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Susheel in her room applying bandage to her hand,satya walks in and says the whole room is a mess and also the house and don’t keep your stuff in my cupboard it’s such a mess and removes a first aid box and says clean your wound by this I don’t want my shirt to have any marks and throws it in front of Susheel and leaves.

Susheel smiles and says so this is how he shall show love but first let me check the sd card. Mehul says Nitesh please call Susheel,Nitesh says let her handle on her own,your too much support may look like interference.

Susheel plays the video,Sejal sees that,Susheel puts the video off,Sejal says this dadi did this to you,I thought she will do what she did to me,but this was too much,Susheel asks what did she do,Sejal tells her,Susheel says why doesn’t anyone stop her

and why does she do this,and with this chip I was going to expose her,Sejal says so jhano wanted it and so this cat act,let’s hide this and get it when she finishes the act.

Susheel says first let’s show that dadi is acting.satya in corridor says what al is this,Vishu says satya go give Susheel this medicine,satya says I have bad mood you go give her.

Sejal and Susheel hide and throw balls at leela and she acts like cat,both keep recording her.susheel says if dadi goes and switches off microwave we can prove she is acting,Sejal says let her stay cat it’s fun.satya sees Sejal and Susheel.

Satya hears meow sound and runs to kitchen,Leela gets on the kitchen otta spills the milk and starts licking it,satya pushes everyone away and puts microwave off,sejal and Susheel act unaware,satya scolds them and leaves.

Everyone takes leela in her room,Vishu says kaki I told you call a doctor. Mehul says enough of serving me I’m fine now,banke says yes you are fine but rest is good,naresh asks where is susheel,banke says very early you thought of him,where is he didn’t he inform and leave,mehul says enough bapu enough stop pulling every topic so much,naresh says sorry,mehul says don’t be,Shivam must be visiting his friends,he must have not gone to any place because you forced even after knowing he might be I’ll treated there.

Banke gets angry and says what do you want,you want me to apologise,mehul says you have done what you had to,banke says Nitesh look how he talks,Nitesh says calm down you two,Shivam gets home,naresh winks at him and starts acting,where were you,can’t you inform and go,Shivam says I went to get marriage wedding photos,banke and mehul puts their hand forward and watch it together.

Jhano closes the door and takes leela in,leela walks to jhano like a wild cat and then stands up on her feet,and says dumb headed I’m just acting,I had to do this to
Hide my truth and good in the kitchen I saw Susheel and Sejal but fate always won’t be with us so go and find that chip.

Sejal says Susheel are you sure,Susheel says yes I think she learnt about our plan,susheels hands start itching,Sejal says let me take a look and removes her bandage,satya walks to them and says bhabhi Vishu Bhai is calling you for some documents,Sejal says they are in drawer and looks at satya and says Susheel hold this bandage I will be back and leaves.

Satya says Susheel I won’t forget what you did in kitchen,what you want,Susheel says half knowledge is dangerous,satya pulls her hand and starts putting bandage and says I don’t want new drama every day,Susheel says if you can’t support atleast don’t interrupt,Susheel gets hurt and both shout what are you doing,satya says one minute and puts bandage and leaves.

Susheel looks at her hand and smiles.jhano gets into susheels room with leela and both start looking for the chip.leela sees satya and susheels trophy and picks it and finds chip stuck to it and starts laughing.

Sejal and Susheel together,They sees Leela walk as cat and jhano follow,Susheel says what was she doing in my room,Sejal says the chip and both run to the room,Susheel checks other trophy and says thank god the chip is here.

Sejal says Susheel let’s directly show this video,Susheel says I will be back,sejal says ok and leaves.susheel hears jhano and leela talk,leela says look I have chip and she was trying to scare me and now she won’t.

Susheel says if she has chip then what chip is it with me.

Pre cap:satya near leela says till date I have listened to every single thing you have asked me to but asking me to marry Susheel you have done big mistake and leaves.
Leela says this Susheel will ruin my relation with satya and tomorrow will be her last day here and end of my cat act too.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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