her from clif and let herself to fall from the clif
Abhi watched it with wide smile.
A,my bad luck left me..hahaha

Abhi got a call..

Purab,hey man..where are you. Where is di..i want to talk her

A,she went to say sorry to my dadi

Purab,what? I didnt got it.anyway listen carefully.
Tanu is arrested.


Purab,She is the one who killed your dadi..after checking fingerprints she get arrested. And when researching we got some reports.. best thing is di os pregnant and tanu’s baby is not yours..come soon man.i want to wish di.

Abhi cuts the call..he is fully shattered..
He shout as much as he can….
Pragya i am sorry…oh god my baby..how did i do this to both of you.please forgive me pragya..i know i dont deserve it.. i killed you.. my baby too..what a unlucky person i am..i suspect your love.. my baby…
Please please come fuggy..pls come and punishe me as much as you want..

Suddnly abhi wipes his tears.. and looked down from the clif. He went few steps back and ran towards the clif and he jumped from it by shouting….

Credit to: tina(suha)

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  1. Omg..cant imagine abhi in such a cruel attitude..its good but when we like some one we cant bear to see the bad side of them that’s what happening but anywyzz well tried..

  2. Silent Reader

    Nice…Keep it up.

  3. Cruelty to the core

  4. Karthi srithi

    Wowww?? awwww
    Happy aur sad

  5. Tina darling u r rockng always ma????

  6. Nice yaar…..dumb abhi

  7. Maya♡♡(fan of Tisha aka Srimathi)


  8. superrrrrrrrrr Akka u r amazing in writing not only ff but also in os this Is superrrrrrrrrr

  9. Wow! what an os amazing n heart touching di,i just loved it.thanks for giving such an os tina(suha)di.

  10. Nice os.

  11. abhi words unbelive me.. end is really sad…

  12. Superb…Tina. ..u just rocked…yaar..I love it

  13. Very emotional…. Love u lot for this os… Thank u…

  14. nyc tina…luved it yaar..

  15. Awesome………………………u just rocked it yaar……….

  16. Awesome Tina dii lovely superb no words dii simply superbbbbbbbbb…..

  17. so cute sweetheart……………..

  18. always give a os as sorrow n pain ending but like it yaaaaaaaaa

  19. Frankly speaking I dint lk it yaar I love abhi a lotttttttttttt even it’s his enemy he won’t go to an extent to kill a life sooooo I dint lk it I hope tat I dint say anythg wrong…

    1. hey sorrry yaar.. hereafter i wont write like this.promise!

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