Ikyawann 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update Susheel starts scaring Leela.

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Leela and Kiran sleeping,Leela dreams about susheels bet and wakes up and says she is warning be time to time,I have to think of something,Leela says I have to go check what is she doing with me satya and walks out of her room and hears jhano walk and says stop stop we have to teach camel girl a lesson,Leela sees jhano in darkness with a knife and jhano stabs her self,Leela shouts loudly,all wake up and rush to Leela.

Satya sees Leela from corridor and asks what new now,Leela says jhano stabbed herself,all rush to the place Leela pointed and put on the lights and see no one,Kiran takes her doll and says it’s my doll and leaves,Leela says I saw her stab herself,Sejal says dadi look jhano is there fine.

Jhano rush to Leela,gulabo says Ma you must have dreamt,Leela says jhano are you fine,Susheel

comes in her trousers,Kali asks why are you sweating,Susheel says Ma morning timing my workout clashes with satyas so I thought of working out now,Sejal says take dadi along with you too,she sees nonsense things,Vishu says nothing she dreamt that jhano stabbed her self,satya says if all nonsense is over I will go sleep then,Susheel says satya don’t loose calm you go rest,dadi is fine.

Susheel asks dadi are you fine,you must have dreamt,Leela says don’t make me angry when I say I have seen it then I have,Sejal says I feel this like déjà vo,even Susheel has same episodes in wedding function,(its actually Susheel who had dressed like jhano and pulled this act)

Susheel smiles at leela,leela whispers you did all this right,Susheel says I think dadi needs rest you all go sleep I shal take her to room,come dadi come and says take care of your self specially when I have challenged,firstly I will bring satay in travk and secondly this is just a glimpse of what all I can do and don’t take me loosely it’s al giving the trouble back you gave me,your room go rest.

Leela closes the door and says this camel,first let me teach jhano a lesson.leela ties jhano to chair and says this girl cane to your room and robbed your clothes and you didn’t even learn about it,because of you I turned out to be a joke,now see what I do to you,leela about to shave jhano head,jhano pleads to stop,leela says ok I won’t and shaves her eyebrows and says because of you I became joke now it’s your turn have fun and leaves.

Susheel gets in jhano room,she releases jhano,closes the door and paints her eyebrows and wipes her tears and says tell her that Susheel is here to turn all her wrong into right.susheel gets in her room and sees satya packing gift and says Kiran phui must be awake shall we go wish her,satya says stay away from me and my phui,don’t make me repeat things,Kiran phui isn’t normal keep that in mine,Susheel says not your family it’s our family now.satya says in your dreams,no one will accept you,soon they all shall forget you,and yes I won’t let you stay here longer,Susheel looks into his eyes and smiles,satya leaves,Susheel says before holi I won’t go and after that I won’t need too anyways you keep on with your fake hatred and I shall with my love now let me order gift for phui,now Kiran phui will fly and not hide anymore,satya sees Susheel order online and waits for her to sleep,Susheel goes off to sleep,satya gets in the room checks if Susheel is asleep and takes her laptop.

Satya opens it and finds its password protected,satya says god how will I find now.kiran says Ma look my paintings,Leela says go to sleep,Kiran says all woke me and no one wished me,leela says oh happy birthday my daughter and hugs her.kiran says Ma I made satya and susheels painting together,leela sees it and says give me I will frame it and give you as a gift and then show to everyone,Kiran gets very happy,leela pics the painting of satya and susheels and destroys it,Kiran says Ma I want more gifts,Leela says all gifts tomorrow morning now go to bed good girl and leaves.

Kiran thinks her gifts are hidden and starts looking for them in cupboard,she finds camera and says I will click photos in it and I won’t tell Ma it will be my secret let me hide it and keeps it under her pillow.leela gets in,Kiran says Ma sing me song,leela sings for Kiran and puts her off to sleep.

Leela wakes up,her ponies on the mirror,Leela starts shouting and hides under the blanket,Sejal jhano Susheel go and try calm her,Susheel says dadi your hair are here you keep your hair loose and then sleep.leela calms and looks at Susheel,Sejal says oh this Kiran phui must have got,I told her on her bday we shall dress her doll like you,let me take these to phui and leaves with ponies,Susheel says jhano please ask Sarvesh kaka to clean the room.

Susheel says dadi calm down,it must be some imagination,there’s nothing to be scared of and leaves.

Pre cap : satya goes to kiran room and says oh this time phui didn’t wait for my gift.
Kiran gives camera to Susheel and says record me in this,leela sees it and thinks I hope this camel doesn’t see the video.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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