Ikyawann 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update leela tied in her room

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Susheel thinking about what can she do to reveal Leela’s true face and gets a motivational message from mehul and says Mapa always knows what I need.

The door opens,a person in black wearing helmet enters and points gun at susheel,Kali and gulabo walks out of kitchen and seeing that get scared,gulabo says we don’t have money please leave,Kali says I shall call police,Vishu says put your gun down,leela crawls out,the person sprays water on leela with that gun,susheel attacks her from behind,its Sejal.

Gulabo says what are you doing Sejal,Kali says what nonsense is this,Sejal says guard to save myself from this leela the cat,if she attacks my face will bleed and this is protection,gulabo says Sejal you are daughter in law here act a little responsible and now clean the mess now,Kali says

she just knows to creat mess and smiles and says go clean the mess and all leave.

Susheel says Sejal Didi I’m sorry you ahd to listen all this but why did you use the gun so soon,Sejal says I had fun and What’s next plan.susheel says I’m still thinking.

Susheel gets to room and sees satya is asleep and thinks we use to fight all day before and now we don’t even talk,susheel recalls her past with satya,and he was always with her in her difficulties.

Susheel walks to satya but stops herself and thinks I know you have no hopes from our relationship,I know it will be tough for you to digest dadis true face but I will never let you feel alone.susheel gets a pen and starts teasing satya,she draws on satyas face and clicks his picture .satya wakes up and Susheel hides,satya sees him in mirror and shouts oh shit,all hear that and enter his room,Sejal sees Susheel hiding,Leela enters and sees her too,susheel winks at her,Sejal stands in front of susheel and she gets out,Sejal says what were you doing out you should be with satya right.

Satya has scratches on his face,Susheel says god what is this,dadi you turned to cat and forgot your satya,Sejal says so I got that protection,Susheel says nail paint and color on satyas face matches too dadi why did you do that,Kali says let me see,Sejal says first do something of the culprit,satya says yes take her to doctor,Susheel says till then let’s lock her in a room,satya says yes dadi sorry but you have to,Vishu says let me take her,Susheel says I shall help you.

Susheel on call with mehul and she tells him about leela into a cat,mehul says this is strange,Susheel says forget that how are you,mehul says very well,all take very good care of me,what’s wrong with your hand,Susheel tells what happened,and says don’t worry satya put this banded and clean my wound and he gave me his first aid kit too,mehul says why are you lying,Susheel says I’m not and we will get better,mehul says if you aren’t good there come back here,I shall manage,Susheel says you taught me not to give up so easily and so I won’t thanks to you.i guess doctor is here,bye.

Leela heats doctor come and says good now camel,Leela an era won’t leave you.
Susheel gets doctor into the room,he checks Leela,Leela keeps blinking at him,Sejal says take her to hospital,Kali says I did check her but I didn’t understand anything,so called you veterinarian,gulabo says will she be fine,leela thinks doc I paid you huge now perform the injection act and finish this.

Doctor says she will be fine but you have to keep her tied for few days or months,leela shocked,Sejal says good,leela attacks doctor,doctor says see quickly tie her,Vishu and Sejal ties Leela,doctor says she has danger from herself keep her tied so that she recalls who she is,and keep her tied here itself,leela starts shouting I’m leela ajmera,satya says doc she,doctor says it’s stress but don’t be fooled the split personality hasn’t left her yet,doctor gives leela a injection and she calms.

Doctor asks leela to give her injection and asks kali to give her this every time she acts wild,satya says dadi it’s for your good please co operate,Susheel blows a flying kiss and all leave.

Gulabo and Sejal thinking who will give leela milk,gulabo says who will give her milk but,Susheel says I shall GJ,Sejal asks what’s that,Susheel says your new nickname guchku jethani GJ,Sejal says nice if you are there I will come too,gulabo says Sejal you won’t I’m the new head now,Susheel says kaki you go give the milk and now you teach me how to roll chapati too I shall make it for half cat half human dadi.

Pre cap : leela spills the milk,gulabo asks where’s the injection she is behaving wild,Susheel says you guys go out I shall,give her injection.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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