Ikyawann 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: sushil and satyas sangeet night

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Sejal dresses sushil. Satya and suhsil walk towards the sangeet venue,Sejal says look how i dressed her,how pretty she looks,she kept denying but I did. A pole with basket balls on it falls down,Leela says oh pick it up,I ,ade all these arrangements specially for my satyas sushil,like her mapa thinks for her,Leela hands sushil a ball and says so will you cook after marriage or play,Satya says dadi let her have ball and not roller,who knows she will start hitting me with it,phui says no she won’t she has learnt cooking,sushil says and anyways Satya even if I cook you won’t eat I know since you love food cooked by dadi.

Leela says I’m happy that two families are back together,what says bakeh,Bapu nods yes,Leela calls Sejal and says start your programme and dance. Sejal begins with her performance,

Kali and gulabo join her,and every family member of both families do.mehul starts dancing with sushil and Satya. Leela signs Jhano and she leaves.jhani starts chasing the dog as it slips of her hand and enters the function,Jhano signs Leela about it.leela sees the dog,and dancing walks towards it,so does Jhano,Jhano picks it and runs out.leela joins the family dance.

Kali walks towards the gifts and covers it,Jhano has put dogs bone in it,leela checks it and says take it. Kali says sushil this is from Ajmera family for their new daughter in law and ba please you give it to her,leela says it will be fun when this sushil will find dog bone,Leela says sushil here bangles,Satya thinking about Kiran and the promise he made for her.sushil sees the dog bone and pushes the whole plate and runs and hides behind Mehul.

Leela steps on the bone and Jhano slowly pulls it away,suhsil freaks out and starts shouting,Satya looses calm and says what all is this,have you lost it,is this way you behave,are you insane,sushil says what’s wrong with you,why are you shouting.

Satya says my dadi got all these things with so much love and you threw them,do these things look like bone to you,you know insulted her,sushil says and now you are insulting me and my family, I saw bone and so I freaked out,Satya says where is bone,sushil says I saw it in plate,Mehul says Satya calm down she is scared of dogs so she freaked,Satya says so she can keep insulting my dadi,is this the way to behave.

Suhsil says dadi I saw bone,Sejal Didi I’m not lying it must be somewhere here,and messes all the gifts,Mehul tries to calm get down,Bapu says enough suhsil there is nothing here,Sejal says listen it must be misunderstanding, let’s finish with ritual and bangles broke we will buy new one and other things we have it now relax ok,leela says to Satya why did you shout,Satya says no bhabhi,all the things will be brought new,and says sorry to mehul for raising his voice,Bapu says no worries it fine,Mehul says it’s fine,she got freaked out,Sejal takes sushil with him,leela smiles at Satya.

Kali and Sejal in Kitchen,Mehul and naresh walk to them,naresh says all that happened out there we are sorry for it,mehul says yes sushil just,Kali says all this is wrong,Sejal says yes if sushil likes non-veg she should have told us,Mehul says no we don’t eat non-veg,Sejal starts laughing and so does kali,Kali says it’s fine,she is already tired and we were just kidding with you,and since sushil must be very tired,all those rituals so she must have mistaken something,Sejal says now forget all that and me and Satya have planned a surprise for her.

Sejal says uncle I can see ghost,and starts laughing,Kali says enough Sejal,Mehul says thank you,a sister in form of Sejal and a mother in you,naresh says I’m so jealous sushil will finally have a mother,we strived hard for it but now you will give her all the love we used too,Kali says you are right we will have a competition,sushil will tell you,her mother in law loves her more than her mapa Mama,Mehul says she never has seen a mother’s love thank you,Sejal says oh stop of emotion,because me and Satya have a plan and tell it’s to them.

Leela says Satya go talk to sushil,then it will be fun,because the thing she will see in next 10 min she must never have imagined it.

Pre cap:Vishu announces everyone has headphones and a song will be played and you guys have to dance on it,sushil sees Satya being stabbed and rushes to him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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