Ikyawann 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update susheel makes efforts to make kirans birthday special

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Satya knocks the door and gets in kirans room and finds ahe isn’t there,Vishu and Sejal follow too and ask where is kiran,satya says I don’t know every year she waits for my present,they walk out and ask Sarvesh where is she,and look for her.

Leela sees Kiran is with Susheel in the veranda,and shouts Susheel what are you doing get my daughter in,Kiran wearing skates,Susheel says concentrate on the songs and don’t think about anyone,satya and others come out,satya says has she lost it,Kali stops him.

Susheel helps Kiran and Kiran starts skating and having fun,Susheel cheers Kiran,all family members happy to see Kiran enjoying,satya gets emotional seeing Kiran happy,Kiran waves at everyone,Prakash says to Leela,you made the right choice for satya look at this girl,till date Kiran didn’t

step out of house of fear and today she did and is also enjoying herself.

Kiran falls down,satya and Leela run to pick her,Susheel says calm down satya it’s fine when you learn something new you do fall,even you must have right,Kiran phui will get up on her own,Sejal comes and says phui cmon and one last round and even I will skate then,Susheel says wow you can skate too,Sejal says yes me and vishu had plans to elope wearing skates but dadi agreed for wedding,Leela says stop it,take these off,Kiran says yes I don’t like them.

Susheel says you did like them before you fell right,Kiran says yes but now they made me fall down,Susheel says phui you have to learn new things forget the past and move on and Susheel looks at satya,Susheel says we can’t let past ruin out present and future.neighbours praise susheels this move,Kali says all is fine with Kiran,satya says no it’s not and you better be quite you have no idea as you are always busy with your clinic and patients and leaves in anger pushing away the present he bought for Kiran.

Sejal says phui get these skates off we shall get in hall practice and then come out,everyone go in,leela stops Susheel and says stay away from my daughter or i shall throw you far away,Susheel says this is why all this started right,now you do what you feel is right and I will do what I feel and leaves.

Nitesh and darika get mehul soup,Kali looks for medicines in her room,she gets a call from Nitesh,Kali asks how is mehul,Nitesh says no improvement,Kali says the medications are with me shall I send it through someone,Nitesh says no not required I shall collect it from your clinic and please don’t let Susheel learn anything of this. Nitesh tells mehul that he shall go get medicines,mehul says if Susheel sees you,Nitesh says relax I’m not going home but collecting it from clinic,and leaves.

Darika says mehul now you feeling better right,mehul says how does it matter whether I’m fine or not,my Susheel should be fine that is what matters,darika says yes all will be good,mehul says I will make sure all is fine in her life.kali tries to recall where is her medical kit.

Susheel with medical kit in the kitchen, Sejal walks in,and says oh so this is the secret,Susheel asks what secret,Sejal says you surely giving some tablets to dadi and dealing with her,I can only answer her in my mind but you rocking,Susheel says seriously and now I wish there was some medicine with which I could make people stop talking,you keep imagining things and you keep endlessly talking about them,Sejal says you want me to kill right,for me talking is like breathing,Susheel says Sejal Di I need help,I want to do something special for Kiran phui I don’t like seeing her being house arrested all day,Sejal says but she,Susheel says I know what past she had but mentally unstable doesn’t mean she can’t live her life,didn’t you see how happy she was today while skating and I have noticed she likes to paint and learn about new things and I want to do something for her,Sejal says yes but dadi.

Kali walks in and asks oh my kit is here,Susheel says I needed bandage,Kali says you fine now okay I shall leave for clinic,Susheel says no you won’t is Sunday you will rest here, doctors need rest too and it’s also Kiran phuis bday,Kali says but my patients,Susheel says they will consult other doctor for a day today you will stay with us rest and enjoy yourself.sejal says she definitely has eaten something look at her.

Susheel says Kiran phui likes mirchi pakoda les make those for her,Kali says even satya loves them,Susheel says cool,Kali says ok Sejal help me,Susheel leaves with camera and says Ma you have to take out time for satya he has to see the love you have for him and should call you Ma and not doctor.

Satya walks to Kiran and says come let’s clean your wound,Kiran playing with her skates says no this pains I won’t,Kali walks in and says if you let satya clean your wound only then you can have your favourite mirchi pakora.

Satya asks didn’t you go clinic,Susheel walks and says no she didn’t,because she wanted to make Kiran phui her favourite pakoda,Kiran says even satya likes them,he loves chilli,and loves you too.satya about to leave,Susheel says don’t it’s her bday you stay with her I shall leave and Kiran phui you said satya likes them too right let’s have a competition Ma will feed you two pakoda with her hands let’s see who wins and satya loves challenges,Kiran says yes I will win and you stay here and keep eye on him so that he doesn’t cheat.

Kali gets emotional and thinks satya won’t have it from her hands but satya does and both get emotional.

Leela says jhano this susheel keeps showing her smartness,and looks at jhano and says oh I had shaved your eyebrows but you applied Kajal even you trying to act smart anyways now I shall show Susheel what leela is .

Pre cap: satya pushes skates and Susheel steps on it and falls,satya gives her a hand and falls,Kiran says this is called falling in love,leela sees that and says so satya is getting closer to her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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