Ikyawann 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update Susheel saves Kiran

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Susheel says satya is my love and his Susheel will show him the right track and be a wife in true sense,Leela says my satya doesn’t love you how will you change him,Susheel says he doesn’t love me but I do and now my love has increased because he isn’t wrong just wrongly raised,Leela says you challenging me,just two days you are here and you will change me,he is been raised by me since the day he is born,Susheel says I can change him in just two days,Leela says by holi I shall throw you out of this house and satyas life I promise,Susheel says even I promise you then satya may not fall in love by me but will surely be on the right track by this holi,this holi will see the colours of victory my victory and Susheel leaves.

Leela praying to lord thinking about susheels challenge, Leela drops

the aarti plate,and walks away stepping on the thali,Sejal behind Leela,leela says you think I will be scared of you,you will change everything,this is my house,you think you are very intelligent,Sejal says yes I am but dadi what’s wrong with you,leela turns around and finds Sejal and says I was just saying I don’t like you,Sejal says so do I,leela says what,Sejal says I mean I like you a lot.and here’s your agarbatti and I’m going Market with Vishu and leaves.

Satya gets a dog in his bedroom and says soon Susheel will be here and this dog will do my work,satya drops dog food all around the room and locks the room and leaves and says Susheel dog suzi is waiting for you and puts loud music in his room.

Satya sees Susheel and says look at her walking as if queen of this house,Kiran wake to satyas room and enters the room,satya runs to save her,the dog starts barking at Kiran and scared Kiran starts shouting,satyas shirt get stuck and he says phui come out,Susheel sees that and rushes to the room.

Kiran shows Susheel dog and Susheel takes deep breath and enters the room,dog walks to Kiran,Susheel tries diverting it and it walks to Susheel,satya runs in and dashes Susheel and both fall over each other,satya pushes Susheel away,Kiran says oh look you two fell down.kiran says satya look Susheel helped me today,she is so nice and hugs her and says why did you bring this dog if Susheel wouldn’t have come the dog would have bite me,Susheel says Kiran phui because Susheel and Satya are always together and says satya now take suzi away phui is scared.

Kiran says Susheel it’s my bday tomorrow,Susheel asks what do you want,Kiran says big doll,Susheel hugs Kiran.vishu says Sejal its so odd to visit them without informing,Sejal says it won’t be and both enters susheels house.

Phui ba opens the door,and welcomes them,banke asks is Susheel fine why isn’t she here with you,is she fine,Sejal says nothing is fine,Susheel isn’t comfortable in saree and can’t wear jeans and so I’m here to ask for her choice,phui says come here I shall show you some choice,and shows magazines and says I will buy them and don’t tell her,banke says no no we won’t and not even receive her call,Sejal says it’s ok she will be tensed otherwise and where is mapa,banke says all are at work,darika get them halwa.

Nitesh and Shivam walk saying injections are here,banke says these are my diabetes injections,Sejal says we shall take leave.

Kiran making drawings,Leela asks what are you making show me,Kiran says this is Kiran,and she is camel your camel and my Susheel,satyas dog suzi was going to bite me and Susheel saved me.leela says Kiran Susheel is very bad stay away from her and tears kirans drawing,Kiran says she is very nice she saved me,kian starts crying.leela says sorry don’t cry,jhano go get ice cream for Kiran.

Susheel enters room,satya pulls her and says you eyeing on my phui,stay away from her she is in that state because of your mapa,Susheel says stay in your limits I just saved her,and leave me you are hurting me,I don’t care if you hate me,and legally I am your wife,satya pushes her and says you are a mean girl you greedy girl here’s money and throws money on her face and says go away from me and my life,you married even after knowing I don’t love you,stay away from me my phui and my family.

Pre cap : satya says yes I had fallen for you,I agree it was a bet but I am in love with you but your father and his mistakes,it’s all wrong now,Susheel hears satya cry in pain and is happy to hear he loved her

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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