Ikyawann 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: sushil being torchered by Leela

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Satya and Sushil’s matli ceremony begins,Mehul performs satyas aarti and gives him gifts,Leela tells Jhano let Sushil’s turn come then I shall show you the fun,Parekh family give Satya gifts,Mehul says we are done,Kali prays god please keep them blessed and the families together,Mehul asks where is kali to perform aarti,Leela says she isn’t doing well,gulabo will perform even she has raised Satya,satya says yes let Ma rest,sushil says is aunty so sick,satya says yes she is let her rest you focus here.gulabo and Prakash perform aarti and give gifts,Kali watching from corridor in tears.

Leela says my turn, to gift my tall daughter in law,and it will be special,Jhano go get the gift,and sushil you won’t forget the gift,like you came out ofpot and surprised us,same is my gift,Jhano gets a

treasure box,Leela opens it,Kali thinks what is this,Leela says these are 5 kg gold bangles with coconuts and for the sake of ritual you got to wear this,sushil is made to wear them,she bents with the weight of them,Parekh family worried for Sushil.

Kaka Mama Shivam rush for help,Leela stops them,Mehul says no need of such heavy jewellery and anyways sushil Isn’t fond of wearing them,Leela says my Satya is special and my mother in law gave these to me but after that I didn’t find any match for them but now I did and sushil my dear, these aren’t just coconuts but responsibility and represent each family member,and you have to go hand every coconut to the person and you will be Ajmera daughter in law that doesn’t mean you will forget your mapa and others,Satya says dadi all this is so difficult she won’t be able too,Leela says it’s a pride of Ajmera family and I want to see how will she perform her responsibilities.sejal says vishu really your dadi is a don,Mehul says Bapu I will go talk to leela,this isn’t done,Bapu says your daughter is no less,didn’t you see how she came out of pot.

Sushil says mapa kaka mama,I’m doing a big task I want your blessings,Mehul and others in tears,sushil says don’t be tensed I will do it,like my basketball match,and Satya don’t cheat ok,satya smiles,Jhano gets buckets full of water,Leela says immerse the coconut in these before handing them,as you see family responsibility isn’t a game,bakeh says you are right,Leela thinks you will be bent infront of me.

Sushil immerses the coconuts in water and with great effort,lefts her hands,Parekh family worried,Sushil’s dupatta falls in stays hand,Sushil lifts her hand and smiles at Leela,she starts walking with great difficulty,Sejal feeling very bad for sushil.sushil hands coconut to gulabo and Prakash,Leelas turn,she reminds sushil to immerse the coconuts again,satya removes coconut and gives to Leela,leela says now go give Sejal and Vishu,they are standing on staircase,Mehul thinks how will sushil climb,leela feeling peaceful seeing sushil in pain,and remembers Kirans hardships.

Sushil with great difficulty climbs to steps,Sejal sees her in pain and acts as if she slipped and comes down two steps and whispers let you get married and come back and then I shall make chatni of these coconuts and give this stupid old lady and winks at sushil.

Sushil says calm down Sejal di,I’m having fun,Sejal says I can see it and wipes her sweat,sushil says thank you,Sejal says done,now kali kaki and Vijay kaka,sushil says I know aunty isn’t doing well but where is she,Sejal says upstairs in the room,Leela says it’s fine come down,sushil says but the ritual it will be incomplete,Satya says I told you,let her rest,sushil says why are talking like this,satya says I mean it’s difficult I’m talking in your favour,sushil says thank you but I can’t back off from my responsibilities.

Pre cap : Leela pulls sushil and says I told you no need,Kali comes out of Kirans room,she is asleep,Kali shocked to see sushil at door.

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