Ikyawann 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update : all gearup for Sushil’s matli ritual

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Leela tells bakeh let’s exchange rings,and get Shagun too and my ancestors said the Shagun should be as high as the girl,like during my Kirans Shagun ok let’s forget that so let’s see you in the evening.
Leela asks so Sejal how did you make these perfect thepla,go get roller,gulabo says go show Ma your talent,Vijay asks Ma whoes wedding it is,Leela says Satya and sushil,Sejal very happy,Vijay says Mehuls daughter.leela says they love each other like you love this kali,you didn’t listen then how can I break satyas heart and we are having engagement function today.

Sushil says phui this looks like khichdi and not pulav,naresh and Nitesh get home with gifts,Nitesh says let’s postpone,Mehul says no worries I will manage,sushil says Nitesh kaka is right I will talk to Satya,Bapu says

keep quite,phui says all good quality right,Shivam says Mehul kaka was so excited while buying them,Nitesh says remember the fact that it should be equal to Sushil’s height.

Kali says how about we speak to Satya once,it’s too early.satya says no it’s late,Kali says Satya,satya says Ma dadi spoke to me about this and now I want what my dadi wants,dadi where I phui,Leela says she is sleeping,Leela says get him turban,Sejal says congratulations,Leela says you show me theplas,Vishu and jiggi ask what all is this,Satya says let me meet Kiran phui and leaves.kali says to Vijay how come she agreed,Vijay says who will argue with Ma now,and I have no problem with sushil and Ma wants to move on so let us too, but I won’t stand Mehul Parekh.

Leela says Sejal what shapes are you making,Sejal says I’m so happy I couldn’t set my hands,Leela says okay. Sushil says who gives so many gifts,let me call and check,Bapu says it’s a ritual and this is how we respect elders,phui says yes it’s for ages,sushil steps on stool and says now my height increased now add something did you forget,Mehul says oh no jewellery,sushil says why so many expenses,Mehul says child’s marriage is the happiness moment let me.

Dadaji says sushil get ready, I’m leaving with Mehul and phui to get Jewellery,naresh shows her Aishwarya rai picks and says now makeup,Nitesh says watch this video and learn.sushil says I am just applying Kajal,Shivam says don’t make excuses get ready now.

Kali says Ma your decision,Satya and sushil will be very happy,is this what you want,Leela says all is happening happily why are you finding odds,Sejal uses plate to make the thepla round and says look dadi can I now go shopping,Leela says yes go and take this doctor with you as well,Sejal says let’s go kaki,sushil with help of tutorial starts applying makeup,sushil starts looking like a mess,she calls naresh and Nitesh for help,they look at her and start laughing,sushil says laugh later,help me this makeup isn’t coming off,Shivam says it’s water proof makeup we have to use baby oil,sushil says call phui,Shivam says she isn’t home,sushil starts crying.

Kali says today clinic shall be closed it’s my sons engagment,she enters satyas room,he asks what you want,Kali says you have your happiness what else I want,anyways how is this,Satya says dadi knows my choice I love it,Kali says I choose it,even your dadi liked it,like we like Sushil,we just want you two to be happy, satya remembers Kiran and feels bad,Satya says I want to be a,one for some time,Kali leaves.

Suhail blind folded,Nitesh naresh helping her get ready,sushil keeps insisting show me,they leave the curler in her hair,but naresh manages the section with a hairstyle,sushil opens her eyes and likes it and asks how did you manage it,it’s so good,phui says sushil looking so beautiful,naresh says after all me and Nitesh helped her,Mehul says I know you don’t like all this,so all this makeup works,naresh says even Satya has to fall for you,sushil says he likes me without makeup.

Sushil says mapa you bought 5 lakh Jewellery,Bapu says yes Leela will like it,Nitesh get matki and decorate it well as they what,sushil says why so much expense,Mehul says it’s a new relation beginning,you leave all this,Bapu says yes and now go with phui and get dressed,Nitesh gets matki,naresh and Shivam start arranging gifts,sushil says enough it’s time to listen to me,This all is wrong,and I just want to know whether you guys are with me or not.

Pre cap : sushil and family arrive at satyas house,Sejal asks where is sushil,Bapu says get matki later where is Sushil.
Sushil gets out of matki,all surprised.

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