Ikyawann 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Leela sees Sushil

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Leela starts looking for Susheel, Kali says today I won’t step back,I have to get my son his love and stand for Susheel,Leela walks to Susheel and sees Jhano and asks where is susheel,Jhano tells her Susheel is kidnapped,Leela says stupid go find her or else we will be in trouble,Kali praying to lord to give her strength. The guys trying to leave with Susheel but their tempo breaks down,banke looking for Susheel,Nitesh says I’m looking for everywhere and you have also taken her phone,Susheel walks in and says Dadaji I’m here,banke says what’s wrong with you,Susheel says she kidnapped me,she doesn’t want me to be married to Satya,Satya says what is this dadi you kidnapped Susheel.

Kali says not just that,your beloved dadi is reason behind Susheels mothers death,the accident which killed

all Parekh family women was a murder by Leela so that she can take revenge from Mehul,banke says Leela god shall never forgive you,satya says forget god I shall never forgive her and applies coal on her face,Leela says no,Sejal says dadi what’s wrong what are you dreaming off,Leela scared,Sejal says it’s not your wedding that you are so scared have you seen Susheel anywhere,leela sees kali and says banke I know where is Susheel,she is kidnapped calm down,satyas friends have kidnapped her,because they didn’t get their share,kids game till then let’s have food,banke says muhurath,Leela says don’t worry all is under contro all leave,Kali says the moment this Diya goes off your time limit is finish.

Satya says what is this,dadi is put me in trouble,the tempo doesn’t start,kidnapper says god this is the groom,if he sees us with her we will be in trouble let’s runaway,they get Susheel out from other door,Satya says when will this act finish,satyas friends take him in,kidnapper says let’s take her back home,all will search her out but not home,and when right time comes we will take her out.

Susheel starts getting conscious,kidnapper says look she is gaining conscious,Leela looking for Susheel everywhere,Susheel sees her and tries to sign her but the kidnappers pull her in,Kali walks to Leela and asks what have you done where is she,leela says I told you satya and his friends have hidden her,and I will get her don’t irritate me,and then you can get your son married to her,guests starts whispering about Susheel missing,Nitesh walks to Leela and says Susheel hasn’t eaten anything I shall go get her some food,leela says don’t Rory I will get her food and says come here everyone why silence darika come here,Sejal come let’s dance and pulls everyone to dance,and slowly escapes,Sejal notices that and says why is this oldie so lost,I should find out.

Leela finds susheels earring and presses remote and she feels the shock and says this is susheels and says I have to use this remote to find Susheel now,Sejal sees Jhano in susheels dupatta and says so here is she now I will save her and get the money and we will shop and says Susheel ipen the door,Jhano nods no,Sejal says don’t worry about Satya you just open the door,Kali sees Sejal banging door and asks what are you doing,Sejal says satyas friends have hidden Susheel here,Kali says Susheel open the door and says this is ma’s plan and says Sejal what let me do something.

Susheel is taken to store and says let’s take all her jewellery and elope,Susheel hits them and realises her hands,Susheel says firs deal with me then my jewellery,Susheel fights them,Susheel remembers her uncles slogan to use her against in good way she uses her anger as strength and fights the kidnappers but faints.

The kidnappers push her. Leela keeps looking for Susheel and starts pressing the remote,the kidnappers decide to put Susheel in a box ,Leela increases the voltage,the kidnappers feel the shock,and they are shocked and says let’s just take the jewellery and run away quickly,Leela hears their noise and walk in that direction,Susheel in a dry ice box,Leela finds the room and enters and starts looking for Susheel,the kidnappers have ran away.

Leela finds susheels ring and starts looking Susheel,Susheel is covered with dry ice,leela unaware closes the box and sits on it,but Susheel starts banging it,leela opens it and finds Susheel in it.

Pre cap: Satya says enough I’m going in and denying for the marriage,Kali says that’s it I’m telling satya the truth. Leela says Susheel dint worry look I’m here to save you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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