Ikyawann 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update kali learns about Mehuls heart attack

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Shivratri rally proceeds to Ajmera house,leela says oh they are here and gets very excited and calls everyone,gulabo says come Sejal come soon,Sejal picks her plate of colour and walks to door,kids rush in and start eating sweets and messing up,a kid says Leela lord shiva is here to bless you look lord shiva is here and all kids run,leela says my lord shiva is here,come everyone welcome lord shiva,Susheel walks with all the members in the outfit of lord shiva,Everyone surprised,Sejal looks at Susheel,leela closes her eyes unaware its Susheel says god you fulfilled my wish and now bless me that I always keep my family together,Susheel says blessed and this family will always be together and walks to Leela and says don’t worry lord shiva is here,leela opens her eyes and is shocked.

Sejal joins

the kids and cheers in the name of lord shiva,kids tease Leela,Kali asks them to be quite,leela asks how did you come here,you had left the house,Susheel says atleast now talk to me with some respect I’m here as lord shiva and what good day to start a new beginning in mine and satyas life,and says Dadaji you are my biggest worshipped and so bless me tha I’m blessed with all the strength to fulfil all my wishes and have victory over all my missions,leela thinks I wish you were dead but no worries you soon will die,my promise is still on.

Satya walks down,Vishu walks to him and says come look all are here,Susheel remembers Satya say Susheel I love you and I’m sorry,satya looks into susheels eyes,Susheel smiles at him,and says Satya your name itself has truth and no honesty in it and as lord shiva I bless you that all your wishes come true,and applies colour on his forehead and remembers the day she had written I love you on it.susheel say sits a new day in our life satya,I will perform all the responsibilities of my life,and you are happy right dadaji,Kali says Sejal separates Susheel are back together I guess,Sejal says I know this oldie must have done something.

Leela says yes I’m very,and I love you my camel,Sejal says so why not garba,Susheel says yes let’s dance dadaji.satya walks away,Susheel dances with Leela,Leela says you will never win,you have no idea what all I can do,don’t forget Holi isn’t far,Susheel says dadi even you don’t forget Holi isn’t far away.

Susheel looks at Mehuls pic and remembers Satya say he loves her and puts his photoframe on the desk.sejal walks in and says good job Susheel and hugs her,Susheel asks did I do right,Sejal says of course you did,and here’s a gift for you,it’s a frame of Satya and her pics,Susheel keeps it near Mehuls pics. Kali walks in and says what are you two upto,gossiping about me,Sejal say she’s kaki she was saying she will one day give you your medicines make you unconscious and then rob all your belongings,Kali gives her angry look.

Sejal has sorry it was a joke,Kali and Susheel start laughing,Kali says only you can play pranks,Susheel goes to put paper in dustbin,Kali slowly whispers to Sejal I’m going to susheels place there is definitely some problem make sure susheel doesn’t learn about this,take care and leaves.

Kali reaches susheels place,Nitesh shows her all reports and says it was a heart attack and we didn’t inform because we didn’t want to hurt or interrupt all functions,Kali says you shouldn’t have hidden this,Nitesh says he keeps asking for Satya and is in,Kali thinks about the bet,mehul wakes up,Kali says keep resting and Susheel is fine too and you wanted to talk to satya,mehul thinks about satyas revenge,mehul tries to say Susheel,Kali says don’t worry I won’t tell anything to her,she has jelled very well,she also took part in shiv rally and now rest and get well soon so Susheel can come apply you the Holi colours and leaves,Kali thinks I hope he didn’t learn about Satya susheels truth.

Pre cap : Leela wakes up to ghungro sound,she sees jhano stabbing herself.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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