Ikyawann 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update:leela plans to give Susheel shocks

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Susheel hugs Mehul and says relax mapa don’t be tensed you will be with me and when you are with me all will be good, Mehul says you need to perform kalash pooja before you leave I will go male arrangements.

Vishu recording wedding arrangements, gulabo says Vishu Sejal left for parkour without me,look I got ready all by myself, Prakash says you looking very beautiful, Kali walks,Vishu says let’s meet grooms mother, Kali says Vishu go give satya this chain.

Susheel looking for Mehul, she writes all her passwords and important things Ona note,and sees Mama kaka and mapa behind and says here are passwords, and electricity bill pay it, naresh says fool go get ready,Susheel says yes I will but please go talk to Dadaji don’t do this, mapa it’s your daughters wedding and if his father

doesn’t talk to him it’s so wrong, Phui says she is so right, Mehul says we aren’t upset, naresh says now go get ready, Mehul says come let me help you.

Naresh says stop I have work, all leave except Mehul naresh and Nitesh, naresh asks what is it what’s bothering you,Susheel walks in and asks what’s wrong mapa, Mehul says that password how will I memorise them, Susheel says I will tell you don’t worry and leaves.

Leela helping satya get ready and says when you will be marrying for real I will get you diamond buttons on sherwani,and puts him turban, Vishu walks in and says how handsome satya right dadi and here Kaki gave you this chain and keeps the camera on table, Leela says show me the chain and says wow pure gold, Vishu go check on Panditji and says satya look even your Ma knows it’s a big day for you, satya says dadi I will be back and leaves.

Leela says today I shall play my big game and my revenge will be complete before Susheel reaches mandap she will be insane. Nitesh says how can you not come in your own wedding, Bapu says think about Kiran too, Susheel calls Mehul.

Jhano holds a necklace and Leela puts something on it and puts the necklace to a doll,with the help of a remote Leela gives the doll a shock through necklace and says Susheel will get these shocks and all will see her madness and even Mehul will learn his daughter is mad.

Susheel sees the video and says who recorded this this means someone is behind me,and tries the number but banken comes in and says what new trouble you are creating, go get ready, naresh says come let’s go ready, Susheel asks where is mapa, Nitesh says he will directly reach mandap he has some work with panditji.

Leela says look at that doll and throws it and is in tears all this is recorded in Vishus camera.

Susheel gets rach all get emotional seeing her, Susheel says mapa won’t come home, Nitesh says no directly in mandap, Susheel says please give me my phone I need to talk to mapa, he says talk directly at the mandap we will be late come let’s go, Susheel leaves,Mehul watches her go and is in tears.

Kai sees satya walk down with Leela, Leela says satya your dadi will never forget this favour of yours,Sejal says kaki look at dadi she is getting emotional as if it’s satyas bidai, satya says dadi today Mehul and Susheel will learn a lesson she won’t leave this house without crying her father anyways won’t come.

Sejal says they are here come let’s go,Leela says she will be my satyas bride I will welcome her and takes a dhol and starts playing it and all dance to it,Parekh family enter,Susheel looks at satya and smiles,Susheel keeps asking about Mehul.

Leela pulls everyone and all dance,Susheel keeps looking for Mehul, Kali asks Sejal I can’t see Mehul, gulabo says good he didn’t or else how would Kiran attend wedding,vijay says I gave Kiran medicines she is resting and will get her down during rituals, Sejal says no worries Kaka we shall take care that mapa and Phui don’t see each other.

Leela shouts it was fun, my satyas wedding, girls come here with the gifts for my Susheel she is special for me,Sejal says I hope this oldie again has no plans,gulabo asks ba what are you gifting, Leela opens all the covers and says you will be ajmera bride now, your necklace is good but there isn’t any uniqueness, ornaments should be one that gives shock to everyone come here my dear I shall gift you jewellery I got for you.

Leela takes off all of Susheels jewellery and puts her the one she got even the shock necklace, Leela signs satya that Jhano has remote.

Pre cap : banke says Leela we did what we could in short and Susheel isn’t much fond of jewellery.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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