Ikyawann 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya and Leela plan and keep messing with suhsil to prove her insane.

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Vishu says suhsil have something.sejal says Satya ready,sushil is in bad mood let’s Cheer her up. Sejal and Vishu crack lame jokes to cheer her up. Satya says sushil is upset because I spoke to mapa rudely and so I planned this for her,Nitesh says good job and leaves.satya remembers the video where sushil says they are rich people and then Kirans mental health.mehul behind sushil.satya thinks surprise is mine but it will be fun when dadis plan will work.

Vishu announces jiggi distribute the headphones and now everyone will hear songs and dance on the songs played and have fun,mehul Sejal dance with sushil. All start having fun,Sejal says sushil close your eyes there’s surprise for you,and the lights go dim and sushil in spot light,Mehul sings for sushil,expressing the love in their bond,Bapu

joins,naresh Nitesh Shivam join them too,satya walks away on Leelas sign.

Satya goes on stage and signs sushil he is sorry,she smiles,sushil hears on the headphones that Satya won’t marry you,he will ditch you in the mandap and go,This isn’t a joke,it’s a alert,sushil sees a shadow behind Satya with a knife,sushil rushes to him pushing everything and shouts Satya,sushil panicky and tells everyone what happened,satya asked who what,no one is here,mehul says headphones had songs no one was here,satya says stop all this sushil,seeing sushil panic and react Leela remembers Kiran,sushil says if no one was here,how did I see,there is someone I will check everyone,mehul says you can’t they are our guests,sushil says I don’t care I will,satya and Mehul try to calm sushil.

Guests says your daughter in law has gone mad,Leela smiles and walks to sushil and says calm down,have water it’s a big day for you why panic,sushil says sorry dadi,bakeh says Mehul do something she keeps insulting everyone,Leela says calm down she is fine,suhsil says but i saw,satya says sushil enough calm down,mehul says you need rest let’s go home,Kali says yes go rest I will give you medicines,Satya says sushil calm down.

Mehul says sorry to satyas family,Satya says calm down Sushil look at mapa,sushil says you are right and says I’m sorry everyone I must have mistaken,Leela says no issues my daughter,sushil looks at Satya,he says I’m good you go rest.parekh family leaves.

Gulabo says Ma I think she has mental issues,they are hiding something,bakeh listens everything,gulabo says she even reacted badly in Vishus wedding,bakeh says I’m sorry,Leela says it’s ok,it had to happen it did,now calm down,or else it won’t be fun in rituals ahead.

Parekh family having dinner,Sejal walks to sushil and says slowly calm down,mehul says she has food this way when she panics,gulabo says kali look she has no manners,Kali says no she has panicked so,Leela says kali go to Kiran.naresh says good you showed them your this side,they will be scared of you and all giggle,Bapu says they think she has mental issues and you find it’s funny,mehul says what’s her fault and I will talk to leelaji,Bapu says I spoke to her and if all have finished food let’s go.

Mehul and naresh ask sushil to go and talk to Satya as he looks tensed and worried and didn’t have dinner too,sushil goes.bakeh says Leela we are very sorry,leela says all good,now go we have to perform haldi,we will send Shagun haldi,mehul says even I will get Shagun haldi for Satya,Leela says sure.

Sushil walks to Satya,Satya says I thought you guys left,are you fine,look what all you did,I have no idea why,sushil says Satya I’m not lying,I did hear on headphone that you will ditch me and I saw a shadow with knife behind you and also that there was bone in Shagun thali and no one believes me but I want you to believe,satya says ok,but where is all this,nothing is here,it’s all in your mind,now go rest because I don’t want people say Satya Ajmeras wife is mentally ill.

Pre cap : Leela pours a solution in a bottle and hands gulabo and says it’s rose water don’t forget to add it in haldi and now go hand it to Parekh family.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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