Ikyawann 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update Susheel learns about Mehul and Kirans past.

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Leela opens the box and finds Susheel in it,freezing,and says don’t worry look I’m here and gets Susheel out of it,Susheel shivering,Leela hugs her and says oh my dear don’t worry. Jiggi and fiends start making fun of Satya and says Susheel made a plan and ran away like Satya had a bet even she did to say yes for wedding and run away ,satya says shut up jiggi. Sejal checks again through key whole and sees Susheel isn’t in,Jhano sends a note,Sejal reads it which says dadi asked me to keep mum for satyas well being,Sejal shows it to kali,Kali thinks it’s Ma’s plan I have to tell satya about it,and walks down stairs.

Susheel says dadi some kidnappers had come for jewellery they took it away I’m very sorry,and they put me here,Leela says don’t worry my child it’s fine,Susheel says

we got to inform police,Leela remembers about kalis warning and tells Susheel something. Kali says Ma has done a lot injustice to Susheel and Satya too not anymore,Kali says Satya I need to talk to you it’s important,satya says Ma not now where’s dadi,Kali says it’s about her,all that Ma is doing,Susheel calls Satya,Sejal Kali and Satya shocked to see satya in that state,Leela behind Susheel,Satya walks to Susheel.

Kali asks what’s wrong all good,Sejal asks why are you wet and where’s your jewellery,Sejal says if she is here who is in the room,leela says it’s Jhano Satya and his friends I tell you,Kali says Sejal take her in quickly and get her changed then we will start with phere ritual,come satya,satya walks with kali looking at leela,Susheel says thankyou dadi for helping me and hugs Leela.sejla says oh god look at them,and says enough Susheel that’s enough of love let’s go get ready.

Jiggi asks Satya what is this dadi upto that friends lie she told,satya says I don’t know,jiggi says then you will have to marry her and starts laughing. Sejal helping Susheel dry and says I’m asking you since long now tell me what’s wrong,Susheel says I told you I was running from satyas friends and hit two people carrying water and then I got wet,sejal says oh this dryer broke I will get other one and then I want to know the truth and leaves,Susheel says even she learnt that I’m lying,I guess mapa is here let me go talk to her. Satya an dhis friends make fun of him,saying now you will have to marry her we see no plans that the weeding will be cancelled,and start teasing Satya by susheels name,satya says enough of it,Susheel sees them.

Satya says I don’t love Susheel,yes I did bet that I will break her heart,and I did that,when I can get any girl why will I marry that camel,I just wanted to break her ego,and I did it,Susheel hears all this,jiggi says when you told her all the truth why does still she want to marry her,Satya says for money,she knows I don’t love her but my property and bank balance attracted her,This was just a bet for me I don’t want to marry her.

Susheel sees banke and walks to him in tears and hugs him,Satya says I don’t know what dadi wants to do,I’m going in and denying for wedding,enough of it,jiggi says go my friend. Mehul gets a call from naresh and he tells something is wrong here and Susheel is always asking for you,mehul says all will be good just look after Susheel,Bye. Mehul says it’s my karma that Susheel is going through all this but I won’t let wrong happen to my daughter.

Susheel says Dadaji I want to talk to mapa,dadaji says yes he is here talk to him in mandap now all are looking at you go wipe your tears,Susheel say is dint want to marry,banke says why are you behaving this way,Susheel says I don’t want to,banke says enough shutup,it’s your wedding day come with me in mandap,Susheel says I want to tell you a truth,banke says I will tell you a truth today come here your mapa isn’t coming today,he won’t attend your wedding because once Leela was once at our doors with Kirans proposal for Mehul.

Mehul performing havan,and thinking about banke and Susheel.he prays to lord please look after my daughter and shower your blessings on her. Banke says Mehul said yes to Kiran but later he learnt his lover is pregnant and it was you and your mother,and so he said no to Kiran,and she couldn’t bear this pain and turned mad and it’s all because of Mehul and still Leela said yes to you and now you have to marry Satya and not make same mistake that your mapa did. Susheel confused,banke and satyas words ringing in her mind.

Susheel sees Kiran playing with red dupatta in corridor,Vishu and Jhano trying to control Kiran,Vishu says come Kiran phui let’s get ready. Susheel starts crying.she looks around the decoration.

Pre cap : kali asks Leela where is Satya,either Satya will marry Susheel or this video will be out,satya says Ma one minute,Leela holds satyas hand and takes him to mandap and says Panditji begin with the rituals.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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