Ikyawann 20th February 2018 Written Episode UpdateSusheel learns Leela is behind all the plots.

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Susheel calls again and says who it must be I heard ring from this room,Kali walks to Susheel and takes her away and says Ma loves Kiran and Satya a lot and at times too much love is harmful and so I will talk to satya don’t take tension go rest,Susheel thinks who sent me this video.

Susheel walks down in plazoo and kurta,Sejal says you look pretty,Leela walks to her and says oh you look so pretty and you know in jhano town it’s a ritual that transgender come to bless bride and I have invited them and so perform their Aarti and there’s no bone so don’t throw this Aarti and yes there’s two buckets water out,get it like you got the cylinder and wash the feet of those ladies and there’s no dog,Susheel thinks how does dadi know about the dog.

The door is knocked,gulabo says I shall

open the door ,and opens to find few ladies with face covered and weeping and banging their sticks,they walk in,Vishu says these are not transgender,Leela says this is bad sign,no one died here who called you,Susheel thinks there’s something wrong here,Susheel recalls all the past incidents,gulabo says ba good news is no outsiders are here or else would judge Susheel,and call her as a bad fate,Susheel remember the day she was kidnapped and how Leela saved her and looks at leela.

Leela asks ladies to leave and says I have bride in my house and no death here,there’s something wrong from day one it’s just a mistake no one shall say anything to her,ladies about to leave.susheel stops them,and says it’s a happy day for me,you are my guest and my elders and your blessings are important,gulabo says but these ladies,Sejal says if they can be with us in our sadness why not happiness,Kali says I’m proud of you susheel and Sejal,Susheel take their blessings.

Susheel to take their blessings,Leela stops her and says this isn’t good,Susheel says no worries dadi I will take their blessings,and takes blessings,the ladies start smiling and remove their face cover,and says for the first time we are given us this respect we are so proud of you and wish you lot of happiness.

Kali says Ma and gulabo look my Susheel is so intelligent,Sejal says on this note let’s perform garba,all dance together,Kali joins them too,Leela stands aside angry.susheel takes one of the ladies with her and says I need your help.she agrees.

Leela says to jhano all my plans are failed,ladies walk to leela for their money,Leela says get away you won’t get a penny,I called you so that Susheel will be insulted but you blessed her.ladies say Susheel is so good but you behaving with her so badly,why did you let her marry your son when you don’t like her,Leela says my house my family get lost.

Leela says look jhano all is failing,one lady stands and hears them talk,Leela starts revealing all her plans and says I failed everytime and that took from Susheel,jhano tries to sign that someone is there but Leela doesn’t let her and keeps talking,Leela sees the lady and says I’m giving no money get out,the lady removes her face cover and walks in its Susheel.

Susheel bangs the stick in her hand and walks to Leela and asks should I give these clothes to you,because it’s your time to cry as I know the truth now,I joined them because I had a doubt and I asked them to helped me and they did,you called me your satyas Susheel then how could you behave this way to me,I never seen so many relations in my life,but you m,you have so many but don’t respect any,Leela says shut up,Susheel says I won’t and what will you do,I can stay without food and water but can’t take anything wrong,Leela says what a philosophy but the truth is my satya doesn’t love you and you still are in this relation even after knowing the truth,he fooled you,like his dadi does.

Susheel says you are satya does what his dadi always do,if I would have done anything wrong everyone including Shivam Bhai would slap me,satya is a good guy but you have taught him wrong things,MA couldn’t give time to satya because of her job and you took advantage of it and satya is my love and his Susheel will do her job and get him in right track.

Pre cap: leela says Susheel I will throw you out of satyas life.susheel says I promise by this holi satya May or May not fall in love with me but will be on the right track.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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