Ikyawann 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update kali threatens Leela. Susheel kidnapped.

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Leela very angry on loosing remote,Satya walks in and says what are you doing here come out and I’m feeling really very weird doing all this like I’m really getting married,leela says for an instance Kiran may be cured but you and Susheel marriage is in ways,Satya says ok dadi but all rituals are done only pheras are remaining and what’s your plan,Jhano walks in with remote and hides it seeing Satya,Satya asks what is she hiding,Leela says leave her,go out and remember this wedding won’t happen,no human not even god can marry you two. Kali sees Leela and gets scared,she walks in the room,she watches the whole video wher Leela reveal about her plan.

Kali I’m tears and recalls all the past incident how Susheel behaved weird,and says this wedding is just an act,the real reason is Susheel,Kali

remembers her promise to Susheel that her mother will always stand by her,and says I won’t let this injustice happen to Satya and Susheel. Susheel says Shivam bhai give me the inine I want to talk to mapa,Shivam says battery low,Susheel pulls the phone and says I want to talk to him,and checks the phone and say syou battery isn’t low,why are you lying where’s mapa,Susheel checks call logs and sees video calls with Mehul and asks what’s wrong,banke says Shivam come here go check out and says Shivam don’t let her talk to mehul and tell this to Nitesh and naresh too.

Leela and Jhano together,leela says Susheel shouldn’t reach the mandap,Kali stops Leela says you want Susheel satyas wedding to be special right,leela says speak quickly I dont have time,Kalu says I want to do something for Susheel and Satya and I need your help,Susheel walks to Sejal and says di I want your phone I want to talk to mapa,Sejal says Susheel you can call me guchko but stop calling me di I’m not much elder to you,Susheel says ok guchko please give me phone,Sejal hands her the phone,Shivam says oh I love this phone I heard the camera is very good let stake a selfie,Nitesh says calm down Susheel Mehul bhai will come,he has planned a surprise for you,Susheel says let me talk atleast,Nitesh says but surprise Susheel,Susheel says I have to go to washroom and says I will go talk to kali aunty she will help me,Jhano keeping an eye in Susheel and also the thieves.

Kali takes Leela to a room and says I’m just emotional and says when Satya was born you were very happy,for the first time you were happy with me,you were his Ma and his dadi,and the reason was you could get diverted from Kiran,Leela says he is so good,and I raised him,he is like me,Kali says no he is my son,just because I couldn’t give him time doesn’t mean that you can do this,and he is like you,leela says stop these riddles and tell me what special you are planning,Kali says that Samething you don’t want to see happening.

Kali says I’m a doctor, I first ask symptoms then give medicines,Leela say so shall die then becoming your patient,Kali says the game you playing with Satya and Susheel,death would be the answer,leela says you threatening me,Kali says yes you aren’t doing right if you don’t stop this,this doctor will treat you well and that won’t be good for you.the two thieves pull Susheel hit her on her head,Susheel Faints,Jhano walks in and helps the thieves to toe Susheel.

Satya roaming,Prakash says where is suhseel and what are you doing here,come with us,satya says I’m looking for Susheel you guys go I will come,leela says you are so cheap that you are threatening me,Kali says I had to, to treat you,we both know the truth,I thought you shall tell me the truth,you never treated me as your daughter in law,you were mother and granny for Satya but it was you because of whom Susheel is raised without her mother and is marrying with her too and not just that,you also wanted to kill her right,leela recalls the day,Kali says he sit was me that day,leela says then still you didn’t do anything,because you have no proofs,Kali says yes I have no proofs that Parekh family all women are killed by you and I’m a doctor and if you are into business of killing I’m into saving lives.

Kali says you will be punished,I thought you are giving a new start forgetting past,leela says why should I forget that Mehul Parekh is the reason behind my Kirans health,and so I shall atleast turn her mad or she will die and what you think your son is in love with that camel no it’s wrong,Kali says I have seen the love for Susheel in his eyes,like you right now,trying to hide your fear Satya is similar he is hiding his love,you have raised him right,but I’m his mother and so I know his heart,leela says he is my Satya and he won’t lie and remember on thing this marriage won’t happen and you can do nothing because you have no proofs,now go sell your tablets,Kali shows Leela recording and says if this is the cure why shall I sell tablets.

Kali says what will you do when Satya will learn about this,that Susheel has lost her mother because of you and her father has faced all hardships because of you and then let’s see whether your Satya will still love you suhseel being puts in truck and taken away,satya near by doesn’t notice it.kali says truth dies find its way out and if you don’t let this marriage happen,I shall reveal all this truth,it’s a promise to you from a mother in law,daughter in law,mothers,and a women never steps by her promise,and now it’s your take,whether Satya will put mangalsutra in Susheel neck or you will be jailed.

Pre cap :kali says today her mother in law will act as warrior for her. Jhano informs Leela,Susheel is kidnapped,Leela says fins her or else we both will be dead.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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