Ikyawann 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update Sejal learns about Mehuls heart attack.

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Leela says jhano now leela will play her big game to destroy Susheel,jhano remembers how Susheel helped her.kiran says satya you eating chili and look kali bhabhi is having Tears,Kali leaves saying I shall get more snacks,satya grabs a glass of water and has it,Kiran says I won I ate 12 pakoda and didn’t have water too,Susheel says very good,satya says fun right,Kiran says yes all because of Susheel and hugs her,satya says please I have arranged a big party for you then you shall forget these skates and pushes them,Susheel steps on them and falls,Kiran says go give her a hand.

Susheel says I’m fine and tries to get up but her leg hurts and she couldn’t get up,satya says look she is fine she said,Kiran says you never listen to me I’m not talking to you or coming to your party,satya says

ok and gives her a hand,Susheel looses her balance and both fall down,Kiran starts laughing and says this is called falling in love.

Susheel says sorry I lost my balance,satya says sorry you feel because of me and my doctor mother is home today show her your leg and leaves,Leela and jhano watching all this through window,Leela says so my satya is getting close to her I have to do something. Kiran says Susheel show me skating video,Susheel says ok let’s go and drops poison bottle on the bed purposely and leaves.

Leela and jhano get in the room and Leela sees the bottle.mehul wakes up scared thinking about Susheel and satya he gets off his bed and about to make Susheel a call,shivam and Nitesh walk in and ask him to rest,Shivam says we all know you are missing Susheel but right now we can’t inform her about all this and so I got you a surprise,Shivam gifts mehul and gram with pictures of mehul and Susheel,Mehul gets emotional and says Shivam that’s so thoughtful of you,Shivam says just trying to be Susheel so that we all can be as happy as we were when she was with us and hugs mehul.

Kali with excitement walks to Sejal and says I’m so happy,Susheel made me stay and make pakoda and satya was so happy he let me feed him,Sejal says this should have happened long ago and thank god Susheel made you stay or else even today you would be in hospital.kali feels bad and about to leave,Sejal realises it and says kaki I baked this cake for Kiran phui please taste it,kali says how can I kiran will cut it and I,Sejal says oh cmon just taste the cream from the corner please,Kali tastes it and says wow yummy,Sejal says now cmon give away the stress and enjoy the evening.

Leela and jhano come running,Leela pushes Sejal and leaves and cake falls on Sejal,sejal says jhano have you lost it you spoiled my cake and all over me it is now,Vishu asks what’s wrong,Sejal says tame your mad granny and leaves in anger,Vishu asks kali why was dadi running.

Susheel and Kiran playing xbox,Leela panicked rushes to kiran and hugs her and says Susheel I hope you didn’t give her poison and you take revenge from me for all I did leave my daughter and reveals all her plots,Kiran pushes her and leaves.leela says you heard nothing and I said nothing,Susheel says ok then what about this and plays the video on screen.

Leela breaks the camera and says here your recorder into pieces and so is your proof,Susheel picks up memory card and says oh dadi,you are known as thepla and pickle queen the business women but you got little brains,you wrote stupid on jhano hand but it should on yours instead all videos are in this chip.

Susheel says dadi I don’t use people like you do,I would never harm Kiran phui or anyone like you do,i respect people and relations,Leela says so you are staying in a marriage where your husband doesn’t love you,Susheel says regal the bet dadi it’s to bring satya on right track,irrespective of the love,now come out let’s have some action ,Leela says if she shows this to all my family will be destroyed.

Sejal getting a new cake sees Nitesh meeting kalis compounder,later Sejal asks him what medicines did he take,he says susheels father had an heart attack and so the medicines,Sejal says this means Susheel knows nothing about this.

Mehul says Bapu I made a huge mistake,I shouldn’t have let Susheel marry satya,whilst first meeting I knew something would go wrong but Leela came by herself and kept forward the hand of patch up,banke says so,all is going well what now,mehul says no,nothing is good I heard satya say he doesn’t love Susheel,god knows whether Susheel knows about it and how is she living there,I feel like getting her back here,banke says I shall never approve that.

Gulabo says what’s wrong with ba,Susheel is your illness contagious first you were affected and now na anyways what you want to show us,satya says wake me up when Sejal bhabhi gets cake.
Susheel says waits satya you need see this too,it’s an eye opener.

Pre cap:Sejal comes in and says mapa had an heart attack,Kali says sorry Susheel they had asked me not to tell you,Susheel crying says Ma if a doctor is asked to keep mum I understand but a mother in law is that fare.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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