Ikyawann 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: suhsil and satyas engagement

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Kali hears some noise and gets out of the room,and sees Leela and Satya stopping sushil,Kali asks sushil you here,Suhail says sorry to disturb you aunty I know you are resting but I wanted to hand you this coconut and finish the ritual,Leela nods from behind,Kali and Vijay take the coconut,while leaving sushil says aunty I know you aren’t well but the runny exchange wouldn’t complete without your blessings,Kali gets very happy and says it’s. a little headache I will come,satya says no you can rest,Kali says no I shall come.

Kali Sejal sushil get down,Sejal walks to her family singing their favourite song and hands eachone their coconuts,Leela says very good now,Kali talk her to washroom and sushil fix yourself.

Sejal and gulabo together,Jhano enters with a dog and hides beneath the

table,gulabo and Sejal standing there,Sejal parents come and she leaves with them,Leela sees Jhano and says gulabo go check guests and asks Jhano to go work.

Sushil in washroom,Jhano puts the dog in ventilator,suhsil gets scared and throws water at it,the dog jumps down and rushes,Jhano runs behind it,suhsil slowly comes out and walks downstairs,Leela shocked to see sushil,Jhano signs her plan fail.

Sushil asks Leela for help to fix her dupatta,as she couldn’t find Sejal,Leela says yes and starts helping her,guests says what to say leela you have to raise yourself for your daughter in law,sushil leaves. Satya says dadi what’s the plan,Leela says you said she is scared of dogs but look nothing happened to her,Satya says what,Kali walks to them and says come let’s begin with ring exchange ceremony.

Leela says what are you doing here, I told you to be with Kiran,Kali says she is asleep I thought of being here for this big moment in my sons life and I will keep checking on my son,gulabo looks at satyas ring and says oh gold ring,my Vishu had diamond ring,Leela says my Satya is like a diamond.

Sushil asks Satya do you have dogs in your house,Satya remembers dadi talk about dogs.mehul hands Sushil rings,she puts it in satyas finger,Satyas turn,sushil puts her right hand forward,satya says left hand,and tries to put ring but it doesn’t fit,Leela says let me try and forces it and says sushil even your fingers are like you,satya says dadi what to do now,Sejal says this ring thing even happened during my wedding,Satya check whether the right ring is in your pocket,Kali says let me get cream,sushil says let me try something,Leela says let’s try in other finger,phui says that’s not correct,sushil starts pulling the ring,Satya says phui ba all is good,sushil give the ring,sushil says wait,bakeh says Mehul what a your daughter doing.

Sushil says Satya now put in my finger,Sejal says you are so smart,cmon Satya,and whispers once you are here we both will teach this din dadi a good lesson,satya puts the ring.
Sushil says see Satya,I did this for you and now don’t toruble me after wedding or I will make you straight too,satya says for such costly ring you would do anything,sushil says anything,Sejal announces dandiya sangeet and says sushil come with me I have clothes for you.i will help you get ready.

Pre cap : everybody dancing in sushil and Satyas sangeet night.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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